Don’t Depend on a Savior Appearing

I would love nothing more than for Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or fill-in-the-blank to rally our people and put a stop to the rot that has gutted this country.  Who wouldn’t?  And maybe he will.  But I’ve reached the point where I think waiting for that is not a realistic strategy.  At least not all by itself.

It’s fine to try and aid such a rescue mission.  I’m not going to tell you not to vote or help to sabotage the GOP Establishment.  All of the tactics that people talk about have their good and bad points.  And I don’t consider myself a political guru.  I’m not.

But what I am saying is you should have a back-up plan based on this thing never getting better.  That sounds pretty bad but I think it’s realistic.  Going back to my standard analysis of the choices available to us in this current situation, namely, fight, flee or fold, what I’m saying is you should have a plan if fight is not an option.  Flee or fold.

Flee or fold which is for you?  Do you know?  Do you know what those things even mean?  My idea is that now is the time to find out what your options are and which one to choose.  And it’s not black and white.  Fold doesn’t necessarily mean having the lobotomy and becoming a Leftist psychopath.  It might mean talking the talk and trying to maintain a secret life as a normal person inside the hive.  How likely it is that such a thing could be done long-term is one of the questions you’ll have to answer for yourself.  And likewise fleeing might be a stepwise process.  First step might be leaving a dangerous city.  The next might be moving to a red state and finally emigrating to a freer part of the world would be the last straw.

So that’s what I mean.  I think it’s necessary to start thinking about what happens if nobody decides to put up a fight to save the free world we used to inhabit.  It’s not a pleasant thought but I think if you wait until they start sending us to the re-education camps it may be too late to figure out what your choices are.  And I’m not saying the sky will be falling in the next fifteen minutes.  Although if you happen to live in Portland or Chicago or Minneapolis and to a lesser extent, anyone of a host of American cities it certainly has fallen in on you already.  Chances are you’re already thinking about or acting on the first part of flight.  You’re fleeing from a city to save yourself and your family.

What I am saying is start thinking very concretely about what you’re willing to do and what you just won’t accept.  If you just plain won’t bend the knee then at some point you will have to leave.  You’ll have to get out and find a better place.  That is unless you want to be a one-man war.  And that can only end one way.

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