The Great RINO Hunt of 2022

Polls continue to stream in confirming just how toxic the Democrat brand is right now.  The latest one by Susquehanna Polling & Research has the generic Republican congressional candidate up 10 points over his hapless Democrat challenger.  So, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that the Republicans won’t be the recipients of a totally undeserved election gift.  They’re going to be given majorities in both Houses.

But I find none of that compelling.  What I’m fascinated by is knowing exactly how many RINO’s are going to be primaried out of office.  To my mind this is a much more important number and one that will determine whether the GOP will be useful or useless to us over the last two years of the Biden reign of stupid.  After all, if a bunch of traitors like Liz Cheney and Lisa Murkowski get kicked to the curb in November it will have a salutary effect on other RINO’s like Mitt Romney who were not up for re-election in 2022.  For a slug like Mitt losing his senate seat would be tantamount to disgrace.  So, if he sees his fellow mollusks cast out of their cushy sinecures this year he will scurry back to the middle where he will try to portray himself as a “severely conservative” culture warrior.  Who knows he might even start swearing and claiming that he’s not happy about the January 6th protestors being left to rot in prison for years.

Trump has a list of the ten Republican congressional representatives who voted to impeach him and seven senators who voted to convict.  Lisa Murkowski of Alaska is the only senator up for re-election in November but of course the terms for all ten representatives are also up then.  But already four of them have decided to retire.  The six remaining reps are all being vigorously pursued by primary challengers who probably have a very good chance of bumping them all off.  And Murkowski is also in a dog fight to survive her primary senate challenger.  I understand that Rep. David Valadao of California is a friend of minority leader Kevin McCarthy and will get as much support as he can hope for from that ally.  But I’m sure Valadao is sweating pretty hard about his chances.

There’s nothing scientific about how I’m looking at this RINO hunt.  But I think the results can be used as a good barometer of whether election results will track the will of the conservative voters.  First off, if Cheney isn’t booted out then there is something hopeless about the chances of getting good Republicans in Congress.  From what I’ve read her approval rating is in the neighborhood of 10% of the Republicans in Wyoming.  And even if a bunch of Democrats vote for her, she should lose in a landslide to the woman that Trump endorsed.

The Valadao race is in California and between the dominant nature of the Democrat party there and the likelihood of voting skullduggery I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived the primary.  And there are two other candidates from Washington state which is also highly progressive.  So at least three of the six have some doubts attached.  But Cheney and the other two races should be slam dunks.  And to my mind Murkowski should be toast too.

So, let’s just say that if any of those four dead ducks survive that will provide strong evidence that even where Republicans are in the majority that RINO’s aren’t going to disappear.  I’ll characterize this as a test to see just how stupid the Stupid Party really is.

The Only Thing That Can Cure Stupid is Pain

Somebody or other once said that stupidity is the most powerful force in the Universe.  And I think that is true.  Another name for stupidity is inertia.  It is what the mind must move to bring intelligence to brute existence.  And it is why nothing can be accomplished without enormous amounts of pain and death.  The spark of intelligence is resisted by the inertia of stupidity.  And the process of intelligence overcoming stupidity is a variety of evolution.  Life adapts to the changing Universe and becomes better adapted to its surroundings in a never-ending dance.

In our human microcosm we attempt to become better adapted to the human environment.  But there are many conflicting forces at work.  Human cooperation and conflict exist at the same time and they can never be statically balanced.  They are always dynamically interacting and so anytime you try to depend on some temporary relationship between them you run the risk of being blind-sided by change.  The only way to stay on the “right side of history” is when you force history to go where you want it to go.

And that is what we see going on today.  The Stupid Party wants to follow the rules from yesterday assuming that the Evil Party will follow those rules too.  What they don’t see is that the Evil Party is making up new rules as it goes along.  And those rules are just whatever ensures that it will be winning and its enemies will be losing.  Evolution is the Stupid Party getting replaced by a Less Stupid Party.  We have no choice but to evolve in our thinking or become grease for the wheels that turn the world.

If the progs want to demonize the police and deify George Floyd then we have to let them burn the cities down.  That’s where reality will burn the fingers of the stupid people living there who bought into BLM and “Defund the Police.”  They must find out exactly what defund the police looks like, up close and personal.  When every store goes out of business from shop lifting and every subway car is filled with predators and prey then it will become clear why George Floyd wasn’t a saint.  He was a disease.  He was a career criminal who swam in a sea of dysfunction.  He existed because this society tolerates a subculture that embraces criminality.  When every inhabitant of a city gets to meet George Floyd on any random day; gets robbed by him or assaulted by him, then they will truly understand what BLM and defund the police represents for their lives.  It represents the law of the jungle, kill or be killed.

So, I’m very encouraged every time I read about another atrocity in New York, Chicago or Baltimore.  Whereas I mourn for the senseless destruction of life and the terror and pain inflicted on innocents in these places, I also recognize that evolution is taking place.  Stupidity is being educated the only way it can be.  With pain and even death.  When we have a nation, whose cities are populated by people who would rather have cops in charge than gangbangers and homeless schizophrenics then we will have really evolved.

Maybe the Stupid Party Has Finally Learned Something

This week the Senate will be debating the plan to eliminate the filibuster.  And this was preceded by Dementia Joe’s inflammatory belch of noxious fumes called a speech in Atlanta.  In that speech he resurrected Jim Crow and Bull Connor in front of a crowd of black college students who have grandparents who barely remember what those terms refer to.

This law that would enshrine voter fraud in America is being presented as the only way to save us from Ku Klux Klansmen riding horses through our towns and burning crosses on the White House lawn.  And normally all that jazz would scare the likes of Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney into subservient obedience.  But it hasn’t.  In fact, it hasn’t even scared two Democrat senators, Sinema and Manchin, into knuckling under.  Arizona and West Virginia aren’t blue states.  Their constituencies aren’t rallying around the MLK Day blackmail plot.  They literally don’t believe the nonsense being spouted and have no desire to force their senators to back it either.

Is it possible that the Stupid Party has learned something?  Can it be that those cowardly imbeciles that run the GOP have gotten it through their thick skulls that people of normal intelligence do not trust the mainstream media and after 2020 certainly don’t trust Joe Biden and the Democrats to protect voting integrity?  The answer may be yes.

My explanation for why idiots could be smartening up is that it’s now plain even to idiots that the country is revolting against the gaslighting they’ve been enduring since the George Floyd riots began.  Even the stupidest people can’t ignore the reality of a mob burning down their downtown area.  And if you can see the truth and at the same time hear the lies from CNN and MSNBC and the three networks then even an idiot will figure out that he is being lied to.

So finally, we’ve reached a place where even total morons can effectively represent us in Congress at least for the moment.  The question is have they gotten any less stupid or is this just the lowest common denominator of political response, the equivalent of having a pulse.  My guess is they’re still just as stupid as ever but their opponents have been forced in the last couple of years to do insane things and that showcases the superiority of the stupid over the insane.  The insane will burn down their own cities.  The stupid will limit themselves to applauding the burning.  Admittedly it’s not a great advantage but enough to help them win the day.  And our party will always be the stupid party.  What we have to hope is that we will recognize a smart and courageous man if he appears and put him in a position to lead the stupid party by the nose to do some good despite themselves.

This year, if we’re lucky, will see the Democrats frustrated in their attempt to change the narrative away from their long list of failures.  If they lose the Senate along with the House, the GOP can limit the damage that Biden can do.  They can even shut down the judicial appointments he might otherwise make.  And who knows, maybe they’ll decide to impeach him over the Hunter Biden scandals.  Hey, that would be fun.  Maybe they’re smart enough to do that.

A Gang of Turkeys

Camera Girl with her hawk eye spotted a group of turkeys walking through the forest.  So, I took my trusty Sony A7 IV and my Minolta 200mm f/4 macro lens with Sony LA-EA5 adapter and flashed off fifty shots of the uncouth looking modern dinosaurs.  I’ll work on them later but here’s a representative jpg.

I guessing the turkeys are looking for food before the big freeze down happens tomorrow.  We’ll be dropping thirty degrees down into negative single digits tomorrow night.  This should be a good test of the supposedly repaired heating system we live with.  A really annoying aspect of the “repair” is that the suction fan has a vibration that is very audible in the living room.  I’ll have to become an acoustical engineer and figure out where some fireproof acoustical insulation will solve that problem.  Oh, the joys of owning a very unorthodox house.

I looked up the name for a group of turkeys.  It’s called either a gang or a rafter.  A rafter sounds like an architectural term whereas gang captures some of the disreputable and disorganized facets of the behavior of a bunch of dopey birds.  And that immediately got me thinking of the Republican lawmakers.  They’re a gang of fat, stupid and disorganized bird-brained followers who couldn’t shoot fish in a barrel.  I think of them because things are going so horribly for the Democrats and Biden that it must be about time for those losers that are supposedly on our side of the fence to help the Democrats out by missing some opportunity to kick them while they’re down.  Already that dope Cruz was yapping about how the January 6th farce was a terrorist attack.  I used to like him but what is wrong with him if he says something stupid like that.  It’s the unforced errors that drive me crazy with these “friends” of ours.

The biggest surprise of 2021 was Joe Manchin stabbing the Dems in the back.  It was wholly unforeseen and miraculously potent.  Combined with the COVID revolt, it has poleaxed Biden’s presidency good and proper.  But I’m waiting for our Manchin.  I’m assuming it will be Romney.  He’s a sniveling coward who loves to play the principled man of honor when he knows it will get him the spot light.  But with the disarray on the left maybe we’ll be spared until the midterms when with any luck they’ll lose the Senate along with the House.

I wonder how long it will take the Supreme Court to make up their minds about the vaccine mandates.  I confess I’m pretty excited about a win there.  That also means I’ll be very disappointed if they fink on us and throw in with the Fauci fascists.  But things seem to be going our way on this in the public opinion field.  People are waking up to the fact that these vaccines are at best useless and at worst a very dangerous thing to do to young and healthy people.  Anyone with children and grandchildren should be paying close attention to the information on both efficacy and safety.  These drugs would never have been approved on a normal testing basis by the FDA.

So, stay warm this week.  The Polar Express will be coming through and providing a good excuse to stay warm and watch some old movies or read a good book.  I’ve been managing to put the time to good use writing.  I produced about five thousand words of prose in the last two or three days.  Not bad.  Of course, I’ve still got seventy or eighty thousand words to go.  But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Watch out for those turkeys, winged or otherwise.

John Derbyshire Post – Electoral Gold for the Stupid Party—the Anti-Anti-White Vote

Vox  linked to this post

in his post

The Anti-Anti-White Vote.  I think that’s me!  Exactly right.  If you’re against me then I have no choice but to be against you.  Perfect.

But as Derbyshire states in his post, is the Stupid Party too stupid to reap the benefit?  time will tell.