22JAN2021 – OCF Update – Glass Half Full Kind of Day

I feel disgustingly cheerful today.  It’s a very bright sunny day here in the gulag.  Because of the bitter cold, the furnace is roaring away on fuel oil and the forced hot water is merrily exchanging heat with the air in my living room here at the Compound.  Camera Girl has sallied forth in Old Car to Wally World to bring me flesh, and bring me wine, and bring me pine logs hither, sort of.  Old dog and not so old dog are lazing near the radiators and I have just finished listening to the ZMan’s Friday Power Hour, his weekly podcast, and despite the predictions of crime waves and government malfeasance it was surprisingly upbeat, I thought.

And I find myself almost ebullient.  In the last four days I think four of my posts were linked over at Whatfinger and several thousand extra pageviews were registered and new subscribers joined and new voices appeared in the comments and an interesting opportunity for the site has appeared that may bring still more traffic here.  So, a big shout out to Sergeant Pat and the other guys over at Whatfinger.

But in addition, recent events have led me to believe that the result of the fraudulent election will spark changes in this country that are all for the good.  The spell is broken.  Everyone is paying attention to the man behind the curtain.  And he is definitely not the great and powerful anything.  He’s just a cheap grifter with a very powerful organization pulling the strings.  The problem for him is that, us being able to see the strings takes away a good deal of the effectiveness of his grift.  If the suckers figure out that the three-card monte game is really there as a distraction to help the pickpockets in the crowd then it becomes a lot harder to pick pockets.  If the Eloi figure out that the Morlocks are cannibals then they’ll stop walking into the frying pan and that will make it a lot harder on the poor Morlocks trying to make an honest living eating Eloi.

And the other part of this whole thing is that I actually feel happier not having to make believe I’m in any way associated with people who either believe or publicly pretend to believe that Dementia Joe is their leader.  I want to be in a separate grouping from them.  I’m ecstatic if they shun me.  I look forward to having different social media platforms, payment processors, crowdfunding sites, even retailers and banks.  All those things will be immeasurably better if leftists shun them completely.  We should make a point of emblazoning on everything we own some triggering slogan that will send the SJW’s into paroxysms of rage and assure that they will never patronize that site.  If I thought it would do any good, I’d emblazon the header of my site with “All Lives Matter!!!!” or something equally scandalous.

Of course, an enormous amount of work is ahead of us to build these new platforms and the Left will do everything they can to torture and attack us every step of the way.  But we are still infinitely better off now that the lights are on and we can see the threats.  Blundering around in the dark is not only dangerous but it’s also demoralizing.  An unseen danger is much more frightening and confusing.  For tens of millions of people, the knowledge of who is and isn’t your friend will make avoiding harm a lot easier.  Thinking that Mitch McConnell and John Roberts will ride to our rescue is now obvious lunacy.  It’s Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown for the millionth time.  It’s done for all but the terminally stupid.

We are at last moving on from the grifters.