Max Morton Reviews Washington’s “National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism”

In his article Max states, “Having spent some time in the intelligence community, I was puzzled as to how agencies with the mission of foreign intelligence collection—and which are statutorily and explicitly restricted from conducting domestic intelligence operations—are now writing Intelligence Community Assessments on U.S. citizens residing on U.S. soil.”

But based on the definitions in the report Max concluded that he himself along with most of his friends and even most of the people in his town would now fall under the category of “anti-government domestic extremist” and that the government considers that, “America’s greatest threat comes from domestic extremists.”

He goes on to say, “I spent the large part of my career in military special operations units and intelligence agencies tracking down foreign terrorists and threats to America. I came away from that experience with the knowledge that when the United States of America declares you to be the most dangerous threat it faces, your life is about to drastically change for the worse. The Biden regime has just explicitly told conservative and independent Americans that they are that threat.”

Well, I guess since I mostly agree with what Max Morton writes,  I must be a anti-government domestic extremist too.  Well, it’s good to know where you stand.

He finishes off by saying, “The Biden regime has just explicitly told conservative and independent Americans that they are that threat. 

Now that the regime has made that clear, citizens should mobilize their elected representatives at both the state and federal levels to push back against this domestic terrorism strategy. At the state level, elected officials should use their considerable constitutional authority to resist the administration’s plans. 

The alarming presumptions about criminal thoughts and motivations are likely unconstitutional, and should undergo rigorous scrutiny by the relevant oversight bodies. And Congress, instead of enacting new laws to authorize this dystopian overreach, should explicitly forbid it, for this administration and every one after.

If not, then we should all prepare ourselves for what comes next.

Pretty grim stuff.  I thought it was an interesting read.

Max Morton’s Latest – Federalism is Key to Surviving a Divided Nation

This guy Max Morton has so far always had something interesting to say.  He starts this essay out by saying that endlessly kvetching about the latest atrocity out of Washington is not only useless but self-defeating because instead of doing anything to stop the atrocity we just stand there pointing at it.

“It is fruitless to continue arguing the same tired Left/Right arguments. “Owning the libs” on Twitter, relentlessly calling out the hypocrisy of our political opponents, and focusing our time and attention on outrageous content may be entertaining, but it won’t save us from the oppression and serfdom of the authoritarian oligarchy that is presently transforming America.”

He gives as an example the Biden administration’s attempt to ban AR pistols.

“The conservative commentariat’s response has been loudly to point out that this will have little or no effect on the effort to quell gun violence. Really? Does anyone honestly believe the regime’s interest in banning tens of millions of legally owned firearms and potentially making millions of law-abiding Americans felons overnight is for the purpose of reducing gun violence? This has nothing to do with preventing gun violence and everything to do with disarming American citizens—a longtime, major plank of the Democratic Party and an essential step towards authoritarian rule for every dictator in modern history.”

Morton is saying that the effective action is to have the state you live in protect your rights as specified in the Constitution.  In other words let the state nullify any federal overreach into our rights but use the federal government for the functions such as defense, highways and trade that it’s supposed to be in charge of.

Now of course the devil is in the details.  Basically he’s saying the state government is going to have to step up and arbitrate the way in which it will tame the federal government.  and that needs to be specified.  So there aren’t any concrete examples beyond what we are seeing from DeSantis in Florida and to a lesser extent Abbott in Texas.  So I would say this is only a partial answer to the question Morton is asking.  But the fact that he is telling the outrage mongers to shut up and do something useful is very useful.  Basically he is saying you can stop sounding the alarm we can all see the fire burning from where we’re standing.  Now someone get a bucket brigade going and maybe we can put it out.

An interesting read.



Morton Has a New Post – Never Again – Standing Up to The Oligarchy

Max Morton is a good writer and has interesting things to say.  In his new article he looks back to the Nazi othering of the Jews and other enemies of the Reich and compares it to the Left’s use of BLM and Antifa to target normal White people as their “other.”

The piece is well written and demonstrates how setting up an internal enemy allows the powerful to divide and conquer and keep the gravy train moving along for the oligarchs.

He finishes off by saying that those who are obeying the oligarchs and attacking the Left’s enemies should come to their senses and join forces with us.  It’s a nice sentiment but I think the Left has its constituents and they are pretty bought in.

What it does tell me is that instead of counter-attacking the useful idiots the more useful strategy is attacking the oligarchs directly.  Go after their money.  That is their primary concern.  Destroy that and you destroy them.  The question is how.



Max Morton Has Another Great Read – Semper Tyrannus—Always a Tyrant

If you can stand hearing the details of how the George W. Bush administration kicked out the last of our constitutional rights by weaponizing the FBI read it here.  It’s starting to remind me of the flavor of Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago.  They have built a machine to make us the slaves of the Deep State.  I’m starting to wonder whether even if a Red State nullifies the unconstitutional laws whether anyone would be safe to stand against them.  At this point anyone who tells them no is liable to be whisked off to a Super Max prison and never heard from again.

How the hell did we come to this?  Maybe it makes more sense to just get out.

Max Morton, Leave A Comment or Send an E-Mail

I went over Max Morton’s American Greatness post “Until Lambs Become Lions” last week in a post.  At the time I said he sounds an awful lot like me!  And I went back and read over the other posts he had at American Greatness.  And once again I was impressed with the logic he used and the conclusions he came to.  I left a message with the editor of American Greatness asking if Max Morton could be sent a message through him.

If Max or one of his friends sees this please tell him to leave a comment on this post or send an e-mail to orionscoldfire(at)

I am interested in your ideas and would like to ask you a few questions to clarify some things I have been thinking about.



American Greatness Post of the Day – Until Lambs Become Lions by Max Morton

Reading this I thought I was reading something I might write.  Colonel Morton seems to be thinking about the same things I am.  Maybe he’s a bit more optimistic than I am at this point but I found it to be a good read.  He goes through all the obstacles that we face in trying to extricate ourselves from the death grip that the Elites have got on our country.

Colonel Morton has gone to the trouble of thinking of the details of how you build a functional opposition.  I think this essay is well worth the trouble of reading.  I’m going to re-read it to see where I disagree with it and where his suggestions add something to what I’ve already thought about.  Then maybe I’ll write a more detailed review of it.