Black People Are Safer in Chicago Than Florida?

The author of this American Greatness post makes the point that the NAACP is as shamelessly absurd as it possilby can be when it selects Florida as the place where black people are most at risk in America.

Obviously if you look at Chicago (or Detroit, Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, St Louis or Kansas City) more black people are being murdered, assaulted, raped, robbed or condemned to hopeless poverty than in Florida where law and order and  economic opportunity still exist.  The only thing that’s missing in Florida is the leftist propaganda that blames all of that blue city dysfunction on Republicans and white people.

The NAACP is a racket that blames black misery on everyone but who deserves it; the Democrat Party and the enablers in the black community that benefit from it.

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3 months ago

There is apparently some sort of force field that shields progressive Dims from richly deserved embarrassment from obviously absurd statements.

We’ve got over 3 million blacks in Florida, you’d think a couple of them would have noticed the encroaching danger.

3 months ago
Reply to  photog

As a reminder, we tried precisely that in the late 80’s and 90’s, it was called “three strikes you’re out.” News flash: It worked. But the crazies took over and culling psychopathic predictors was declared unacceptable. It was deemed ”preferable” to release the recidivist violent felons back into the general population, or better yet, not arrest them in the first place. I think that series of decisions turned the entire fundamental purpose of government on it’s head. But that’s just me apparently. Most of US society seems to like just fine the concept of free ranging violent predators thinning the… Read more »