Fold, Flee or Fight – What’s Your Guess?

One of my acquaintances has recently told me that no red state governor or legislature will ever push back against the federal government and nullify unconstitutional laws.  I told him we’d see soon enough.  Dopey Joe and the Democrat machine have been grinding out laws and executive orders at a blinding clip.  It’s only a matter of time before they rescind the first and second amendments in their entirety.  At that point we’ll have the usual dance around the Supreme Court reviewing and throwing the laws back to a lower court to re-review.  If at that point no state takes action on the laws then my acquaintance will have been shown to be correct.

Now this acquaintance’s opinion centers on the idea that all of the unconstitutional outrages are all a smokescreen meant to distract us from the power and money grab that the Left is engaged in.  And because the federal government has a stranglehold on the federal funding no state will do anything that threatens that funding.

This argument is supposed to be a comfort to me.  The fact that the Democrats don’t really believe in systemic racism and tranny bathroom rights is supposed to make me feel better.  I guess I’m supposed to be comforted that since I’m an intelligent person I can just ignore the madness that has descended on the world because the perpetrators don’t actually believe in it.  I pointed out that he would soon be fleeing his current city because the descending madness had rendered the schools that his children attended useless and dangerous and neutralized the police’s ability to provide safety for him and his family.

Alright, so he’s had his say.  I want to ask the folks out there what their heads and guts tell them is going to happen.  I’ll provide a list of possible scenarios for you to choose from.  If I miss one leave it in the comments or as an e-mail.  I’ll allow that you can choose two items because the Flee choices can occur along with either fold or fight options in place.


  • Fold – The Right will do nothing at all. Red states will talk and do nothing else.  Democrats will gut the Constitution and raid our 401 K money to pay for slavery reparations.  Freedom ends.
  • Fight (1) – Red states will declare sanctuary areas where 1st and 2nd amendment rights will trump federal law. State courts will challenge federal laws and push back within the tradition of state actions against federal overreach.  But there will not be open nullification of unconstitutional laws.
  • Fight (2) – All of the actions in Fight (1) but also some red states will nullify some federal laws openly. They’ll pick a fight over something blatant and dig in their heels.
  • Fight (3) – All of the actions in Fight (1) and Fight (2) but also a group of red states will coordinate their efforts to form a united front. They will pass identical legislation and share information and even coordinate on strategies that resist the efforts of the federal government.
  • Fight (4) – Some number of states secede. This leads to a cold civil war where monetary, commercial and even military incidents occur but open combat does not become continuous.  This is followed by a treaty that brings the seceding states back under their terms.
  • Fight (5) – Same as fight (4) but the states return without gaining the terms they wanted.
  • Fight (6) – Same as Fight (4) but the states gain permanent independence.
  • Flee (1) – This is actually an additional action that can occur during many of the choices above. In this choice a significant population of Americans (> 10 million) emigrates to other countries to escape the conditions here.
  • Flee (2) – This is actually an additional action that can occur during many of the choices above. In this choice a significant population of Americans (> 20 million ) leave the blue states and end up in the red states.


What's Your Guess For the Future of the United States?

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Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
8 months ago

My most aggressive and hopeful choice is Fight 3. But I don’t rank it much higher as an option than Fight 2, Fight 1 or Fold.

8 months ago

I voted ‘fold’ more because I believe that politicians at the national level will fold like a wet cardboard box. Some states may cede. Some of those will fold and go back. I think that we will see ‘fold’; ‘flight 4’ and ‘flee 2’. The only way the Red States can succeed (that is, fight 6) is if the Leftists flee for Blue States that will continue to pay them to sit on their asses.

8 months ago

I’d love to see Fight (1) (2) or (3), but believe we’ll see Fold. 30+ years of Republican failure theater tells me so.