Gone With the Wind

2020 was a watershed year for how Americans thought about their country.  In the same year we witnessed:

  • the government’s tyrannical use of lockdowns over the COVID virus,
  • federal and local law enforcement’s abandonment of innocent citizens to the homicidal mobs that were unleashed by the George Floyd madness and
  • the spectacle of wholesale voter fraud being openly displayed in the Democrat strongholds of swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Arizona during the presidential election.

2022 just reinforced the sense that normal Americans no longer have a say in how their government is run and in fact are viewed as the enemy by the federal bureaucracy, the media, academia, the public-school teachers and big business.  If any final proof was needed that there is a far-reaching conspiracy to disenfranchise and discredit normal Americans then reading the reports from Elon Musk on how the government and Twitter management suppressed and silenced any conservative voices over COVID or any other meaningful dissent should cover that nicely.

Before 2020 we thought that we were vying with the Left for control of the levers of power in an America that was troubled but fixable.  After 2020 many, many of us know that the whole political set-up is a sham.  We know that the federal courts and Department of Justice are a sham that provides a two-tier system of justice depending on whether you are a Democrat operative or not.  We know that vote counting can be drawn out for days or weeks in order to “find” additional votes needed to change an election result.

We’ve seen urban crime become a joke with revolving door justice for repeat offenders who commit anything from massive retail theft to gang banging murder.  But we’ve seen political enemies jailed without hope of bail for years at a time for misdemeanors like trespassing.  And we’ve watched a feckless military turn the withdrawal from Afghanistan into a rout while bringing us to the brink of nuclear war in the Ukraine because they don’t like Putin’s policy on gays.  We’ve seen our economy cratered and inflation destroy our standard of living, because nitwit greens think fossil fuels are evil.

We’ve watched all this and we’ve watched half the country approve of all this.

So, what’s my point?

My point is you can’t unsee this.

There are probably at least thirty percent of the people in this country that will never believe in the old concept of the United States again.  That belief has been sand blasted out of them.  All that’s left is the reality of what really goes on here.  Any appeals to their patriotic spirit or their feelings of fellowship with their fellow Americans will at most summon up a feeling of nausea.  All of their loyalty is now for their friends and family or whatever local community of normal people that they belong to.  Their feeling of belonging to a group that includes people who voted for Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi is weaker than the bonds they share with Jeffrey Dahmer or some other deranged psychopath.

Their opinion of government organizations like the CDC, FBI and IRS corresponds to what they used to think about the KGB, the Mafia or al Qaeda.  They know they are filled with evil unscrupulous people working against their interests.

And what will be the result of this change in feelings toward this country?

Well, I have to confess I don’t know.  Maybe nothing.  Our enemies may be so much smarter and more powerful than us that our hatred of them is completely meaningless.  They will bury us and change over this country into the global paradise they intend where even our graves will be blotted out when they build back better.  Maybe they’ll go from strength to strength and never even look back.  So be it.

But I tend to doubt it.  For one thing they don’t really seem to be that smart.  They believe in things like green energy that just don’t make any real sense.  And the people they favor (like the trans freaks) are extremely dysfunctional.  And the way they run their cities borders on the insane.  I tend to believe if we leave them to their own devices without trying to fix their mistakes, they’ll run themselves into a pretty deep ditch sooner or later.  My way of thinking is that we should concentrate on the places we control and do our best to exclude the Left and their policies to the best of our abilities.  And when they crash their areas be ready to salvage what can be saved and let the rest sink back into cannibalism.

So that’s my takeaway.  Old America is dead and buried.  We need to take advantage of the real world we live in now without sentiment or false ideas about who our countrymen are.  The Left is our enemy and seeing them fail is a victory for us.  Whatever we can game out of the current system is to our advantage but the idea of being treated fairly by the powers that be is nonsense.  Wake up and see things for how they really are and you’ll stand a better chance of surviving in the world that is.

November Eighth, 2022 – Day of Reckoning

I almost feel like adding between the date and the descriptor in the title above the sound effect, “dunt, dunt, DUUUHHHH!”  Reading it, it sounds overblown and comically self-serious.  But personally, it’s gratifying to think that I’ve managed to survive two years since the horrific 2020 election debacle and that Joe Biden has generated such animosity by his dumpster fire presidency that left, right and middle are almost unanimous in their appraisal of him as a failed president.

But more importantly, I am looking forward to knowing whether the electoral system in this country is salvageable or hopeless.  And that is something I’m waiting for with bated breath.  Because I’m just tired of thinking about it.  Thinking about it distracts me from too many other things that need to be attended to.  And the uncertainty prevents me from making decisions and makes me delay things that I could go forward with if I knew which way the world will be going.

I don’t know if I’m unique in this way of looking at things.  I guess I’ve always kind of obsessed about the political elections going on around me.  But since 2016 I’ve become extremely cynical about our country’s future.  Waking up to the reality of how the FBI operates and how partisan the whole administrative state is has lowered my opinion of our government to the point where I see no meaningful difference between it and East Germany or even Venezuela.  It’s power politics and corruption.  And respect for constitutional rights and freedoms is non-existent and not even a façade has been maintained.  The Left in government, corporations and academia wear their contempt for these things like a badge of honor.

At this point all I’m looking for is an answer.  I want to know if this is still the same country I used to belong to.  If it is they will reject Biden & Co. unmistakably.  He will lose both Houses of Congress convincingly.  If not then we are in a new place, post-America.  And at that point agonizing over elections is pointless, stupid and most importantly a waste of time.  So, the outcome of this election will be a clarifying moment, an epiphany.

In a real sense I’m actually hoping that the answer is that there is no hope.  I’m that tired of being disappointed.  If I don’t have to hope anymore, I can forget about the majority of people living in this country who aren’t on my side and concentrate on making my plans for me and mine.  I can take the measures that will hide and protect me from that majority and their representatives who have turned this country into a banana republic.  I can use this new found clarity to concentrate on making alliances with those who are on my side, or at least aren’t my sworn enemies.

And I can finally break away from obsessing about Tuesday nights in early November and start using my time for things that I enjoy and that provide some kind of return on investment.

So come on November Eighth, hurry up and get here.  Put an end to this whole stupid passion play that we reenact every two years or so.  Answer the question, thumbs up or thumbs down.  I no longer fear either answer.

Guest Contributor – TomD – 18FEB2022 – A Woke Thought Experiment

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I sometimes run a purely mental “what if”: What if I time traveled back to my 1966 Senior high school class and tried to get them to understand the future. First, I’d really wow them with a few examples of 2022 technology, the phones, flat TV’s, GPS, the cars, etc. But then I’d say that the average vehicle costs in the mid-$40K range on average. In the-mid 60’s in north Metro Atlanta, that was the cost of a far above average house, on Riverside Dr, where the current lots, if you can find one, go for the millions. The specter of a 10:1 monetary inflation would be the first clue.

I’m not sure if or how I could create the image of the dystopia that this nation has become. About a tenth of the way through the multiples of insanities, I would lose them to sheer overload and disbelief. How many statements on the order of “In the 21st Century, you can decide what sex you will be that day” or “Prepubescent children can be counseled to sex change surgery by school workers without parental notification.” How about “the borders are unprotected, and millions are pouring into the welcoming arms of the government offering them free everything”. Try offering an hour or two of that and see what sort of reception you get. Just try to explain LGBTQIA2S+. I dare you. Or the democratic party publicly embraces socialism/communism, that they propose the elimination of police and jails, months long elections with no controls at all, the demonization of white people, that all the guaranteed constitutional rights can be eliminated at the whim of a governor or even mayor for whatever length of time they wish, the national media as a wholly owned arm of one political party.

Even if I could, that would be terrible thing to inflict on anyone.

Is the Future of Freedom in America, Private Government? – Part 1

During all the chaos and violence associated with the Defund the Police and BLM Riots, statements were made on how the rich could tolerate living around this danger because they lived in gated communities and had private security protecting them at home and elsewhere.  And that got me thinking, maybe that’s what we need too.  I don’t mean that we can all afford to live in the enclaves of the rich and famous.  Obviously, we can’t.  But maybe what we’ll be looking at as a way to survive is a form of gated community.  In the same way that people buy condos and have to adhere to the rules of the community maybe we’ll need to organize into closed communities that will protect us from a long list of societal ills that the Left is unleashing on us.  Undeniably this type of setup will have to be located in a red state.  Otherwise, the federal and state governments will attempt to crush it based on some kind of anti-discriminatory nonsense.

You might ask why would someone living in a free state like say Florida need to go to all the trouble of getting involved in a restrictive collective relationship?  This is a fair question.  Being a contrarian myself I can see how having to toe the line on a laundry list of personal choices would be annoying.  But the reason would be to ensure the safety of you and your family and to preserve other freedoms that otherwise will be infringed on living in Post America.  So, the trick is to figure out what requirements are absolutely necessary to allow this sort of collective to function correctly and protect the members from harm but otherwise maintain the maximum freedom for the individual.

So now you can see I’m founding a state!  Here I am Plato planning out my Republic.  But really what I’m trying to do is found a town.  What is needed is a planned community in the sense that it will include schools, recreational and social organizations, homes, a hospital, police department, fire department, cable television company and a social networking company.  In fact, it probably should have its own general store, barber shop, beauty parlor, pharmacy, hardware store, restaurants, theater, lawyers and a host of other things I haven’t thought of yet.  In other words what you want is a self-sufficient community.

You can immediately protest, but all those things will be uneconomical.  Walmart and Amazon make hardware stores and general stores obsolete.  And how can a one-horse cable company and social media site compete with Comcast and Facebook?  Well in all four of these examples they can’t.  But they can provide services that their alternatives cannot.  The hardware store can be associated with the local tradesmen; plumbers, carpenters, electricians who can perform the jobs that require more experience and manpower than the average do-it-yourselfer can muster.  The general store can stock the crafts and other products that the community produces.  The cable provider can eliminate the channels that nobody wants and provide local access for community projects.  And the social network can be used for actual social networking around the neighborhood.

It might even be desirable for the community to have its own energy infrastructure.  Purchasing a gas station and heating oil company along with a power company to provide electricity for the community might make sense.  So that’s about what I see as the extent of the community.  In the next installment I’ll try to think of convincing reasons why it makes sense.  But if we devolve into the kind of place you see in California I could see localities doing everything they can to try and maintain their quality of life by cutting themselves off from the danger and dysfunction all around them.

What Will Our New Nation Look Like?

Everyone talks about the “Two Americas.”  One of them is well defined.  The Progressive America has declared its mission statement.  It is the Woke, Anti-White, Globalist Nation.  It will continue down that road for the foreseeable future.  If we want to see what it will look like in a few years it will look like San Francisco, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago and Atlanta.  It will be a place that pits various grievance groups against white people, men, people who aren’t sexual deviants and probably other groups that haven’t yet been attacked because no one has had a chance to think up a grievance against them.  Based on current trends I would guess that the next target will be people who can legitimately pass a course in high school geometry.

So that’s one nation.  The other one is ours.  A lot of people assume that our nation will essentially be like what America was before the grievance movements started changing things in the 1960’s.  That is a possibility but I wouldn’t say it’s the only one or even the most likely outcome.  And I won’t pretend that I’m sure how it will turn out but I have been thinking about it lately.  I’ll go through my thinking on it.  Thinking about it methodically seems the most comprehensive way to avoid missing any cases.

I’ll start with the most pessimistic scenario, of course.  Let’s call this the complete triumph of the Left or the complete collapse of the Right.  Whichever angle you take on it, it’s where the Right loses all political battles and essentially disappears from the culture.  So, all the old ideas and customs disappear and are completely replaced even in memory with the woke culture.  Freedom of speech disappears and individual freedom becomes reduced to which particular sexual deviancy you currently espouse.  Basically, it will look like California everywhere.  If I’m being honest, I might say that this is one of the likelier possibilities.

Slightly less pessimistic, is the case where people like us become a sort of shunned pariah minority.  Sort of the way the Coptic Christians exist in Egypt after the Arabs established Islam as the state religion.  They are despised and their place in society is always subject to assault by the authorities and even by the population at large.  Everyone knows that if the Copts are persecuted beyond what the law already prescribes it is very doubtful that the perpetrators will suffer heavy consequences.  And once again, this is not an unheard-of eventuality.  In fact, it’s sort of the status quo in blue states.  Think of that wedding baker in Colorado who keeps getting charged by the authorities for following his conscience, even after the Supreme Court has already found in his favor on the facts of the case.  Harassment and persecution all the way down.

A third case would be for the Right to prevail in some subset of the United States territory.  So, let’s say that the country doesn’t technically break up but the individual states are allowed to legislate social policy according to their beliefs.  One way this might work out is for these states to keep the current status quo.  Leave all the current laws but enforce the things that the federal government has been neglecting.  So, for instance they might enforce immigration laws and protect first and second amendment rights.

But they might decide that they want to roll back many of the things that the federal government and especially the Supreme Court have ordered over the last 50 to 70 years.  And there is a whole boat of things that would be covered there.  In reverse chronological order that would include, transgender rights, gay marriage, sodomy laws, abortion and affirmative action.  And there could be many other changes.  Access to welfare could be curtailed or eliminated altogether.  Even programs like social security and Medicare and Medicaid might be eliminated.  One thing that might be changed is the concept of citizenship based on birth in the territory of the United States.  Even the right of citizens of other states immigrating into another state might be questioned.

So, it could be seen how in a place where these types of changes are being considered or even enacted the nature of citizenship and patriotism would be very different.  Maybe Texan would become a much more important identifier than American.  And I could see regional identity become something important.  If several adjacent states coordinated their legal and commercial affairs, they could make a region almost the equivalent of a nation state.  I don’t claim to think this option is one of the most likely but I can see how it might be the most beneficial arrangement for our nation.

Another possible outcome but much less likely is the Right essentially wins.  We somehow build a big enough coalition to win the legislative battles and make the administrative changes that prevent us from being victimized by the Left.  Here we have to assume that the process of coalition building will involve identity groups negotiating quid pro quo arrangements where no one would get everything they wanted.  It would mean that this coalition would still be made up of adversarial groups fighting in a zero-sum game and only cooperating in the face of the greater evil that the Left represents to normal people of various ethnicities.  This will be a kind of cold civic nationalism where grudging tolerance will be the rule.  Once again patriotism will not be any part of this society.

I guess the final case is where someway, somehow Americans come to their senses and realize that what they had in the mid-twentieth century was as close to heaven on earth as anything could be and reject leftism and all the harmful and dysfunctional policies that the Left has spread and fostered.  Then we would have a country like we used to have.  I rate the possibility of this case so close to zero that arrays of supercomputers working on the probability couldn’t find a non-zero decimal place in the whole number.

So, these are the cases I can come up with.  Do you know of any other case?  Which one do you think will occur?


How Will the Left/Right War end?

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The Maddening Stupidity and Weakness of This Generation Throwing Away the Legacy of America

To anyone born before about 1965 it must seem like an evil miracle that everyone born after that time was brought up thinking that America was not the greatest place to live in the present world and at anytime in history.  It just seemed self-evident that compared to all other places and times, here was almost a heaven on earth.  And not just for the rich and talented.  A ditch digger in the United States of the second half of the 20th century lived better than any Emperor of Rome or even the Emperor of the British Empire right up till when that term stopped having meaning.

We enjoyed unlimited freedom and practically unlimited opportunity to enrich ourselves and our children and to enjoy health and leisure and command inventions like an automobile and telephony that simply didn’t exist even fifty years earlier.  Even the so-called downtrodden black minority enjoyed health and wealth that their ancestors in Africa and even their cousins in present Africa would trade their right arm and leg to possess.  Whatever social injustices and legal injuries some of them suffered, these paled in comparison to the horrors of places like Zimbabwe or Rwanda even today.  By and large anyone who said he would trade living in this country for any other place on Earth that would take him was lying either to himself or to the world at large or to both.

So, can you imagine the irony of someone like me contemplating leaving that place?  Think of what a diminution of those former freedoms we must have suffered for places like Hungary and Poland and even Chile to look like attractive alternatives.  These are places which in their past have been enormously repressive and lacked fundamental rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  But now they seem almost like bastions of freedom and islands of sanity in a sea of madness.

And the worst part of it is knowing this generation succumbed to the poison that their teachers and professors indoctrinated them with while my generation had to pay them to do this damage.  My property taxes and my college tuition payments subsidized this poisoning of the following generation of American youth.  As parents we would have been better off burning Harvard and Yale and every other college in this country to the ground and thereby unemployed those sociopaths that indoctrinated the present generation of helpless fools.

Well, if this was the inevitable outcome of American democracy then it was a fool’s paradise.  Maybe there can’t be a Heaven on Earth.  Maybe it’s impossible to raise people up.  Stupidity seems to be the endemic condition of most people and the only way they learn anything is for reality to slap them in the face, minute by minute.  So be it.

It will be interesting to see if some remnant of realistic people in this country push back against the pathetic losers that accept all this nonsense that is being perpetrated by the Left against us.  There are some small beginnings.  DeSantis in Florida.  Some other places down south.  If they decide to make a stand maybe something will be done.  But it is surely discouraging to hear what passes for the official history of the United States.  The lies and stupidity and irrationality of their version of American history is so false and one-sided that it staggers the imagination to know how feeble are the minds of those believing it.

Well, this is just a rant for a Sunday afternoon.  I’d better get back to doing something useful like cutting the grass and putting away the summer gardening equipment.  It does give me some ideas for stories though.  I’ll invent some characters who are brave enough to fight back.  That will be fun.

Even the Hopeless Narcissists Are Waking Up

How horrible must things now be if someone as addicted to make believe as Bill Mahr says that things have gone too far?  Bill Mahr had a monologue on his show where he tried to explain to his audience of cretins that if America now has a different national anthem for black people, then the Left has revived segregation all on its own.  Apparently Mahr thinks he still lives in a world where the Left cares about fairness or even sanity.  His point is that if we let every race or ethnicity have its own bubble then we would no longer be “one nation indivisible.”

How cute!  After spending a century sledge hammering the country to bits, now they’re afraid that white people may realize that the other identities don’t consider themselves part of “America.”  Well Bill, it’s too late.  We know the score and most of us are well beyond caring whether they kneel to the “Star Spangled Banner” or stand in rapt attention for “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”  These people are not our countrymen anymore.  They’re just grifters looking for another payday.

What it does tell me is that Bill Mahr knows that the jig is up and the powers that be better start reeling in the crazy before the pot boils over.  Or maybe Bill is trying to hold onto the part of his audience that still believes that America can still fool most of the people most of the time.  Maybe he’s right.  Maybe there are still tens of millions of idiots who think all of us will just magically come together with Left and Right joining hands around the flag singing Kumbaya.

But even if there is a huge chunk of stupid people buying into this sad story, I think the portion that has awakened to reality is large enough to start making a meaningful difference.  When thirty to forty percent of the population no longer believes in the concept of a republic it’s a pretty good bet that that country is going to decline pretty fast.  I don’t think it will implode the way that the Soviet Union did in just a decade or two after its people gave up on it.  There’s too much money and resources in this place to force it into the ground that fast.  But it’s easy to see that this isn’t the same America as the 20th century version.  The Left got their way.  They’ve turned it into a land of factions.  And the people they are trying to disinherit will be the largest and angriest faction of all.  It may take another twenty years but what will be left will be a Yugoslavia.  And eventually that breaks apart.  Maybe that was their plan all along.  But when it does break up the parts will be different from the former whole.  There may be a place for each of the new identities.  Not that it will be a smooth transition.  There will be a lot of jostling.  But there is the possibility that mostly everyone will be happier than we are now.  My guess is the only ones who won’t be happier are the grifters who set this whole thing up.  Seeing all those people happy to be rid of them is sure to make them miserable.  But you can hardly fault me for smiling about that.  A question that I am still working out is whether I want to stick around for that whole messy civil war thing.  It seems like a bad idea.

But anyway, once the country has been busted up it will be appropriate to have multiple national anthems.  The only question is whether anyone will get stuck with “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

What’s a Twentieth Century American to Do? – Part 1

A few days ago, I was having a political discussion with someone on our side of the cultural divide.  I said something like, “If none of the red state leaders does anything to resist the unconstitutional changes being made then we might as well leave and go somewhere else.”  His answer was that maybe we might leave out of protest or anger but we wouldn’t be going someplace where we would have more freedom than we have, even in this diminished America.  And that got me thinking, “Is that true?”

Our complaint with what is going on is that we are being cheated out of the freedoms that were the defining qualities of this country.  If we cannot have those freedoms here, where can we have them?  If the answer is nowhere else then leaving would just be a matter of protest.  So, this needs to be determined in order to know what is the reasonable course of action.

Knowing the fellow that I was talking to; I think he was specifically talking about the 2nd amendment.  But I thought about all the things that are considered freedom in America.  And that is a complicated calculation because some of the most cherished freedoms, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms; are exactly the things that are under assault by the Left.  But there are other advantages in this country that we might want to consider freedom.  I remember during the Second World War the US government sponsored Norman Rockwell to produce public service ads that highlighted some of the American virtues that we all benefitted from, such as, the freedom from want, and the freedom from fear.  As diminished as some of those things have become it is definitely important to look at what trade offs would exist if an American were thinking of leaving here.  After all, as unequal as some of the enforcement of laws has been in the last few years it bears remembering just how non-existent justice tends to be in most of the world outside of the first world.  Imagine demanding your rights from the police in Mexico or the Philippines.

So that is the first part of what this post, or these posts are about.  But contingent on the answer to whether there is a freer place to go, there is a second question.  If there is no better place to go then the next important topic is how can we maximize our freedom while living in this post-freedom America.  And surely, I’ve talked about this a million times already but I want to look at it from a different perspective.  It’s a new idea I’ve had.  I have started calling it the “American Archipelago.”  The concept is that we can look at all of our separate lives spread across the length and breadth of this continent as islands of freedom in a sea of darkness that is Woke America.  We can walk in freedom on our own tiny preserve and we can visit each other in real life or in digital space and step from island to island and travel over this sea of darkness without being drowned in it.  All we have to do is perfect our seamanship to avoid being drowned.  I like the metaphor and plan to use it in a story I’m thinking about.

But for now, I’ll think a little bit about the answer to the question.  Is post-freedom America still the freest place on Earth?

Dementia Joe’s Post-America is a Mess

Let’s count the ways:

  • Rampaging Taliban preparing to shish-kebab the Girl Power NGO workers that haven’t been airlifted to safety yet.
  • Gavin Newsom wetting his pants over ungrateful black voters who dare to think Larry Elder is blacker than Gavin. And by the way, being Italian American and therefore almost white myself I feel entitled to say Gavin really needs to get some kind of tan going.  It is California and it is summer.  He looks like some kind of gay vampire model or something.  It shouldn’t take more than twenty or thirty seconds of direct sunlight to neutralize a little of the blue for pity’s sake.
  • Biden’s own border guy is saying that the horror show at the border can’t continue.
  • Inflation is now approaching double digits.
  • Gasoline prices are through the roof.
  • Supply chain issues have reached the point where prices on things like janitorial supplies have gone up by an order of magnitude because the Chinese have got us by the throat. We don’t make any of this stuff any more and they can charge whatever they want.
  • The Delta Variant is a bust. The “spike” of deaths in places like Florida has already peaked and it’s a small fraction of last year’s August peak.  People are running out of patience for the mask and vaccine shuffle.  Even scientists are starting to say there’s no benefit to the charade.  COVID is a part of the human condition and the sooner we move on to looking for effective treatments the better.
  • Parents are mad about what’s being forced on their children. CRT or whatever they want to call it is unwelcome.  And they don’t want their kids forced to wear masks either.
  • The cities have become violent hellholes where career criminals and gangbangers rob and kill with complete impunity. The cops are bailing out and the mayors are either letting the madness happen or desperately trying to figure out a way to put a fig leaf on reversing course.  Idiots like de Blasio and Lightfoot are claiming that dismantling the criminal justice system will bring on a new era of racial equity and harmony.  But even the black residents are horrified by the levels of violence and just plain gang war that has erupted unchecked in their neighborhoods.
  • The FBI has declared anyone who speaks out against the COVID propaganda or any other facet of the regime’s agenda as domestic terrorists. It should be interesting to see if they intend to go after the governments of places like Florida and Texas that are resisting the various suicide programs that Dementia Joe’s regime is pushing.  I tend to doubt it.
  • The economy has to some extent revived from the COVID lockdowns but with high unemployment and soaring inflation, consumer confidence has cratered.
  • All even semi-honest polls admit that the Dems will take a beating in the mid-terms. Not that this is very important.  By then the despicable Republicans will have sold us out to the Dems for their thirty pieces of silver and fraudulent elections will be a permanent feature of our lives.  But who knows, maybe even white women will finally wake up and realize that they’ve locked themselves into a cycle of impoverishment and racial subjugation to a criminal regime that hates them.  Anything is possible when things get this bad.

So, as you can see things are all for the best in this best of all possible worlds.  And we have so much to look forward to.  Hunter Biden is sure to have some wonderful new obscenity unveiled for the tabloids to propagate.  Joe may lose control of his bodily functions on live tv.  The Taliban is likely to take control of The Bronx sometime this fall and make that the most livable part of New York City.  Stay tuned, the end of the Silly Season is sure to bring in new days of miracle and wonder for us all to enjoy.

If Biden is President is This Still America?

When Caligula declared his horse Incitatus a Roman Senator did that give pause to some proportion of the Roman citizenry.  Did they think, “Is this still Rome?”

I have to say that is how I currently feel, “Is this still America?”  Just look around at the madness that has enveloped almost every facet of life.  I won’t bother naming them again.  It’s too repetitive and depressing.  You can fill in the blanks.  But concisely, if someone like Joe Biden is the President then ask yourself, “Is this Still America?”

A lifelong political grifter whose drug addled son acts as a bag man to shake down foreign governments for kickbacks.  A man who can no longer make a coherent speech about the simplest things.  A man who has been lying about himself and his motives for decades and someone who can’t keep his hands off of women and even young girls even when the cameras are rolling.  If this man is the President of the United States is this still the same country we knew?

The answer is no, it’s not.  In the same way that the Roman Empire wasn’t the Roman Republic.  It was a gangster state, an oligarchy that used a once free people as conscript troops to rule a continental empire.  And that’s where we are now.  An oligarchy rules over us and you and I have about as much say over it as some plebian would have telling Caligula to leave his daughter alone.  We are a despised and unwelcome people.  The only thing we’re needed for is an army.  Soon foreign conscripts will be installed in the army and then they can disarm and enslave us at their leisure.  We are strangers in our own land and we are being dealt with as quickly as possible.

The only question worth asking at this point is whether it’s already too late to do anything other than leave.  And even leaving is questionable.  For this empire isn’t continental, it’s global.  Sure, Russia and China are on the outside, sort of, and the really backward nations are client states that only supply sweatshops and immigrants.  But the places you can go to escape this mess aren’t certain to last.  How many places can’t be pressured or bribed to bend the knee.  Recently we found out one of those places is Afghanistan.  But imagine living there?  That’s how far you would have to go to escape the Empire.

The hopeful thing is that the Empire seems to have skipped several stages in the familiar evolution.  We seem to be progressing rather quickly from Late Republic to Visigothic sack all in a day.  After all Joe Biden isn’t Augustus.  He’s not even Tiberius.  Dementia Joe is more like a 4th century emperor who has to dodge marauding armies of barbarians while avoiding assassination by his successor.  The only question is whether there is enough left in the treasure chamber to pay off the Huns for a few more years.

After that we’ll be looking at a new world.  And that will be an exciting and frightening thing.  Looking for a stable and safe refuge will be an important and difficult task.  Eastern Europe?  East Asia?  South America?  Maybe even a rump America somewhere in the red states?  It’s impossible to say.

I guess there’s some consolation in knowing that the traitors who destroyed our country have slit their own throats at the same time.  No groundswell of brave volunteers will enlist and save Creepy Uncle Joe when he bungles his way into a war with Iran or North Korea.  All he’ll have at his back will be the praetorian guard, or in his case the FBI.  But when the going really gets rough they’ll sell him out to the highest bidder.  Then Jeff Bezos can be emperor for a few weeks until a real general comes along and makes mincemeat of the Amazon Kid.

So, get ready to enjoy the ride it’s bound to be bumpy but I’m beginning to think it might be more interesting than some assumed.  One thing that might be worth considering, when the marauders overrun the country, it might be worthwhile finding out what their terms of service look like.  It might give you an opportunity for some payback.  Who knows, you could end up as the warlord of Silicon Valley.  They definitely wouldn’t be de-platforming you anymore.