The Reality of Crime is Racist, According to the Left

I read this long emotionally fraught article about Republicans using election advertising on crime as a dishonest but very effective tactic against Democrats in the mid-term elections.  So, it went into all of the reasons why voters are swayed by this type of ad.  They mentioned how crime is a visceral subject that elicits fear.  And fear is very powerful.  They admitted that all the large cities actually are experiencing enormous upticks in all crime since 2020.  They even admit that the Democrat candidates are easily linked to things like cashless bail and policies advocating releasing convicted criminals for even offenses like murder.  But finally at the end of the article it fell back on the old refrain that using crime as an election issue is RACIST!  They even went all the way back to 1988 and dug up the Willie Horton ads that Bush Senior used against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis during the presidential election.  And they lament how racist that was.  After all Willie Horton was black.  He was also a murderer who was furloughed on his own recognizance from prison by Dukakis’s program only to flee and then commit rape and other crimes.  But mentioning such crimes is by the Left’s definition racist.

Well, I guess if they claim that black voters are racists because they want to reduce crime then maybe that is a defensible position.  After all New York City voters elected Mayor Eric Adams, a black former police officer, who ran as the law-and-order candidate, because they were alarmed by the skyrocketing violent crime wave that had engulfed the city during and after the George Floyd riots.  Were the majority non-white residents secret white supremacists?  Is Eric Adams a white supremacist because he embraces the dog whistle term “law and order?”  It seems difficult to imagine.

I think what the article was trying to say is that calling it racist is the only hope the Democrats have of defeating the tactic of using crime as a weapon against them.  If they can frighten the Republicans away from using crime then they will deprive them of a very potent weapon.

Back in June the media tried to use gaslighting by claiming that all their research showed that the potent issues in the 2022 elections would be abortion and threats to democracy.  Basically they were telling the Republicans that those were the only acceptable election topics they could use.  Finally, a few months ago they admitted that inflation would be the biggest negative for them but they still contended that crime was a very minor issue.

Well, here we are a week out from election and they’ve finally faced the facts.  Crime is the second biggest issue.  And in some areas, like the suburbs around the most dangerous cities it might be the biggest.  And in a roundabout way this article sort of admits that there’s no way to deflect these attacks because basically they’re true.  And with nothing they can do about those facts all they can do is claim that pointing out those facts is racist.

Very well, reality is racist.  But reality has a habit of rearing its racist head when people who depend on make believe can least afford it to.  If you have district attorneys releasing hardened criminals in cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia and those criminals then commit murders and assaults, it’s not surprising if voters decide to punish your party.

When even cobalt blue New York state might elect a Republican governor then we know that something has gone profoundly wrong.  Democrats outnumber Republicans two to one in the “Empire State.”  Nothing but fear can account for this ideological shift.  And nothing but fear can account for the magazine Vox admitting the truth; that they own the crime problem and it’s going to do them in this year at the polls.  Sucks being them.

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1 year ago

I suppose there is a bit of horrid consistency to their position because the Dims and their clients have long claimed that any statistical difference between any racial groups concerning any particular metric is due to discrimination. Therefore if blacks should find themselves enmeshed in the justice system statistically more often than orientals, it can only be the result of discrimination. The fact that this observation is blatantly at odds with reality is dismissed. During the Obama admin, the Dept of “Justice” as it is quaintly known, forced Consent Decrees on a large number of US Cities with violent inner… Read more »