Don’t Depend on a Savior Appearing

I would love nothing more than for Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or fill-in-the-blank to rally our people and put a stop to the rot that has gutted this country.  Who wouldn’t?  And maybe he will.  But I’ve reached the point where I think waiting for that is not a realistic strategy.  At least not all by itself.

It’s fine to try and aid such a rescue mission.  I’m not going to tell you not to vote or help to sabotage the GOP Establishment.  All of the tactics that people talk about have their good and bad points.  And I don’t consider myself a political guru.  I’m not.

But what I am saying is you should have a back-up plan based on this thing never getting better.  That sounds pretty bad but I think it’s realistic.  Going back to my standard analysis of the choices available to us in this current situation, namely, fight, flee or fold, what I’m saying is you should have a plan if fight is not an option.  Flee or fold.

Flee or fold which is for you?  Do you know?  Do you know what those things even mean?  My idea is that now is the time to find out what your options are and which one to choose.  And it’s not black and white.  Fold doesn’t necessarily mean having the lobotomy and becoming a Leftist psychopath.  It might mean talking the talk and trying to maintain a secret life as a normal person inside the hive.  How likely it is that such a thing could be done long-term is one of the questions you’ll have to answer for yourself.  And likewise fleeing might be a stepwise process.  First step might be leaving a dangerous city.  The next might be moving to a red state and finally emigrating to a freer part of the world would be the last straw.

So that’s what I mean.  I think it’s necessary to start thinking about what happens if nobody decides to put up a fight to save the free world we used to inhabit.  It’s not a pleasant thought but I think if you wait until they start sending us to the re-education camps it may be too late to figure out what your choices are.  And I’m not saying the sky will be falling in the next fifteen minutes.  Although if you happen to live in Portland or Chicago or Minneapolis and to a lesser extent, anyone of a host of American cities it certainly has fallen in on you already.  Chances are you’re already thinking about or acting on the first part of flight.  You’re fleeing from a city to save yourself and your family.

What I am saying is start thinking very concretely about what you’re willing to do and what you just won’t accept.  If you just plain won’t bend the knee then at some point you will have to leave.  You’ll have to get out and find a better place.  That is unless you want to be a one-man war.  And that can only end one way.

Where, When and How Does Sanity Reappear?

The more that happens the less sure I am that we’re near the bottom.  In fact, there does not seem to be any bottom.  When New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, St. Louis and Portland have all become the new Detroits and freedom of speech has been ended and Washington decides who can work and live and even walk down the street, then what further outrage is left as unthinkable?

The sex of newborns is to be left off birth certificates.  Children will be sexually mutilated by their parents or social workers if they can confuse a grade school child into acting confused about its sex.  Sexual deviants will be brought into the classroom to proselytize children about sodomy.

Voting fraud is being codified in the Congress of the United States and the President is openly abandoning the borders of this country to millions of additional criminal aliens.

Maybe it will have to get much, much worse before the citizens of this country finally reach a point where they risk taking a stand.  Maybe when the government begins confiscation of private property.  Let’s say they decide to tax 401K savings at some prohibitive rate in order to use this money for slavery reparations.  Would that be enough to trigger direct action?  How about if as part of the equity they’ve been talking about they change the tax code to punish people who suffer from the stigma of whiteness?  Perhaps taxing them at a triple rate compared to everyone else?

But maybe not.  I’ve seen no indication that large numbers of people are even close to saying, “No more!”  Maybe there is no limit.  Maybe we’ve just become empty men.  Maybe there’s no fight left in us at all.  Are we just the frog in the slowly heated pot?  Will we just let ourselves be cooked as long as it’s done nice and gradually?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  Here we are almost five years after Trump’s election and we’re farther in the hole than we were in 2016.  I’m beginning to believe there is no point at which the people of this country will stand up and tell Washington they’ve had enough.

The only hint that anything stands between us and the Oligarchy is Ron DeSantis in Florida and maybe Greg Abbott in Texas.  So how about this, those two guys are up for re-election.  The first sign that there is no hope is if they don’t get re-elected.  Let’s call that the first test.

Next sign is if they cave or are forced by the federal government to change direction and obey Washington.  That’s the second test.

These two are both negative tests that only have to be avoided.  But even if we pass both of these the third is a positive test.  Within two years one of them has to score a major victory against the Oligarchy.  And what would that be?  For me that would have to be a showdown where the feds had to back down.  Let’s say one of those two governors crushed the Antifa/BLM movement in all the cities in his state.  That would qualify.  Or if one of them nullified one of the major unconstitutional federal laws like affirmative action or cracking down on illegal aliens.  One of those things would make me believe there was hope.

I’ll say all three of these things would have to happen before the midterms.  I think that’s long enough to wait.  If nothing happens by then I’ll assume nothing will and I’ll start looking for a new home.  If any of you are thinking about these things too, I recommend that you put some kind of time limit on these things.  Otherwise, I have a feeling you’ll end up like the slowly cooked frog, comfortably numb.

Freedom or The Hive – Anarchy or Society – Are there Any Ways to Get the Best of Both Worlds?

Are our only two choices to be either a drone in the global hive that our tech masters are quickly creating or a Hobbesian natural man whose life will be “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short?”  The Founding Fathers tried to thread that needle by building a state that guaranteed certain “inalienable rights.”  As we have lived to see, these guarantees have been abrogated by the elitist class that runs our government and all the corporations that control the livelihoods and material resources that we depend on for existence.

But what we shouldn’t forget is that those things existed for a very long time in this country.  There is nothing theoretical about living free in a law-based society.  What has changed is the thinking of the elites who control so many levers of power.  They have over time decided that they are the rightful rulers of this country and by extension all of Western civilization and that they have a better understanding of what we should be allowed to be.

They’re not interested in inalienable rights.  After all they don’t believe in God so they can’t believe that there are rights given to us by God.  Without God we are all just animals that happen to exist here on this spinning rock somewhere in the meaningless depths of a universe that increasingly seems to make no sense.  So, if they find that they have control of us then in their minds they are gods and we have little to say about it.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  And I think he was right.  Human social arrangements cannot be made static.  They change over time as the customs and character of the people change too.  We are not the British colonists.  This is not the world that they lived in.  But we are human beings.  We have very similar minds and bodies to theirs.  Our world is very different but people living together, men and women still want and need the same things.  We want to enjoy life and we want to keep what we work for and we want our families to enjoy these same things after us.

So, what it comes down to is this.  We’ve let the people in charge take back the things that were agreed to be ours.  We’ve been cheated.  But if we want to get them back, we’re going to have to do more than complain.  So, the choices available to us are:

  • Fold
  • Flee
  • Fight

Those are the choices.  Fold means give in.  Join the hive and become a drone.  It’s not much of a life but at least you don’t have to do much thinking.  They’ll find a small cell for you to inhabit until the winter comes and they push you out of the nest into the snow.

Flee means leave.  Find a better place either in a red state that has maintained some independence from the hive.  Florida looks promising.  Maybe Idaho.  Or maybe find a foreign land that will take you in and hasn’t been absorbed by the hive.  Are there good places in the world?  Yes.  Will they take us.  Maybe not.  But it’s worth exploring.

Fight means taking the country back.  How that can be done is anyone’s guess.  The oligarchs have control of power that is virtually infinite.  The resources of the federal government.  The reserve currency of the whole world with an almost limitless ability to print money.  The largest and most potent military that has ever been.  Even thermonuclear weapons if the reason for using them ever appeared.   They have almost complete compliance from every corporation and entity with any power, from the media outlets to the universities to the manufacturers and commercial giants.  And finally, the information resources of the Silicon Valley billionaires.  They know so much about us that they think they can predict our every action.

The idea of fighting all that seems like a bad joke.  But by the same token we have at least eighty million living human beings on our side.  If a constituency that large can be organized it will have resources and capabilities that could accomplish a lot.  Even in the complete absence of violence or even protest a force that large could change things very significantly.  But what we currently lack is organization, leadership and a plan.  And of those three things what is most lacking is leadership.  Someone strong and smart has to step forward and take control of organizing.  Who knows, the decision might be that what we need to do is flee.  Maybe we can organize a program to allow us to emigrate together to some place that we could call our own.  Perhaps several of the red states could become our reservation.  But we’ll need to get organized to accomplish any of this.

And getting back to the original thesis of this post, it is possible to live in a free society.  But it’s not possible to keep it if you’re not willing to defend it.

The Western View

Today I was feeling smugly satisfied with myself. Yesterday I resisted the comfortable inertia of on-line existence and bestirred myself to do useful and uncomfortable work out in the brambles that relentlessly encroach on the areas adjacent to the woods. Inappropriately dressed in sweats I did battle with thorn bushes that easily pierce denim or even leather. At least I was smart enough to put on a pair of safety glasses. So after several hours of aches and muscle pulls and jabs and scratches and mayfly bites I actually accomplished something I have been putting off for several years. And today it’s raining so the timeliness of getting the job done is what has given rise to the smugness.
So I went out on the lower balcony and surveyed the western view of the place.

And in my pomposity I declared all right with my little world, my little kingdom.

Alright, so that’s the hook for the title; “The Western View.” And I went pretty far to sell it. Now we get down to the point. The Western View of the World is the Republican Democracy that took root in the United States and supposedly swept the planet after the end of the nineteenth century. After the fall of the Soviet Union and the “end of history” all was right with the world and freedom was established everywhere and we were all going to be happy and have 401K accounts and sell pet rocks to each other on

But now that all the real dangers have been eliminated, our master have decided to get rid of all that freedom they told us was our birth right.  Turns out freedom is dangerous.  No let me come at it from a different direction.  Our masters no longer think it is dangerous to take those freedoms away from us.  Since the 1960’s the Democrat Party has discovered that they can use black people as a device to make any changes they want to make to the Constitution of the United States.  And afterward they expanded it to using any minority group (or even majority group in the case of women) as a cudgel to expand those changes in whatever direction does the most harm to the rights of Americans.

In the name of some undefinable social justice, we have given up all of the rights that originally made us a western republican democracy. We have lost freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to free association, the right to bear arms and now we’ve lost equality under the law. We’ve even been cheated out of the institution of fair elections. What has happened is that the elites have completed the process of gaming the American system of government against its citizens. An oligarchy has taken control of all the institutions of the federal government and has now formed an alliance with all of the corporations that benefit from the subjugation and integration of America into the globalist feudal system.
The American experiment was an attempt to enshrine freedom and the dignity of man into a political and social construct. But like any human system people with bad intent can game it. That deconstruction is now complete. History tells us it is unlikely that we will be able to get it back. Many people claim that any republic will degenerate into a mob or an oligarchy after a very short time. Maybe we were lucky to last as long as we did.
Well my western view has a lot more to feel smug about than the current state of the West. For America all you can do is decide which; fold, flee or fight.

Why Aren’t Woke Billionaires Giving All Their Money to the Black Poor?

I’ve been thinking about the Rich Woke.  These are the people who tell us how evil all white people are for using their white privilege to live better than their fellow citizens who live in poverty because of the structural racism all around.  Isn’t it inescapable that they need to give away everything they have to the victims of white oppression?  And not just give away a tithe.  They should give away everything that they have that’s more than what these oppressed people have.  Jeff Bezos and the founders of Google and Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg need to give away all their money and sell all their stock and give it to the oppressed poor.

In fact, if they really want to show the solidarity that they claim they feel they should open up their homes to the oppressed poor.  They should fill all twenty bedrooms of their mansions with homeless people and other indigent people of color.  If they don’t do these things then they’re just mouthing platitudes.  And while they’re at it they need to send their kids to the same schools that these poor people send their kids to.  That’s the only way we’ll know for sure that they really mean all those things they say about equity and social justice.

Because it‘s easy to tell someone else what they have to do to atone for the sins of the past.  But when you have to take that step personally that’s the acid test of what you really believe.  Would Jack Dorsey bring his family to live next door to the people that he has been inciting to riot against their fellow citizens?  If he didn’t have walls and armed guards and a private jet in case things really go sideways would he really say all those things about the guilt of people that look just like him?  Because they don’t have all the money in the world to insulate them from the hate and anger that he is stoking.  They have to live with the anger and the hatred and the damage it does to their kids and communities.

And how about all those people who work for the Dorseys and Zuckerbergs and even the regular corporations that have adopted the woke blueprint.  All the CEO’s and vice presidents and directors who spout all this jazz at their employees and to the press and to the world.  Would they be willing to move into the ‘hood?  Are they going to leave their gated communities and move into the war zones with their kids and let them get the worst most dangerous education in the country?

And how about the politicos and the Deep State that live right there around Washington, one of the worst hell-holes in the country?  Will they leave their manicured suburbs surrounded by fences and patrolled by the best surveillance government money can buy and go live in the squalor that they want to make the 51st state?

You can bet your bottom dollar they won’t.  They want the ghetto to come to your suburb but they want no part of the leveling down of America.  That’s for the working class and the other losers who don’t play golf with them.

Billionaires and Bidens tell us that we’re evil and we deserve to be trampled into the ground to atone for the sins of ancient people that have nothing to do with us.  Hunter Biden and his demented father cut deals with the Chinese for billions while Antifa and BLM storyboard the communities they will terrorize and destroy this summer.  And none of the Democrats running the cities filled with these aggrieved people of color do anything of substance to provide jobs and opportunities for these urban poor.  All they do is stoke hatred and boost the body count as the mentally ill in those areas look for white and Asian people to assault and sometimes kill.

Getting back to my original question, why aren’t the billionaires walking the walk?  Because it’s all just talk.  But what you have to understand is that if they control the government, if the Democrats call the shots, we will be fed into the meat grinder to act as a side show to take attention off of their grift.  They build the global machine that makes them billionaires while we pay the bill as it grinds this nation down to dust.

Maybe it would be fun to start an on-line campaign to shame the woke billionaires into moving into the ‘hood and giving away all their money to the poor.  Maybe it would register with some of the millennials, maybe not.

If we can’t take control of some area of the country where we are protected from these people then I believe it’s better to get out and find a better place to live.  America used to be the freest and richest place on earth.  Maybe it’s still one of the richest but it’s certainly not free and it’s becoming very unhealthy for people who happen to be white or even Asian.  Soon even the Hispanics may think there are better alternatives.  At some point I may decide to leave this place to the Dorseys and the Bidens.  My only hope is that some day the monster they’ve created finds them.

The Consensus Builds – Time to Move On

Reading around the blogosphere I find that even moderate voices are coming around to the realization that they only have three choices, Fold, Flee or Fight.   And the top choice this week seems to be flee.  What complicates it is the fact that they don’t differentiate fleeing a blue state vs. fleeing the country altogether.  And with good reason.  No one knows whether heading to a red state is just a very short-term delay in the life sentence that the federal government is declaring against all its enemies.  But it is sort of encouraging to see that others are coming to the same conclusions.

What also remains to be seen is if some kind of coordination will be the popular approach.  After all there is safety in numbers and if you are planning to uproot your whole life it might be helpful to have a few or a few thousand comrades along to establish a beachhead somewhere and share the expense and risks of starting a new life.  I have actually had a number of conversations with folks who are earnestly searching for destinations that won’t treat them like what they are experiencing in the present state of Woke-istan.  And they have been looking at ways to band together.  If a dozen families buy a big chunk of land, they can each put up a house and still leave a common area for recreation, socializing and community projects of various sorts.  These communities are always fraught with the danger that civil strife will show up even in these Gardens of Eden but life is full of trade offs and compared to having a BLM mob heading for your homestead the prospect of battling over the height of your forsythia bushes seems a reasonable risk.

But I am not minimizing the risk and trauma associated with uprooting yourself.  Obviously few people will be intentionally heading into the wilderness or the jungle but just moving to a new town is a dislocation.  Imagine having to learn a new language and culture.  That’s the one I’m chewing over right now.  Even moving to a place like Italy, the land of my ancestors, would be a shock.  I am an American.  I never wanted to even leave this country for work or vacation.  It is the world I love and I love what it stood for.  Italy is just another strange place where people have a history of being ruled by gangsters.  The fact that America has become just another country among the rest of them doesn’t make it any easier to move there.  But maybe enough of the good things in the old America has rubbed off on these strange places that they will be good places to live.  I’ve been thinking about Hungary and Poland.  I don’t know how they’ll feel about me but I’ve heard things about their views on all the social craziness that’s going on and it’s refreshing to hear of places that are saying no to the madness, very refreshing.

Because of family commitments I won’t be moving, even out of state, for at least a year or two.  But now is the time to be analyzing information and narrowing the choices to the best options.  And there is a lot to do.  Selling real estate, moving assets, even learning a language isn’t something you do overnight.  Just gathering the information isn’t automatic.  What must you know?  Who can you trust?  Will things change?

But one thing is certain.  Flee or fight are the only options for me.  Living under these people is death.  Death for the soul and the end of all the things that make life precious; family, tradition, pride, freedom.  They are the enemy of all of these.  Their rotten hive existence is contemptible and their tactics are exactly the gangster model that people fled here from other lands to escape.

Yes, people are waking up and that means there is hope that some of us will be free again someday.  Wasting time on winning the mid-terms other than as a way to screw with some of the RINOs that stabbed Donald Trump in the back doesn’t interest me.  I’ve seen enough to know they’ll rig whatever elections they need to keep control of the levers of power in Washington.  Well, let them for all I care.  I just want to escape from under their yoke.  Let them live in the hell they’ve assembled.  I hope to live to see the day when their rotten anthill collapses under its own filth.  The only thing I ask is that me and mine aren’t there when it happens.

Stranger Days

I like to think that I’ve acclimated to our present insane political situation.  But I know that recognizing this is just an intellectual position not a visceral one.  A nation that was not only great in military and economic power but also in terms of the dignity and freedom all of its citizens possessed, seeing it reduced to a gangster state that seems to want to destroy every vestige of its heritage and pride isn’t something that can be accepted easily.  A lot more will have to happen before it really hits home how low we’ve sunk.  But that will come too.  All indications are that the agenda is queued up and we will watch it unfold in all its sickening detail.

So, bit by bit we’ll absorb the rest of the program.  The exact order of operations isn’t completely clear.  My guess is they’ll continue to attack all sectors of the population that aren’t necessary for the elite’s wellbeing.  They’ll continue to strangle small businesses and blue-collar workers and they’ll use the COVID restrictions to keep people isolated and depressed.  I assume we’ll see another round of BLM burning and looting.  The FBI will be responsible for further scapegoating of anyone who resists any of these measures.  The George Floyd show trial will be starting up soon and we’ll get a look at how “woke justice” works.

The Senate is gearing up for a showdown on using the filibuster to prevent the legislation on making permanent the rigging of elections and I expect we’ll also see gun confiscation legislation right after that.  And then we’ll get to see the Supreme Court either bow down to anti-Constitutional laws or we’ll see the Senate and House pack the Supreme Court.

So that’s a hefty agenda coming up but it’s hardly comprehensive.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see slavery reparations rolling in.  And paying for those reparations it will be necessary to raid the country’s 401K plans.  After all, to outlay those trillions of dollars without paying for them would be fiscally irresponsible.  I’m sure Mitt Romney will agree.

And finally, hate speech legislation should be right around the corner.  Dead naming trannies and complaining about anti-white discrimination will absolutely not be tolerated.

So, I’ll have a chance to acknowledge the changes in the United States not only in my head but in my gut.  I’ll be able to fully accept that post-America only possesses a geographical resemblance to its predecessor.  The other good thing is that after all these changes are made there won’t be any doubt about whether the inhabitants will put up with it or not.  Either they’ll accept the chains of slavery they’ve been handed or they’ll throw them off.  There really is no middle choice.  It shouldn’t take too long to find out.  I can’t imagine it’ll be more than a year or so for most of the agenda to unfold.  And when it does, if someone decides to make a stand I’ll join in with great joy and relief.  I still do believe that there are brave men here that won’t be enslaved.  But if nobody does anything to stop it then I’ll have to find a better place to live.  I’m sure it won’t be anything nearly as wonderful as the country I was born in but facing facts is necessary.

But in the meantime, while all this plays out life still goes on.  There are books and movies to review.  Photos to be taken. Grandkids to play with.  Books to write.  Bidens to mock. And posts to write.  When there are developments to analyze or atrocities to decry, I will opine.  But at this point I don’t plan to just keep beating the drum.  The readers here already know what I think about the state of the union.  I won’t go over that territory again.  I’ll look forward to actual events.  Fight or Flee are the only two options I’m interested in.  Within a year I think I’ll know which is my future.

Stranger days indeed.  But I’ll try to do my part to keep people somewhat amused and maybe informed.

Results and Conclusions From the Poll in Fold, Flee or Fight

So here is what people said in the poll.

What's Your Guess For the Future of the United States?

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Almost a third of people said that more than twenty million people will flee the blue states for the red states.  That seems reasonable to me.  Another quarter of people said the Republicans will do absolutely nothing.  And about 40% of people said the red states will do something about the federal government’s unconstitutional overreach.  And among that 40%, 15% thought it would include secession.

Somewhat comfortingly, more people thought the red states would take action than thought that nothing at all will be done.

It’s very difficult to make any hard and fast conclusions from this poll other than that there seems to be a sense that the red states are where we hope to see some pushback against the Dems.  What it says to me personally is I should be looking for a new place to live in red state America as soon as its possible.  And if I’m smart, I should start lining something up even before I think I’m ready to go.  Things might change quickly at some point and “want” could turn to “need” really fast.

My own votes were for Flee (2) and Fight (2).  I guess I’m more pessimistic than some folks out there.  And actually, seeing that there are plenty of people more hopeful than myself makes me feel more hopeful than I was before the poll.

Thanks to everyone who participated.  This poll has clarified some of my thinking.  I am now convinced that the nothing good will happen at the national level.  I see the federal government going after our freedoms and punishing us every way they can.  The best hope we have of improving our lives in this country is finding a state or states that are willing to defy Washington and make their own policy on everything from social welfare to the Bill of Rights.

There is something very liberating about making a decision.  Concluding that the Right will not be able to pry the United States loose from the Woke Cult is a depressing realization.  But eliminating the indecision from my thinking makes the whole situation a net positive.  It is much worse to waste time and resources on a lost cause.

So, farewell Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.  Hello Brave New World that has such people in it.  Many horrible things await me and much sorrow but at least I’m heading in the right direction.  And as the Chinese Philosopher Lao Tse said, “A journey of a thousand li starts with a single step.”  Knowing which way to go is the beginning of that journey.

From now on I will give less attention to what the likes of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and John Roberts are doing and saying and more attention to what Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem are doing and saying.  Of course, there’s bound to be overlap but I won’t agonize about threats to the filibuster or Supreme Court packing or unconstitutional laws.  I assume that all that stuff will happen.  I’ll be more interested in how the free states react to those kinds of things.  Will someone stand up to this abuse.  That’s what I’m interested in.


Update – 20MAR2021

Looks like fight is almost at 50% now.



Fold, Flee or Fight – What’s Your Guess?

One of my acquaintances has recently told me that no red state governor or legislature will ever push back against the federal government and nullify unconstitutional laws.  I told him we’d see soon enough.  Dopey Joe and the Democrat machine have been grinding out laws and executive orders at a blinding clip.  It’s only a matter of time before they rescind the first and second amendments in their entirety.  At that point we’ll have the usual dance around the Supreme Court reviewing and throwing the laws back to a lower court to re-review.  If at that point no state takes action on the laws then my acquaintance will have been shown to be correct.

Now this acquaintance’s opinion centers on the idea that all of the unconstitutional outrages are all a smokescreen meant to distract us from the power and money grab that the Left is engaged in.  And because the federal government has a stranglehold on the federal funding no state will do anything that threatens that funding.

This argument is supposed to be a comfort to me.  The fact that the Democrats don’t really believe in systemic racism and tranny bathroom rights is supposed to make me feel better.  I guess I’m supposed to be comforted that since I’m an intelligent person I can just ignore the madness that has descended on the world because the perpetrators don’t actually believe in it.  I pointed out that he would soon be fleeing his current city because the descending madness had rendered the schools that his children attended useless and dangerous and neutralized the police’s ability to provide safety for him and his family.

Alright, so he’s had his say.  I want to ask the folks out there what their heads and guts tell them is going to happen.  I’ll provide a list of possible scenarios for you to choose from.  If I miss one leave it in the comments or as an e-mail.  I’ll allow that you can choose two items because the Flee choices can occur along with either fold or fight options in place.


  • Fold – The Right will do nothing at all. Red states will talk and do nothing else.  Democrats will gut the Constitution and raid our 401 K money to pay for slavery reparations.  Freedom ends.
  • Fight (1) – Red states will declare sanctuary areas where 1st and 2nd amendment rights will trump federal law. State courts will challenge federal laws and push back within the tradition of state actions against federal overreach.  But there will not be open nullification of unconstitutional laws.
  • Fight (2) – All of the actions in Fight (1) but also some red states will nullify some federal laws openly. They’ll pick a fight over something blatant and dig in their heels.
  • Fight (3) – All of the actions in Fight (1) and Fight (2) but also a group of red states will coordinate their efforts to form a united front. They will pass identical legislation and share information and even coordinate on strategies that resist the efforts of the federal government.
  • Fight (4) – Some number of states secede. This leads to a cold civil war where monetary, commercial and even military incidents occur but open combat does not become continuous.  This is followed by a treaty that brings the seceding states back under their terms.
  • Fight (5) – Same as fight (4) but the states return without gaining the terms they wanted.
  • Fight (6) – Same as Fight (4) but the states gain permanent independence.
  • Flee (1) – This is actually an additional action that can occur during many of the choices above. In this choice a significant population of Americans (> 10 million) emigrates to other countries to escape the conditions here.
  • Flee (2) – This is actually an additional action that can occur during many of the choices above. In this choice a significant population of Americans (> 20 million ) leave the blue states and end up in the red states.


What's Your Guess For the Future of the United States?

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The Magic COVID Cure is Upon Us Here in New England

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  My sources on the ground inform me that high school is returning to the high schools.  The teachers are reluctantly going back to work and before you know it even the grade school teachers will be forced to brave the terrors of the classroom.  And even the most frightened of the covidophobes are being coaxed out of the treetops by state governments that need to breath life back into their economies.

Well regardless of how absurd the basis for the un-panicking is, I am ecstatic that soon I’ll be surrounded by friends and family again.  Now comes the tricky part, trying to find a vaccine shot available.  I’m eligible but apparently the supply of vaccine is only trickling in.  Well, I don’t really need it right away.  I’ll wait until I’m at the head of the line I guess or maybe I’ll make my own vaccine.  How hard could it be?

I’ve also heard that employment is really picking up and other indications that life is returning to normal.  And to think, all we had to do was let a dementia patient pretend to be the head of the free world.  Or maybe we’re just pretending there still is a free world.  Well, whatever it is things will be less horrible.  And that’s not nothing.  Enjoying my life is pretty high on my list of things to do.

But one thing is still true.  The Left did all this on purpose.  They could have handled the pandemic rationally and done what the red states did, protect the nursing homes and the chronically ill and let the kids and the healthy adults get on with their lives.  But they wanted to scuttle President Trump’s re-election chances.  And when that didn’t work, they went instead for election fraud that installed a dementia patient and surrounded the Capitol building with razor wire and troops.  So, remember you don’t live in a democracy anymore, you live in a gangster state.  You’ll have to decide how you deal with that.

Maybe you’ll decide that you can live with that.  You may calculate that living in post-America is still the best deal there is.  So, you fold.  Forget all that land of the free and home of the brave jazz and burrow into the rotten apple and get everything you can.  They need capable people to make the wheels turn.  Even the Soviets were willing to let the technicians, the spetsies, do their work for them and only sent a few of them to the gulag.  Of course, they spit on them and called them all kinds of vile names but they still needed them.  There will be places for useful people if you can grovel.

Maybe you decide that there is a better place.  You can flee.  You can go to a red state and hope that the Left won’t turn that place into hell too.  Or you find a new country where the combination of economic and political conditions is better than what we have here.  That’s an enormous undertaking and will require a lot of research and a lot of courage.  But it may be the right thing to do.  I have never looked beyond the red states.  I have heard some things about some parts of Eastern Europe that may be hopeful but uprooting your family and moving to a place where you will be a stranger is a daunting prospect.

Maybe you decide to stay and resist.  You will fight.  How we do that is very far from clear.  No one is going to declare war on Washington and attack the Capitol.  That is a comic book story.  Amusingly, that is what Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want us to believe they are afraid of happening.  That is why they are holding thousands of National Guardsmen virtual prisoners in Washington.  They are there to defend the Deep State and the Congress from the “white supremacist boogeymen” that are lurking around every corner.

What is meant by fighting is going to a state that will draw a line in the sand and say to Washington we won’t let you take away our rights.  Oklahoma has taken the first step toward that.  Their legislature has voted on a law that empowers the State Attorney General or even the legislature to identify any federal laws or executive orders that are unconstitutional and act on this.  Whether they will follow through on this remains to be seen.  But that is what I imagine fighting back will look like.

So those are the options as I see them Fold, Flee or Fight.  But it is nice that even here in Deepest Blue New England they’re thinking of letting us see our families again.  It’s not like we’re out of prison but at least we’ll be allowed out of solitary confinement for the moment.  Hallelujah, Hallelujah!