Where, When and How Does Sanity Reappear?

The more that happens the less sure I am that we’re near the bottom.  In fact, there does not seem to be any bottom.  When New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Atlanta, St. Louis and Portland have all become the new Detroits and freedom of speech has been ended and Washington decides who can work and live and even walk down the street, then what further outrage is left as unthinkable?

The sex of newborns is to be left off birth certificates.  Children will be sexually mutilated by their parents or social workers if they can confuse a grade school child into acting confused about its sex.  Sexual deviants will be brought into the classroom to proselytize children about sodomy.

Voting fraud is being codified in the Congress of the United States and the President is openly abandoning the borders of this country to millions of additional criminal aliens.

Maybe it will have to get much, much worse before the citizens of this country finally reach a point where they risk taking a stand.  Maybe when the government begins confiscation of private property.  Let’s say they decide to tax 401K savings at some prohibitive rate in order to use this money for slavery reparations.  Would that be enough to trigger direct action?  How about if as part of the equity they’ve been talking about they change the tax code to punish people who suffer from the stigma of whiteness?  Perhaps taxing them at a triple rate compared to everyone else?

But maybe not.  I’ve seen no indication that large numbers of people are even close to saying, “No more!”  Maybe there is no limit.  Maybe we’ve just become empty men.  Maybe there’s no fight left in us at all.  Are we just the frog in the slowly heated pot?  Will we just let ourselves be cooked as long as it’s done nice and gradually?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  Here we are almost five years after Trump’s election and we’re farther in the hole than we were in 2016.  I’m beginning to believe there is no point at which the people of this country will stand up and tell Washington they’ve had enough.

The only hint that anything stands between us and the Oligarchy is Ron DeSantis in Florida and maybe Greg Abbott in Texas.  So how about this, those two guys are up for re-election.  The first sign that there is no hope is if they don’t get re-elected.  Let’s call that the first test.

Next sign is if they cave or are forced by the federal government to change direction and obey Washington.  That’s the second test.

These two are both negative tests that only have to be avoided.  But even if we pass both of these the third is a positive test.  Within two years one of them has to score a major victory against the Oligarchy.  And what would that be?  For me that would have to be a showdown where the feds had to back down.  Let’s say one of those two governors crushed the Antifa/BLM movement in all the cities in his state.  That would qualify.  Or if one of them nullified one of the major unconstitutional federal laws like affirmative action or cracking down on illegal aliens.  One of those things would make me believe there was hope.

I’ll say all three of these things would have to happen before the midterms.  I think that’s long enough to wait.  If nothing happens by then I’ll assume nothing will and I’ll start looking for a new home.  If any of you are thinking about these things too, I recommend that you put some kind of time limit on these things.  Otherwise, I have a feeling you’ll end up like the slowly cooked frog, comfortably numb.

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2 years ago

As usual the article makes perfect sense.
The problems we freedom loving people face are many and just to big for us to focus on individually.
The 2022 mid terms will be the first major indicator That the Titanic avoids the Ice Berg (s), unless something momentous happens before.