Maybe the Stupid Party Has Finally Learned Something

This week the Senate will be debating the plan to eliminate the filibuster.  And this was preceded by Dementia Joe’s inflammatory belch of noxious fumes called a speech in Atlanta.  In that speech he resurrected Jim Crow and Bull Connor in front of a crowd of black college students who have grandparents who barely remember what those terms refer to.

This law that would enshrine voter fraud in America is being presented as the only way to save us from Ku Klux Klansmen riding horses through our towns and burning crosses on the White House lawn.  And normally all that jazz would scare the likes of Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney into subservient obedience.  But it hasn’t.  In fact, it hasn’t even scared two Democrat senators, Sinema and Manchin, into knuckling under.  Arizona and West Virginia aren’t blue states.  Their constituencies aren’t rallying around the MLK Day blackmail plot.  They literally don’t believe the nonsense being spouted and have no desire to force their senators to back it either.

Is it possible that the Stupid Party has learned something?  Can it be that those cowardly imbeciles that run the GOP have gotten it through their thick skulls that people of normal intelligence do not trust the mainstream media and after 2020 certainly don’t trust Joe Biden and the Democrats to protect voting integrity?  The answer may be yes.

My explanation for why idiots could be smartening up is that it’s now plain even to idiots that the country is revolting against the gaslighting they’ve been enduring since the George Floyd riots began.  Even the stupidest people can’t ignore the reality of a mob burning down their downtown area.  And if you can see the truth and at the same time hear the lies from CNN and MSNBC and the three networks then even an idiot will figure out that he is being lied to.

So finally, we’ve reached a place where even total morons can effectively represent us in Congress at least for the moment.  The question is have they gotten any less stupid or is this just the lowest common denominator of political response, the equivalent of having a pulse.  My guess is they’re still just as stupid as ever but their opponents have been forced in the last couple of years to do insane things and that showcases the superiority of the stupid over the insane.  The insane will burn down their own cities.  The stupid will limit themselves to applauding the burning.  Admittedly it’s not a great advantage but enough to help them win the day.  And our party will always be the stupid party.  What we have to hope is that we will recognize a smart and courageous man if he appears and put him in a position to lead the stupid party by the nose to do some good despite themselves.

This year, if we’re lucky, will see the Democrats frustrated in their attempt to change the narrative away from their long list of failures.  If they lose the Senate along with the House, the GOP can limit the damage that Biden can do.  They can even shut down the judicial appointments he might otherwise make.  And who knows, maybe they’ll decide to impeach him over the Hunter Biden scandals.  Hey, that would be fun.  Maybe they’re smart enough to do that.

14JAN2022 – Random Reactions to the News of the Day

There is much that is newsworthy today.  But all of it is incremental to old stories.

Reactions to the Supreme Court decision on the OSHA Mandate from both sides.  The far-left reaction is comically panic stricken.  One writer at Salon named (I kid you not) Heather Digby Parton claimed:

“The goal of destroying the government regulatory apparatus that makes America a first-world country is shared by Republicans from Bannon to Utah Sen. Mitt Romney to Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney to Chief Justice John Roberts and every conservative in between. And it’s one of the most radical agendas any political faction has ever advanced. If you want to know why all the Republicans backed Donald Trump even when they knew he was monumentally unfit, this was it. They got their court and their dream is about to come true. Unfortunately, it’s a nightmare for the rest of us.”

So, Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are wild-eyed bomb throwing radicals.  Good to know.


Lindsey Graham, of all people, is warning Mitch McConnell to patch up his differences with Donald Trump to avoid damaging the Republicans’ effectiveness in 2022 and beyond.  He says:

LINDSEY GRAHAM: You don’t have to agree with Trump, what he did in Syria I didn’t like it. I’ve had my differences with President Trump but I appreciate what he did and the media tries to divide us all the time. January 6th was a dark day in American history but it was not Pearl Harbor, it’s not 9/11, and that’s all they have to talk about. So to my Republican colleagues, let’s spend our time growing the party and realize that President Trump is the most consequential Republican in the country since Ronald Reagan and see if we can work together. Whether or not they can repair the relationship is up to them, not me. I hope so.

SANDRA SMITH: Senator, you would not be saying any of this unless you believe Donald Trump was the future of your party.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: You are so smart.

SANDRA SMITH: And that he can actually win.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: You are so smart.

JOHN ROBERTS: We know you well enough.

SANDRA SMITH: Is that it?

LINDSEY GRAHAM: In case you missed the last four minutes, that’s it.

A mealy-mouthed milquetoast like Graham is mocking brainless Fox News reporters?  Has the world gone topsy turvy? To me that signifies that even spineless mollusks like Graham recognize just how badly the Biden administration has overreached and want to make the most of the political thumping the Dems are about to experience.  It seems to me the Stupid Party should be gathering donations from their billionaire patrons to build a larger-than-life statue of Manchin and Sinema and set it up in the Capitol Rotunda.  As to the question of whether Trump and McConnell can bury the hatchet my guess is no.  McConnell is a weasel and making money on his position probably overrules any other consideration.  So doing the right thing isn’t even in his vocabulary.


Here’s an article handicapping the Senate outcome in 2022 based on Dementia Joe’s approval rating which is at about 41% currently:

“What does it tell us about 2022? Assuming the parties don’t nominate particularly weak candidates and there are no further retirements, a Republican-controlled Senate starts to come into the picture when Biden’s job approval falls to around 51% and becomes the most likely outcome at around 48%.

At 42%, the model envisions virtually no chance for Democrats to hold the Senate and predicts a loss of four seats as the most likely outcome. At 42%, the Colorado Senate seat could potentially come into play, assuming that Republicans produced a credible candidate (remember that a relatively unheralded candidate held Sen. Michael Bennet to a six-point margin in 2016).”


Well, that sounds wonderful.  Crying Chuck Schumer will lose his majority leader job and be forced to hand over his seat to AOC along with his testicles.  What’s not to like?


Here’s an article that calculates the real inflation rate as almost double what the administration is saying.

“The probability is that inflation will run closer to 10% than 5% for the first half of 2022, pushing the Fed to tighten more than investors now expect.”

This shows us that nothing can provide good economic news before the November election.  The Dems are toast.


All of this is good news.  Well actually, it’s bad news for our enemies which is not quite the same thing but close.  We’ll have to suffer through what’s coming but at least the bad guys will get their lumps.  Even the idiots who legitimately voted for Biden are horrified and disgusted at the mess he’s presided over.  The incompetence, arrogance and malevolence have been impossible to miss.  They are going to lose the House and most probably the Senate.  Good.

But we’ve been in this situation before.  Our side is run by idiots and they will not kick the enemy when they’re down.  They’ll help them to their feet, dust them off and extend the hand of friendship just in time to get stabbed in the belly.

So, for me this is the time to work on building our own things and look for allies.  In my mind Ron DeSantis is the brightest light that has appeared since 2016.  What I’m looking for is a breakthrough.  I’m looking for an initiative that pushes the Left back instead of just trying to stand our ground.  And maybe we’ll see some of that in late 2022.  So, this is a good time to judge who are the real leaders and who is just collecting a paycheck.  Judge them by their results.

2022. So Here We Go Again

The holidays are over.  Daily life resumes.  I’ve read all the columnists predicting, extrapolating, interpolating, deducing, inducing, reducing and producing a lot of heat but not much light.  Those on the Left are either whistling past the graveyard or shrieking in fury that all of this bad news is Trump’s fault.  Those on the Right are rubbing their hands together and licking their chops and crowing that Joe Biden will be the downfall of Left and everything will be back to where it should be.  Blah, blah, blah.

Where we really are is interesting.  Omicron is delivering much as predicted.  Everybody is catching it but almost everybody is asymptomatic or experiencing a cold.  Very few people are going to the hospital and very, very few people are dying from it.  Because of the enormous number of people testing positive even the Covidian true believers are facing reality and minimizing the impact of the “stop the spread” protocols.  Instead of staying at home for fourteen days after testing positive, it’s five days at home and then five days wearing a mask at work.  And I read where some hospitals that fired non-vaccinated nurses and doctors were pleading with them to come back temporarily to help out during the spike.  The powers that be are pushing the same narrative of death and destruction for the unvaccinated but the average person is starting to realize that the story doesn’t fit the facts on the ground.  It should be interesting to see if Biden decides to declare victory and fold his tent soon.  Probably the biggest test will be what happens on January 7th when the Supreme Court reviews the OSHA vaccine mandate.  If they throw it out that might be enough to force the feds to say uncle.

Outside of COVID many of us are looking out at a high inflation economy and thinking of ways to save a few pennies here and there to avoid eating away at the nest egg.  Well, they say Americans are too fat.  Maybe we can all tighten our belts a little bit and save some money that way.  But for families with children, it’s a little more of a problem and definitely not a laughing matter.  This general anxiety over money will continue to hound the administration and will come back to bite the Democrats in the November elections.  Good.

I read a ton of copy on how urban crime is a top concern for citizens.  And Mayors are wringing their hands trying to convince their constituencies that they’re doing everything humanly possible to rein it in.  I very much doubt that they are and so the problem will fester and I believe that this deterioration in law and order will become the largest factor in political change over the next several years.  The inability of Democrats to address unchecked black criminality will be their Achilles Heel.  But whether the cities will be restored to safety is very much in doubt.  I’m of the opinion they will become like Detroit and Baltimore, third world hell-holes that reasonable people will avoid at all costs.

On the personal front here at the compound, we’re still battling the war against cold because of our defective heating system.  Our heating oil provider (which is also our heating system maintenance contractor) has made almost ten trips out and still hasn’t solved the problem.  I believe there was a problem with the installation of a fan called a “power venter” and this installation issue has metastasized into a fatal flaw.  I will have to fight the good fight and convince the bureaucrats at the oil company that they are the guilty party and must make things right.  Camera Girl is very vocal in her opinion that I haven’t been forceful enough in my efforts to goad the contactor to take action.  But the truth is the mechanics who might be able to get something done have been away on vacation and won’t be back until Monday.  Forcing them to send out the “D” team on a holiday weekend is worse than useless as we found out last week around Christmas.  We’ll limp through until tomorrow and then I’ll ramp up the pressure for a final solution that probably involves replacing the replacement unit and performing a careful installation.  Ah, it feels like the good old days of project engineering when haranguing mechanical contractors was my daily exercise.

On the review front, I’ve made it to the halfway point of season three of Star Trek and it’s very painful.  Many have told me to abandon this horrible and meaningless pursuit but I’m just too obsessively compulsive and stubborn to quit.  What renders this task so Kafkaesque is that each succeeding episode is an order of magnitude worse than the preceding one.  Don’t ask me how that is possible but it’s true!  I plan to bang through the rest of the episodes as quickly as humanly possible.  I apologize to the readers in advance.  Read them at your own peril.

So here we are in January.  It’s a weird and confusing world but some progress has been made.

My 2022 Non-Predictions

I woke up to the ZMan’s “2022 Predictions.”  Nothing too shocking in there except he went out on a limb and said the powers that be will force Kamala Harris to resign and be replaced and then Dementia Joe will step aside for a new President.  Now, none of this is original, many have speculated on this scenario.  The replacement president has been either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama depending on whom you listen to.  But it’s a bold prediction because if it doesn’t happen there’s not much in the way of excuses as to why you were so wrong.  So, bravo to the ZMan for taking a bold stand.

My crystal ball is broken.  I can see nothing in the future except for some obvious trends.  We’re all going to be a lot poorer in the new year.  And that’s just obvious.  The reins of power are in the hands of villains and idiots.  Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the rest of the “Squad” are mouth-breathing morons and everything they plan to do spells disaster for this country.  Their energy policy will nationalize the problems that California currently suffers from.  We’ll see blackouts and rolling brownouts and the cost of gasoline, diesel, natural gas and heating oil will march steadily higher.  The cost of food will skyrocket.  Basically, they will eliminate the middle-class.

Will all that bad news lead to voters throwing the bums out?  Probably.  We’re bound to have the Republicans take back the House of Representatives in November.  But will that do any good?  The system is so broken it seems that nothing can stop this runaway train we’re all trapped on.  As usual everything is balanced on a knife’s edge.  The way I look at things there are two ways all this can go.

The first scenario is that the Red States begin to take matters into their own hands and restrain the federal government from destroying our way of life.  That is the preferable way things can go.  It would allow for a controlled braking action to the runaway train we currently are trapped on.

The second scenario is the strong man.  For this scenario let me switch metaphors.  Instead of the runaway train let’s go with the forest fire.  There is so much tinder lying around after the last few years of hurricanes that one lightning strike will burn the whole thing down.  When the strong man shows up, he will be the lightning strike.  And what comes afterwards is completely unknowable.  Out of the French Revolution came Napoleon and from him came the formation of a united Germany and that led to World War I which led to the Soviet Union and on and on and on.  What is certain is that our civilization has become unstable.  The basic beliefs have been undermined by the people who run our society.  This can be seen in the disillusionment of the present generation with marriage and raising families or even working for a living.  And it has reached the pinnacle of dysfunction with the present madness over the concept of transgenderism.  A society can’t thrive when there isn’t a foundation that provides a common basis of understanding.  If we can’t agree on what is good or evil then eventually, we will come to blows.

So, there are my not so Happy New Year’s non-predictions.  More incompetence, more dysfunction and more anger.  More tinder is building up and what is certain is that eventually the breaking point will come.  Plan accordingly.  Find a safe spot for you and yours.

The 2022 Mindset

What progress we’ve made in the last few years is mostly in the form of changes to mindset.  The days of voting for team red and hoping for the best are over for many of us.  Allegiance to a party or a politician is now a transactional relationship.  I give you my vote.  You receive a salary or power or graft or all of the above in return for you stopping my enemies from taking away my freedom.  That is the bargain.  If party or politician fails to do those things then we look for an alternative mechanism to get what we want.  And that alternative may go all the way to leaving the city or the state or even the country for greener pastures.

But that is only one dimension of what the new mindset means.  More fundamentally it means that you examine everything in your life through a different lens.  I look at every company, person, service to see if it helps my enemies.  If it does, I look for a way to avoid that relationship or at least to minimize the damage it causes our side or maximizes the inconvenience it causes their side.  Basically, I’ve introduced spite as an operational part of my lifestyle.

Of course, the better way is to find a way to help our side.  If I can find a social network that caters to our people, I’ll use it and support it.  If a corporation is friendly to our side or even if it just explicitly says it won’t punish our side then I’m a loyal customer even if it’s slightly more expensive than the woke competition.  And finally, finally, finally these sorts of opportunities are beginning to appear.  Donald Trump’s social network and Rumble and domain hosts like RightForge and even some payment providers that cater to the non-woke are coming into existence.  These need to be examined carefully to avoid any grifters who only want to take advantage of the Right.  But for the legitimate providers of services this should be a high priority for those who claimed they want to support our side.

2022 will be the chance for voters to reward those who tortured us with COVID fascism.  There are enough people in the middle who saw their children treated as pawns by the teachers’ unions and the Democrats to allow us to flip the tables on these creeps.  Virginia is the proof that there is enough appetite for revenge that lots of moderately blue areas can be pushed to the Right.  And that can be very valuable for 2024.  Places like Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Wisconsin need to put in place laws that prevent election fraud, even the old-style election fraud that Democrats commit in large cities.  It’s entirely possible that with not too much effort a Republican president and Congress can be ensured in 2024.

And 2022 will be the chance for a lot of the cities and states to do something about the George Floyd nullification of law and order.  Certainly, some of the cities are beyond hope.  San Francisco, New York, Portland and Chicago are terminally progressive.  Only salting the Earth makes sense in these places.  But maybe some of the other places are ready to change.  Or maybe the states they reside in are ready to do something about the lawlessness, even if only to quarantine them from the rest of the state.

But as stated above the change that occurred and was confirmed in 2021 is in our mindset.  We owe no allegiance to the people who hate us.  They are not our countrymen.  They are citizens of the global hive.  Their interests and our own are diametrically opposed, so helping yourself and harming them are almost always the same thing.  In the last few weeks, I’ve heard more and more of the usual suspects starting to make the “Why can’t we all just get along?” noises.  Don’t listen, don’t believe them and don’t buy into it.  That’s just the media whining that no one is paying to read their tripe.

So, get ready for 2022.  Things are still plenty horrible.  Terrible people are in charge of the federal and many of the state and local governments.  Our freedoms have been usurped by bureaucrats and deep state stormtroopers.  But the truth is emerging from the shadows and our enemies have made themselves hated and ridiculous.  Their incompetence and insanity are destroying their legitimacy.  Protect yourselves and avoid their malice.  2022 will be better than 2021.

Who Will Be the Hero of the Story This Year?

Coming to the end of 2021 I think the most compelling story this year was Kyle Rittenhouse.  Here was a kid who had everything going against him going into his murder trial.  But against all odds every single thing broke in his favor and he was acquitted on all counts.  The moral of this story wasn’t charge into the lion’s den and fear no evil.  I guess message must be that God sometimes intervenes and saves the innocent from his own rash behavior.  Rittenhouse is a feel-good story but it isn’t representative of any plan for dealing with crime or civil unrest.  It’s more like one of those stories about a kitten being rescued from a very tall tree.  Heartwarming?  Surely.  But more of a cautionary tale than a blueprint.

But maybe this will be a year with a hero’s tale.  The wind has definitely shifted in our favor and with a little bit of luck we may get a big win for our side this year.  Maybe the Supreme Court steps up and decides the abortion case and the gun case in our favor.  That would be a big win.

A better case would be if in a couple of weeks, the Supreme Court permanently shuts down the vaccine mandate.  Now that would be a shot in the arm (no pun intended).  And while they’re at it, stop the mask nonsense too.  All of this COVID fascism is the worst kind of tyranny and letting it go on makes a mockery of our supposed freedoms.

But what I’d really like to see is some kind of Red State Convention where the leaders of these freer states sit down together and establish policies to allow them to coordinate their actions and effectively resist all of the federal programs and policies that victimize Americans.  The biggest thing would be to come up with an effective way to gather up the illegal aliens that Biden is dumping in the heartland and deliver them to Washington and New York and Boston and California and all the other sanctuary cities and states where they are allegedly so welcome.  They could coordinate policies around the Democrat controlled cities in their states to counteract the lawlessness and dysfunction that’s rampant in these jurisdictions.  And they can craft business policy to foster more manufacturing jobs from employers.  They can punish those companies that have gone offshore with their manufacturing jobs and reward those who bring new jobs here.  Tax policy can act as both a carrot and a stick.  Look for instance at how jobs from California are migrating to Texas and Florida.

So that’s where I’m hoping to see some things to cheer for this year.  Waiting for the midterms in November isn’t a very inspiring message.  That’s almost a whole year away and really is a limited accomplishment.  After all, it’s not as if it would be a veto proof majority that could legislate.  It only takes some of the weapons out of Dementia Joe’s feeble hands.

So that’s my New Year wish.  I’d love to see Governors DeSantis and Abbott and their colleagues sit down together and take the first steps to building a better world for their citizens.  Dream big.