The Magic COVID Cure is Upon Us Here in New England

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!  My sources on the ground inform me that high school is returning to the high schools.  The teachers are reluctantly going back to work and before you know it even the grade school teachers will be forced to brave the terrors of the classroom.  And even the most frightened of the covidophobes are being coaxed out of the treetops by state governments that need to breath life back into their economies.

Well regardless of how absurd the basis for the un-panicking is, I am ecstatic that soon I’ll be surrounded by friends and family again.  Now comes the tricky part, trying to find a vaccine shot available.  I’m eligible but apparently the supply of vaccine is only trickling in.  Well, I don’t really need it right away.  I’ll wait until I’m at the head of the line I guess or maybe I’ll make my own vaccine.  How hard could it be?

I’ve also heard that employment is really picking up and other indications that life is returning to normal.  And to think, all we had to do was let a dementia patient pretend to be the head of the free world.  Or maybe we’re just pretending there still is a free world.  Well, whatever it is things will be less horrible.  And that’s not nothing.  Enjoying my life is pretty high on my list of things to do.

But one thing is still true.  The Left did all this on purpose.  They could have handled the pandemic rationally and done what the red states did, protect the nursing homes and the chronically ill and let the kids and the healthy adults get on with their lives.  But they wanted to scuttle President Trump’s re-election chances.  And when that didn’t work, they went instead for election fraud that installed a dementia patient and surrounded the Capitol building with razor wire and troops.  So, remember you don’t live in a democracy anymore, you live in a gangster state.  You’ll have to decide how you deal with that.

Maybe you’ll decide that you can live with that.  You may calculate that living in post-America is still the best deal there is.  So, you fold.  Forget all that land of the free and home of the brave jazz and burrow into the rotten apple and get everything you can.  They need capable people to make the wheels turn.  Even the Soviets were willing to let the technicians, the spetsies, do their work for them and only sent a few of them to the gulag.  Of course, they spit on them and called them all kinds of vile names but they still needed them.  There will be places for useful people if you can grovel.

Maybe you decide that there is a better place.  You can flee.  You can go to a red state and hope that the Left won’t turn that place into hell too.  Or you find a new country where the combination of economic and political conditions is better than what we have here.  That’s an enormous undertaking and will require a lot of research and a lot of courage.  But it may be the right thing to do.  I have never looked beyond the red states.  I have heard some things about some parts of Eastern Europe that may be hopeful but uprooting your family and moving to a place where you will be a stranger is a daunting prospect.

Maybe you decide to stay and resist.  You will fight.  How we do that is very far from clear.  No one is going to declare war on Washington and attack the Capitol.  That is a comic book story.  Amusingly, that is what Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi want us to believe they are afraid of happening.  That is why they are holding thousands of National Guardsmen virtual prisoners in Washington.  They are there to defend the Deep State and the Congress from the “white supremacist boogeymen” that are lurking around every corner.

What is meant by fighting is going to a state that will draw a line in the sand and say to Washington we won’t let you take away our rights.  Oklahoma has taken the first step toward that.  Their legislature has voted on a law that empowers the State Attorney General or even the legislature to identify any federal laws or executive orders that are unconstitutional and act on this.  Whether they will follow through on this remains to be seen.  But that is what I imagine fighting back will look like.

So those are the options as I see them Fold, Flee or Fight.  But it is nice that even here in Deepest Blue New England they’re thinking of letting us see our families again.  It’s not like we’re out of prison but at least we’ll be allowed out of solitary confinement for the moment.  Hallelujah, Hallelujah!