Morton Has a New Post – Never Again – Standing Up to The Oligarchy

Max Morton is a good writer and has interesting things to say.  In his new article he looks back to the Nazi othering of the Jews and other enemies of the Reich and compares it to the Left’s use of BLM and Antifa to target normal White people as their “other.”

The piece is well written and demonstrates how setting up an internal enemy allows the powerful to divide and conquer and keep the gravy train moving along for the oligarchs.

He finishes off by saying that those who are obeying the oligarchs and attacking the Left’s enemies should come to their senses and join forces with us.  It’s a nice sentiment but I think the Left has its constituents and they are pretty bought in.

What it does tell me is that instead of counter-attacking the useful idiots the more useful strategy is attacking the oligarchs directly.  Go after their money.  That is their primary concern.  Destroy that and you destroy them.  The question is how.



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