The New Third World Normal

People on the dissident right talk about the difference between high trust and low trust societies.  In a high trust society, you have communities where doors and cars aren’t locked, people can walk in cities at night without fear of being mugged and children can play outside without their mothers fearing for their lives.

This week Waukesha, Wisconsin found out that a Christmas Parade is something you don’t attend in a low trust society.  I’ve lived in small towns and large cities.  But the size of the community isn’t the defining parameter for how safe a place it is.  The difference is whether the community tolerates lawlessness.  The classic urban example is New York City.  Back in the 1970s and 1980s New York City degenerated into a high-crime environment where assault and robbery were at epidemic levels.  Very expensive neighborhoods in Manhattan were deserted at night because muggers would emerge out of Central Park at night and prey on the affluent inhabitants.  And a million inhabitants exited the city to escape the dangerous environment.  When Rudy Giuliani became mayor there in 1992, he used the police department to shut down the violent crime but he also took a zero-tolerance approach toward quality-of-life violations like squeegee men harassing drivers and deranged homeless people engaging in depravity on the city streets.  So even though New York City is an enormous impersonal place, for twenty years it was one of the safest large cities in the country.  The program was so successful that it allowed a new generation of progressives to take over the city.  And this new generation had no fear of violence.  And this same generation is running all the cities of America.  And they are now learning exactly why a police force with zero tolerance for lawlessness is the only way to have a city as large as New York safe.

But now look at a place like Waukesha.  It has a population of 70,000 people.  It has been fairly crime free and well ordered for its whole history and the people there probably think of their home as a big town rather than a city.  It has local sports teams and small companies as employers and community activities centered on schools and churches.  It has a relatively small black population and no major inner-city crime problem.  But then last year in neighboring Minnesota the George Floyd riots began and black criminals became convinced that they could no longer be arrested.  And so, for the last year black criminals have behaved as though there is no brake on their activities.  If they commit a crime and the police show up, they do not surrender.  They bolt and often the police just let them go.  None of the police want to end up on trial for shooting a black suspect.  They remember Derek Chauvin and his fate.  None of them want that so they’ll let these perpetrators escape.  And that’s how you get to a place like Waukesha today where people think they’re living in a safe place when they’re really not.

The only question left to answer is where will pushback finally happen?  New York voted in a black former NYPD officer as mayor.  This is a change from the anti-police, anti-white mayor Bill DeBlasio they currently suffer under.  But it’s not clear whether the will is there yet to meaningfully correct the weakening of the police there.  I believe things will have to get a lot worse before anything effective will be done.

In the meantime, people living in cities, large and small, need to realize what their new environment means for their safety.  Being mistaken about what kind of a place they now live in could cost them a lot, maybe all.

Philadelphia Regains Lead in Race to the Bottom

Chicago has been giving Baltimore and Atlanta a real run for their money as the most dangerous American city.  What with their seemingly endless shootings and the antics of their mayor and state’s attorney they seemed a shoo in.

But suddenly Philadelphia comes from out of nowhere and proves that they’re devolving to the subhuman level at hyperspeed.  Where else can a man rape a woman on a crowded subway car for forty minutes without a single passenger attempting to stop him or even call 911?

I guess it’s a marker.  I would say that level of callous inhumanity must bring Philadelphia even with either Genghis Khan’s Mongols or Attila’s Huns.  But the exact level is unimportant.  The important metric is the acceleration of the dehumanizing process.  Based on the way that the copycat process proceeds I’m guessing that cannibalism should appear in The Bronx by Christmas.  Of course I’m not taking into account inflation and meat shortages.  That might speed things up to Thanksgiving.

Seriously though, it does give you pause to think of just how violent the larger cities have become.  The way the violence is increasing I confess I’m unable to decide whether people will be shocked into demanding the return of real law and order or will they just give up and flee from the urban areas altogether.  My gut reaction is that it’s too late and these areas will not be revived.  I know it’s hard to believe that New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore and St. Louis are hopelessly broken and won’t ever be safe for law-abiding people again but when you see and hear what’s going on it’s pretty hard to see how these things can be fixed under the new rules the police have to adhere to.  Maybe when these cities have all-black police forces it will be possible for real policing to occur without screeches of racism from every idiot who has a cell phone.  But that seems like something that won’t happen for decades and by then these places will be so poor and unattractive that it won’t matter to the majority of Americans what happens there.

Well, anyway, this is another marker as I say and another warning to anyone stupid enough to think of living in these places.  Remember these cities have the strictest gun laws and the most anti-white district attorneys in the country.  If you were attacked and attempted to defend yourself with a gun you would be treated the way murderers used to be treated.  You’d get forty years and probably wish it was the chair.  So make sure when you’re looking at where you’ll settle down to check the crime statistics and the voting record.  If it’s a democrat enclave full of crime look somewhere else.  Maybe the salaries are higher in some of these places but it’s just not worth your life or the life of someone you care about.