Reframing Our Situation

I was reading one of Curtis Yarvin’s latest posts on his Substack site, Gray Mirror.  It was about his interpretation of where we are, how we got here and what is and isn’t possible to do in our present-day world.

It’s all very interesting.  He talks about pre-modern and modern and post-modern and sub-modern people.  He talks about Hitler and Stalin and Mao.  He makes analogies about different kinds of forest fires and high and low potential energies for different things.  He talks about monarchy and oligarchy and democracy and a CEO as king of a corporate state and all kinds of jibber jabber.  And that’s not to say that it isn’t all very interesting and maybe a good basis for thinking about what comes next.  But time is limited and I want to think about today.

What I did take away from all this is that I should rethink how I define my place in the new reality.  America is no longer that civic nationalist proposition nation.  It’s a tyrannical oligarchy and I’m certainly not an oligarch.

All men are no longer created equal.  The government will tell you what your value is, based on who they are shilling for this week.

The Creator cannot endow you with the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In fact, they have long ago laughed away the existence of the Creator and now they will dole out life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness based on whatever algorithm they happen to be following that week.

There are a lot of things that can happen in the next few decades but one of the least likely is that we will get back to that America that I used to think I lived in.  For that to happen a whole lot of people in the blue states would have to revolt against their elites and come over to our side.  And I think the event of me winning a billion-dollar lottery five times in a row is a more likely event than that.

So, I’ll start with whose side I’m not on.  That’s easier than describing who is on my side.  Anyone who’s against the statement, “All lives matter,” Is definitely not on my side.  In fact, it’s safe to say those people are my enemies.  But I’ll go farther, anyone who pulls down statues or riots, loots and burns down cities in the name of George Floyd is my enemy.  And moving along.  Any government official who decided to allow these people to victimize their constituents and sat back or even encouraged this rioting is my enemy.  And anyone who believes or says he believes in white privilege is my enemy.  And finally, anyone who thinks for whatever reason that people like me don’t deserve the same consideration and rights as any other citizen of this country is my enemy.  Now, that’s getting to be a pretty large group of people.  But I’m sure if I sat here a little while I could throw some more groups into it.  But let’s stop there.

Who does that leave?  Well, it leaves people who believed in the United States as originally constituted.  Trying to describe that group isn’t completely trivial.  It doesn’t consist of one ethnic group or color.  It doesn’t even consist of all the members of one ethnic group or color.  And the same can be said of sex.  You can say that the largest component is white men.  But there are women too and minorities.  In terms of age, it skews older.  The millennials are extremely propagandized against their country.  So, there are leanings and there are groupings but no hard and fast rules.

But what do you do about forming a community out of such a coalition?  And what are the actions and goals of such a community?  I think what we are trying to do is to first give ourselves an identity and give ourselves a voice and then come up with an agenda and then takes steps to actualize that agenda.

The first step is to give ourselves an identity.  My idea is to commandeer the old American identity.  Everything from before 1960.  The old civic nationalist creed.  Just take it lock stock and barrel.  We don’t throw anything overboard.  We keep the Civil War and the Frontier and everything else, warts and all.  I’ve been calling it Free America but naming it will be part of the founding actions.  Everything we need is already there.

Giving ourselves a voice is wrapped up in forming local chapters and meeting together and finding out what things we are unhappy about and starting to find strategies to address these problems.  And then forming an on-line community to organize above the grass roots level and leverage the scope of our membership on a national level.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if there wouldn’t be people who would want to start chapters overseas.  There are probably millions of people who would want to be in our camp all around the world.  And the other part of giving ourselves a voice is finding gifted leaders who have a vision of what we can do.  And I think there is much we can do.  Organization will allow us to achieve much by buying influence and discouraging attacks.

All of these things are possible once we have an organization that represents us and our values.  And it can’t be the Republicans.  They only represent themselves.  We may be able to use some of them and some of them may join us.  But that is another reason we need a voice of our own.  We need a platform that is easy to understand and by which we can judge whether a politician is with us or against us.  No more George Bushes, no more John McCains, no more Mitt Romneys.

And once we have that agenda we can figure out how to make it happen.  Maybe the first step is commercial.  We’ll need banks of our own who won’t discriminate against our businesses.  We’ll need publishers who won’t blacklist our authors.  We’ll need our own social media platforms.  We’ll need retailers that won’t boycott the products that our members sell.  We’ll need our own schools and our own churches.  All these things we’ll need and we’ll have because the larger society hates us and doesn’t want to allow us to breath free.

But most of all we need an organization just for our own sake.  We are vilified by everyone with wealth and power.  We need something of our own that affirms our beliefs and validates our existence.  So that is how I would reframe our situation.  Regardless of whether we can retake control of the United States we need to organize our own identity and defend it and strengthen it against the attacks from the Left.  They are not part of our nation and we owe them no allegiance.  We will tolerate what we must but we disbelieve all their propaganda and lies.  And we’ll look for our advantage to disrupt and neutralize all of their efforts.

That’s my new way of looking at things.

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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
7 months ago

Sundance at Conservative Tree House has a strong beginning proposal of Red States nullifying unconstitutional federal laws. There is a link to S.Baldwin’s article at American Thinker on same. Migration to red vs. blue states is also considered.

7 months ago

I do agree with the assessment of All Lives Matter.
Our joint enemies include BLM and All hate groups and most Corporations.
The stickler is what to do. Do we splinter off and form our own group or groups? Or do these groups already exist? Do we wait out the Rinos and throw our support to “the Save America “ group which Trump has recently launched?