How Stupid is the Evil Party and How Evil is the Stupid Party?

Many people describe the Democrats and the Republicans combined as the Uni-Party.  Essentially it is alleged that because the main business of all congressional office holders is to make as much money as possible off of peddling their influence that there really isn’t much difference between the goals or actions of either.  As an example, is the support in both the House and the Senate for the Ukraine War.  It would be impossible to prove that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was any less enthusiastic than Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to send another hundred billion dollars to Ukraine.  Or look at the Democrats and Republicans who sit on subcommittees overseeing the FDA.  I’m sure that lobbyists from Pfizer know each of them by first name and routinely wine and dine them while informing them which bills need to be passed and who at the FDA is giving them grief about their latest “wonder drug.”

So, there is a lot of truth in this characterization.  But there is still a fierce rivalry between the two parties for control of the Congress.  After all, the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader have enormous power to set the agenda in their respective legislative bodies.  The Speaker especially has complete control to block any bill from ever seeing the light of day in the House.  And if for no other reason than to acquire this power the two parties are constantly at war to overtake each other in the number of seats they control.

So, the question I think about is how badly do the Democrats have to screw up before the Republicans recognize the situation as more momentous than just allowing them to steal more than the Democrats.  Put another way, if the country became so disgusted with the multiple crises that Joe Biden’s crime family has sparked that they gave the Republicans very large majorities in both the House and Senate would the Congress have the patriotism or at least the common sense to use the opportunity to try and save the country from the impending crash landing that we are surely headed for?  Or would they just use the opportunity to steal more stuff as fast as possible before the end?

I believe there is a little bit of hope out there.  Recently we saw the Republicans in the House of Representatives sack the Speaker of the House; an unheard-of thing.  And there have been grumblings against Mitch McConnell in the Senate.  Now granted, the Senate is a lot more bought and sold than the House.  Even if McConnell were replaced as Leader by someone who hadn’t yet reached his two hundredth birthday it would still be one of McConnell’s cronies.  But maybe the same forces that got rid of Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are working to build a more representative party out of the Stupid Party.

I think given enough time we could get enough somewhat honest people into the Congress to begin changing the direction of the laws in this country.  The real question, the only crucial question is whether we will do that before we run out of time and the whole mad house collapses and crumbles to dust.

Will the Democrats get bounced by the voters?  Will the Republicans seize the moment to fix things?  What do you think?

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5 months ago

It appears that those in the know up in the corridors of power understand the eventual direction this rudderless ship of a country is taking. The overall mood of the public that pays attention to the DC twaddle see the writing on the wall. With unsustainable government debt officially tallied at $33 trillion and unfunded liabilities topping $400 trillion (SS, Medicare, etc.), they see the gathering storm on the horizon. By 2030, another 80 million Boomers will be eligible for SS, and that is estimated to cost $5+ trillion per year alone. This is why we see trial balloons released… Read more »