Law and Order Rejected in 2022


One of the biggest stories coming out of the 2022 midterms is the rejection of law-and-order candidates by most of the states undergoing violent crime waves in their urban and suburban areas.  Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Minnesota and other cities had law and order candidates for city and state offices like mayor, attorney general and district attorney in the mid-terms.  And for the most part, these races went to the democrat candidates in a landslide.

I think this is highly significant.  This tells me that the political narrative is intact in these areas.  The white voters in these places are still part of the coalition.  No matter what qualms they have over the crime that now surrounds them every day they support the removal of police protection from their communities.

I don’t claim to know the actual breakdown by race and sex for these votes.  But I did see that the margins weren’t tight.  In some places like Minnesota, they were blowouts.

Good.  Democracy needs to triumph.  The people must get what they ask for.  I look forward to stories that chronicle the devolution of these areas.  And we are already hearing about the violent assaults, rapes and murders happening in places like New York and Los Angeles on a daily basis.  The people need to absorb the reality that they have chosen.

Of course, it won’t be complete until it reaches out from the inner city and engulfs the affluent and vulnerable suburbs and even rural enclaves where the ideological supporters of “defund the police” inhabit.  Already in the richest Los Angeles and Chicago suburbs theft and violent crime is becoming a daily reality.

Well, that sounds like good news to me.  When the victims of home invasion and various assaults call the police, they will have the comfort of knowing that the mostly black perpetrators won’t be the victims of overzealous police activities.  In fact, they won’t be pursued at all.  The officers will dutifully take down the victims’ information and upload it into the database for the sake of completeness and then head off to the next crime scene.

I often kid about cannibalism breaking out in New York City or St. Louis.  Well, with the price of food heading steeply higher maybe that’s not such a far-fetched idea.  But the main takeaway is that this experiment that began with Obama and his Justice Department sabotaging the policing of black criminality is widely supported by the Democrat constituencies in the states they control.

This will be allowed to play out.  And I think it will be a defining factor for the American environment in the months and years ahead.  Pretty quickly the bigger cities will take on the appearance and characteristics of third world hellholes like Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro.  Private security for the affluent will become the rule and the middle class will flee as far as they possibly can from the specter of violent crime that will become all pervasive.

This may sound hyperbolic.  It’s not.  I remember when crime exploded in New York City in the 1970s and 1980s.  People who had children fled.  The prospect of their children being brutally assaulted by violent criminals on the way to or even in the schools was a reality.  Old women were easy prey on the streets at all hours.

I saw these conditions force one of the most liberal cities of the time into the hands of a law-and-order mayor like Rudy Giuliani.  Will that happen again?  The answer we got this month is no.  Maybe this truly was the reaction to the Supreme Court decision on abortion.  Many on the Left have declared that this was white women choosing abortion rights over law and order.  Ironically it could be reasoned that they’re thinking, “Well if we’re going to be rape victims, at least we’ll have well-funded Planned Parenthood centers nearby for the associated abortion procedure to follow.  I guess there’s a certain logic to that.

From my point of view, I think this should cement for a lot of people the understanding that some parts of the country are going down a path that normal people do not want to live under.  Look at the conditions on the street in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.  Tent cities of homeless living in front of swank apartment buildings and corporate offices.  Open air drug bazaars in the parks and streets.  Rampant and uncontested theft and assault.  This is the present.  The future will be worse.

Get out while you can.

Eulogy for the Stupid Party

I had my regular Monday zoom call with the guys from my old job.  I told them about my adventures at the election last week and we caught up on plans for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up.  When I was asked about what I thought about the outcome of the elections I said from my point of view, the Democrats have figured out how to use mail in ballots to effectively guarantee their success in states that allow its use.  And until something is done to change things in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona we won’t be winning anymore national elections.

There were some objections to this statement.  Some felt that things could be done to make this problem go away.  My opinion was that the Republicans have already had two years to fix this.  They didn’t and from my point of view they probably won’t.

I guess the question is will this affect the grift that Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the losers that inhabit the Stupid Party act out.  Can they just go on sitting there accomplishing nothing and soaking up millions of dollars in kickbacks while pretending to “fight” the Democrats?  I wonder?  Is it possible that too many people have awakened to the reality of the racket that these “leaders” are running on us?  I’d like to think that’s the case.  I heard even Marco Rubio is talking about holding off on the leadership election until the dust settles on the mid-term fiasco and then see if there are enough senators with backbones to vote out Mitch McConnell and put someone in who actually cares whether the Republicans accomplish anything of their alleged agenda.

I guess that’s a fair test to watch for.  But what’s the good of changing the leadership in a party that can’t win national elections anymore.  And who can fix that except the state Republican parties.  How does a place like Arizona allow the Democrats to change the election laws to allow ballot harvesting and blatant fraud?  These are things that people with even a modicum of intelligence can challenge and resist.

But I see no sign of those things happening.  And because of that, the Stupid Party is consigned to perpetual loser status.  Well, at the very least it is some consolation that some of the worst offenders like McConnell and Romney may be given the heave-ho in the not-too-distant future.  I’ll take special joy if the voters of Utah come to their senses in 2024 and send Mitt packing back to Massachusetts to celebrate his declining years as the extremely conservative trans-woman we all know he wants to be.  As for McConnell, Kentuckians really need to wake up and decide whether having their senator be the minority leader is worth tolerating that weaselly excuse for a man.

It’s possible, I guess, that at some time in the future there could be a refurbishment of the Republican Party such that intelligent men could be put in charge of restoring it to some semblance of a functional organization capable of affecting conservative legislation at the state and national levels.  But for now, I consider it a lost cause.  At the local level, even in blue states, leaders appear to help accomplish some good for their constituents.  And in places like Florida a strong governor and legislature can enact conservative measures to protect their people from the chaos that has descended on this country.

But as a national organization someone should drive a stake through the heart of this undead beast and put it and us out of our misery.

Rest in peace.

Some Observations and Thoughts Working on My First Election

Now that I’ve almost entirely recovered from the fatigue, fascination and horror of Election Day I’ve had a chance to reflect a little on what I saw and learned.

First off, it really was a fascinating experience.  Coming into direct contact with four or five thousand people, even if only briefly is stimulating and highly interesting.  Even if you’re for the most part only asking and answering questions you get a flavor for each soul you collide with.

And I would say the negative contacts were only in the range of a tenth of a percent.  I could count them all on the fingers of one hand.  And that’s a remarkably low percentage.  Possibly the majority of the participants were enjoying the experience.  Or maybe they picked up on my energy.  Because despite how exhausted I was by the fifteenth hour of my shift I was still energized by the whole thing.  My feet weren’t energized but my mind was.  It was fun.

However, that all ended when the doors were closed and the tabulation began.  Everything about the process of counting the votes is painful, annoying and subject to the vicissitudes of badly designed and easily malfunctioning equipment.  But at least in the case of the election team I worked with everyone went way above and beyond the call of duty to get the numbers accurately and expeditiously relayed to the Secretary of State’s office.  So, kudos to us.

Now I’ll apply what I learned on Tuesday to what is going on across the country now several days after the election in places like Arizona and Nevada.  The delays they are experiencing are on account of the mail in ballots.  Either they are waiting for a certain number of days for ballots mailed in on Tuesday to reach them (which seems idiotic) or they only started processing them after they finished the count of the normal ballots.

In either case this is either rank stupidity or an excuse to fabricate ballots to offset shortfalls by the candidate that’s supposed to win.  If it weren’t then there would be a requirement that all mail in ballots be mailed in a month before the election.  That way all of them would be received and processed before the election.  The fact that these states are allowing their elections to be dragged out for a week or more is malfeasance that necessarily robs the process of legitimacy in the minds of the voters.  By my way of looking at things this is hastening the break down of national cohesion.  This year, more than half of Americans already believed that the 2020 elections were illegally tampered with.  2022 won’t improve on things.

So, I’m struck by the paradox.  Here we have a population of people who expend time and emotional energy to vote in the hope that it influences how their government works.  And yet more than half of those people think that to some extent the selection of federal representatives is rigged.  How can that be reconciled?

Maybe it can’t be reconciled.  And maybe in the not-too-distant future something is going to change.  What’s the old saying?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.  Maybe we’re getting tired of acting crazy.

Election Day in Dunwich

Election Day was my first day at my new gig as Dunwich Deputy Election Scourge.  My job was to apply a gigavolt prod to the Great Old One voters to keep them moving in the chutes.  To some people this might seem a little odd.  Well, most towns don’t have Great Old Ones (GOO) as a component of the voting population.  These must be given their own separate line and voting booths and kept under tight control or they would escape the line and begin eating the humans.

Things went very well all morning and at 4 pm I was starting to think we’d get through the day without any trouble but at 4:20 pm we had our first incident.  One of the high school ballot checkers foolishly leaned up against the steel sides of the chute while drinking a Diet Pepsi.  A tentacle wrapped around her ankles and dragged most of her through the space between the steel guard rails.  Four nearby scourges began firing on the GOO with their prods while the Chief Scourge shouted in an Australian accent, “Shoot her, shoot her.”  But it was all for naught.  The ballot checker had long since disappeared into the florescent green maw of the GOO, never to be seen again.  All that remained of her was a dismembered hand with shiny blue nail polish still holding a bottle of Diet Pepsi.  The clean up crew kept carefully outside of the safety lines that surrounded the chute.  Needless to say, morale amongst the election checkers plummeted.  Buffy had been a popular member of the team and would be missed at the high school senior prom.

But we redoubled our vigilance and kept a close watch on the younger volunteers to prevent another regrettable incident.  When it was 7:50 I began to think we were out of the woods.  But in the final minutes, disaster struck again.  A final GOO entered the chute and headed for the checker area.  When the Checker went through the list there was no record of Azathoth (sometimes referred to as the “Blind Idiot God”) ever having registered in Dunwich.  This was not well received by that symbol of primordial chaos.  But before the checker had a chance to state that same day registration was now a reality in Dunwich, the monstrous nuclear chaos from beyond angled space punched a ten-foot hole through the hardened titanium wall and flattened the unfortunate checker into the concrete floor with an invisible limb.  It then began pulsing energy in all directions, preparatory to collapsing time-space and thereby forcing Earth through a singularity.

Before we retreated out the rathole I punched the upload button to preserve the ballot data.  Then I hit the timer for the tactical nuke and released the goat blood into the floor trough to distract the GOO and give us a chance to escape.  One minute later the bunker we had entered was buffeted by the fifty-kiloton detonation.  A few minutes later we exited by another tunnel that opened about five miles from ground zero and we proceeded above ground to election HQ to fill out the paperwork and tally the votes.

An irate state election rep who had received a complaint from Cthulhu called to officially chastise the town for gross discrimination against a protected class (GOOs), levy a fine and strip us of our status as a sanctuary city.  We absorbed this abuse, finished up the election tally, submitted it to the state and to the press, licked our wounds and headed home for a very late dinner.  Well at least Azathoth didn’t get to vote.  That bugger is a well known progressive and it was already a pretty bad night for the Right so every little bit helps.  Some of the Republican Town Committee tried to blame this on Trump.  You can’t please some people.

Politics sucks.  Next year I’m hoping to get on the town road crew instead.  It doesn’t pay as well but they don’t have to wear radiation badges and necklaces of garlic and wolfsbane.  So you have to take that into consideration.

Progressives really are monsters when it comes right down to it.

2022 Elections Provide Clarity

I emerge from my election induced isolation to view the political state of the country in a shambles.  The Red Wave evaporated through some combination of fraud and partisan destiny.  The full horror is not yet on display due to the new absentee and vote by mail fraud options that have been put in place.  But more than enough is known to confirm that Republicans will no longer be able to win strong majorities in the Congress.  I say this because as I’ve stated many times before in 2022, they were running with the strongest conditions in their favor they could possibly hope for.  Runaway inflation, the recent memory of COVID fascism, obvious military incompetence, shortages of foods and essential consumer products along with a president whose favorability rating was running around 40% was a perfect storm that should have guaranteed a tidal wave of congressional gains in the mid-term elections.  This did not occur.

When the dust settles it looks like they’ll take over the House.  The Senate will probably remain with the Democrats or at best will have a one-seat Republican majority.  By my calculus this means the political balance is now shifted to the Democrats for the foreseeable future.  I now acknowledge the dissident right’s mantra, “We’re not going to vote our way out of this.”

Admitting this is not an easy thing to do.  It limits the options for the future and leaves a lot of poor choices as the best-case scenarios.  But being honest about the reality of the world we live in is the smartest choice and in the long run the choice that will provide the best outcome for me.  So, there it is.

This is just the beginning of the morning after analysis.  I’ll wait for the dust to settle before going into any detailed analysis of whether it was fraud or partisan advantage.  It’ll take a while for the fraud machines in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin and Georgia to print out all those fake ballots and tabulate them.  And that’s fine.  It doesn’t much matter how the breakdown turns out.  It might be interesting to know the details but it won’t change anything substantive.  But it will provide some additional information on the system in place.

And it will take additional time for me to begin analyzing how this new reality affects my plans for the future.  What it means is that all my options involve evaluating different local conditions and the way they’ll be affected by the Democrats permanently dominating the federal government.  This will be the trickiest part of the calculus.  After all, what does a man such as Ron DeSantis do with his local authority in Florida?  Does he openly defy the federal government when they go after his challenges to their social justice agenda?  Or does he hunker down and play ball with the feds?

Well, it’s a bleak morning.  I won’t pretend it isn’t.  But as it is written, “the truth shall make you free.”  And truth is what we need in copious quantities.  No more false hopes, no more rose-tinted glasses.  The harsh, daylight of the ugly morning after.  Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on.

07NOV2022 – OCF Update – Election Overload

So today I was at the election setup from early morning till night.  Coming home by the light of the bright full moon I was decidedly overwhelmed at the prospect of another thirty hours of this relentless marathon.  I’ll be very glad when it’s in the past.

Posting today and tomorrow will be by necessity minimal.  But after tomorrow and a good night’s sleep things will return to normal and I’ll have something to say about the results of the election and what that means to us all.

So bear with me and we’ll get back together soon.

06NOV2022 – OCF Update

Today is a family get together.  Lots of quality time (and store bought pizza!) with the grandkids.  So an interesting mix of family fun and indigestion.  I expect it won’t be a late day because tomorrow is school for the kids.  Which means I’ll post something later.  I ahve another rmovie review.  I bought this book on gangster movies and I’ve trying out some of the picks.  It’s definitely a mixed lot but I intend to soldier on for a while.  Next up is In Bruges.

The news items continue to indicate that the Dems are going to get their butts handed to them on Tuesday.  Surprisingly I expect to be the least plugged into the elections I’ve ever been because I’ll be … working on the election!  Maybe this will provide a different perspective for me on what these events tell us about our country.  We’ll see.

So, stay tuned and I’ll try to maintain some semblance of continuity on the site as I become flotsam in the Dunwich election tsunami.

Is It Just the Economy, Stupid?

The polls seem to indicate that the Democratic Party is going to receive the equivalent of a good stiff knee to the groin on Tuesday night.  Of course, that’s wonderful news and no surprise.  But analyzing the reason why is important too.  If this is completely explained by the double-digit inflation and the skyrocketing crime wave engulfing the cities then it’s still good news.  But I hope it’s more than that.

What I’m hoping is that it is partially explained by a large chunk of independent voters reacting to the Democrats’ behavior during the lockdowns.  Being bullied for two years and then finding out that the bullying was all for nothing should have a lot of people really angry.  And now that more people are realizing how dangerous the side effects from these unnecessary and ineffective drugs are I can imagine that adding to the anger and the desire to get some payback.

You might ask why it matters if it’s more than just a reflex action by people unhappy about inflation and crime.  It’s simple.  If there’s any hope of this country returning things to sanity (never mind normalcy) it will depend on a solid majority rejecting the Democrat party categorically.  They have to stop seeing the two parties as legitimate alternatives.  We’ll only start fixing things when the Democrats can be kept out of power for a couple of cycles.  Enough time has to pass that laws can be passed to repair the damage that’s been done to the institutions of government.  All vestiges of the programs and policies that the Democrats have promulgated must be flushed down the drain and reasonable policies adopted.  And that will only happen when a stable majority that rejects their madness has emerged.

Of course, that assumes that such a majority exists.  I often wonder whether there are enough sane people among the Millennials and their younger brethren to allow this country to recover.  I think it’s far from certain that there are that many normal people in the next generation.  But we’ll get a chance to find out starting Tuesday.  And we’ll need to run the table from now on until things improve.  2022, 2024, 2026, 2028, 20230, 2032.  That’s a really long time to hold onto power in Washington.  The last time that happened was during the Reagan era.  The Republicans held the White House for twelve years.  Of course, Bush Senior was a RINO who single-handedly handed the country over to the Clintons by lousing everything up.

It would take an extraordinarily savvy politician to manage the fickle American electorate for that amount of time.  Basically, it’ll take a miracle.  And the Stupid Party doesn’t do miracles.  They do stupid.  But stranger things have happened.  The exact right man may appear at the exact right time and save us from the miserable fate that seems to be pursuing us.

But one thing’s for sure.  We’ll never have a more compelling case for kicking the Democrats out of power than we have right now.  Inflation, recession, crime, culture war madness, COVID fascism, you name it.  What happens after that is a matter of political savvy and determination.  And of course, a large dollop of luck.

The Reality of Crime is Racist, According to the Left

I read this long emotionally fraught article about Republicans using election advertising on crime as a dishonest but very effective tactic against Democrats in the mid-term elections.  So, it went into all of the reasons why voters are swayed by this type of ad.  They mentioned how crime is a visceral subject that elicits fear.  And fear is very powerful.  They admitted that all the large cities actually are experiencing enormous upticks in all crime since 2020.  They even admit that the Democrat candidates are easily linked to things like cashless bail and policies advocating releasing convicted criminals for even offenses like murder.  But finally at the end of the article it fell back on the old refrain that using crime as an election issue is RACIST!  They even went all the way back to 1988 and dug up the Willie Horton ads that Bush Senior used against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis during the presidential election.  And they lament how racist that was.  After all Willie Horton was black.  He was also a murderer who was furloughed on his own recognizance from prison by Dukakis’s program only to flee and then commit rape and other crimes.  But mentioning such crimes is by the Left’s definition racist.

Well, I guess if they claim that black voters are racists because they want to reduce crime then maybe that is a defensible position.  After all New York City voters elected Mayor Eric Adams, a black former police officer, who ran as the law-and-order candidate, because they were alarmed by the skyrocketing violent crime wave that had engulfed the city during and after the George Floyd riots.  Were the majority non-white residents secret white supremacists?  Is Eric Adams a white supremacist because he embraces the dog whistle term “law and order?”  It seems difficult to imagine.

I think what the article was trying to say is that calling it racist is the only hope the Democrats have of defeating the tactic of using crime as a weapon against them.  If they can frighten the Republicans away from using crime then they will deprive them of a very potent weapon.

Back in June the media tried to use gaslighting by claiming that all their research showed that the potent issues in the 2022 elections would be abortion and threats to democracy.  Basically they were telling the Republicans that those were the only acceptable election topics they could use.  Finally, a few months ago they admitted that inflation would be the biggest negative for them but they still contended that crime was a very minor issue.

Well, here we are a week out from election and they’ve finally faced the facts.  Crime is the second biggest issue.  And in some areas, like the suburbs around the most dangerous cities it might be the biggest.  And in a roundabout way this article sort of admits that there’s no way to deflect these attacks because basically they’re true.  And with nothing they can do about those facts all they can do is claim that pointing out those facts is racist.

Very well, reality is racist.  But reality has a habit of rearing its racist head when people who depend on make believe can least afford it to.  If you have district attorneys releasing hardened criminals in cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia and those criminals then commit murders and assaults, it’s not surprising if voters decide to punish your party.

When even cobalt blue New York state might elect a Republican governor then we know that something has gone profoundly wrong.  Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one in the “Empire State.”  Nothing but fear can account for this ideological shift.  And nothing but fear can account for the magazine Vox admitting the truth; that they own the crime problem and it’s going to do them in this year at the polls.  Sucks being them.