Unmask!  Unmask!

Camera Girl has returned from the grocery store and miracle of miracles, the masks are gone.  So are the six-foot spacing rules and the arrows to tell you which direction you have to walk.  All in one fell swoop all those wonderfully comforting shackles have been removed!

I’ll have to go see if this has become general when I go to the hardware store to get some supplies to help me clean out my lawnmower carburetor.  But the report is that some hard-core maskers are refusing to let go.  This follows on the publication of such thoughtful crap as this gem entitled, “Excuse Me If I’m Not Ready to Unmask.”  So, these losers are going to walk around with that ridiculous scrap of fiber over their mouths and noses forever.  That really is a great metaphor for the religious fervor these idiots are exhibiting over something that everyone else has already learned is stupid.  Now that it’s good and hot it will be comical to watch these boobs hyperventilate as they try to breath in the stultifying environment they’ve senselessly maintained.

I wonder if that prize turkey Dementia Joe will continue to show up in videos wearing his black mask and huskily exclaim “Mask up!  Mask up!  It’s your patriotic duty!  Otherwise, you’ll pay the price!”  When and if he survives his time in office I wonder if “Doctor” Jill will sell off his still living carcass as an exhibit at Madame Tussaud’s in Washington, D.C. where crowds can push a button and an electric jolt will prompt him to utter his tag line “Mask up, mask up!” on command.

Anyway, the question that remains is whether we will have to go through this whole charade again in October when Pfizer will want to sell the federal government another ten billion dollars of vaccines for our own good.  It will be interesting to see if the smarter states just say no to the circus and throw Joe the finger.  Either way we have one more indication that our country is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave.  We’re frightened slaves who cower at the crack of the whip and walk with heads bowed and eyes averted when the Deep State says so.  We allow our children to be indoctrinated with the lie that their families are evil people who deserve to be punished and dispossessed of all they worked for.

I’ll know that there is hope when the master says jump and someone finally tells him no.  Tells him no and makes it stick.  That’s the day I’ll feel some hope for this sad remnant of America.  Until then at least I can breath easy for now.  Thank you, Big Brother.

13MAY2021 – OCF Update – Morale Boost

After reading Max Morton’s essay, “Semper Tyrannis – Always a Tyrant,” I was so disgusted with this country that I decided I needed to do something life affirming.  So, I was “at play in the fields of the Lord.”  I set up my granddaughter’s outside gymnasium, prepped the lawn tractor for the season, cut the grass and opened up the pool for the season.  It was great.  Not once did I think of the KGB in Washington, not the FBI, not the CIA, not Google, Facebook or Twitter.  And that has restored my faith in reality.

After all, if Hungary and Poland could go from repressive communist regimes to bastions of anti-woke sanity then anything is possible.  Maybe Americans will find their spines and flip Washington the bird.  And if they don’t then this isn’t the only game in town.  It’s a big world and someone somewhere will be willing to take a stand against the madness that has infected our society.

I was talking about this with a friend.  He mentioned Singapore and then listed the negatives.  It’s on the Equator and has a climate like a sauna.  It is ruled by a benevolent despot who will have you caned for chewing gum in the subway.  It has a high cost of living and cultures that are pretty alien to westerners.

I told him, “I’m willing to forego gum chewing if it means that the subways are actually safe and a mob won’t show up at my door to burn me out because I’m the wrong color.  And as far as an alien culture, our culture feels pretty alien to me right now so what am I losing?”

Don’t misunderstand me, I would love to be here when America comes to its senses and drives our woke overlords into the sea.  I would give five years of my life to see my family living in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  But let’s be real.  We don’t live in that place anymore.  And we may never be able to win it back.  If someone defies the tyrants and restarts the republic I’ll follow in a heartbeat.  But every day that passes makes me think the chances are slimmer and slimmer.

But as I said there are options.  None will ever be as good as what we had in the past but if this country is willing to wallow in madness and slavery then those who can’t stomach that life will leave and make a life somewhere else.  It’s sad but it’s sadder still to sink into depraved servitude.

So, it’s been a good day and I think I’ll send a sympathetic e-mail to Liz Cheney and suggest that if this whole political thing hasn’t worked out for her maybe she can take off a few pounds and join the Marines and find out what combat is like from the front lines.  After all she has always enjoyed the idea of other people dying for her country maybe she can take a turn.  She looks like special forces material to me.

The Western View

Today I was feeling smugly satisfied with myself. Yesterday I resisted the comfortable inertia of on-line existence and bestirred myself to do useful and uncomfortable work out in the brambles that relentlessly encroach on the areas adjacent to the woods. Inappropriately dressed in sweats I did battle with thorn bushes that easily pierce denim or even leather. At least I was smart enough to put on a pair of safety glasses. So after several hours of aches and muscle pulls and jabs and scratches and mayfly bites I actually accomplished something I have been putting off for several years. And today it’s raining so the timeliness of getting the job done is what has given rise to the smugness.
So I went out on the lower balcony and surveyed the western view of the place.

And in my pomposity I declared all right with my little world, my little kingdom.

Alright, so that’s the hook for the title; “The Western View.” And I went pretty far to sell it. Now we get down to the point. The Western View of the World is the Republican Democracy that took root in the United States and supposedly swept the planet after the end of the nineteenth century. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the “end of history” all was right with the world and freedom was established everywhere and we were all going to be happy and have 401K accounts and sell pet rocks to each other on amazon.com.

But now that all the real dangers have been eliminated, our master have decided to get rid of all that freedom they told us was our birth right.  Turns out freedom is dangerous.  No let me come at it from a different direction.  Our masters no longer think it is dangerous to take those freedoms away from us.  Since the 1960’s the Democrat Party has discovered that they can use black people as a device to make any changes they want to make to the Constitution of the United States.  And afterward they expanded it to using any minority group (or even majority group in the case of women) as a cudgel to expand those changes in whatever direction does the most harm to the rights of Americans.

In the name of some undefinable social justice, we have given up all of the rights that originally made us a western republican democracy. We have lost freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to free association, the right to bear arms and now we’ve lost equality under the law. We’ve even been cheated out of the institution of fair elections. What has happened is that the elites have completed the process of gaming the American system of government against its citizens. An oligarchy has taken control of all the institutions of the federal government and has now formed an alliance with all of the corporations that benefit from the subjugation and integration of America into the globalist feudal system.
The American experiment was an attempt to enshrine freedom and the dignity of man into a political and social construct. But like any human system people with bad intent can game it. That deconstruction is now complete. History tells us it is unlikely that we will be able to get it back. Many people claim that any republic will degenerate into a mob or an oligarchy after a very short time. Maybe we were lucky to last as long as we did.
Well my western view has a lot more to feel smug about than the current state of the West. For America all you can do is decide which; fold, flee or fight.

Thoughts About the Conversation Between Michael Anton and Curtis Yarvin

Recently I watched a discussion on the Jack Murphy Live show that featured Michael Anton and Curtis Yarvin.  If you are unfamiliar with either one of them, I’ll say a few words about them.

Michael Anton was a former senior national security official in the Trump administration but is best known for writing the “The Flight 93 Election” back in March 2016 under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus.  He received graduate education at Claremont Graduate University where he learned from faculty that followed in the tradition of noted academic Leo Strauss.  Anton is a social conservative and a pretty pessimistic critic of the current state of American politics.  With the failure of the 2020 election Anton does not believe the Republicans will ever win the presidency again.

Curtis Yarvin is a computer scientist who also has become known for his political beliefs which some have called “neo-reactionary.”  Yarvin believes that government should be almost like the management of a publicly owned corporation with the CEO taking the place of the “king” and the citizens as stockholders.  He also had a pseudonym under which he wrote his thoughts, Mencius Moldbug.  Yarvin is extremely unenthusiastic about democracy in general and doesn’t hold out much hope for the American form at this point in its evolution.

Anton and Yarvin are both very smart guys.  They’re both academics in a sense.  Both of them would be part of the elite if they happened to follow left-wing ideologies.  Because of what they do believe they are pariahs in our present political climate.  I think listening to them in the discussion both of them are extremely pessimistic about the United States escaping from the control of the progressive corporate, bureaucratic, academic complex.

So why listen to these guys talk?  Well, that’s a good question.  Neither of them has an action plan to reverse the damage and move things back to a normal country.  There isn’t a website where I can join the underground and fight for the day when we take back the country.  I think I read them so I can feel like I shouldn’t just give up.  As long as I know that there are other intelligent people who don’t accept the idea that there is no use resisting the woke state, I feel like I can figure out a way to hold onto the good things that used to be the basis of our way of life.

I can think of one line that Yarvin made pretty close to the end of the video.  When asked what he thought people should do he said no one should try to use force to stand up to the feds alone.  That would be suicide and it would accomplish the opposite of what you intended.  That would be sort of what happened on January 6th.  The government would destroy you and use it as a propaganda argument for destroying everyone else they didn’t like.  Instead, he said we need to say no! 

In other words, we have to figure out a way to reject their program.  We need to build up organizations, businesses, groups that don’t depend on their approval.  There’s nothing new about that message.  That’s the old “build your own platforms” line.  But what he is saying is that it’s the only way.  And we need everyone on our side, all 70 or 100 million of us to form a single organization to say no to what is going on.  And that’s the only encouragement I take from all this.  If two guys like Anton and Yarvin sort of agree about where we are and what we must do then basically the whole gamut of people who aren’t leftists agree.  We have to stop trying to do everything at once and take concrete steps one at a time.  First order of business, we pool our resources and identify one important thing we can get done and do it.  Maybe we decide that the most important possible thing is crushing Amazon.  And maybe we buy the votes of Democrat senators and congressmen to make it happen.  But we move heaven and earth and we get it done.  That alone would be an enormous shot in the arm for our country.  Suddenly a million small stores all over the country would find business that had been strangled out of existence by Jeff Bezos.

But whatever it is we decide to do; rein in the social media companies or re-establish freedom of religion or outlaw child transgender mutilation; we need to win a battle and win it decisively.  Donald Trump and Peter Thiel are renegade members of the elite.  They are the ones with the resources to organize new platforms.  Anton and Yarvin are members of the intellectual class who would disseminate the ideas and help implement the actions we want to see happen.  We are to some extent their customers.

We want to hear more and soon about any real plan to get something new started.  Anyone who has the ambition to lead a movement has a once in a lifetime opportunity right now.  We’re ready to be led.  There is a nation looking for a savior.  We could make this a great country again.  If that doesn’t happen soon then we need to leave.

Stranger Days

I like to think that I’ve acclimated to our present insane political situation.  But I know that recognizing this is just an intellectual position not a visceral one.  A nation that was not only great in military and economic power but also in terms of the dignity and freedom all of its citizens possessed, seeing it reduced to a gangster state that seems to want to destroy every vestige of its heritage and pride isn’t something that can be accepted easily.  A lot more will have to happen before it really hits home how low we’ve sunk.  But that will come too.  All indications are that the agenda is queued up and we will watch it unfold in all its sickening detail.

So, bit by bit we’ll absorb the rest of the program.  The exact order of operations isn’t completely clear.  My guess is they’ll continue to attack all sectors of the population that aren’t necessary for the elite’s wellbeing.  They’ll continue to strangle small businesses and blue-collar workers and they’ll use the COVID restrictions to keep people isolated and depressed.  I assume we’ll see another round of BLM burning and looting.  The FBI will be responsible for further scapegoating of anyone who resists any of these measures.  The George Floyd show trial will be starting up soon and we’ll get a look at how “woke justice” works.

The Senate is gearing up for a showdown on using the filibuster to prevent the legislation on making permanent the rigging of elections and I expect we’ll also see gun confiscation legislation right after that.  And then we’ll get to see the Supreme Court either bow down to anti-Constitutional laws or we’ll see the Senate and House pack the Supreme Court.

So that’s a hefty agenda coming up but it’s hardly comprehensive.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see slavery reparations rolling in.  And paying for those reparations it will be necessary to raid the country’s 401K plans.  After all, to outlay those trillions of dollars without paying for them would be fiscally irresponsible.  I’m sure Mitt Romney will agree.

And finally, hate speech legislation should be right around the corner.  Dead naming trannies and complaining about anti-white discrimination will absolutely not be tolerated.

So, I’ll have a chance to acknowledge the changes in the United States not only in my head but in my gut.  I’ll be able to fully accept that post-America only possesses a geographical resemblance to its predecessor.  The other good thing is that after all these changes are made there won’t be any doubt about whether the inhabitants will put up with it or not.  Either they’ll accept the chains of slavery they’ve been handed or they’ll throw them off.  There really is no middle choice.  It shouldn’t take too long to find out.  I can’t imagine it’ll be more than a year or so for most of the agenda to unfold.  And when it does, if someone decides to make a stand I’ll join in with great joy and relief.  I still do believe that there are brave men here that won’t be enslaved.  But if nobody does anything to stop it then I’ll have to find a better place to live.  I’m sure it won’t be anything nearly as wonderful as the country I was born in but facing facts is necessary.

But in the meantime, while all this plays out life still goes on.  There are books and movies to review.  Photos to be taken. Grandkids to play with.  Books to write.  Bidens to mock. And posts to write.  When there are developments to analyze or atrocities to decry, I will opine.  But at this point I don’t plan to just keep beating the drum.  The readers here already know what I think about the state of the union.  I won’t go over that territory again.  I’ll look forward to actual events.  Fight or Flee are the only two options I’m interested in.  Within a year I think I’ll know which is my future.

Stranger days indeed.  But I’ll try to do my part to keep people somewhat amused and maybe informed.

Reframing Our Situation

I was reading one of Curtis Yarvin’s latest posts on his Substack site, Gray Mirror.  It was about his interpretation of where we are, how we got here and what is and isn’t possible to do in our present-day world.

It’s all very interesting.  He talks about pre-modern and modern and post-modern and sub-modern people.  He talks about Hitler and Stalin and Mao.  He makes analogies about different kinds of forest fires and high and low potential energies for different things.  He talks about monarchy and oligarchy and democracy and a CEO as king of a corporate state and all kinds of jibber jabber.  And that’s not to say that it isn’t all very interesting and maybe a good basis for thinking about what comes next.  But time is limited and I want to think about today.

What I did take away from all this is that I should rethink how I define my place in the new reality.  America is no longer that civic nationalist proposition nation.  It’s a tyrannical oligarchy and I’m certainly not an oligarch.

All men are no longer created equal.  The government will tell you what your value is, based on who they are shilling for this week.

The Creator cannot endow you with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In fact, they have long ago laughed away the existence of the Creator and now they will dole out life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness based on whatever algorithm they happen to be following that week.

There are a lot of things that can happen in the next few decades but one of the least likely is that we will get back to that America that I used to think I lived in.  For that to happen a whole lot of people in the blue states would have to revolt against their elites and come over to our side.  And I think the event of me winning a billion-dollar lottery five times in a row is a more likely event than that.

So, I’ll start with whose side I’m not on.  That’s easier than describing who is on my side.  Anyone who’s against the statement, “All lives matter,” Is definitely not on my side.  In fact, it’s safe to say those people are my enemies.  But I’ll go farther, anyone who pulls down statues or riots, loots and burns down cities in the name of George Floyd is my enemy.  And moving along.  Any government official who decided to allow these people to victimize their constituents and sat back or even encouraged this rioting is my enemy.  And anyone who believes or says he believes in white privilege is my enemy.  And finally, anyone who thinks for whatever reason that people like me don’t deserve the same consideration and rights as any other citizen of this country is my enemy.  Now, that’s getting to be a pretty large group of people.  But I’m sure if I sat here a little while I could throw some more groups into it.  But let’s stop there.

Who does that leave?  Well, it leaves people who believed in the United States as originally constituted.  Trying to describe that group isn’t completely trivial.  It doesn’t consist of one ethnic group or color.  It doesn’t even consist of all the members of one ethnic group or color.  And the same can be said of sex.  You can say that the largest component is white men.  But there are women too and minorities.  In terms of age, it skews older.  The millennials are extremely propagandized against their country.  So, there are leanings and there are groupings but no hard and fast rules.

But what do you do about forming a community out of such a coalition?  And what are the actions and goals of such a community?  I think what we are trying to do is to first give ourselves an identity and give ourselves a voice and then come up with an agenda and then takes steps to actualize that agenda.

The first step is to give ourselves an identity.  My idea is to commandeer the old American identity.  Everything from before 1960.  The old civic nationalist creed.  Just take it lock stock and barrel.  We don’t throw anything overboard.  We keep the Civil War and the Frontier and everything else, warts and all.  I’ve been calling it Free America but naming it will be part of the founding actions.  Everything we need is already there.

Giving ourselves a voice is wrapped up in forming local chapters and meeting together and finding out what things we are unhappy about and starting to find strategies to address these problems.  And then forming an on-line community to organize above the grass roots level and leverage the scope of our membership on a national level.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if there wouldn’t be people who would want to start chapters overseas.  There are probably millions of people who would want to be in our camp all around the world.  And the other part of giving ourselves a voice is finding gifted leaders who have a vision of what we can do.  And I think there is much we can do.  Organization will allow us to achieve much by buying influence and discouraging attacks.

All of these things are possible once we have an organization that represents us and our values.  And it can’t be the Republicans.  They only represent themselves.  We may be able to use some of them and some of them may join us.  But that is another reason we need a voice of our own.  We need a platform that is easy to understand and by which we can judge whether a politician is with us or against us.  No more George Bushes, no more John McCains, no more Mitt Romneys.

And once we have that agenda we can figure out how to make it happen.  Maybe the first step is commercial.  We’ll need banks of our own who won’t discriminate against our businesses.  We’ll need publishers who won’t blacklist our authors.  We’ll need our own social media platforms.  We’ll need retailers that won’t boycott the products that our members sell.  We’ll need our own schools and our own churches.  All these things we’ll need and we’ll have because the larger society hates us and doesn’t want to allow us to breath free.

But most of all we need an organization just for our own sake.  We are vilified by everyone with wealth and power.  We need something of our own that affirms our beliefs and validates our existence.  So that is how I would reframe our situation.  Regardless of whether we can retake control of the United States we need to organize our own identity and defend it and strengthen it against the attacks from the Left.  They are not part of our nation and we owe them no allegiance.  We will tolerate what we must but we disbelieve all their propaganda and lies.  And we’ll look for our advantage to disrupt and neutralize all of their efforts.

That’s my new way of looking at things.

Talking to Your Normie Friends About the Future

Lately I’ve found that more and more people have awakened to the reality of Post America.  Well, they have and they haven’t.  They look out in horror on President Dementia Joe and his razor wire wall around DC and want to know what happened.  But when they talk about their hopes, they talk about taking back the House and the Senate during the mid-terms and the Supreme Court defending our constitutional rights in the meantime.  Yep.

My favorite is how, “If we can only find the right presidential and vice-presidential candidates in 2024, why things will straighten right out.”  One guy was explaining to me that a Nikki Haley / Tim Scott ticket was the magic bullet to Republican dominance for decades to come.

Look, I’m not trying to belittle these people.  I was one of them back in the George W Bush days.  All we had to do was get one more seat on the Supreme Court and all this lefty stuff would just go away.  Well, that’s not really how it works I found out.  George W Bush gave us John Roberts.  What we wanted and what he gave us were two very different things.  It took Barack Obama and Donald Trump for me to see what was really going on.  And don’t forget John McCain, Mitt Romney, Justice Kennedy, Little Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, JEB! Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie, Bill Barr, Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Jeff Flake and on and on and on.

So, I understand where they are coming from.  But it’s not helping anyone to humor them about this stuff.  Just tell them the truth.  Even if every RINO is expelled and we nominate every color of the rainbow coalition for Congress and the White House we aren’t going to vote our way out of this.

What will help is acknowledging that the Democrats have now stooped to massive election fraud and because of that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.  Saying that out loud is part of the solution.  And because several other elections were rigged, specifically the two in Georgia, the Democratic senate majority is also illegitimate.  Which means all the laws passed by the Senate and President are also illegitimate.  And since the Supreme Court is allowing Biden’s unconstitutional executive orders to stand, we cannot expect any relief from any of the three branches of the federal government.

And acknowledging all of this and taking it as the status quo allows someone to think about what it will take to escape the consequences of this reality.  And that is where I try to bring my normie friends.  I finish off by saying that when all is said and done, the only power centers left on our side are the red states.  If anyone is going to resist the tyrants in the federal government who are systematically removing all of our rights it will have to be the legislature and governors of the biggest red states.

But I won’t pretend that any of this is a certainty.  It will take incredible courage on the part of a red state governor to thumb his nose at the Justice Department and FBI.  I don’t put anything past those government thugs.  A man would be taking his freedom and even his life in his hands resisting that power.  I think we have only a 50/50 chance.

But I think it’s important to tell people where we stand.  It’s better to know the truth instead of always wondering why we always lose.  Because if we finally are defeated there is still the chance to leave and find a better place.  And that may come.  But to even have that chance you need to know what’s what.  And you need to know when it’s over.

So that’s “the talk” I give my normie friends.  Let me know if you have a version of this and how it differs from mine.  I’m always interested in comparing notes.

20JAN2021 – OCF Update – Day One of Post-America

I was talking with some buddies of mine during the nailing up of the scarecrow in DC this morning and we were speculating on what kinds of things we could expect.  The first thing mentioned was that gasoline will be between four and five dollars a gallon as soon as fracking is banned.  That led to speculation about oil company stocks which have been significantly lower in price in the last year because of the COVID collapse in commuting.  We all agreed that they would start rising significantly in price.  Something to think about for long term investors.  A couple of guys brought up that Dementia Joe was sure to start the solar and wind grifts going again just like his old butt buddy Obama back in his Solyndra Scam days.  One guy said there would be a pay day if you get in and out before the collapse that was bound to occur after the scammers sucked the cash out of the government subsidies.  Another guy told him to stick to picking cards in three-card monte games as the odds were better.

I told the guys I’ve begun reading Solzhenitsyn to see if I can pick up any pointers on how to live in a gulag.  They thought that was a little gloomy of me.  But I told them I could see how looking at the Soviet mindset would be valuable.  I wished them a successful end of the week and signed off.

Today is a sad day for anyone who loved this country growing up.  It’s almost as if they thought long and hard at who would be the worst man they could pretend was President of the United States.  Look at the scorecard.  As a politician Dementia Joe was always a mediocre hack.  Recent developments prove that he sold his services to the Chinese and Ukrainians, with his crack addict son Hunter as the bagman.  Intellectually he was known to be a mental midget even in his prime, having been caught plagiarizing smarter people both in school and as a candidate for President.  And now in his dotage he can barely get through a paragraph of teleprompter text without stammering and drawing a blank on what he was trying to say.  He probably is closing in on middle-stage dementia and now we’re going to see him in charge of the nuclear arsenal and the world economy.

But replacing him with his Vice President will be going from the frying pan into the fire.  Willie Brown’s Ho is equally dim-witted and equally dishonest.  And listening to her speak is even worse than suffering through Biden’s jabbering.  Her histrionics during the Democrat debates reminded me of a female mental patient during an emotional breakdown.

I hope to spend some time mocking and lampooning our evil idiots in Washington.  There will be some joy in that.  I hope I can be scurrilous enough that they outrage the other side.  They truly deserve it.  But other than that I’ll spend my time looking for and highlighting activity on our side of the political fence and researching any strategies that will allow us to avoid the fallout of living under the tyranny of the banana republic regime that has been installed.

Just to repeat, this is a sad day for America but we must learn to adapt to these circumstances begin the job of building our own society.  Day One of Post-America survived.

13JAN2021 – OCF Update – We’re Still Here

Amid the Sturm und Drang of the last week or so everyone has been thrown into turmoil as the Left attempts to cast out President Trump and all of the fallen angels in his camp into the Outer Darkness where they hope there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But sad to say for them, we are still here.

In fact, I’m having a remarkably good day.  The sun is shining.  My granddaughter spent a remarkably vigorous half hour jumping around on a gym mat and occasionally on my stomach while I read over the body count from the pogroms.  My breakfast tasted just as good and Camera Girl was just as cantankerous as ever about my table manners.  Sure, the popular culture I am surrounded by is just as dysfunctional and toxic as ever.  Nancy Pelosi is winding up her impeachment machine in a foot race with the last week of the President’s term and Democrat and Republican hypocrites are baying for the blood of anyone they can tie to the January 6th farce at the Capitol.

And yet, we’re still here.

I intend to write my posts and write my stories and talk to my friends and raise my family the way that I see fit.  They’ll still have to go a long way to make this the Soviet Union.  And now that they hold all the offices and pull all the strings they’ll find that all the anger that will accrue when they torture us over COVID and allow the BLM thugs to attack people will be pointed directly at them.  They will find out that when you unleash chaos it doesn’t just break things you want it to.  Some of that chaos finds its way back to you.

I find it kind of liberating to see everything out in the open.  Everybody knows who is on their side and who is on ours.  The masks are gone.  Amazon and Facebook and Twitter and Apple and Google have shown their true face.  They can quit the routine where they pretend they’re just trying to earn a living.  They hate us and now we can hate them right back.  When someone finds a way to hurt them we don’t have to make sympathetic noises about how sad it is.  Driving them out of business is the most patriotic thing you can possibly do.  When someone hacks Amazon one day soon and causes them a trillion dollars in losses we can laugh out loud.  When Apple’s next phone is an Edsel I’ll cheer.  When Twitter crashes and burns I’ll declare a holiday.

And the endless call to build our own platforms is finally being answered.  Gab has been alone in the wilderness for four years and now that everyone else has been shutdown they’re overloaded with new customers.  I checked out my page there and things are so bogged down by the new traffic that it’ll take weeks for them to get the server space up and running to make it work right.  If President Trump opens a page there Andrew Torba will probably have to charge admission just to keep up with the demand.  And he should.  What will need to happen is Gab or Parler will have to put the whole thing on a profitable basis.  They’ll charge everyone a couple of bucks a month and suddenly social media will be something worth being on.  That will eliminate the bots and the losers and it will actually resemble an ocean of different communities.

And last of all, I’m looking forward to the first BLM riot that ends with twenty or thirty Antifa clowns blown up.  I figure eventually someone will set up a big old bomb and put it where the arsonists can accidentally set it off.  Now that will be what I call poetic justice.  I’m imagining Dementia Joe and Cryin’ Chuck making a call for unity and healing.  I’ll laugh myself asleep that night.

So here we are in Post-America, living under the occupation forces of Dementia Joe.  The horror is only beginning and it will be pretty awful.

But we’re still here and we’ll make it work.

Free America – The Realm in Exile – Part 1

I hope that President Trump finds a platform soon and gives us a rousing speech and declares himself the leader in exile of the free people of the former United States of America.  I hope he gives us his version of the St. Crispin’s Day speech to raise our spirits and begin this period in exile on a high note.  I hope he raises his flag and begins building an alternative to the Republican party so that we have something we can belong to that stands for what we believe in.  And when he does I’ll join it on the first day and support it any way I can.

But I don’t feel like waiting.  I’m in the mood to mutiny.  I aim to misbehave.  I hereby declare myself a charter member of Free America.  Free America is the part of the former United states of America that rejects the fraudulent elections that took place in 2020 and will maintain a nation in exile until we are freed from the control of the Pretender who will soon inflict his evil and illegitimate control over us in any way he can.

I will do all that is within my very meager powers to lend support and comfort to anyone of my brothers and sisters out there who is of the same spirit.  I will do my best to provide information and hopefully morale for those of us who are unrepresented in the tyrannical regime that has usurped power in Washington.

So until someone comes up with a better term and builds a more meaningful platform to represent our people, Orion’s Cold Fire will be the headquarters for Free America and the voice of free Americans living within the borders of Post-America.  Tell all your friends that they are invited to come and speak their minds and share information and provide encouragement for the rest of us who don’t feel like just knuckling under and giving up all hope.  Giving up is stupid and weak.  There’s too much here worth keeping alive here to allow these creeps to win without even trying.  So that’s what I feel like saying today.  If someone smarter and stronger and with a bigger following wants to lead then let him show up and I’ll wave his banner.  But until that day I’ll make a start and plant my flag and say, “Here I am.”