22JAN2021 – OCF Update – Glass Half Full Kind of Day

I feel disgustingly cheerful today.  It’s a very bright sunny day here in the gulag.  Because of the bitter cold, the furnace is roaring away on fuel oil and the forced hot water is merrily exchanging heat with the air in my living room here at the Compound.  Camera Girl has sallied forth in Old Car to Wally World to bring me flesh, and bring me wine, and bring me pine logs hither, sort of.  Old dog and not so old dog are lazing near the radiators and I have just finished listening to the ZMan’s Friday Power Hour, his weekly podcast, and despite the predictions of crime waves and government malfeasance it was surprisingly upbeat, I thought.

And I find myself almost ebullient.  In the last four days I think four of my posts were linked over at Whatfinger and several thousand extra pageviews were registered and new subscribers joined and new voices appeared in the comments and an interesting opportunity for the site has appeared that may bring still more traffic here.  So, a big shout out to Sergeant Pat and the other guys over at Whatfinger.

But in addition, recent events have led me to believe that the result of the fraudulent election will spark changes in this country that are all for the good.  The spell is broken.  Everyone is paying attention to the man behind the curtain.  And he is definitely not the great and powerful anything.  He’s just a cheap grifter with a very powerful organization pulling the strings.  The problem for him is that, us being able to see the strings takes away a good deal of the effectiveness of his grift.  If the suckers figure out that the three-card monte game is really there as a distraction to help the pickpockets in the crowd then it becomes a lot harder to pick pockets.  If the Eloi figure out that the Morlocks are cannibals then they’ll stop walking into the frying pan and that will make it a lot harder on the poor Morlocks trying to make an honest living eating Eloi.

And the other part of this whole thing is that I actually feel happier not having to make believe I’m in any way associated with people who either believe or publicly pretend to believe that Dementia Joe is their leader.  I want to be in a separate grouping from them.  I’m ecstatic if they shun me.  I look forward to having different social media platforms, payment processors, crowdfunding sites, even retailers and banks.  All those things will be immeasurably better if leftists shun them completely.  We should make a point of emblazoning on everything we own some triggering slogan that will send the SJW’s into paroxysms of rage and assure that they will never patronize that site.  If I thought it would do any good, I’d emblazon the header of my site with “All Lives Matter!!!!” or something equally scandalous.

Of course, an enormous amount of work is ahead of us to build these new platforms and the Left will do everything they can to torture and attack us every step of the way.  But we are still infinitely better off now that the lights are on and we can see the threats.  Blundering around in the dark is not only dangerous but it’s also demoralizing.  An unseen danger is much more frightening and confusing.  For tens of millions of people, the knowledge of who is and isn’t your friend will make avoiding harm a lot easier.  Thinking that Mitch McConnell and John Roberts will ride to our rescue is now obvious lunacy.  It’s Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown for the millionth time.  It’s done for all but the terminally stupid.

We are at last moving on from the grifters.

Organizing Free America

As I’ve mentioned previously there’s no reason to wait for a superhero to start organizing our people into a new tribe.  I want to do my part and provide the foundation for an organization that provides a network to local communities to share information and socialize.  Eventually when things really get going that superhero is going to need a sophisticated network with all kinds of capability that the geniuses in Silicon Valley have invented in the last decade but for now Orion’s Cold Fire (OCF) and my primitive internet will have to do.

And in the underground you don’t take names and publish a membership list.  Pseudonyms and anonymity make a lot of sense when Dementia Joe is starting to act like another Uncle Joe of gulag fame.  I just finished Solzhenitsyn’s “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch” and the idea of snitches pervading the society of a captive nation seems a lot more real now that the Left is adopting the idea of re-education camps and purging non-Leftists from all aspects of public and private life.

Well, all that’s fine with me.  The internet is a vast web of people who look for what they need.  And maybe what they need is hope.  And believe it or not I feel more hopeful in the last few weeks than I have in several years.  The endless delays by Bill Barr and the endless betrayals by judges and legislators was so frustrating that I often despaired of ever making any headway.  But in the midst of the political collapse after the fraudulent elections I see truth shining through and revealing our enemies for who they are and the eyes of the people finally opening to that truth.  That is what gives me hope and it sweeps away the false paths and points to the correct road.  We must abandon all the institutions that have proven themselves corrupt and build from the ground up.  And part of building up these new institutions is smashing the old ones.  It’s not enough to build a new political party.  We must destroy the Republican party to do it.  Primarying all but the loyal GOP office holders.  And any of the disloyal who get through the primaries need to be beaten by their Democrat opponents even in safe red states.  Mitch McConnell needs to be powerless and abandoned by his paymasters as a warning to those in our new party that might think of betraying us.

And just to be clear I’m no political mastermind.  I’m just a humble scribbler of stories who would like nothing better than to get back to writing stories and playing with my grandchildren.  But if those kids are going to have a country half as good as the one my parents gave to me then I’m going to have to try and wake up the sleepers and get them doing something in their local communities and talking together about doing something on a national level.

So here’s my sermon for the day.  Go out and talk with five or ten or twenty good men and come back and tell us what they think.  Build up a club and accomplish some small thing that feels like a small piece of freedom from the repulsive tyranny spreading out of Washington.  And come here and brag about it.  No names, no places, just ideas and tips on what works and what doesn’t.

What We Need is a Little Less Outrage and a Lot More Action

Hat tip to Toby Keith for the song title that I adapted to our situation here.

I look over the e-mails from right wing pundits in my inbox and they consist almost completely of breathless denunciations of some outrage being perpetrated by Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden or some Hollywood airhead.  And that outrage is only very slightly different from the one they committed yesterday.

I’m sure that in the coming weeks Congress and Dementia Joe will perpetrate an outrage that even I can’t shrug off.  If the Sidler in Chief approves a law that says that if I don’t burn incense to Cthulhu then I’ll be imprisoned in an underground ghoul’s nest, then yes, I will be outraged.  Or if the Creepy One decides to add Obama onto Mount Rushmore then sure, I’ll get my bison man hat out of mothballs and head for the Capitol.

And sure, we writers, need something to write about.  I myself talk about the outrages that have been raining down on us for decades now.  And I angrily condemn the evil Left and chastise the brainless Right when they let these problems grow and fester all around us.

But you know what’s in short supply?  Action.

We’re seriously lacking in any kind of progress of any kind.  One good story about a state government reining in a federal mandate running out of control is worth a hundred outrage stories.  Or one about a business doing something that helps people in our camp.  Then we’d have something to cheer about and someone to reward with our business.  Or how about a story about some individual who says or does something that provides hope or help to normal people trying to survive all of these well documented outrages?  That’s worth a thousand Nancy Pelosi hit pieces.

So, let me start the ball rolling.  The outrage story is Parler was de-platformed!  How dare they!  Let’s get mad!

But a better story is the flip-side, the social network site Gab that is friendly to conservatives is getting all kinds of new members joining.  Sure, it is struggling mightily to accommodate all the new traffic.  And since Gab doesn’t have all the revenue that Twitter gets from advertisers for stealing people’s information, the owner, Andrew Torba, is probably paying for the upgrades out of his meager funds.  But it is a positive thing.  And who knows maybe a bunch of people will plunk down the pittance it takes to become pro-members and start making Gab a viable business.  Either way it’s a positive story to let people know it’s not all gloom and doom.  If you liked Twitter or Parler, then maybe you should check out Gab.  Don’t go today or even this week.  As I said it is struggling mightily because of growing pains and massive attacks by the Left.  But make a point of checking it out when it’s calmed down.

As another example of something getting done look at how Project Veritas and the state government of Texas have worked together to identify and prosecute the fraudulent vote harvesting scammers who showed up during the November election.  Here are two kinds of people getting something done.  A red state government trying to stop fraud.  And Project Veritas exposes illegality and bias everywhere they can get a hidden camera.  Maybe that is something you can support by giving them some money.  That’s a lot more valuable than Mitch McConnell or one of the other Republican suits asking for our support while they sit on their hands and get pummeled by the Left.

So, if you look around you can find some people doing something positive instead of running in circles telling us that the sky is still falling today.

Will the Right Learn Anything from the Tech Giants’ Blockade?

President Trump and a slew of his associates and supporters have been shut out of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.  The payment processors like Stripe and PayPal are boycotting his election committee and his other sources of on-line funding.  Amazon, Apple and Google are conspiring to de-platform Parler.  Amazon is depriving them of server space on Amazon’s cloud.  Apple and Google are shutting Parler’s apps out of their app stores.  That effectively deprives them of access to the audience using Apple and Android operating systems on their phones.  Simultaneously, Google and Facebook are shutting down all of the commercial accounts of anyone they perceive as conservative.

Conservatives are shouting, “This is an outrage, something must be done about it!”

How about saying, “Why are you people so stupid?”  It’s like starting to rebuild your house on the side of Vesuvius while the lava is still smoking above Pompeii and Herculaneum.  How long does it take you to wake up?  Sure, it’s easier and cheaper to use the infrastructure that the Lefties built.  Sure, you took a chance and up till now you’ve enjoyed the benefits of using that premium service that they provide at rock bottom prices.  Fine.

But now that they’ve screwed you over wouldn’t it make sense to look around for another alternative?  Whining for Amazon and Apple to respect your rights just as the black hats are returning to the White House and the Supreme Court is scared to death of being packed by the Democrat Congress seems worse than useless.  It appears to be the action of a hopeless loser.

Lick your wounds, collect your wits and start over from a better position.  There are alternatives.  They aren’t anywhere near as lucrative as the fantasy land that YouTube and Facebook are.  You’ll have to pony up some dough and you’ll have to promote yourself and the profits won’t be nearly as good.

Not good enough?  Well, the alternative is to go Left.  Maybe you can convince people that you’ve seen the light and you no longer believe in the first and second amendments.  It worked for the NeverTrumpers.  Well, up until now it has.  Word on the street is that the paymasters for that operation are going to discontinue that gravy train now that they no longer are trying to win an election.  It should be interesting to see what will be going on with the Fake Right in the coming weeks.  I expect the screeching to resemble a chorus of scorched cats.

Look, this thing is just beginning.  The Justice Department is sure to be sticking its diseased snout into all things having to do with political speech on the right.  They’re sure to try and torture us with every horror they can imagine.  Maybe it’s a good time to forget about politics and collect scrap metal and rags instead.  But for pity’s sake don’t whine that the bad old meanies aren’t playing fair.  These people hate you and they’re ecstatic that Dementia Joe and Willie Brown’s Ho will be running the show.  Expecting anything but a knife in the back from them is so abysmally stupid that anyone with a shred of dignity and an IQ above room temperature should be embarrassed to do it.

Find people on our side who can provide hosting and payment processing and stop looking like an idiot.  The sooner we start using our brains the sooner we start taking a big chunk of the on-line business away from Facebook, Google and the rest of the degenerates on the Left.  Who knows, maybe someday Amazon will be coming to us begging us to use some of their unutilized cloud capacity.  And wouldn’t it be sweet to tell them to go pound sand up their cloud instead?  Sure, it would.

10JAN2021 – Tech Alternatives

So in a comment, Chemist noted that Amazon is cancelling Parler’s server space in order to shut them down.  And that web hosts are purging evil thinkers based on their evil thinking.  This is all true.  But in the spirit of providing information, I did a little search and found this hosting company Klicked Media that is specifically aimed at hosting conservative web sites.  They also say they can monetize your site too.  I’ll need to look into the details a little but that sounds pretty encouraging.  I assume they do not use Google or Amazon servers for their hosting.  But it would have to be confirmed.  I’ll give them a shout and find out.

As far as social media sites I’ve been on Gab since 2016.  It’s not actually my cup of tea but I can see how it will satisfy the Twitter/Facebook users.  Now that Facebook and Twitter are going through with their purges Gab may turn out to be the real winner in this whole debacle.  Imagine if President Trump sets up an account there.  That would be something.

Vox Day has a social media site called Social Galactic.  I don’t know the details of it but Vox is an island of his own and you have to take him as he is.  So visit his website before getting involved to make sure that community is for you.

I’ll try to add more information for those interested.  But it is important to know that there are alternatives to working with those who hate us.

But the greatest presence on the internet and the smartest people in the multiverse are of course right here at Orion’s Cold Fire (OCF).  We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, well you get he picture.

Being Right on the Net

Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, PayPal, Apple, Microsoft, Kickstarter, etc., etc., etc.  The internet giants will be doing everything in their power to shut down the opposition to Dementia Joe.  They will de-platform, ban and demonetize everyone on the right they can think of.

Will this work?  No, not really.  What it will do is change the basis of how things will work going forward.  Conservatives won’t be able to free ride on the social network platforms and monetize their popularity through Google’s monolithic stranglehold on the flow of information and internet advertising.  The Right will be forced to set themselves up as Mom-and-Pop shops doing their advertising in places like Parler and Gab.  Well, so what?  That’s probably a good idea.  Being under the thumb of the Tech Giants means having to pass their ever more biased speech codes until you’d end up either sounding exactly like the Left or completely silent.

The harder challenge will be the banks and credit companies.  PayPal and some of the other e-commerce payment processors have also been cancelling out the accounts of people whose politics they don’t approve of.  The last I heard there are some alternate processors who will serve instead.  There are probably problems associated with the alternatives but right now those are the breaks.  It can be expected that the Left will continue to put pressure on these alternate providers to close ranks to try to starve out the Right.  And for that reason, in the future it should be a priority of any organized front on the Right to build up financial platforms of our own to protect us from the Left’s blockade actions.

Up until now I haven’t monetized my site at all.  I really want to find out if I have anything worth selling.  But I have noticed a few folks making the first moves to putting in paywalls around some content and accepting a few reasonable ads on their sites.  I like what the ZMan is doing.  He gives a plug for businesses that are owned by conservatives.  That makes a lot of sense.  We’re going to have to have a lot more of exactly that.

And I’ve been threatening to finish a book I’ve been working on for months.  Well, the excitement of the last couple of months has set me back at least that long but one day I’ll be peddling my opus magnum and I’ll have to decide whether I will use Amazon exclusively or try some other venue.  Maybe I’ll even have a store of my own.  We’ll see.

But the thing about all this is that it would go a lot faster and easier if we had a billionaire who had the wherewithal to set something up that catered to us.  A combination Facebook, YouTube, PayPal and Kickstarter just for the Right.  No more deplatforming, no more banning no more doxxing.  Basically, a place of our own.  And meanwhile the billionaire would make money hand over fist doing it.  Think of the merchandising and other opportunities available from having almost a monopoly over about 150 million Americans.  Now that really is worth the trouble of setting up.

If you’re reading this Mr. President think about it.  Building that would feel like a revolution all by itself.

Here’s some links for web hosting for conservatives and social media for us.

Congress Certifies the Election.  Where Do We Go from Here?

So, it’s official.  Mike Pence uselessly officiated at the vote count and only a handful of senators had the backbone to put up even a token resistance; Cruz, Hawley and a few others.  So, everyone including President Trump has agreed that “Dementia Joe” Biden will be hauled into the White House and nailed up like a scarecrow while his handlers pull his strings and make his progressively addled mouth and brain parrot whatever teleprompted gibberish they want him to spew on any particular day.

Yesterday’s street theater was either the beginning of a rebellion against a fraudulent presidency or the death spasm of a free people.  Time will tell.  The juxtaposition of the media’s portrayal of yesterday’s protest versus the obscene “summer of Floyd” rioting and looting is so ludicrous as to defy description.  Ashli Babbitt, who was murdered yesterday, is such a stark contrast to all of the “victims” that were endlessly celebrated in the summer of Floyd that nothing else is needed to highlight what the two sides stand for.  The left holds up criminals and degenerates as saints and martyrs while decent patriotic Americans are branded with every slur imaginable.

So, as predicted, they stole the Georgia senate elections and now control the Senate, the House, the White House and effectively the Supreme Court.  Technically we have a 6-3 majority there but apparently Roberts and one or two of the new boys are under the Left’s thumb.  They can write any laws they want and the Supreme Court will back them to the hilt.  They control the social media completely and through Google and Amazon they control access to the internet and e-commerce.  They control the banks and they control Wall Street.  They control the bureaucracy, the intelligence apparatus, the Justice Department, the IRS and even the military.  They control the schools, the colleges and the press.  To say that they have us by the throat is an understatement of biblical proportions.  Even this tiny one-man show of mine isn’t too small for them to shut down when they get around to dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on their program of eliminating the dissenters.  That’s the beauty of the server farms that Google had the government buy for them.  They can write an algorithm that counts up every last syllable of dissent and just cancels it out of existence.

And coming around to the title, where do we go from here?  Well, from my point of view, we stop waiting for a man on a white horse and we become the answer we’re waiting for.  We’re embedded in a matrix of lies, stupidity and degeneracy.  We have to develop defenses to protect our children from the corrosive effects of these poisons.  They’re too young to understand the lies.  As for adults that believe this stuff, they’re probably hopeless and need to be avoided as much as is possible in our private lives.

I can’t assume there are enough brave men left in this country to organize a rebellion.  We’re all too hamstrung by our dependence on all the government systems that control every aspect of our lives.  Everything from the money in our bank accounts to the cops on our streets are controlled by the other side.  If a rebellion occurs then I’ll join it.  But I see my place as providing information for the people on our side and a place where we can talk and discuss the events of the day.  I’ll give my opinions and pass along any links to others who are trying to organize cultural and commercial endeavors that help our side in some way.  In my personal life I will work to form a local community of like-minded individuals.  That is something we all should do.  Linking those local groups together would be something for a social network to accomplish.  What that network will be is still a question mark.

I will make it a special part of my time to think up humiliating and I hope amusing insults to use for Dementia Joe, his underlings and their pathetic antics.  You have to do something to amuse yourself while waiting for the execution.

So that’s it.  Until someone raises an armored division we are officially under the permanent control of Big Brother here in Oceania.  2 + 2 = 5.

Some Thoughts on Religion, Organized and Otherwise

Of late I have been looking into the current state of religion in our world and more specifically in my general vicinity.  I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and received a relatively thorough indoctrination into its tenets through a 12-year course of primary and secondary Catholic education (boys only high school with religious brothers as faculty) along with multiple members of my family in the Catholic clergy (priest and nun).  In fact, my uncle was pretty high up in the administration of a Catholic order so I got to see a bit more of the nuts and bolts of Catholic clerical hierarchy than I cared to.

From all this I have come to the conclusion that the Catholic Church rarely has much to do with God.  First of all, making unmarried men the spiritual leaders of your community is completely insane.  Some young man who has never been married and will never have children is the last person I would go to for advice and spiritual guidance when my back is to the wall.  Secondly the idea of forced celibacy on young men is also an incredibly unstable arrangement.  I’m sure there is a subset of men for whom it can work.  The idea of abstaining from sex could allow for concentration on less worldly concerns but I suspect that some form of castration would be the only practical way to eliminate the hormonal influences on a man’s mind.  And the horrors of the pedophile history of Catholic priests is all the proof I need that it is a terrible idea.  From what I’ve read celibacy is more of a business decision that the church adopted as a way of preventing nepotism from infiltrating up the hierarchy of the Church.  Originally parish priests could marry.  Only the ambitious clerics who eventually wanted to climb the ladder to monsignor, bishop or higher remained celibate in order to be considered for this advancement.

Because of this restriction the Roman Catholic hierarchy has been conquered by homosexuals all the way up to the Vatican.  The grooming of young men in the seminaries is an abomination.  Any legitimacy it may have had as the primary vehicle of Christ’s Church on earth has been completely forfeited by the sins that its priests have committed against innocent children and by the failure of its leadership to uncover these crimes and hand the criminals over to the authorities for the heaviest sentences that can be handed down.

I have of late been interested in the Orthodox Catholic denominations and the Traditionalist Catholic.  The Greek and Russian and other churches have much in common with the Roman Church and would probably be relatively familiar to me.  The lack of a celibate clergy is to my mind a big advantage.  And the liturgy would be familiar.  I will have to do a good amount of research to understand whether any of the problems of the Roman Catholic Church exist to a greater or lesser extent in the Orthodox churches.

Not having attended services to any extent in any of the protestant denominations my knowledge of their practices is based on popular information.  One of the recent innovations in some of the denominations is female clergy.  Another recent innovation is acceptance of homosexuality in the ministry and finally the sanctification of homosexual marriage.  As you might guess I won’t be interested in any sect that stands for any of that.  In fact, I won’t even get involved in any church that starts editing gender neutral wording into its Bible.  I’ll stick to the most archaic wording I can get.  King James is plenty recent enough.  If necessary, I’ll go back to the original Greek.  I can read that just fine.

I went to an article on denominational differences and put together this list of “safe” choices.  I eliminated any denominations that ordain women or sanction homosexuality in any way shape or form.  Interestingly that even knocked out the Mormons, which surprised me.  These are the sects that were left.  Adventist, Southern Baptist Convention (stopped ordaining women in 2000), Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, United Pentecostal Church International, Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  Now of course I actually need to know more about the other aspects of their beliefs.  Then I’ll have to see what local congregations exist in my neck of the woods and do a meet and greet with the ministry and find out if I fit in.

And finally, if all of these choices fall through then I have seriously considered starting my own church.  After all what did Saint Peter, Martin Luther and John Knox have that I ain’t got?  I’m just as created in God’s image as any of them and I can definitely side step a whole bunch of pitfalls that they’ve stepped in along the way.  And I sure as hell won’t be introducing celibacy into my ministry.  In fact, I think that I would require anyone thinking of leading a church to be the father of grown children and I’d use the job that he did raising them as prima facie evidence of his ability to guide his flock.  And I’d also want to meet his wife.  If she is a feminist that would be big old stop sign in my evaluation of his judgement.  And finally, I’d find out if he voted for Donald Trump.  If he didn’t, I’d boot him out and slam the door behind him.

But seriously, religion is a personal relationship between man and God.  The Bible says that the way to pray to God is to lock yourself in an empty room and talk to Him directly.  No one needs a big shiny church or a guy in a black suit to help you.  But if you can live in a community of people who have the same beliefs as you that is an enormous advantage spiritually, psychologically and physically.  And that’s the reason for my search.  I’d like to find a community.  If I have to, I’ll build it myself.  And with the COVID lockdowns I already have a beard that would do any Old Testament patriarch proud.

Camaraderie is Key

I mentioned during my post-election-night post, that after 9pm I was on a zoom video conference with eight conservative friends and friends of friends.  And I’ve got to say that was more fun than I’ve had in a good long while.  It was energizing and enjoyable and interesting.  And I think it makes sense to tap into that idea going forward.  Sure, it’s great to reach out to folks all over the country and that is what I do with this website but it makes sense to combine that with local networks of people.

I haven’t figured out how to grow that idea.  Maybe I can come up with some kind of template to help people recruit their friends and associates.  I’ve been thinking about having a get together of my local group.  Problems with the COVID panic here in New England makes it difficult.  All kinds of difficulties exist that restrict what people can do but it occurred to me that a zoom party might be something easy.  And I’d like to start by just throwing it out there that if you haven’t thought of having a get together by computer it might turn out to be a lot of fun for you and your friends too.

What makes sense is to start with some kind of basis for the get together.  It doesn’t have to be anything really important or even political.  In fact, if it’s something trivial that might be all the better but I think you should have at least some kind of excuse.  I always try to coordinate food and drink to add that aspect to the event and make it feel a little more like an actual get together.  As far as the duration I would say make it open ended but if things are running out of steam then call an end.  And you may find that a few people have to leave but others want to keep going.  That’s fine too.

As far as number of people I’m guessing that between five and fifteen might be a good guess as to practical range.  Fewer than that is more of a private conversation and more than that might get unmanageable as far as people talking over each other.  But these are only guesses on my part based on what I saw with eight.

As far as frequency, I’d go with the P. T. Barnum adage, “Always leave them wanting more.”  Too frequent occurrences will exhaust the topics of conversation and the appetite for this sort of thing.  There should be enthusiasm for the event or there’s no reason to have it.  But I think the revelation that a get together, even a virtual get together, is fun will spark interest in continuing the practice and hopefully when the lockdowns end will move on to real occasions where people on our side gather and socialize.

I haven’t determined whether the He Man Woman Hater’s Club is still a copyrighted phrase.  If not, I think it would capture the spirit if not the substance of what I would want my organization to be about.  But that is a minor point.  The main thing is to get people talking and enjoying life in these troubled times.

04NOV2020 – Post-Election Day Thoughts

Groggily crawling into the light this morning required that I re-orient myself in the aftermath of the surreal experience that was Election Night 2020.  I spent from 9pm to 1am on a zoom with a great bunch of people on our side of the political divide.  I’ll gladly admit that was a whole lot of fun.  I much preferred discussing the incoming results with them than listening to the talking heads on the networks blather on about their demented opinions.

I’m very disappointed that we didn’t have a definitive result last night.  Taking that out of the equation makes election night kind of a phony description.  It would be more accurate to call it the beginning of the ballot counting.  Well, what can you do?  Progressives can’t help but ruin anything they touch.  But what was very clear last night was that any state that is controlled by the Democrats like Virginia and Pennsylvania made sure to stop the vote counting if it looked like President Trump was about to win the state.  The obvious conclusion is that they are using the delay to rig the results.  So that means four very key states, PA, VA, MI and WI will attempt to use manufactured Democrat voting ballots to fraudulently win those states for Biden.

It will be very interesting for me to see if President Trump has the wherewithal to block this fraud.  I have no idea if he can.  I sincerely hope he is successful.  That would be the best outcome for the current situation.  If he fails Joe Biden and ultimately, Kamala Harris will end up as President.

And so, let me get to the crux of this essay.  If President Trump prevails then we know what he has to do to begin repairing the damage already done to our country.  I and every other writer on the Right has been expounding on that for the last four years.  What needs to be determined is what are we going to do if he is unsuccessful?

And the answer is to cultivate our own gardens.  We are going to have to woke-proof our lives.  We will be forced to come up with work arounds and local solutions to all the problems associated with living in the cultural Marxist state that a Biden administration will entail.  And don’t think it won’t be extreme.  Look how repressive the social media and other Silicon Valley companies have been under the Trump administration.  I can only imagine that the deplatforming will become even more pervasive.  And the laws that the Left will try to get through Congress and the courts will be pretty bad.  First and Second amendment attacks are going to be horrendous.  Theoretically the Supreme Court should be there to prevent that from taking place but John Roberts is an awful man and a real enemy to the conservative side.  We are going to see some gut-wrenching defeats under his tenure on the Supreme Court.

And for all those reasons I think it’s more important than ever to have places we can go to talk and trade notes on what helps and what doesn’t.  Our voices will disappear on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and all the other hostile platforms.  We’ll need our own spaces to get any news out and lend moral and other support to our side.  I’ve painted a pretty bleak picture of what will happen if Biden wins.  But really you should remember that this isn’t something that should make brave people quail.  Think of what the Poles endured under the Soviets.  Freedom is a quality of the mind not the local laws.  If we have to go underground then that’s what we do.  And then we find out who the free and the brave really are.

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;”

I say it’s us.  What do you think?