10FEB2023 – An Open Letter to Our Leaders on the Right – Get Organized

As the prospective candidates for the Republican presidential nomination circle each other warily I would like to make a suggestion.  Instead of running each other down, why not show which of you are the real leaders by trying to accomplish something useful.  Specifically, why don’t you all start taking action right now to produce an actual foundation for the future.  Stop investing in the Babylonian Captivity that is Washington DC and instead, build an organization that exclusively represents the Right.  Before what remains of Old America is snuffed out gather the embers together into one place and add fuel to the fire and protect it from the deluge.

Some might claim that the Republican Party is that organization.  But that would be a lie.  The Republican Party is a grifters’ trade organization that sometimes accidentally contains a few individuals that got lost while looking for an actual conservative political home and joined out of exhaustion after the futile search.

What is needed is a nexus for coordinating the efforts of those who want to save this country.  It won’t be a new political party.  We don’t need one.  We need a leadership council.  Every Red State governor, state legislator, business executive, police chief, school superintendent and even the few US congressmen and senators who aren’t on the take should meet regularly, even if usually virtually,  to plan strategy specifically to neutralize the harmful effects of the federal government on the lives of the citizens of the Red States.  Setting up a council like this would show the American people that these people intend to make change now and not just string us along until the next presidential election when they’ll promise the moon and accomplish very little.

If they did this then we could take them a lot more seriously when they go on the stump in 2024.  By combining the clout of all the Red States, they can produce actual change in the behavior of even the largest corporations and other organizations.  Imagine if a combination of twenty-five states confronted the American Medical Association with an ultimatum about prescribing puberty blockers to adolescents.  If faced with the choice of having their association discredited in those states or modifying the stance they take on gender dysphoria I’m betting they’ll back down from their current insane stance.

Similar pressure can be applied to outfits like the cable companies and tech companies.  A carrot and stick policy could be applied to force them to stop discriminating against conservative individuals and organizations.  A small beginning has been made by Texas and Florida in suits against internet companies deplatforming those on the Right.  Much, much more needs to be done.  And it has to have teeth that won’t be beholden to federal judges.  There have to be actions that will sting these companies.  Penalties have to be losses in revenues that quickly rise into the millions and in some cases billions of dollars.

These states could also standardize and optimize the policies they take with respect to schools and colleges and their tendencies to proselytize young people with leftist ideas.  Ron DeSantis has recently taken the first stab at this with a Florida state college.  Multiply this by a thousand and it will be a home run for our side.

And how about all the corporations that knowingly turn a blind eye to the use of illegal alien workers.  If all these states started coming down very heavily and in tandem on even a large company like Walmart, I’m sure it would create enormous pressure on that company to toe the line.  And that would have a positive effect on the legal residents of these states.  Salaries would rise and job opportunities would open up for young people.  Certainly, some jobs would disappear, basically slave labor types of work.  But that’s what automation is for anyway.

One industry that we could really impact is the book sellers who cater to the public schools.  Rejecting any critical race theory (CRT) propaganda in the school books should be a priority.  And mandating these changes across the country would in one fell swoop force these book companies to change their ways or lose out on what must be billions of dollars in orders.  Now that would be a tremendous victory for the Right.

These kinds of actions only happen when a clearly thought-out plan is instituted and maintained by intelligent and dedicated individuals.  And it won’t work unless it is coordinated across all the remaining Red States.  The financial clout of tens of millions of people and the power of state governments acting in unison will catch the attention of every organization that has to make a profit or depends on the approval of state agencies.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have done important things that show they understand our plight.  To a lesser extent other leaders on the Right have responded over the last few years to the provocations of the Left.  But it’s not enough and it won’t get us anywhere.  One state will be attacked by the feds and maybe brought to heel.  It will take a continental scope, maybe even including one or two of the saner Canadian provinces to successfully resist the poison being exported by Washington DC.  We need to organize and coordinate if we ever hope to win back this country.  And it needs to start now in February 2023.  Not in 2025.  Wake up gentlemen, the clock is ticking.

How Does This Movie End?

Every day something crazier than the day before appears in the news.  It’s like the name of that old tv show. “Can You Top This?”  If Biden starts emptying out the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, then OPEC deducts two million barrels a day of oil from the market.  Ukraine stages a kamikaze assault on the Russian lines and Putin annexes the Russian provinces of Ukraine.  Italy elects a right-wing woman as prime minister and the EU threatens to withhold funding due to too much democracy.  The Germans warn they are running out of fuel so the United States sabotages the Nord Stream pipelines.

It seems that the only strategy anyone can think of is doubling and redoubling every time they lose a bet.  It feels like we’re at the “go for broke” table at some insane global casino.  Going all the way back to 2001 more and more bizarre actions by the US government has been the rule.  A disconnect between reality and events has occurred.  It’s like that road runner cartoon scene where Wiley Coyote has run off a cliff but keeps going in a straight-line walking on thin air.  And somehow gravity doesn’t catch up with him until he looks down and sees nothing under his feet but thin air.  Then he drops like a stone.  It feels like the whole world is that coyote running on air, running on empty.

The only question is, have we looked down yet?  I get the idea that it is beginning to unravel.  The first sign is the oil prices.  Joe ran us off the cliff by announcing that he was going to wean us off petroleum.  He poured a trillion dollar into the green new deal.  No more gas cars, no more natural gas to heat our homes and run our businesses.  No more pipelines, no more federal leases for exploration.  The only thing he forgot was windmills and solar panels aren’t real.

And what do you know.  The price of oil doubled.  So, he panics and starts drawing down the strategic reserve.  But that’s a temporary fix.  And now the Saudis and the Russians and the Iranians smell blood in the water so they’re gonna start torturing us.  Winter comes and oil becomes scarce and expensive.  But what is he going to do?  What new friends will he turn to?  He doesn’t have any left.

The economy is very weak.  The recession that American officials want to claim won’t happen is already in full bloom in Europe.  And the green new deal is already riling up the farmers in Europe and anyone who has to pay a fuel bill or a food bill.  In the words of Howard Beale, “I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad.  …  We know things are bad. Worse than bad. They’re crazy.”

So he’s driven us off a cliff and now he needs a nuclear war to distract us from being cold and hungry.  And who knows, maybe these sociopaths will do that too.  At this point I’ll be far from surprised.  I’ll be horrified but not surprised.  But for the sake of keeping this from becoming apocalyptic assume for a minute that the Russians don’t launch any nukes.  Then the way things are going, where does this all end up?  Assume that the Dems lose the House and the Senate.  What does Crazy Joe do for the next two years?  Does he tack to the middle?  Does he reverse his energy policy?  Or does he stay the course?

If he continues down this road, the recession is going to be very painful.  Millions of people will be out of work and that spells disaster for the presidential election in 2024.  He can arrest Donald Trump and anyone else he cares to.  But a recession in 2023 is a political disaster in 2024.  He’ll sink his party for sure if he lets that happen.  But that’s what the green new deal equals.  My guess is he stays the course.  Joe is just the front man for more important people.  And this is what they want to do.  This is what they will do!

So that brings me back to the original question.  How do this end?  The surprising answer is that they make this happen.  They crash the old system and keep the rest of us on life support while the Great Contraction whittles us down to nothing over time.

The only way it turns out otherwise is if someone steps forward and stops it.  Someone with the smarts and the stones to derail this plan and send us down an alternate path.  Is there such a man?  The answer to that question will tell you how this ends.  I’d guess it’s one chance in a hundred.

America Needs a Prophet

America has lost its way.  Those under forty are dispirited and directionless.  The older people are confused and frightened.   Only the fanatics of the Left are energized.  And their only impulse is to destroy what is normal.

William Butler Yeats in his poem, “The Second Coming” characterized the problem of modernity thus:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity …”

I think what he is saying is that we’ve lost our way utterly.  Those running our civilization have disconnected from what is essential to human life.  They’ve cut away the roots that nourished our culture and our people.  And maybe they’ve done it purposefully.  Maybe they think they should get rid of most of us.  Or maybe they want to end humanity altogether including themselves.  I’m not sure which.

It may be that the western world and America in particular will needs a revival.  It has happened several times in America’s history that a religious revival has swept across large areas of the country to restore purpose and energy to the communities here.  It might coincide with a financial crisis or a war.  Usually religious leaders would declare a “crusade” to attack a spiritual problem like alcoholism or gambling.

I don’t know if there are any religious leaders in the mainline churches who aren’t already coopted by the Left.  I guess it could be anyone coming from any background.  Maybe it won’t even be a religious man.  But it will have to be someone who can speak eloquently and to the point.  That man must preach against the Left in all its various forms.

What is needed is someone who can confidently and convincingly attack the Left and all it stands for.  He will need to provide a coherent and comprehensive plan to reestablish Western Civilization as it flourished a hundred years ago.  He will have to be a Moses to lead the people back into the promised land.  He will have to cast down the golden calf and provide the people with the commandments they need to restore order to their lives.  What does that metaphor equate to in our current world?  So many things.  Probably the most fundamental commandment will be return to living in functional families.  And that means abandoning the feminist model of working women who produce one child sometime in their late thirties or early forties.  It means stay at home moms who raise their children themselves.  And men who work to support those families.  And spend the rest of their time at home with their wives and children and in their communities.  That is the central theme of a revival.

Next, the schools need to be reformed.  All the leftist propaganda must be stripped away from kindergarten to graduate school.  All of the intersectional studies programs must be eliminated.  No good ever came from Women’s Studies or Queer Studies or Africana Studies.  Ever.  Schools must return to their original purpose; vocational training.  Whether it’s advanced physics or carpentry teaching a valid skill as a means to making a living is what we pay colleges to teach our children.  If they don’t accomplish that then shut them down.

And last but not least we have to reform our federal government.  And this is the most difficult reform of all.  The managerial state has become our master.  It dictates to us how we must live in excruciating detail; what we must do and what is forbidden.  The prophet we need must have laws to reform the government and cast out the masters who have made us slaves.

That is what we need; someone of gigantic stature to reform our society.  It’s an almost impossible task.  But if no one appears we are surely doomed.  We will sink into serfdom and even our elites will be pushed aside by abler cultures that maintained their understanding of what makes a healthy culture.  Where is our Moses?

We Don’t Get Fooled Again

Here’s a link to a post over at Mogadishu Matt.  There’s a video clip that analyzes the type of hero worship that is exhibited in the movie Fight Club and that ties in with Matt’s post.  And there are some interesting comments below the post.

Matt talks about some very real problems that we have all experienced trying to find leaders to work for us against the Left.  I had that experience with George W. Bush.  He wasn’t who he claimed to be.  But why didn’t I see that.  Maybe because he was the only choice available.  We were spoon fed that choice.  We were desperate for a leader who was on our side.  When we get a chance to pick a leader in three years will we do better this time?  I think so, I hope so, but I don’t know so.  I hope we don’t get fooled again.

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Would Like to Lead a Great Nation

A couple of days ago a commenter asked why I would write about why we need to get organized since everyone already knows that.  And I commented back that it was an open letter to someone powerful to step in and do something.  So here I’ll make it more explicit.  What we don’t need is a bunch of campaign letters from republicans asking us to send hundreds or thousands of dollars to get someone elected.  Nor do we need an outrage list telling us what Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer is plotting.  We already know what they’re doing and we know you want money.

What we’re looking for is a plan to do something positive that can’t be undone.  We want a win.  We want something that tells us that there’s hope.  Build up a social media platform that won’t be de-platformed by the Amazon Cloud.  Start an entertainment company that produces first rate movies, games, music and books.  Charter a bank and a payment processor and a crowd sourcing company that we can put our money in that won’t close our accounts because we don’t bend a knee the LGBTQ mafia.  In fact, do all of these things and make a fortune doing it.  If you promote it the right way you’ll be swimming in money.

And if you do all that you’ll have an enormous megaphone to talk to the half of this country that is sick unto death with being pariahs in their own country.

In short, GIVE US A HOME.

We used to be considered the owners of this country.  Now we’re the dispossessed.  Our richer neighbors are working hard to get rid of us and replace us with easily controlled peasants from the third world.  Eventually they hope to replace them too with robots or something even more horrible.  If one of the rich and powerful wants to short circuit this process, then step in on our side and give us a voice and organize us.  We want to be led by someone who believes in the things we believe in.  But even if you don’t believe in our values.  Do it anyway.  You can become an immensely powerful man if you leverage the numbers and the anger that we represent.

And you don’t have to do it all in one day.  Just make a start.  How about the bank and the payment processor?  That’s a money printing business if there ever was one.  Just call it the MAGA Bank or the America First Bank.  Call it whatever you want just let all of us know it’s meant for us.  Say explicitly that you won’t deny anyone service who isn’t breaking some real law like drug running or bank robbing.  But explicitly say you don’t care about hate speech or someone’s views on transgender rights.

So, all you people on the right with dreams of being the king.  Step up.  Build something for us and we will come.  We’ll line up around the block just to get on board.  Take our money and give us what we’re looking for.  Respect.  Fair treatment.  A home and an identity.

DeSantis Shows Some Brains and Guts

When the Broward County school system voted to mandate masks in the schools, Florida Governor DeSantis let them know that their funding would be cut in accordance with the recent law outlawing mask mandates in the schools.  And the schools backed down.  Finally someone with guts willing to stand up to Fauci and the other nitwits in the COVID conspiracy.  Let the parents who want their six-year-olds to wear masks do so.  Let normal people live normally.

Now that’s Republican leadership.  Let the rest of the Red State governors take notes.




Speculations About a Leader

In a recent opinion piece Angelo Codevilla discussed how state enforced nullification of anti-constitutional federal laws and programs could act as the basis for a new federalism that allows conservatives to regain their freedoms without requiring a civil war.

In the article he stresses that it will take very strong leadership from someone to make something like this a reality.  Codevilla gives Charles De Gaulle as an example of a leader attempting to restore a nation.  And he stresses that the leader has to put the cause above his own personal concerns for glory or gain.  He must submerge his personality into the cause.  Codevilla wisely refuses to speculate about whether Donald Trump will be that leader.  But I’m not that wise and I want to at least discuss what the options will look like and how we’ll know when a leader has arrived.

First off, I want to remind everyone of one thing.  Prior to Donald Trump’s appearance on the scene none, and I mean none, of the so-called Republican leaders at the state or federal level did a damn thing about challenging the Left’s narrative about anything.  When it came to immigration, they kowtowed to the supposition that illegal immigrants should be made citizens and that unlimited illegal and legal immigration was a necessity and “the right thing to do.”  Good old JEB! Bush went so far to say that the crime of illegal immigration was “an act of love.”  And so, anyone who objected to it was a heartless monster who hated children and love.  It took Donald Trump to know that this con wasn’t actually believed by the American people.  And the establishment Republicans continued to denounce his “callous indifference” to criminal aliens all the way to his inauguration and beyond.  Eventually some of these NeverTrumpers woke up and realized they had better come up with a new con that included parroting the things that Trump had shown them.  But I ask you to think about this bit of history because many of those same people are once again presenting themselves to us as the future saviors of the conservative half of the United States.

Of course, we won’t be seeing JEB! or John Kasich or Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie anymore.  They are all done.  But expect Nikki Haley and Marco Rubio to be right there explaining how they’re ready to make America Great Again by only making twenty or thirty million illegal immigrants, citizens, at least in their first term anyway.  After that I’m sure a billion will seem like the right number.  My point here is that the GOP Establishment will never disappear.  They will always bounce back with whatever spin they think will allow them to perform their gatekeeping act and prevent anything from interfering with their “opponents” running the country off a cliff.

So, anyone who tells me that what we need is Trumpism without Trump is talking about something that has never been seen before in real life.  If anyone wants to assume the mantle either in opposition to Donald Trump’s run in 2024 or in his absence if he decides not to run, I say show me what you’ve got.  Prove to me you know what we want and then prove to me that you can and will do it.  And that’s a tall order.  Even Donald Trump was stymied in his desire to “drain the swamp.”  The swamp refused to be drained and he couldn’t change that.  If someone has a plan, we’ll need to know what it is and how he proposes to do it.  In fact, I’m not sure that a lot of us even think a President of the United States can do it alone.  It might take a `       coalition of red state governors with or without a Republican president to make any progress against the combined power of the Deep State and the Globalist Corporate Cabal that currently has us by the throat.

So, anyone who wants to be the new Trump has a lot of explaining to do.  I need to know what and how.  I want to see some evidence that he actually believes in the things he claims to stand for and I want to know who he plans to fire in the Justice Department and I want to know who will be his Attorney General.

And not to be too critical of how he handled an impossible job, if Donald Trump will be running again in 2024, I want to know what he will do this time to prevent the train wreck that the Justice Department caused for his administration.  I’ll want to know what policies he will champion and who in the legislature and who in the governorships he has allied himself with to make these things realities instead of lost causes.

It’s a very long time until 2024.  I would say that anyone who waits until then to start causing changes in the direction of this country is not a leader.  I like that Ron DeSantis is enacting legislature to protect Floridians from first amendment violations by Silicon Valley and unconstitutional federal laws.  I’d love to see him form a coalition with Texas and some of the other red states.  What I’d really like is for these measures to be challenged by the feds and then see a state governor and legislation refuse a federal court’s ruling against them.  I’d like to see them win a staring contest with Creepy Uncle Joe and win!  That’s when I’ll know that here is some leadership on the horizon.  Until then it’s just speculation.

Future Leaders of Free America

I just listened to the CPAC speeches by Governors DeSantis and Noem.  I went over the substance of their speeches.  Both of them were bragging about the results that their states had during COVID and of the conservative policies and priorities that each had selected to enforce.  And they were right to brag.  Both states weathered 2020 with their economies intact and without having caved in to the stupidity that Cuomo and Newsom followed.  They protected the right people and let everyone else live their lives like free people.

Listening to DeSantis as a political speaker he’s okay.  He’s not mesmerizing, or effortlessly glib.  Comparing him to Ronald Reagan, he would be thought to be a lesser speaker.  But he was talking about the legislation he’s endorsing to rein in the Silicon Valley companies from de-platforming and canceling conservatives for their beliefs.  That’s amazing.  No other American politician has dared to even consider doing that.  If he can make that happen, he will singlehandedly revolutionize the reality of free speech in America today.  A man who is taking such bold action could be a man to lead us to freedom.

Governor Noem is a very effective speaker.  She spoke about how the press, specifically George Stephanopoulos, mocked her on television and begged Andrew Cuomo to take her aside and straighten her out on how to handle COVID.  The irony of how that sounds today is staggering.  Cuomo is being investigated for his incompetent and dishonest handling of nursing home safety during the height of the COVID crisis.  Amid all the overreach of his lockdowns he stupidly exposed the one population that was known to be critically vulnerable to COVID to direct exposure to people that were known to have developed the disease.  Comparing this to Noem’s approach makes her actions seem reasonable and balanced.  She also told a personal story about her father that was quite touching and also tied into her message on responsibility and courage.  She seems like someone who will be attractive to voters and she has demonstrated that she isn’t easily panicked into taking poor advice.  She also may turn out to be someone who will help us regain our freedom.

So, there are two leaders.  Depending on your count of red states we probably need another twenty-two or twenty-three more governors just like them.  Because it’s going to take a coalition of red states to fend off the unconstitutional assault that we will be coming at us from Washington.  But the good news is these two leaders seem to get it.  They are talking about the right things.  They are doing the right things.  I compare this to someone like Marco Rubio, the supposedly conservative US senator from Florida.  His speeches are full of feeling and ringing endorsement of conservative platitudes but he consistently caves into leftist demands for things like amnesty for illegals.  This tells me that we seem to be making some progress in who is getting into red state government.

So, it’s not like we are ready to have a Red State Constitutional Convention.  But we are starting to see the beginning of a movement by the states to push back against the anti-conservative alliance.  We see politicians who actually seem to get it.  And that’s more than encouraging.  It downright inspiring.

What Will President Trump Say Next Sunday?

On Sunday February 28th 2021 at 3:40 pm on the last day of CPAC, Donald Trump will make his first major public speech since the January 6th rally in Washington D.C. that the Left used as an excuse for his post-term impeachment and the militarization of Capitol Hill into something resembling the Berlin Wall.

I’ve been waiting impatiently for this speech for weeks.  I guess if I had been more thoughtful, I would have acknowledged that it was necessary to let the impeachment process and the fallout from all of the dozens of Biden regime executive orders settle first before there would be space in the public eye for a major statement by Donald Trump.

So, in less than a week the only man in generations who was both willing and able to do something significant to improve the lives of normal Americans will have the chance to tell us if he has a plan for the future.  I won’t lie and say I’m not anxious that he may decide to pass the torch to the next generation.  After all he is already 74 years old and by 2024, he’ll be 78.  That’s a lot to expect from a man.

But what I’m hoping he will say is that he wants to build a political and commercial foundation for us.  He has some means and he knows other wealthy and powerful men who if they have the ambition and foresight can put together a corporation that supports many different populist and conservative needs.

My ideas for this are very overblown.  I envision a corporation that provides unassailable access for conservatives to services that currently are at the whim of progressive attack.  People who have done nothing more dangerous than question the progressive dictates on sexual and racial pieties have had their internet businesses shut down or shadow banned.  They have been hounded out of their jobs, denied service by banks and payment processors and even arrested by local and federal law enforcement based on selective enforcement of laws that often are completely unconstitutional.

So, you can see, I’ll probably be at least somewhat let down no matter what is said.  I feel that at this point it is going to take men of extraordinary vision to take back this country without an actual civil war.  An enormous amount of coordination and the willingness to build corporate structures and commercial institutions at great financial risk doesn’t seem probable.  But either those things must happen or one of two things will.  Either a demagogue will step in and things will go in a different and much darker direction, or the normal people of this country will finally give up and the progressives will turn this into a totalitarian woke state right out of 1984.  And I really don’t want either of those options.

But even if President Trump only gives us a tiny part of a plan for our future it will be the first tiny patch of good news we’ve had in months.  I’m looking forward to it with great expectation.  I would even like it if he reflected on the RINO’s that stabbed him in the back and also pointed to the current flock of conservative leaders and anointed a few of them as the men who will have to carry the ball after his time has passed.

And finally, this speech is the chance for the acknowledged leader of conservative America to address his people specifically.  At CPAC the audience isn’t all of America.  It’s specifically conservative America and Donald Trump is currently the undisputed leader of that tribe.  We voted for him in prodigious numbers.  Recent surveys show we would abandon the Republican Party if he started a Patriot Party of his own and we’re looking to him to show us a path forward into a future that doesn’t leave us at the mercy of the progressive left.  I hope he has something good for us to hear.

An Open Letter to the Leaders on the Right

To: Former President Donald J. Trump, Senator Josh Hawley, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Tom Cotton, Governor Ron DeSantis, Governor Kristi Noem, Mr. Mike Pompeo, Mr. Donald Trump Jr., Mr. Tucker Carlson


I am writing this open letter to you powerful and hopefully conservative leaders in the hope that somehow it will find its way to you in the real world.  I am not sure that all of you really are on our side and I’m also sure that I’ve left out many conservative leaders that are out there.  But if this message gets through to any of you and you actually find my message important then you have more chance of spreading this information to the rest of the conservative leaders than I do.

And my message is that unless you all organize some kind of effective message to the conservative people of this country very soon it will be too late.  And that’s not hyperbole.  The Left is torturing us in every facet of our existence.

They torture us at work with their various trainings.  We get sensitivity training for racial identity, sexual identity, gender identity.  We get lectured on equity which is just another name for anti-white discrimination.  Now we even get safety training to rat out our friends who say the “wrong” things.

They torture us if we try to watch entertainment.  We have to have overpaid steroid users kneeling during the national anthem while the airheaded “sports analysts” tell us how brave they are to do it.  Every movie and every tv show and even every commercial trumpets the BLM mantra that America is an abomination saturated with systemic racism.  The stupidest people in the world, actors and actresses, line up to preach to us about how evil we are.  They’ve even invented a name for it, white privilege.

They torture our children in every school from nursery school all the way through graduate school.  And if they don’t toe the line, they won’t get to use their hyper-expensive degrees.  They turn them against their parents and ancestors and make them hate the very civilization that created the world that provides all the advantages that everybody takes for granted.

They torture us on-line where they harass and de-platform normal people who want to communicate with the rest of the world.  They will not only de-platform you but they will pressure banks and payment processors to boycott your business.  They’ll even contact your employer and get you fired from your job.  And Silicon Valley acts as a giant echo chamber that gaslights us and even worse, silences us in their search engines and advertising algorithms.

They torture us by making and selectively enforcing laws against us.  They’ll celebrate the rioting and murder committed by BLM and Antifa but they’ll prosecute to absurd levels anything that is done by the Right.  Now they are ramping up their surveillance and prosecution campaign using the bogeyman of “white supremacist terror.”  They punish free speech and they are attempting to invalidate the second amendment by criminalizing guns.

They torture us by encouraging illegal immigration and by exporting all our jobs.  And now Silicon Valley has finished the job by killing the retail businesses with Amazon.  I won’t even bother to discuss COVID and the horrors they’ve inflicted on us for that.

They’ve made our lives hell but other than President Trump’s term in office you’ve all done nothing.  In the last four years there was a glimmer of hope.  That’s been extinguished.  And most real conservatives living in blue states are close to giving up permanently.  I have many friends who were outspoken champions of the Right but after the 2020 election and its aftermath have told me they don’t think there is anyone on the Right that has any fight in them at all.  If you tell them that we must form a resistance they say, “Leave me alone, don’t waste my time, let me go and enjoy my life as well as I can.”  So, if you hope to do something about taking back this country from the Left you all better sit down together in one room and put together an action plan that includes more than talk.

You want to be the leaders of the Right, so lead!   You had better put together a party or corporation to rally the conservatives.  It can’t be the Republican party because they are useless.  Their “big tent” includes squishes like McConnell and Cheney and countless others who wouldn’t know a conservative principle if it walked up to them and punched them in the nose.  And I’m not asking all the Republicans to leave the party.  It’s irrelevant.  We need an organization that’s just for social conservatives, people who believe in the Bill of Rights, who believe in God and country.  A good test is anyone who thinks that the BLM riots were justified doesn’t belong in this group.

Put together an organization and come up with some goals.  Speak to us tell us what you plan to do.  Give us hope.  Give us something to buy into and support that isn’t just us funding your stupid re-election funds!  Build something that we can benefit from.  Find some billionaires on our side and have them build some platforms for us.  Have our own Facebook, our own PayPal and while you’re at it have them open our own bank.  You could get 75,000,000 customers and who knows one day you might have your own Google, YouTube and Amazon also.  Buy a bunch of expensive lawyers and start suing our enemies in every court in the land.  Sue Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal and all the banks and other corporations that have been de-platforming and firing people for absolutely no legal reason at all.

And I’m no business genius.  I am aware that it takes business savvy and experience to do this.  But if there is no one on our side smart enough to figure out how to monetize 75,000,000 angry consumers then we deserve to lose.  Give these people a way to channel their anger and they will be glad to pay a little bit to have an organization of their own.

But you had better do it soon.  People can’t hold out forever.  They need hope and they want something to believe in.  Come up with a plan and put it in front of the Right and they will follow you.  Dawdle around and there won’t be anything left.  If you are leaders then lead.  If you’re not then just put out a statement that there is no hope and you’re outmatched.  Then we can decide how to make the best of our lives somewhere else.