Stranger Days

I like to think that I’ve acclimated to our present insane political situation.  But I know that recognizing this is just an intellectual position not a visceral one.  A nation that was not only great in military and economic power but also in terms of the dignity and freedom all of its citizens possessed, seeing it reduced to a gangster state that seems to want to destroy every vestige of its heritage and pride isn’t something that can be accepted easily.  A lot more will have to happen before it really hits home how low we’ve sunk.  But that will come too.  All indications are that the agenda is queued up and we will watch it unfold in all its sickening detail.

So, bit by bit we’ll absorb the rest of the program.  The exact order of operations isn’t completely clear.  My guess is they’ll continue to attack all sectors of the population that aren’t necessary for the elite’s wellbeing.  They’ll continue to strangle small businesses and blue-collar workers and they’ll use the COVID restrictions to keep people isolated and depressed.  I assume we’ll see another round of BLM burning and looting.  The FBI will be responsible for further scapegoating of anyone who resists any of these measures.  The George Floyd show trial will be starting up soon and we’ll get a look at how “woke justice” works.

The Senate is gearing up for a showdown on using the filibuster to prevent the legislation on making permanent the rigging of elections and I expect we’ll also see gun confiscation legislation right after that.  And then we’ll get to see the Supreme Court either bow down to anti-Constitutional laws or we’ll see the Senate and House pack the Supreme Court.

So that’s a hefty agenda coming up but it’s hardly comprehensive.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see slavery reparations rolling in.  And paying for those reparations it will be necessary to raid the country’s 401K plans.  After all, to outlay those trillions of dollars without paying for them would be fiscally irresponsible.  I’m sure Mitt Romney will agree.

And finally, hate speech legislation should be right around the corner.  Dead naming trannies and complaining about anti-white discrimination will absolutely not be tolerated.

So, I’ll have a chance to acknowledge the changes in the United States not only in my head but in my gut.  I’ll be able to fully accept that post-America only possesses a geographical resemblance to its predecessor.  The other good thing is that after all these changes are made there won’t be any doubt about whether the inhabitants will put up with it or not.  Either they’ll accept the chains of slavery they’ve been handed or they’ll throw them off.  There really is no middle choice.  It shouldn’t take too long to find out.  I can’t imagine it’ll be more than a year or so for most of the agenda to unfold.  And when it does, if someone decides to make a stand I’ll join in with great joy and relief.  I still do believe that there are brave men here that won’t be enslaved.  But if nobody does anything to stop it then I’ll have to find a better place to live.  I’m sure it won’t be anything nearly as wonderful as the country I was born in but facing facts is necessary.

But in the meantime, while all this plays out life still goes on.  There are books and movies to review.  Photos to be taken. Grandkids to play with.  Books to write.  Bidens to mock. And posts to write.  When there are developments to analyze or atrocities to decry, I will opine.  But at this point I don’t plan to just keep beating the drum.  The readers here already know what I think about the state of the union.  I won’t go over that territory again.  I’ll look forward to actual events.  Fight or Flee are the only two options I’m interested in.  Within a year I think I’ll know which is my future.

Stranger days indeed.  But I’ll try to do my part to keep people somewhat amused and maybe informed.

Max Morton, Leave A Comment or Send an E-Mail

I went over Max Morton’s American Greatness post “Until Lambs Become Lions” last week in a post.  At the time I said he sounds an awful lot like me!  And I went back and read over the other posts he had at American Greatness.  And once again I was impressed with the logic he used and the conclusions he came to.  I left a message with the editor of American Greatness asking if Max Morton could be sent a message through him.

If Max or one of his friends sees this please tell him to leave a comment on this post or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire(at)

I am interested in your ideas and would like to ask you a few questions to clarify some things I have been thinking about.



Reframing Our Situation

I was reading one of Curtis Yarvin’s latest posts on his Substack site, Gray Mirror.  It was about his interpretation of where we are, how we got here and what is and isn’t possible to do in our present-day world.

It’s all very interesting.  He talks about pre-modern and modern and post-modern and sub-modern people.  He talks about Hitler and Stalin and Mao.  He makes analogies about different kinds of forest fires and high and low potential energies for different things.  He talks about monarchy and oligarchy and democracy and a CEO as king of a corporate state and all kinds of jibber jabber.  And that’s not to say that it isn’t all very interesting and maybe a good basis for thinking about what comes next.  But time is limited and I want to think about today.

What I did take away from all this is that I should rethink how I define my place in the new reality.  America is no longer that civic nationalist proposition nation.  It’s a tyrannical oligarchy and I’m certainly not an oligarch.

All men are no longer created equal.  The government will tell you what your value is, based on who they are shilling for this week.

The Creator cannot endow you with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In fact, they have long ago laughed away the existence of the Creator and now they will dole out life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness based on whatever algorithm they happen to be following that week.

There are a lot of things that can happen in the next few decades but one of the least likely is that we will get back to that America that I used to think I lived in.  For that to happen a whole lot of people in the blue states would have to revolt against their elites and come over to our side.  And I think the event of me winning a billion-dollar lottery five times in a row is a more likely event than that.

So, I’ll start with whose side I’m not on.  That’s easier than describing who is on my side.  Anyone who’s against the statement, “All lives matter,” Is definitely not on my side.  In fact, it’s safe to say those people are my enemies.  But I’ll go farther, anyone who pulls down statues or riots, loots and burns down cities in the name of George Floyd is my enemy.  And moving along.  Any government official who decided to allow these people to victimize their constituents and sat back or even encouraged this rioting is my enemy.  And anyone who believes or says he believes in white privilege is my enemy.  And finally, anyone who thinks for whatever reason that people like me don’t deserve the same consideration and rights as any other citizen of this country is my enemy.  Now, that’s getting to be a pretty large group of people.  But I’m sure if I sat here a little while I could throw some more groups into it.  But let’s stop there.

Who does that leave?  Well, it leaves people who believed in the United States as originally constituted.  Trying to describe that group isn’t completely trivial.  It doesn’t consist of one ethnic group or color.  It doesn’t even consist of all the members of one ethnic group or color.  And the same can be said of sex.  You can say that the largest component is white men.  But there are women too and minorities.  In terms of age, it skews older.  The millennials are extremely propagandized against their country.  So, there are leanings and there are groupings but no hard and fast rules.

But what do you do about forming a community out of such a coalition?  And what are the actions and goals of such a community?  I think what we are trying to do is to first give ourselves an identity and give ourselves a voice and then come up with an agenda and then takes steps to actualize that agenda.

The first step is to give ourselves an identity.  My idea is to commandeer the old American identity.  Everything from before 1960.  The old civic nationalist creed.  Just take it lock stock and barrel.  We don’t throw anything overboard.  We keep the Civil War and the Frontier and everything else, warts and all.  I’ve been calling it Free America but naming it will be part of the founding actions.  Everything we need is already there.

Giving ourselves a voice is wrapped up in forming local chapters and meeting together and finding out what things we are unhappy about and starting to find strategies to address these problems.  And then forming an on-line community to organize above the grass roots level and leverage the scope of our membership on a national level.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if there wouldn’t be people who would want to start chapters overseas.  There are probably millions of people who would want to be in our camp all around the world.  And the other part of giving ourselves a voice is finding gifted leaders who have a vision of what we can do.  And I think there is much we can do.  Organization will allow us to achieve much by buying influence and discouraging attacks.

All of these things are possible once we have an organization that represents us and our values.  And it can’t be the Republicans.  They only represent themselves.  We may be able to use some of them and some of them may join us.  But that is another reason we need a voice of our own.  We need a platform that is easy to understand and by which we can judge whether a politician is with us or against us.  No more George Bushes, no more John McCains, no more Mitt Romneys.

And once we have that agenda we can figure out how to make it happen.  Maybe the first step is commercial.  We’ll need banks of our own who won’t discriminate against our businesses.  We’ll need publishers who won’t blacklist our authors.  We’ll need our own social media platforms.  We’ll need retailers that won’t boycott the products that our members sell.  We’ll need our own schools and our own churches.  All these things we’ll need and we’ll have because the larger society hates us and doesn’t want to allow us to breath free.

But most of all we need an organization just for our own sake.  We are vilified by everyone with wealth and power.  We need something of our own that affirms our beliefs and validates our existence.  So that is how I would reframe our situation.  Regardless of whether we can retake control of the United States we need to organize our own identity and defend it and strengthen it against the attacks from the Left.  They are not part of our nation and we owe them no allegiance.  We will tolerate what we must but we disbelieve all their propaganda and lies.  And we’ll look for our advantage to disrupt and neutralize all of their efforts.

That’s my new way of looking at things.

If Dr. Seuss is Racist What Isn’t?

If there any people that still think that the newspapers, tv and cable news, schools, universities, tech companies and even the Federal government are going to act honestly about questions of race I hope they get some help right away.  Anyone that stupid should be strapped into a chair and fed by a nurse because he’s obviously too stupid to be trusted even with a spork.

The culture war isn’t a war anymore.  It’s just an exercise in humiliating slaves.  We’re supposed to sit here while the official and unofficial centers of power are allowed to insult everything we hold normal and good in this world.  If sixty years ago you had told John Kennedy that his party would in the same year denigrate and dishonor the names and monuments of Columbus, Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln and even go after a beloved author of children’s books he would have called you a madman.  So would have FDR.  And he was a thorough going progressive.

By any and all measures these people aren’t Americans and they aren’t our countrymen.  They are an occupying army on our soil.  They’ve captured our country and they are doing everything they can to get rid of us and replace us with foreigners whom they can more easily control.

Right now, what they are attempting to do is demoralize us and also spark a small violent reaction that they can crush and then use as an excuse to legislate even more unconstitutional laws to remove our freedoms.  And it is working.  Normal Americans are disgusted and depressed by the endless drum beat of assaults on normalcy and the things that we enjoy in life.  It is discouraging and doubtless there will be some violent reactions to the insults.

But reacting to the Left in a manner that they are prepared to capitalize on is a huge mistake.  Just like the riots and the statue toppling they are waiting for someone to fight back.  And they will pound those people into the ground.  Any resistance to these affronts will have to take place in red states and will need official protection by and approval of the state legislatures and governors.  And even then, there will be federal judges and the Department of Justice attacking the people in charge.  For all I know we are at the point where the Federal government is willing to send combat troops in to force compliance with unconstitutional laws and executive orders.

And we cannot kid ourselves into thinking that the Supreme Court will do a damn thing to prevent these tyrannical laws.  There are at most three justices who take their oaths seriously.  The rest of them just want to keep their lucrative positions and get to posture in front of the legal profession.  No, only the states still in the hands of free Americans have any chance of fighting back against this disgusting evil.

In my darker moments I imagine a red state governor looking to set a trap for the Left in one of his state’s blue cities.  He could wait until the rioting begins and declare martial law but only display the troops at the periphery of the violence.  But have a force in hiding in one of the riot zones and then spring the trap against the most heinous rioters, arsonists and looters.  If done correctly he could use all the available video surveillance evidence to prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law which could be very severe.

In a less dramatic but just as valuable operation I can imagine the State of Florida following up on their proposed crackdown on internet discrimination against conservatives and sue Google and Facebook and Twitter for many billions of dollars.  It could be a class action suit and all of us could enjoy some of the benefits.  Now that is something I could see happening easily enough.

But both of these routes may be needed to finally begin pushing back against these evil people who are completely committed to making our lives miserable in every way they can.  In the meantime, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, purchase hard copies of any book, music, movie or television show that you like because sooner or later if it’s good they’ll ban it and it will disappear.  After all, if Dr. Seuss is racist what isn’t?

Future Leaders of Free America

I just listened to the CPAC speeches by Governors DeSantis and Noem.  I went over the substance of their speeches.  Both of them were bragging about the results that their states had during COVID and of the conservative policies and priorities that each had selected to enforce.  And they were right to brag.  Both states weathered 2020 with their economies intact and without having caved in to the stupidity that Cuomo and Newsom followed.  They protected the right people and let everyone else live their lives like free people.

Listening to DeSantis as a political speaker he’s okay.  He’s not mesmerizing, or effortlessly glib.  Comparing him to Ronald Reagan, he would be thought to be a lesser speaker.  But he was talking about the legislation he’s endorsing to rein in the Silicon Valley companies from de-platforming and canceling conservatives for their beliefs.  That’s amazing.  No other American politician has dared to even consider doing that.  If he can make that happen, he will singlehandedly revolutionize the reality of free speech in America today.  A man who is taking such bold action could be a man to lead us to freedom.

Governor Noem is a very effective speaker.  She spoke about how the press, specifically George Stephanopoulos, mocked her on television and begged Andrew Cuomo to take her aside and straighten her out on how to handle COVID.  The irony of how that sounds today is staggering.  Cuomo is being investigated for his incompetent and dishonest handling of nursing home safety during the height of the COVID crisis.  Amid all the overreach of his lockdowns he stupidly exposed the one population that was known to be critically vulnerable to COVID to direct exposure to people that were known to have developed the disease.  Comparing this to Noem’s approach makes her actions seem reasonable and balanced.  She also told a personal story about her father that was quite touching and also tied into her message on responsibility and courage.  She seems like someone who will be attractive to voters and she has demonstrated that she isn’t easily panicked into taking poor advice.  She also may turn out to be someone who will help us regain our freedom.

So, there are two leaders.  Depending on your count of red states we probably need another twenty-two or twenty-three more governors just like them.  Because it’s going to take a coalition of red states to fend off the unconstitutional assault that we will be coming at us from Washington.  But the good news is these two leaders seem to get it.  They are talking about the right things.  They are doing the right things.  I compare this to someone like Marco Rubio, the supposedly conservative US senator from Florida.  His speeches are full of feeling and ringing endorsement of conservative platitudes but he consistently caves into leftist demands for things like amnesty for illegals.  This tells me that we seem to be making some progress in who is getting into red state government.

So, it’s not like we are ready to have a Red State Constitutional Convention.  But we are starting to see the beginning of a movement by the states to push back against the anti-conservative alliance.  We see politicians who actually seem to get it.  And that’s more than encouraging.  It downright inspiring.

In Praise of the Free Americans

Back at the beginning of February some clueless loser writing for the LA Times named Virginia Heffernan wrote a screed about her non-Leftist neighbor next to her vacation home that plowed the driveway as a neighborly act of kindness.  Reading the pathetic justification for her lack of gratitude over this act of kindness is painful.  Putting aside the lack of self-awareness showcased, what it brought home for me was the fact that our side is full of good people and their side is composed of feckless petulant children.

But this time I think I’ll ignore the Leftist miscreants and concentrate on the good people for once.  When I first moved out of the city into the suburban and rural areas, I was the newb trying to figure out how to negotiate the endless snow of winter.  Kids had to get to school, I had to get to work and just shoveling it eventually was going to run against the physics of piling too much snow in too little space.  And it was always the blue-collar guys who didn’t have the nicest car or whose kids didn’t have all the latest gadgets and toys who lent a hand or gave advice or volunteered to bring your kid somewhere when you were stuck in a ditch.

Luckily for me I liked those kinds of people.  They adopted me and taught me all kinds of work arounds and entertaining things that could be done on short funds.  Like ice fishing or where the best camping grounds were or the best cheap seats at the ball park.  So, if my neighbor plowed out my driveway, I didn’t write a snarky letter to the local newspaper justifying why I shouldn’t (and wouldn’t) thank him.  I immediately did thank him and asked if I could do anything to return the favor and Camera Girl would bake him a pie or some cookies the next day.

Like anything else there are no absolute correlations between political stripe and virtue.  I’ve had deep blue neighbors who were good neighborly people and I’ve known a few folks on our side of the aisle that I wish were behind bars.  But by and large our people are friendlier, more helpful and just plain more decent than the characters on the other side.  If I have to live next door to, or be on a school committee with, or have my kids on a sports activity with either conservative folks or liberals, I’d choose the conservatives every time and I’d be right 98% of the time.

So here you have all these good people.  And there you have all those creeps.  And the powers that be rig the game to punish all these good people and reward all those creeps.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that we have to get organized and find a way out of this trap.    We have to organize to protect ourselves from the people who are trying to do us in.  Somebody like DeSantis might be part of the solution.  Maybe Noem in South Dakota is.  And maybe the next step is these kinds of people getting together and figuring out a larger strategy.

But my point in this whole thing is this.  We can’t let these good people be destroyed.  That’s not just a crime against humanity it’s a sin in the eyes of God.  These are the best people on the planet and they are being treated like criminals, like garbage and it’s got to stop.  If we can’t find a part of this country where we can live in peace then we should form a giant migration and get the hell out.  Maybe we can buy a section of Siberia or Australia for a trillion or two dollars’ worth of gold and move there together.  Anything is better than letting these vampires finish off our kids.  That’s my take.

Free America –21FEB2021 Update

As we settle into the new totalitarian regime the sense of outrage dulls and each new atrocity becomes less shocking because it’s already expected.  Biden is telling the Democrat Congress he wants a bill that gives the illegals an eight-year path to citizenship.  Then he wants to have D.C. and Puerto Rico declared states.  Soon he’ll demand slavery reparations.  And after that he’ll want to balance the books by cancelling the 401K and social security accounts of anyone who isn’t black.  Well, sure.  Are we expecting anything less?  They’ve telegraphed this stuff for years.  With full control of the Congress and White House the only check on their plans is the Supreme Court and I think we know how that will play out.  Even gun grabs and hate speech legislation are on the agenda and now it sounds like they intend to use the FBI as the secret police and arrest people they don’t like by calling them insurrectionists.  Good times.

During a get together with some friends we were talking about that teacher in New York City who was fired. Apparently at some kind of group session where people were supposed to talk about personal struggles she tried to talk about her grandparents and their loss of a child during the Holocaust.  She was shut down because they let her know the only ones allowed to talk about problems are black and brown people.  Then to top it off when they were taking a group picture, she wouldn’t give the Wakanda Salute (put her arms in front of her in the shape of an X).  Apparently, this is a gesture used in the Marvel Comics movie Black Panther.  I think she felt it was silly or divisive.  So, they fired her.  I think she had been given an award recently for figuring out a way to improve math test scores in her school.

We were discussing the fact that people are leaving New York in epidemic numbers to get their kids out of the public school system.  And obviously with the story about the teacher just mentioned it isn’t hard to imagine that in a very few years they will have driven all the good teachers and most families that care about educating their kids, right out of the system.  We debated whether this would have any effect on the city government.  I think the opinion was it wouldn’t.  At least not until the system crashed and burned beyond repair.  And that is a truly amazing result.  New York City is estimated to have eight million people living in it.  Now, that was before the disruptions from COVID and BLM.  If someone told me it had lost a million people, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.  But even if there were only six million people living there, I find it shocking to imagine what will happen to the productivity and general behavior of the inhabitants if the school system becomes like what they have in Detroit or Baltimore.  That level of illiteracy and dysfunction in a place as hard to keep running as New York will be truly frightening.  I wouldn’t be surprised if whole industries just up and move out overnight.  Wall Street, the banks, the insurance companies, the advertising companies, even the fashion industry can, and probably will, leave when the city starts becoming like Detroit.  As it is the lawlessness of the BLM riots has destroyed the retail stores in uptown and midtown.  It’s actually hard to imagine things improving without some serious incentives by the state and federal government.

One of the guys was saying that communities as far away as Florida were seeing school enrollments skyrocketing with New York emigres looking to find schools where their kids would get a decent education.  I imagine a similar thing will be going on in other cities similarly affected.  Certainly, Minneapolis is experiencing a crime epidemic and I’m sure the parents there are looking for a way to escape.  Chicago also sounds like it is melting down.  So, the good times are just flowing in Dementia Joe’s America.  It’s at least a small comfort that the states that voted overwhelmingly for Biden are taking it on the chin big time.  And with the political fall out that the governors of New York and California are suffering lately it is a little less painful to see what the communists are doing to the Former United States.

But here in Free America we don’t give the Wakanda Salute.  We don’t watch sports games where people disrespect the National Anthem of Free America.  We don’t tell our children that they should be ashamed because their skin happens to be fair.  We don’t let teachers fool them about who they are and what is right and wrong.  And our pronouns don’t need to be asked.  They’re self-evident.

Then the get together devolved into an argument about deciding who were the hottest women on television back in the day.  The final match up was between Wrangler Jane on F Troop and Barbara Eden on I Dream of Jeannie.  Well, that should be obvious.

Sundance at CTH Has a Good Analysis of What We are All Expecting After the Trial

Hat tip to Neil for sending me the link.  I saw the text from Politico and didn’t go any farther.  Sundance expressed it very well.

I think everyone is waiting to see which way President Trump decides to go after this farcical “trial” is over. I’d love for him to become the leader of a movement that encompassed more than just politics or media or commerce. It needs to be almost a nation within a nation. We need the cohesion to be able to use the strength of our numbers to provide support and protection for the individuals who are bearing the brunt of these attacks. 75 million people could afford to pay for legal and even tactical resources when needed. We need a powerful leader to build a powerful organization to protect us from the Left. I hope he will agree to be that leader. I don’t know who else could do it.

DeceptiCons Perplexed, President Trump Support Not Waning – Retribution to GOP Increasingly Likely


Texit Envy

Yesterday I listed among my Friday finds an interview at the Gateway Pundit with Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann about the Texit Bill that he will introduce into the Texas legislature to begin the process of determining if the citizens of Texas want to leave the United States and reassert their sovereignty as the Republic of Texas.

During the interview Representative Biedermann mentioned that there are other states that are also interested in pursuing the idea of becoming independent of Washington.  So, I went to the Texit website to see what else I could find out.  There was quite bit of information on the Texit project but no other information on any other states looking into independence.  But just knowing that something was going on to finally push back against the Left was like getting a shot of pure oxygen after breathing stale air for a week.

As I’ve said many times before, I am tethered to the area by the grandchildren living here and Camera Girl would fight me like a tiger if I tried to move her away from them.  But a day will come when moving will be possible and if Texas does this great thing, I feel sure I would go there.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if others of my family joined me.  There has been talk already of fleeing the Northeast for freer areas but even red states are currently under the thumb of the federal government.

The idea of Texas gaining independence is thrilling enough but imagine if a number of contiguous states join them in some sort of loose confederation.  I feel drunk just thinking of it.  Imagine escaping from the Leftists once and for all.  Never again having to be called racists during another election.  Never having to live under laws that force you to lose the rights of a free man to property, religion, speech free association and self-defense.

I was trying to think what would be the greatest pleasure that I would get from states gaining their freedom and I think it would be never having to have idiots like Barack Obama or Joe Biden spoken of as the leader of my nation.  I would never have to listen to Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer make a speech unless doing it for laughs.  I wouldn’t be surrounded by fools who would let the federal government lock us in our homes and force us to wear masks for no reason.  I wouldn’t have a government that would allow lunatics to hijack the cities and burn down honest people’s shops to protest the death of some criminal.  I wouldn’t have to live in a place where the news stations tell me that I’m a racist and a science denier because I don’t believe in white privilege and I don’t think that a man wearing a dress is a woman.  Well, I guess that’s more than one thing but I think all those things are linked together.  Let’s just say that the greatest thing about living in a real Free America would be living in a place that wasn’t completely crazy by design.

As you can probably tell I’m pretty excited to hear about this movement in Texas and now I’m almost a little down knowing there’s not much I can do about it currently.  But what I will do is keep up with the information that becomes available and update the folks here on the site when something occurs.

I spent a few months down in Texas on an engineering assignment twenty-five years ago and those folks down there were so friendly that I was dumbfounded by it.  And the same thing happened every time I was in a red state.  It’s just wrong to allow good people to be badgered and tormented by sick demented weirdos just because they’ve rigged the system against us.  Here’s to hoping Texas makes it happen.

22JAN2021 – OCF Update – Glass Half Full Kind of Day

I feel disgustingly cheerful today.  It’s a very bright sunny day here in the gulag.  Because of the bitter cold, the furnace is roaring away on fuel oil and the forced hot water is merrily exchanging heat with the air in my living room here at the Compound.  Camera Girl has sallied forth in Old Car to Wally World to bring me flesh, and bring me wine, and bring me pine logs hither, sort of.  Old dog and not so old dog are lazing near the radiators and I have just finished listening to the ZMan’s Friday Power Hour, his weekly podcast, and despite the predictions of crime waves and government malfeasance it was surprisingly upbeat, I thought.

And I find myself almost ebullient.  In the last four days I think four of my posts were linked over at Whatfinger and several thousand extra pageviews were registered and new subscribers joined and new voices appeared in the comments and an interesting opportunity for the site has appeared that may bring still more traffic here.  So, a big shout out to Sergeant Pat and the other guys over at Whatfinger.

But in addition, recent events have led me to believe that the result of the fraudulent election will spark changes in this country that are all for the good.  The spell is broken.  Everyone is paying attention to the man behind the curtain.  And he is definitely not the great and powerful anything.  He’s just a cheap grifter with a very powerful organization pulling the strings.  The problem for him is that, us being able to see the strings takes away a good deal of the effectiveness of his grift.  If the suckers figure out that the three-card monte game is really there as a distraction to help the pickpockets in the crowd then it becomes a lot harder to pick pockets.  If the Eloi figure out that the Morlocks are cannibals then they’ll stop walking into the frying pan and that will make it a lot harder on the poor Morlocks trying to make an honest living eating Eloi.

And the other part of this whole thing is that I actually feel happier not having to make believe I’m in any way associated with people who either believe or publicly pretend to believe that Dementia Joe is their leader.  I want to be in a separate grouping from them.  I’m ecstatic if they shun me.  I look forward to having different social media platforms, payment processors, crowdfunding sites, even retailers and banks.  All those things will be immeasurably better if leftists shun them completely.  We should make a point of emblazoning on everything we own some triggering slogan that will send the SJW’s into paroxysms of rage and assure that they will never patronize that site.  If I thought it would do any good, I’d emblazon the header of my site with “All Lives Matter!!!!” or something equally scandalous.

Of course, an enormous amount of work is ahead of us to build these new platforms and the Left will do everything they can to torture and attack us every step of the way.  But we are still infinitely better off now that the lights are on and we can see the threats.  Blundering around in the dark is not only dangerous but it’s also demoralizing.  An unseen danger is much more frightening and confusing.  For tens of millions of people, the knowledge of who is and isn’t your friend will make avoiding harm a lot easier.  Thinking that Mitch McConnell and John Roberts will ride to our rescue is now obvious lunacy.  It’s Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown for the millionth time.  It’s done for all but the terminally stupid.

We are at last moving on from the grifters.