Backlash Against Trans is Scaring the Left

The boycott of Bud Light and the subsequent furor over Target has hit a nerve on the Left.  And Matt Walsh has been identified as the one spearheading the effort.  He has cheerlead the various reactions to the “pride” policies of the various woke corporations.  And he understands how doing this rattles these corporations by hitting them where it hurts; their bottom line.

““The goal is to make ‘pride’ toxic for brands. If they decide to shove this garbage in our face, they should know that they’ll pay a price. It won’t be worth whatever they think they’ll gain,” Walsh tweeted on Wednesday.”

And the deviant industrial complex has taken note:

“Drennen said that part of what is allowing Walsh to get traction is his increased national recognition in efforts to restrict transition-related medical care for minors. In February, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves invited Walsh to speak ahead of Reeves signing a bill to ban transition-related care for minors in the state. Earlier that month, NBC News reported that Walsh’s advocacy also influenced Tennessee’s decision to reject more than $8 million in federal funds to combat HIV.

“All of this is a coordinated attempt to make it untenable to be specifically trans in public,” Drennen said. “And one of the ways that they’ve attempted to do this is by removing any kind of political support, any kind of corporate support — just basically making it untenable to be an ally to the trans community. And I think that’s the real connective tissue between these.””

So good!  Keep up the effort Matt Walsh and good for everyone who is willing to give up a Bud Light or a trip to Target to send a message to these people who want to turn this world into a hellhole of mutilated children and depravity.

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1 year ago

I’ve been investing for 30 years. As soon as I saw Bud go woke, I dumped the stock (InBev). Same for Target.
Not so much as to send a message – I doubt my little investment moves the needle – but out of self defense.
Maybe billionaires can afford to lose 30% of the value of a few stocks – but I cannot.