Slate Says Arizona Recount “Crazy.” They Must Be Doing Something Right

I read most of this wall of words report from Slate magazine.  They seem kind of scared that the result will show that Joe Biden lost Arizona.

The forensic audit is apparently looking at more than just the ballot choice for president.  I guess they’re looking for evidence of large scale fake ballots.  They’re looking for evidence of mass produced ballots.  Like one person filling out thousands of ballots.  Hey that sounds smart.  It should be interesting to see what comes of this.

If it does show that Trump should have won Arizona , then it will be more likely that other states will look at their results.  Pennsylvania would be especially interesting because I think there the fraud was most egregious.

Now, it’s not completely assured that fraud can be proved.  If the riggers were even semi-intelligent they would have made sure that their tracks were covered.  But that’s a big “if.”

The count will be complete this month so we’ll know soon whether anything will come of this.