G and G

So, I read today that we lost that fat tub of lard, Chris Christie.  He finally dropped out.  And probably the only reason he dropped out was to give Nikki Haley a better shot at making it close in New Hampshire.  Well, if there’s a candidate I dislike more than Chris Christie it’s Nikki Haley.  In fact, I despise Haley more than Christie by whole orders of magnitude.  Christie is just an annoying gadfly.  He’s on an anti-Trump crusade because it’s the only way he could think of to even reach the debate stage.

But Haley is an honest to goodness GOPE RINO.  She believes in endless neocon war, unlimited illegal immigration, woke evil like transgender pediatric surgery and anything else that progressive Republicans tell her she should believe in.  Listening to her explain why we need to be involved in multiple wars makes my skin crawl.

Currently the plan is for Haley to either win or come close in New Hampshire by means of unaffiliated voters switching their party affiliation to Republican and voting for her.  Then when the South Carolina primary rolls around the hope is that she will have generated enough excitement from New Hampshire to win.  And you never know.  Stranger things have happened.

So, if she manages to win one or both of those states, she hopes to stay in the race all the way to the convention.  Well, I tend to doubt she can make much of a showing.  But what she’s really hoping is to be the last man standing if Trump gets disqualified by the Republican National Committee and then be appointed the nominee.  Basically, she is JEB II.  No, I take that back, she is Mitt Romney 2.0.  One thing I am sure of.  If Haley is on the ballot, she won’t be getting my vote.  I’ll either stay home or vote for Biden as a protest vote.  I despise her even more than Biden and you know how I feel about him.

So here we have the Republican Party doing everything they can to eliminate the candidate that has been polling over 60% for months.  It’s demonstrably clear that they have no interest in adopting any of the clear policy preferences of the great majority of the Republican voters.  All they want is to force the generic GOPE candidate on their voters and if they can’t do that they’d prefer to lose.

I understand that in the short term the Republican Party is the vehicle we are forced to vote for to provide the lesser of two evils.  But a time has to come soon when a successor party must begin to form around populist candidates who won’t owe allegiance to the donors and lobbyists.

It would be an enormous thrill to have a party where everything it stood for was anathema to the Bushes, the Obamas and the Clintons.  Where Nikki Haley, Mike Pence or Chris Christie would be booed off the stage if they dared show their faces.  If I could name it maybe I’d call it the Normal People’s Party.  Or maybe we could call it the God and Guns Party.  Since these are all the things that Barack Obama hated about America.

But in the meantime, just look and listen to Nikki Haley and know exactly what the Republican Party is all about.


I was listening to a dissident right pundit recently.  It was about the new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson.  A lot of it had to do with the process the Republican Party uses to vet its members.  Basically, it was said that it selects for those who will follow the orders of the leadership and by extension align with the policies that the donors want supported.  So, for Republicans that means providing legislation that helps for example, pharmaceutical and defense companies.  But it also includes the banks and Wall Street and any other power centers that have lobbyists that Republicans are paid by.

And I can see how a lot of that is true.  Guys like Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell are wholly owned subsidiaries of Raytheon and Lockheed Martin and never saw a war they couldn’t get behind.  And during the recent COVID madness Pfizer was spreading all those billions it made on vaccines among the Democrats and Republicans like it was candy corn at Halloween.  So, I can see the point being made by the dissidents.  The system is rigged to keep out anyone but the kind of people who perpetuate its mercenary function.  And with such people the chance of the will of the constituents being honored is non-existent.  So, I grant that.

But then how do we recognize and support the people who somehow manage to sneak through this vetting and could be part of the solution?  Look at Donald Trump.  Trump crashed the Republican presidential primary.  He gutted Jeb Bush and disrupted Hillary Clinton’s coronation when everyone knew it was “her turn.”  Sure, he was hamstrung by Democrats and Republicans and most forcefully by the Deep State but I deny that he didn’t try as best he knew to accomplish the items on his agenda.  To claim he was just another bought and sold member of the Uniparty doing the bidding of Black Rock and the CIA seems completely false.  I don’t claim that he had immense success in reforming the federal government.  What I do claim is that he was a legitimate representative of the people who voted him into office.  He authentically wanted to fulfill the promises he made during his campaign.  He had legitimacy.

So the trick is figuring out who are the other bona fide conservatives who are willing to help us win the battles that we so badly need won.  Let’s start with Mike Johnson.  I heard the arguments about how Johnson was a part of the machine that produces “Christian” lawmakers.  But when I look at the cases that he was involved in and the laws that he fought for I see a very socially conservative record.

In 2003 he wrote an amicus brief in front of the Supreme Court for Lawrence v. Texas which struck down the Texas sodomy laws. And in 2004 he defended Louisiana’s law defining marriage as being between one man and one woman.  To me this sounds like someone whose priorities are in line with my own.  And after the 2020 election Johnson voted to overturn the presidential election results.  That doesn’t sound like someone who just follows the Uniparty to get along.

The only way I think I’ll be able to tell if Johnson is a legitimate conservative legislature is if as Speaker of the House, he shows a willingness to resist the very mercenary and illegitimate behaviors that were mentioned in the dissident essay I was discussing earlier.  For instance, Joe Biden asked for a hundred billion dollars of aid that would mostly go to Ukraine but had Israel getting about ten billion.  Instead of passing such a bill Johnson got a bill passed that just gave the ten billion to Israel.  The sympathy that Israel had among Republicans after the Gaza terrorist attack ensured that such a bill would be passed.  Refusing to tack on a Ukraine payment that is an order of magnitude larger seems what I would expect of someone who is practical and smart.

I’m willing to see what Mike Johnson achieves.  That’s how I’ll decide if he’s for real.  That doesn’t seem idealistic.  It seems pragmatic.

Bring on the Geniuses.  Bring on the Future.

Today I had to get in the asset statement for my business.  The government gets to tax the assets of a business.  Now if your business is selling books and photographs what are the assets of that business?  I would have said my brilliant mind.  There was no column on the form for that.  So, I put down the computer I type the words out on and the camera and lenses that I take the pictures with.

When I brought in the form the town official who looked it over asked me how much the desk and chair cost that I sit at and on.  She had me there.  Those things are so old that I really didn’t know how much they cost.  And by now the depreciation must have whittled them down to pennies.  So, we settled on a guestimate.

The fact that I’d waited until the last day is a feature of my psychology.  It’s one of the reasons I have been acclaimed as possibly the laziest man who ever lived.  It is also true that it sometimes makes my life rather difficult.  But having accomplished the task it renders me almost euphoric for having overcome the unimaginable gravity of sloth.

Here we are only a week out from the election.  I think the pundits and readers are almost beyond caring.  Fetterman, Oz?  Warnock, Walker?  Mastro, Laxalt?  Who are these strange people haunting our waking hours and promising to be able to solve all our problems?  To be fair, if the three Republicans listed are elected then suddenly Creepy Uncle Joe won’t be able to inflict anymore horrible judges on us.  We won’t have to pay even more trillions of dollars to Democrat friends selling windmills and solar panels.  So, I guess there is some reason to play this game.  But it does seem like a carnival act we’re exposed to every two years.

I just wish we had our own party and didn’t have to depend on Mitch McConnell and the other clowns like Mitt Romney that parade around and sell us out for graft and power.  But I guess we know that over time the next party will fill with rats just like the old one.  But even if we don’t replace the party, we should have a “sub-party” that allows just the normal people to get together and thrash out our thoughts on what needs to be done and decide who we want and don’t want to represent us.  And now that Elon Musk paid 44 billion dollars to liberate Twitter maybe he’ll be smart enough to build it into something that organizers can use to communicate with those people.

I mean if this social media is supposed to be good for anything it’s to allow tech geniuses to figure out what people want to buy and then put it in front of them to buy with the click of a mouse.  So come on Elon.  Sit down with your old PayPal buddy Peter Thiel and build an app that let’s non-progressives build a virtual town square where they can decide what they want in the real world and then make it happen.

I’m pretty sure we’d all pay five bucks a month for Twitter if it had some of the features of LinkedIn and Facebook.  Maybe it could have a movie feature like Netflix where premium entertainment could be ala carte.

And when you get around to it add our own PayPal and GoFundMe and while you’re at it our own Amazon.  We don’t care if you cheat us just a little just as long as we don’t have to hear the word “your pronouns” ever again.

Lower the Lifeboats!

I was thinking about writing yet another post about just how demented Joe Biden is when I couldn’t do it.  I felt like a guy standing on a sinking ship with water up to his neck screaming, “The ship is sinking!”  Sure, it would be a demonstrably true statement but what he should be screaming is, “Head for the lifeboats!”

And that’s where I think we are.  It’s time to stop pointing at the federal government and screaming that it’s illegitimate and instead start putting together a shield against it.  Now theoretically that would be the Republican Party but I won’t make you laugh or cry by saying that.  We need a new organization to coordinate activities and goals across the whole range of red state governments and other organizations that can resist the malevolent actions of the Left coming at us from Washington and all the resonant power structures it leads in the public and private spheres.

This organization must have the purpose of leading the efforts to save the freedoms of the people of the United States of America.  It will be funded by those people to identify and facilitate the actions needed and assist the agents who could perform these actions.  Specifically, the leadership of this organization needs to formulate legislation to be adopted on the state level and wherever possible on the federal level and coordinates with the state leaders to get it enacted.  In my mind the heads of this organization will include many of these state leaders as its executive board.  In addition, I can see this organization passing on marching orders to the congressional Republicans and in fact applying pressure to these senators and representatives to toe the line with the clear understanding that deviation from the program will result in negative publicity and a primary challenge at the next election.  And along with this stick they can use the carrot of campaign financing to assure compliance.

In essence I’m talking about a new political organization.  It doesn’t have to field any separate candidates.  They can run as Republicans.  But the important thing is that this organization doesn’t care what Mitch McConnell wants or Kevin McCarthy or even for that matter Donald Trump.  It must be answerable to the people who send in a hundred dollars or even five dollars.  It must be answerable to the people who don’t want to have to wear a mask to go to work or go to school.  It’s answerable to the people that don’t want a thing like BLM or antifa to exist.  But the most important attribute it must possess is effectiveness.  It must win victories for our people.  It must be smart enough to select targets that it can defeat.  And it must be able over time to show significant progress against the almost endless assaults that people in this country have been prey to for almost seventy years now.

I’ll leave it to some clever people to give it a name and a symbol.  It could be the Constitutional Party or the MAGA Party or the “Enough is Enough” Party.  But whatever we call it and whoever starts it, whether Donald Trump or some other billionaire or even if all the best governors like DeSantis and Abbott and whoever else get together to spark this fire it needs to start organizing the scattered resistance we see now into something effective and powerful and permanent.  Because if no one mans the lifeboats we’re gonna go down with this sinking ship.

An Open Letter to the Leaders on the Right

To: Former President Donald J. Trump, Senator Josh Hawley, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Tom Cotton, Governor Ron DeSantis, Governor Kristi Noem, Mr. Mike Pompeo, Mr. Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Tucker Carlson


I am writing this open letter to you powerful and hopefully conservative leaders in the hope that somehow it will find its way to you in the real world.  I am not sure that all of you really are on our side and I’m also sure that I’ve left out many conservative leaders that are out there.  But if this message gets through to any of you and you actually find my message important then you have more chance of spreading this information to the rest of the conservative leaders than I do.

And my message is that unless you all organize some kind of effective message to the conservative people of this country very soon it will be too late.  And that’s not hyperbole.  The Left is torturing us in every facet of our existence.

They torture us at work with their various trainings.  We get sensitivity training for racial identity, sexual identity, gender identity.  We get lectured on equity which is just another name for anti-white discrimination.  Now we even get safety training to rat out our friends who say the “wrong” things.

They torture us if we try to watch entertainment.  We have to have overpaid steroid users kneeling during the national anthem while the airheaded “sports analysts” tell us how brave they are to do it.  Every movie and every tv show and even every commercial trumpets the BLM mantra that America is an abomination saturated with systemic racism.  The stupidest people in the world, actors and actresses, line up to preach to us about how evil we are.  They’ve even invented a name for it, white privilege.

They torture our children in every school from nursery school all the way through graduate school.  And if they don’t toe the line, they won’t get to use their hyper-expensive degrees.  They turn them against their parents and ancestors and make them hate the very civilization that created the world that provides all the advantages that everybody takes for granted.

They torture us on-line where they harass and de-platform normal people who want to communicate with the rest of the world.  They will not only de-platform you but they will pressure banks and payment processors to boycott your business.  They’ll even contact your employer and get you fired from your job.  And Silicon Valley acts as a giant echo chamber that gaslights us and even worse, silences us in their search engines and advertising algorithms.

They torture us by making and selectively enforcing laws against us.  They’ll celebrate the rioting and murder committed by BLM and Antifa but they’ll prosecute to absurd levels anything that is done by the Right.  Now they are ramping up their surveillance and prosecution campaign using the bogeyman of “white supremacist terror.”  They punish free speech and they are attempting to invalidate the second amendment by criminalizing guns.

They torture us by encouraging illegal immigration and by exporting all our jobs.  And now Silicon Valley has finished the job by killing the retail businesses with Amazon.  I won’t even bother to discuss COVID and the horrors they’ve inflicted on us for that.

They’ve made our lives hell but other than President Trump’s term in office you’ve all done nothing.  In the last four years there was a glimmer of hope.  That’s been extinguished.  And most real conservatives living in blue states are close to giving up permanently.  I have many friends who were outspoken champions of the Right but after the 2020 election and its aftermath have told me they don’t think there is anyone on the Right that has any fight in them at all.  If you tell them that we must form a resistance they say, “Leave me alone, don’t waste my time, let me go and enjoy my life as well as I can.”  So, if you hope to do something about taking back this country from the Left you all better sit down together in one room and put together an action plan that includes more than talk.

You want to be the leaders of the Right, so lead!   You had better put together a party or corporation to rally the conservatives.  It can’t be the Republican party because they are useless.  Their “big tent” includes squishes like McConnell and Cheney and countless others who wouldn’t know a conservative principle if it walked up to them and punched them in the nose.  And I’m not asking all the Republicans to leave the party.  It’s irrelevant.  We need an organization that’s just for social conservatives, people who believe in the Bill of Rights, who believe in God and country.  A good test is anyone who thinks that the BLM riots were justified doesn’t belong in this group.

Put together an organization and come up with some goals.  Speak to us tell us what you plan to do.  Give us hope.  Give us something to buy into and support that isn’t just us funding your stupid re-election funds!  Build something that we can benefit from.  Find some billionaires on our side and have them build some platforms for us.  Have our own Facebook, our own PayPal and while you’re at it have them open our own bank.  You could get 75,000,000 customers and who knows one day you might have your own Google, YouTube and Amazon also.  Buy a bunch of expensive lawyers and start suing our enemies in every court in the land.  Sue Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and all the banks and other corporations that have been de-platforming and firing people for absolutely no legal reason at all.

And I’m no business genius.  I am aware that it takes business savvy and experience to do this.  But if there is no one on our side smart enough to figure out how to monetize 75,000,000 angry consumers then we deserve to lose.  Give these people a way to channel their anger and they will be glad to pay a little bit to have an organization of their own.

But you had better do it soon.  People can’t hold out forever.  They need hope and they want something to believe in.  Come up with a plan and put it in front of the Right and they will follow you.  Dawdle around and there won’t be anything left.  If you are leaders then lead.  If you’re not then just put out a statement that there is no hope and you’re outmatched.  Then we can decide how to make the best of our lives somewhere else.