Post Mid-Term Agenda

Talking about something positive last night in my post was such fun I thought I’d try that again.  Let’s do a little thought experiment.  Let’s assume that the current awful approval rating for Creepy Uncle Joe is a harbinger of mid-term woes for the Democrats.  Despite some of the recent happy-happy talk from the progressive pundits let’s assume that our friends on the Left are about to relinquish control of both the House and the Senate.  This doesn’t seem much of a stretch.  After all the Democrats themselves have all but confirmed that they know Nancy Pelosi is about to be relieved of her gavel for the very last time before being packed up and shipped off to the Botox Wax Museum for permanent display.  The Republicans taking back the Senate isn’t as foregone a conclusion but I think it’s a pretty safe bet.  So where will that put things?

Well, for starters, that should put an end to the federal judges appointed by Dopey Joe.  McConnell has shown before that he can hold up those appointments indefinitely.  He can at least make himself useful doing that.  And while he’s at it, he can slow down the approval process for the replacement cabinet members that will be needed once it’s seen that Biden is a lame duck.

And how about the Hunter Biden investigations that will be taking place in the House and Senate?  One question will be whether the video exhibits will be kept at R or X rated.  But the more important issue is whether the networks and the social media sites will censor the Congress of the United States when it impeaches Joey Boy for influence peddling.  After all they did it to the President of the United States.  What’s to stop them from doing the same to the legislative branch too?  Previously I said the House should impeach Biden three times to make him the champion in impeachment, maybe even the greatest of all time (GOAT).  But I’m not sure.  Maybe instead of just impeaching Joe, they should spread it around.  It seems that Garland fellow is a real jerk and could use an impeachment too.  And come to think of it, impeaching Kamala would be fun.  And what the hell, how about Mayor Pete too.  I know he’s busy breastfeeding the twins but he shouldn’t be neglected either.

And between impeachments maybe Congress can try something new and actually do some legislation.  Here’s an idea.  How about they try and write the budget for next year?  I know that fell out of fashion during the Obama regime but how about resurrecting it?  And here’s a crazier idea.  How about making it a balanced budget?  After all we’re not technically fighting a war right now.  Maybe we can cancel a few of the new defense contracts and stop sending COVID checks to people who should be working for a living and stop paying the FBI altogether.

Now, sure, Biden won’t sign the budget.  But make him reject it.  Let him add that to his other failures and let Trump or whoever is running in 2024 beat him over the head with his refusal to stop the endless deficits.

It seems to me we have some very interesting days ahead after the mid-terms.  Sure, Biden will be torturing us with IRS agents sifting through our e-mails and FBI agents rooting through our garbage.  But unless Biden’s got this voter fraud thing down to a science there’s a pretty good chance, he’s going to get the boot in 2024.

There.  That felt good.

Could Another Festivus Miracle Be About to Occur?

And the good news just keeps on coming.

Challenger Joe Kent has nearly overtaken U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler in vote counts released Friday, leaving the six-term incumbent teetering on the brink of defeat amid Republican backlash over her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump.

Kent has gained ground every day, in a trendline that points to him surpassing Herrera Beutler when more votes are counted next week.

Herrera Beutler “needs a miracle,” wrote Dave Wasserman, an editor and election expert with the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, on Twitter, calling Kent the “strong favorite to knock her out of the top two.”

As of Friday evening, Herrera Beutler had 22.6% of the vote to Kent’s 22.5% — a margin of just 257 votes. Kent had trailed by 1,945 on Thursday. An estimated 30,000 ballots remain to be counted in Clark County, the district’s population center, which will continue counting votes again on Monday.”

That’s right.  It just keeps getting worse for the Republican impeachment voters.  Let this be a lesson for all turncoats.  The days of betraying your voters with impunity are over.  Word is getting out.  The people are angry.  Do your job or get out.

05AUG2022 – Another Outbreak of Unbridled Enthusiasm Breaks Out

I know, I know.  We’re not going to vote our way out of this.  Blah, blah, blah.  But, damn, that Lake victory hit the spot.  Maybe all of this is the dead cat bounce after hitting bottom in 2020 but right now I’ll take it.  It’s just plain enjoyable to be on the winning side of these things.  Whether it’s real or not, it feels like progress.

I saw that Dick Cheney put out a video defending his daughter by declaring that, “In our nation’s 246-year history, there has never been an individual who has been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump.”  Boy, that’s rich.  The Democrats allow thugs to burn down the cities of America.  They use blatant voter fraud to foist a lying grafter on us as president while locking down the country for two years and destroying the economy.  But Donald Trump is dangerous.

I read that Sinema is going to sign off on the mini-Build Back Better boondoggle.  No surprise there.  The fix was in with Manchin.  I guess he got his cut of the pie.  Figures she’d be in there somewhere too.  That’s alright.  Both of them are up in 2024.  They’ll be remembered by their voters.

I was reading a speech that Hungarian leader Victor Orban gave recently.  It’s remarkable how he openly names the real threats that face western countries.  I guess when your party has a supermajority in the parliament you can speak honestly.  He talks of the dangers of unchecked third world immigration and he also names the LGBTQ agenda of much of the western countries as the biggest external threats.  But he also names the break down of the traditional family and the associated failure of women to bear enough children as the biggest internal threat.

This analysis is spot on.  It’s a long speech and also has long sections on the energy crisis and the Ukrainian war.  These other problems area also very grave, especially the climate hoax.  But I think they might be self-correcting.  After all, there’s nothing like losing your toes to frostbite to reinforce how important fossil fuels really are to our world.

Whoever the leaders of an actual conservative movement turn out to be, they should consult with Orban.  He’s one of the few leaders who understand the challenges facing us.  He gave a speech at CPAC yesterday.  I just started to listen to it.  Very exciting, very upbeat.

So, there’s all kinds of hopeful things happening right now.  And in eleven days Liz Cheney gets the boot from the voters of the great state of Wyoming so the beat goes on.  I’m sure I could dwell on the negatives.  After all, the Chi-Coms didn’t take Nancy Pelosi off our hands and George Soros still walks the earth sowing destruction in all directions.  But good things are happening.  We’re winning elections and guys like Ron DeSantis are using their power to stop the bad guys from running roughshod over us in places like Florida.

You can always be depressed and sometimes I am.  But not today.  Smell the roses, enjoy the day.

03AUG2022 – An Interesting but Not Shocking Series of Results from Last Night’s Elections

So disappointingly we only hooked one of three impeachment reps last night.  Michigan booted Meijer last night and selected Trump’s pick Gibbs.  But both Newhouse and Herrera-Beutler skated by in Washington state.  In retrospect it seems obvious that in a deep blue state like Washington what passes for Republicans are going to be diluted with people who would be considered Democrats in red states.  In the future it will make sense to stop thinking about counting “Republicans” in places like Washington as reliable votes.  At best they can be thought of as Independents that might be bargained with on certain votes.

The big disappointment of the night was Kansas rejecting the pro=life amendment to curtail abortion.  Well, Kansas got their say.  They’ll live with it.

Missouri rejected Greitens in favor of Schmitt.  Probably not a big deal.  Michigan went for Trump’s pick Dixon.  Good.  Arizona selected Masters for Senator.  Good.

But it looks like there’s some chicanery going on with the vote for Arizona governor.  It’s stuck at 80%.  With Lake ahead by about 2% I assume the crooks are cooking up new votes for her opponent.  Should be a good test of what the cheating will look like in November.

All in all, a pretty good night.  The outlines of the new Republican party are taking shape.  The areas that really are conservative will begin to diverge from the areas that are now reliably liberal.  And that’s all to the good.  Local rule is the name of the game.  Give the people what they want.  Let them live with their choices.

02AUG2022 – Another Busy Tuesday in Primary Season

Arizona, Missouri, Washington, Kansas, Michigan.  Never-Trumpers, abortion, Trump picks.  Today has got something for everyone.

Arizona has a duel between a Trump anointed gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake and the establishment candidate, Karrin Taylor Robson, touted by the present governor and Mike Pence.  So far Lake’s in the lead but there are some polls showing a tight race.  In the primary for Arizona senator Trump’s pick Blake Masters, seems out way ahead.

In the wonderful spite derby that is the effort to fire all the Republican representatives that voted to impeach Donald Trump there are three of the quislings being primaried today.

In Michigan, rat one, Peter Meijer is running against Trump approved candidate John Gibbs.  He looks to be in big trouble.

In Washington state there are two rats, Jaime Herrera Butler and Dan Newhouse.  But Washington is a commie state so the primaries aren’t according to party so these two rodents may get enough Democrat support to slide through.

In Missouri Eric Greitins has the Trump nod for Republican senate nominee but he’s being challenged by the Republican establishment of the state.  This one’s up in the air.

In Kansas, there is a vote on an amendment to the state constitution that would allow lawmakers to decide what would be the fate of abortion in Kansas.  This is seen as an important test of how red states view abortion in the post Roe v. Wade environment.

And finally, in Michigan, will Trump’s pick for Republican candidate for governor, Tudor Dixon win a convincing victory and show himself a viable threat to unseat that soulless harpy, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

How can you not like this night of political mayhem?  Anti-Trumpers going down in flames, Establishment Republicans denied, conspiracy theorists being elevated to positions of importance?  It’s got everything, even some democracy in action.

Well, I’ll be roasting the popcorn so be sure to stay up for the fun.  As winter asserts itself here in Dunwich in the early days of August the rest of the country continues to celebrate the joys of summer.  I’ll put on an extra layer of blankets and drink some hot tea by the glow of the cathode ray tube of my black and white television while Walter Cronkite and Huntley and Brinkley announce the results and provide commentary, the lousy commies!

photog Pitches In

So, this was the tail end of a baby-sitting marathon by Camera Girl.  One of my daughters had a five-day anniversary trip postponed earlier in the year by illness and rescheduled during my marathon trip to Yellowstone.  So not only was Camera Girl watching my young granddaughter on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but she was also watching my two younger grandsons from Tuesday to Saturday (today).

Being the highly evolved and supportive husband that I am, I provided all the help of which I am capable.  This consists of me saying things like, “Honey, are these kids allowed to do this?” and “Do you want me to take them outside while you shop, cook dinner and clean the house?”  Of course, that would be under perfect circumstances.  This weekend I’m jet-lagged, dehydrated and have a sore elbow so I restricted my athletic events with the kids to watching them in the swimming pool, playing billiards and being beaten at chess by young children.  The infamy!

Seriously I used to kid myself that I didn’t have to learn about chess strategy.  I was so smart that my instincts would carry me through with anyone below a grandmaster.  Apparently, grandmasters nowadays are really short and have squeaky voices.  My older younger grandson beat me three games running before I finally got a grip and distracted him enough to win.  Then the littlest guy gave me a run for my money in which I barely squeaked out a win.

But between these duties I had a chance to read a bunch of news and opinion articles.  It seems the Left and the Fake Right are trying to convince us that there is powerful evidence that the January 6th Investigation has turned the tide of public opinion across America and made electing Democrats all the rage.  Apparently, Bison Man cavorting in Nancy Pelosi’s office is much more compelling stuff than $5 gasoline, $10 hamburgers and teachers grooming children for sterilization.

Now we’re supposed to believe this notwithstanding that this week Creepy Uncle Joe bottomed out below -20 points in the approval/disapproval scorecard for the first time in his presidency.  Apparently the most unpopular president on record is leading the way to a Democrat landslide in the mid-terms.  I guess it’s possible.  But I’m gonna say no.

Other stuff I read seems more like the beginning of panic.  One guy kept asking how the polls could be so skewed against the Democrats when the Trump Republicans are just so evil.  That one was really funny.

Another pundit was worried by a strategy on the Left of voting in the Republican primaries for what they considered “far right” Republicans in the hope that this would increase the chance of Democrats winning in the general election.  This pundit was truly scared that this would backfire and decrease the number of RINOs by electing actual conservatives.  Terrifying!

One little ray of good news did leak through this week.  That Latino guy who was charged with second degree murder for defending himself against some crazy guy attacking him in the bodega where he works had the murder charge dropped.  Apparently, New York Mayor Adams put pressure on the DA and judge to recognize the self defense aspect of the situation and ended this travesty of justice.  Who knows?  Could some sanity begin to reassert itself in New York City?  Nah.

Now that the grandkids will be away for a day or so I can try to start catching up on my writing and pictures from the trip.  But I have to say it looks like time is running out on the Biden administration.  I saw he tried to declare a climate emergency this week but nobody cared.  It’s not like he can wave an energy wand and terawatts of power will just start flowing into the grid from rainbow fairy dust.  He’s out of make believe and the economy is starting to grind to a halt.  It will be interesting to see if they pull the plug on his presidency before or after the mid-terms.  Either way, I’m thinking we’re about to see some really ugly stuff soon.  Enjoy the summer.

S.F. DA, Chesa Boudin Expected to be Recalled Today

In one of the few signs of intelligent life to be detected coming from San Francisco, psychotically pro-crime DA Chesa Boudin is up for a recall election today.  Even brain-dead San Fran liberals are tired of stepping in human feces on their homeless strewn streets and suffering assaults and robberies on an hourly basis.

But you never know.  Maybe the voters there will step back from the precipice of sanity just in time to retain their mantle as the stupidest humans on the planet.

Check the election results later on tonight or tomorrow to find out.