Another Discussion on Living in a Banana Republic

Recent events have provided clear evidence that we no longer live in a representative democracy but rather in a bureaucratic oligarchy.  Some people have dubbed this the “managerial state.”  They control the executive branch agencies and control the real power that runs this country.  And not even an elected president can control them.  A close affiliation of Department of Justice personnel and Democrat appointed judges have the power to destroy anyone they want to.  That even includes a former President of the United States of America who is also a highly popular candidate for the upcoming election to that same office.

Now as distressing as this is, we gain nothing by continuing to shriek at the skies about this being the case.  Practically everyone now knows this.  Sounding the alarm no longer serves a purpose, or at least only a minimal purpose.

But what is purposeful is identifying new ways to live in this changed environment.  So, what is the mission?  Well, basically to maximize your quality of life within this regime and provide solidarity for others like you.  One thing it doesn’t include is providing the regime with an excuse for locking you up in a gulag.  The example of the January 6th protestors is a template of what not to do.  And the first thing to pay attention is where it was done.  Washington DC is literally the in belly of the beast.  In that jurisdiction the chance of a conservative protestor getting equal treatment under the law is nonexistent.  In fact, chances are most of the leaders of the protest were FBI agents leading the lambs to slaughter.

In general, trying to fight against the federal government in a blue state is suicidal.  But that still leaves plenty of leeway for constructive action.  There are many places in this country where conservative legislatures and governors are attempting to hold the line against the madness that Biden inflicts on us every day.  These are the places to flock to.  But even in these enclaves of freedom it’s wise to look at what you can do to reinforce your quality of life.

All the usual warnings about protecting your family from the public schools and selecting a career that eschews the woke corporations and the professions like law and medicine that have been hopelessly captured by the Left apply of course.  These things almost go without saying.  But don’t neglect them.  They have an enormous impact on your life.

But just as important is attending to the social aspects of your life.  “Man does not live by bread alone.”  And work isn’t all there is.  Cultivate a network of like-minded friends in your community.  Spend time with them and their families.  Find out who is reliable and who is not.  Be helpful to them and in this way build up a support system and a community of people you can trust and who trust you.  Hopefully some of these people will be your friends and maybe their children will be your children’s friends.

In a way we have to form communities within communities.  All of the normal social avenues; fraternal orders, church societies, even hobbies have been colonized by the Left and made unwholesome.  We have no choice but to start anew with ourselves as the only standard by which to select membership.  But at the same time, we also get to provide the rules and the content of the associations.  Maybe you’re a gun nut and enjoy going down to the range once a month.  Well, then that tells you what activity you’ll center your social club around.  Or maybe you enjoy a weekly poker night out with the boys.  Well, what’s better than that for camaraderie?

You might be asking what this has to do with being part of the resistance.  The answer is simple.  We’re the party without power.  We’re not going to win back this country anytime soon.  If we’re not going to just give up, we have to have a way to preserve our culture and also maintain morale.  To do that we need to create a network of people like us to provide the social cohesion that will keep our culture alive.  That’s why forming a community is crucial.  Without it we will become isolated, alienated and simply disappear.

The Worm is Beginning to Turn

Just how tone deaf can you be?

Illinois Representative Jonathan Carroll is scrapping his proposed legislation to make willfully unvaccinated people pay COVID-19 hospital bills out of pocket after he received violent threats that also targeted his family, staff and synagogue.

This dope goes out of his way to try and pass a law that kicks his own constituents in the teeth and he’s surprised when the less reasonable and less careful members of that group say mean things to him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of those guys who doesn’t get re-elected next year, even in Illinois.

Maybe, just maybe, the COVID  clown car is running out of gas.

End of 2021 – Where Are We?

Well, here we are at the precipice of December and there have been some hopeful political signs and some hopeful cultural stirrings.  The consensus is that Brandon Sucks and that even some Democrats are unimpressed with the Biden administration and with the direction they’re bringing the country.  But where does this put us?  Have we made any real progress in the last year?  That’s what I want to discuss here.  And the simple answer, I think, is yes.  Not a lot of progress but enough to warrant not giving up quite yet.

The first item to look at is COVID.  Almost eleven months since Dementia Joe took over and I’d say way more than half of the country has had enough of the absurd claims and dictates of the Democrats.  The way that the White House favored the teachers’ unions and ignored parents’ concerns has demonstrated that even in blue states like Virginia and New Jersey people have grown extremely weary and angry.  In places like California and New York there are still a majority of nuts voting in the likes of Gavin Newsom but even there the enthusiasm for this endless control over people’s lives is gone.  And the courts have recently begun to push back against the vaccination mandates that the feds are trying to push on public and private employers.  Taking all these things together we are in a better place on COVID.  I suspect that the “Omicron” variant will turn out to be a nothing burger in terms of deaths and places like Florida will be the proof that lockdowns and mandates are a stupid strategy.

The next thing to talk about is the economy.  The inflation and shortages that have sprung up are the primary reason for Dementia Joe’s sagging poll numbers.  And despite any obfuscation most of the inflation is caused by his administration’s war on fossil fuels.  Doubling the price of gasoline is a phenomenally disastrous course for a president to take.  Not only does it hurt commuters but the increased cost of fuel adds to the price of virtually everything we buy because of the transportation component to their cost.  And with winter in full swing now the increases in fuel oil will outrage million of homeowners.  Even renters will see their payments go up to account for the heating increases.  Inflation alone will cost the Democrats their House majority and very likely, the Senate too.

The damage that last year’s riots did to the ability of city police departments to enforce the law is tremendous.  Almost every major city and even smaller population centers have seen the police step back from enforcement as a result of the cities’ administrations throwing the police to the wolves.  And the result has been an epidemic of lawlessness.  Murder, assault, armed robbery and looting of retail establishments is literally out of control.  Just last week armed gangs overwhelmed security in a number of California retail stores and walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise.  Security guards have been shot and store employees are demoralized and frightened.  I’ve read leftist news sites claim that because the cities are already Democrat strongholds that crime will not be a major political issue in 2022.  I think they’re dead wrong.  There will be plenty of cities and maybe even blue states that will vote Republican out of fear of lawlessness.

Another item that can be added to the list of positive signs is the mainstreaming of some formerly forbidden ideas.  Even though it is relegated to only single sources, a politician (Ron DeSantis) and a network journalist (Tucker Carlson) have both begun to talk openly about subjects like anti-white discrimination and targeted violence against white Americans by groups that are almost opnly sanctioned by federal law enforcement agencies.  The biggest instance is the FBI protecting BLM and Antifa from prosecution during their riots which featured intimidation of white people along with assault, arson and looting.  The fact that any mention of these conditions is now allowed to reach audiences at all is, I think, a game changer.  Raising awareness in the general population is the only way to reach a critical mass of people unwilling to put up with the madness that has overtaken us.

And finally, I think we are finally reaching a point where leadership may be emerging that is willing to work toward toppling the oligarchy that has us by the throat.  Trump was the first taste of that.  He was suppressed pretty successfully by the combination of the media and the deep state.  Someone like DeSantis may be the next iteration in this process.  He is a politician and he has run a large state government.  He may have a plan to take charge of the federal government and reform it.  And by reform it I mean gut it.

So, these are the items I see and what has been going on.  In summary, the lousy job Dementia Joe has done on the economy, COVID and public safety seems poised to decimate the Democrats in Congress and state governments.  And some beginnings have emerged in some meaningful resistance to the outrageous assaults on American life that have gone on in the last year or two.

But none of these things represent a meaningful reversal of the already disastrous status quo.  It isn’t enough to capture the Congress or even the White House.  Policies must be rolled back not only on paper but in practice.  Bureaucrats have to be fired so that policies that they dictate cannot be enforced even against the wishes of a president.  And in the realm of business nothing has been done to break the stranglehold that leftist corporations in Silicon Valley exercise over e-commerce and social media speech.  Conservatives are banned from presenting their views on most of the internet and stand to lose their livelihoods if they attempt to do so.  Donald Trump has stated that he intends to launch a social media company to give a home to conservatives looking to speak freely.  That sounds like a good start.  But what is really needed is an e-commerce platform that combines the e-commerce services of companies like PayPal, GoFundMe and YouTube.  And that’s a tall order.  In fact, I’d add in banking and credit card functions to that list.  All of these things have been weaponized against conservatives in the last few years.  Only companies that provide these services to conservatives without fear of cancellation will finally re-level the playing field for us.

Last word, we’ve seen a start to progress.  But we’re so far behind that it’ll be a good long time before we start seeing anything like winning.  Let’s hope 2022 is the beginning of something more than just hope.

Why Write This Stuff?

As D3F1ANT commented yesterday “But saying this, again, is ALSO akin to standing on deck with water at your neck. We’ve known this for as long as we’ve known the ship is sinking.”

He’s right.  There’s nothing more to say.  We already know what must be done.  But is there anyone willing to do it?  Maybe a DeSantis or an Abbott is willing to take on Washington.  I don’t know.  I’m watching and hoping but I’m not sure.

So why do I post this stuff?  I’m looking for other people who think like me.  I want to be a part of anything that could help.  And if it turns out that nothing will happen then I’m looking for a place to go.  I’m looking for a corner of the world where I can go to live with people that are like me.  It’s pretty awful in the blue states.  You feel like a zoo animal and you get tired of being an outsider.  One of these days I’ll convince Camera Girl that the grandkids can come visit us for a change.

So I talk to folks in other parts of the country where things aren’t as bad and I think about how I might fit in somewhere else.  Florida, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Oklahoma, Arkansas.  I think about lots of places where I could settle in and have neighbors and live in a town where my beliefs wouldn’t make me a pariah.

I write the political posts about what the latest outrage is from Dementia Joe or I talk about some positive result by a guy like DeSantis to keep my own spirits up.  And I put up my entertainment posts on books and movies and anything I find interesting like photography.  I try to do my part to provide something on-line that isn’t the garbage that the Left mandates.  Sometimes it’s discouraging because there’s just bad news as far as the eye can see.  But I think of what kind of odds there were against guys like Solzhenitsyn and Havel back in Russia and Czechoslovakia and I think things are nowhere near as bad here.  And I feel it’s worthwhile to keep writing and holding out for some kind of breakthrough.  Maybe somewhere someone will take a stand and give us all something to rally around.  I think that someone will say no and then make it stick.  And once it happens people will light a million fires and it will be too big for Washington to stamp them all out.

That’s what I hope will happen.

When in the Course of Human Events – Part 3

In the second installment of this series, I looked at the Declaration of Independence and tried to show the similarities between the grievances that existed in 1776 and our own.  But I did indicate briefly that the difficulties we face in trying to throw off our oppressors are extraordinarily more difficult than what the colonials faced with George III’s England.

The United States federal government is the single most powerful organization that has ever existed in all of human history.  It has the sole control of the most powerful conventional armed forces on the face of the earth and also the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in existence.  It has the ability to unleash weapons that very probably could obliterate human life from the face of the planet.  Compare that to a fraction of the 18th Century British Navy and Army and some Hessian troops.

Granted, without the willing support of the American people, the federal government is not fully in control of this vast juggernaut of military power but there has never been a time in the last two hundred years when another power has existed on this continent that could threaten that government.  And I include the period of the civil war into that statement.

In addition to the military might, the US federal government controls the de facto reserve currency of the global monetary system.  They can literally write a check for a quadrillion dollars and it would be accepted as cash.  That’s a thousand trillion, a number that up till now was just a way to count the gas atoms in a jar but now as we’ve headed into ludicrous debt territory has becomes a real thing.  So, this is the government that pays for your elderly relatives’ social security and maybe even your medical coverage.  And they collect your income tax and send you your refund check.  Imagine if they told your bank that your accounts aren’t really yours anymore.

And through the FBI and the NSA and their loyal lackeys in Google and Facebook and Twitter they control all your personal information and all your electronic correspondence.  They know who is organizing against them before the organizers do.  In fact, they actually are the organizers.  The FBI sets up these rebellious cells and looks to see who is willing to join them.  These are just fly traps that they set out to gage the temperament of the population.

Does this mean I think rebellion is impossible?  No, not at all.  What it means is that the men who decide to rebel will have to be powerful, smart and very brave.  It means that a popular movement will need a cadre of prominent men who will build a political movement from the top down.  Without Donald Trump we would have gotten Hillary Clinton as president or at best prettier Hillary, JEB!  Those were the only two choices that were going to be available.  Whoever is going to lead the non-leftist party is going to have to build a machine that can harness the power of that constituency both in power and out.  We shouldn’t have to wait until 2024 to start organizing and getting results.  Someone should already be rounding up the governors and legislatures of the red states to coordinate legislative and executive actions that protect their citizens from the usurpations that are presently going on in Washington.  There needs to be a reaction to the election fraud legislation in Congress.  It needs to reach into the cities in Red States to close the door on voter fraud once and for all.

And voter fraud is just one item on the agenda.  A clear strategy is needed to confront any and all BLM type campaigns of intimidation against law enforcement and the innocent citizens that depend on it for safety and peace of mind.  Information should be shared across the whole red state confederation to identify the leaders who go back and forth to various cities to lead and coordinate the Antifa and BLM attacks.  These people need to be arrested, charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned for the real crimes they’ve committed.

The red states need to reject all of the anti-white and anti-male affirmative action programs and laws.  All of these laws and programs need to be declared illegal and their operation in red states ended.  This includes the anti-white and more generally anti-normal bias that is practiced on the social networking sites.

So, that is how I see us rebelling against the Left.  Our Declaration of Independence is just us waving the Declaration and the Constitution in front of the noses of the Left and saying we aren’t going to let you nullify these documents.  We still have all these rights and if you say we don’t we’re going to work against you at the state level if necessary to protect them.  We’ll need to start coordinating boycotts and state lawsuits against corporations that sponsor or condone these discriminatory practices.  We need to raise awareness among our people that there is a way to redress the attacks we are experiencing from the Left and their allies in industry, academia and the media.  So that would be the beginning of a rebellion.

Where it goes from there is a fair question.  But until we at least do something at the levels where we do control the reins of power, we’ll just keep losing ground.

And finally do leaders like the ones I describe exist?  I think they might.  But there’s only one way to know for sure.  And that is when they stand up and say no and then make it stick.  That’s where the rubber meets the road when they push back and you have to push back harder.

27JUN2021 – Biden’s America

I was looking at the headlines today:

  • Amid Crime Spike, Dems’ Future Rests on Eric Adams
  • The Democrats Are Already Losing the Next Election
  • ‘Not My Intent.’ Biden Walks Back Veto Remarks in Bid to Salvage Deal
  • Biden’s Push for Equity in Govt Hits Legal & Political Roadblocks
  • Biden Cap Gains Tax Hike Would Put US Rate Among Highest in World
  • Poll: 80% See Border Disaster, Want Trump Closure Restored, Reject Teaching Critical Race Theory
  • Crime is becoming one of America’s biggest political issues
  • Portland Begs People to Come Back to the City After Months-Long Riots, Rising Crime
  • Los Angeles Crime Wave Hits Wealthy Neighborhood in Deadly Shootout
  • Sheriff in George Floyd Case Blows Up BLM and Leftists with the Truth About Minneapolis Crime
  • Chicago’s crime epidemic is exploding as Biden focuses on gun control

Ah, music to my ears.

The Democrats dynamited their own cities and now they can’t understand why they’re in ruins.  They told the white population that the only way to fix the racial divide is to indoctrinate their children with poisonous lies about how horrible their parents and ancestors are.  And now they can’t understand why these parents are up in arms to stop this.  They spent a year demonizing the police and celebrating the railroading of an officer for a murder he didn’t commit and they’re shocked, shocked that the cops are just going to stand back and watch the black underclass rob and beat their urban neighbors.  They single out their pet minorities, blacks and LGBTQ weirdos, and lavish attention and special privileges on them and wonder why the rest of the country feels no allegiance to this pathetic regime.  They locked up their populations for a year without any measurable savings in lives and now they don’t understand why people don’t trust the “science.”  They turned their cities into prison camps with roving mobs burning and looting at will with no recourse to police and they wonder why no one is returning from the suburbs and beyond.  And after all this they’re confused by the fact that their re-election prospects are dismal.

It’s impossible to say whether the stupid party will seize upon the perfect opportunity to tar the Democrats with all these disasters.  But without a doubt America is not being led by Creepy Joe.  The only way to describe the situation we are in is occupation.  And that’s good enough for now.  No one is talking about compromise, rapprochement, reconciliation or bipartisanship.  Everyone is looking for push back and resistance.  And I think the chief feeling I detect is anger.  We want Creepy Joe to fail.  Even if it means economic disaster and social upheaval we want the country to reject everything the Democrats do.  We want the blue states to suffer the consequences of what they’ve brought on.  I’d like to see New York and Chicago and Minneapolis and especially Portland reduced to a burned-out shell where all the normal people have fled and the street thugs are reduced to preying on each other for food.

All around I see anger and hatred at a country that has been betrayed.  And right now, that’s good enough.


Putting Things in Perspective – Part 2 – Civil War Analogy

After discussing the Revolutionary War last time, the next major historical comparison I’d like to look at is the one comparing our situation to the mid-nineteenth century American Civil War.  In this comparison the Left is equated with the historical “North” and the Right with the “South.”

We’ll start with things that do align in this comparison.  The cultural and intellectual elites of the Abolitionist Movement do line up well with the modern Left.  In fact, there is probably a decent number among today’s Woke Left that are direct descendants from the Abolitionists themselves.  And certain historians believe that the culture of New England and its exports to areas like the Great Lakes area and the Pacific Coast states have preserved the viewpoint and authority of the nineteenth century elites from that region of the country.  From that point of view there is a certain direct analogy between the Northern Abolitionist Leadership and the Modern Left.

But let’s look at some of the other factors.  First of all, let’s look at the driving force of the cause.  The Abolitionists wanted to end slavery.  It’s hard to over stress just how popular this cause was.  It was evident to even many Southerners that slavery was an evil that could not be justified by its benefits to the economy.  For a country whose whole existence is expressed in the single word freedom, slavery is anathema.  Therefore, the moral underpinnings of the Civil War were very powerful.  Certainly, the Southern States were able to muster a justification for the practice of slavery but at no time did this justification convince anyone outside of the South and not even everyone inside.  So, the abolition of slavery was a cause that resonated broadly around the United States outside of the Deep South.

But look at the current agenda of the Woke Left.  It is a rag tag grab bag of radical ideas and identity politics grievances that isn’t even rationally self-consistent.  Feminism and even lesbian feminism are at odds with transgender “rights.”  And the BLM agenda of eliminating the police won’t stand scrutiny by other communities like Asians and Hispanics now that they see that it equates to wholesale criminal anarchy.  It is far from certain that even in the “Blue States” that the whole agenda of the radical Left is entirely acceptable.  This is a major difference between the Civil War situation.  The Left’s agenda today is far less popular than the abolition of slavery was back then.

The next consideration is the location of each “side.”  The Confederacy was never able to convince even some of the slave states to join in its revolt.  The border states Kentucky, Missouri and Maryland never seceded.  And even an area of Virginia refused to join and “seceded” from Virginia to become West Virginia and remain with the Union.  Inside the free states there weren’t any large areas that would have joined the South or opposed the abolition of slavery for the most part.

But look at today.  Instead, the Red and Blue States are only an indicator of the majority status of each side in a state.  But geographically we can see that this is really a city versus countryside polarization.  The cities in the Red States are full of Leftists for the most part and even deep Blue States like California and New York have rural areas that are completely red.  This definitely helps our side.  These concentrated populations of Leftists work well when you want to cheat during an election but it doesn’t help much when you are trying to control a population that is diffused over thousands of square miles in some cases.  Controlling the back country especially when it is adjacent to a Red State may turn out to be an impossible job.

And finally in the 1860’s the slave states were so afraid of a Republican holding the White House that they seceded before Lincoln could even assemble his government.  We’ve seen two truly woke administration already.  Obama and now Biden.  And Biden is using all the force of the federal government to destroy our way of life.  But what it seems to show is that determined state leaders can use the state laws to combat these Woke orders and possibly nullify their effects without having to leave the Union.  This is still a preliminary evaluation but I think it is worth seeing if the lessons learned from Sanctuary Cities can be applied to other issues like Second Amendment Rights and First Amendment Freedoms.

So, from the point of view comparison, it seems to me that our side is significantly better off in the present situation than the South was during the Civil War.  And that is definitely a thing to be happy about.

Putting Things in Perspective – Part 1 – Revolutionary War Analogy

When people on our side talk about what’s going on today, they sometimes make analogies to historical situations.  The circumstances in 5th Century BC Athens, Late Republican Rome, the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War and even Stalinist Russia are all used as analogies for our present-day situation.  But in order to be helpful it’s just as important to understand clearly how our situation differs from these analogies.  Otherwise, decisions will be made based on faulty thinking.

I don’t intend to make an exhaustive comparison between our situation and all these others but I would like to make a few points that I think are useful.

The first comparison I’d like to make is to the American Revolution.  The point of comparison is that in each case there is a side that is chafing under misrule and denial of freedoms.  And especially since these freedoms were specifically enshrined in the Bill of Rights, we look at our situation and feel that maybe the same remedy applies to us.  But let’s look at how our situation differs.

When the Americans kicked the British out of Boston, they were able to make it stick.  England was thousands of miles away across an ocean.  Boston was a port town that possessed a shipbuilding industry and a well-established economy that drew on a well settled countryside that had been growing and expanding for over a hundred and fifty years.  And the outcome of the French and Indian War meant that the American Colonials understood the power of their own military forces versus what troops the British were willing to commit.  And their participation in these earlier wars had made the settlers less dependent on the British for military aid.  Finally, New England was far from an inviting place for the British to fight a war.  The cold snowy winters and forested landscape would provide enormous logistical problems to an occupying army.  That explains why Boston was free of British encroachment throughout the war.  The British probably assumed that they would be able to hold onto at least some areas of the colonies after a protracted war but the Americans also knew that once some areas, like New England, were free of the British, over time the cost of holding onto the others would become increasingly expensive.  So, for the colonists it was a war of wills with time on their side.

Now look at our situation.  Our enemies have reinforced possession of both coasts of the United States including the national capitol and all the major ports except on the Gulf of Mexico.  They have at least as many citizens on their side as we do and they also own the banking system and many of the largest manufacturing corporations.  They also control the communication companies and currently command the military apparatus and all the intelligence services.  They are not going away.  To imagine that we can free ourselves from their grasp quickly and easily is delusional.  They will use all available means to maintain control over the institutions that define life in the United States.  The Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare systems are as fundamental to normal life in the Red States as they are to the Blue.  The banking system is so important to the commercial life of the country that it is hard to see how we would ever disentangle ourselves from it.  But if we were to try to separate from the Blue States, that’s exactly what we would have to do.

So, in the sense that our enemy is not half a world away and not limited as to how much military might it can dedicate to a war, we are much worse off than the colonists.  But in terms of what kind of war we can fight we have much more flexibility and therein lies our best hope.  We do not have to put troops in the field.  We are looking to win hearts and minds and demoralize our enemies.  In that sense what we are attempting is a lot more like what Gandhi and the Indians did to force the British to abandon their Indian Empire.  We are working to destroy the legitimacy of the Progressives’ right to abrogate the constitutional freedoms we have been deprived of.

The specifics of this kind of strategy are figuring out what tactics add cost and misery to the lives of your opponents.  And these tactics will have to change whenever and wherever conditions change.  This type of war is completely familiar to the Left.  This is the Alinsky playbook.  They have used it to dismantle every organization and power structure in this country and make them their own.  We will have to do the same thing in reverse.

In a way our ability to use the Alinsky rules will actually be easier than what the Left originally did in the sixties.  If we can coordinate with Red State governments and protect the protestors from the federal agencies then it should be possible to neutralize federal control over large swaths of the country and return normalcy to those areas.  For instance, suppose Dementia Joe gets the Supreme Court to legitimize gun grabbing.  A countermeasure might be for the governor of a Red State to deputize the whole population as peace officers and allow them ownership of assault rifles as a perk of that office.  Another example, if banks start de-platforming the deplorables the states could punish those banks until they stop.  And if that fails the state can form a bank that can take the place of these enemy institutions.

So, whereas the analogy of our situation to the Revolutionary War is not particularly helpful the common underlying problem in both cases does still have real world solutions.  Just different ones.

Putting Things in Perspective – Part 2 – Civil War Analogy

American Greatness Post of the Day – Until Lambs Become Lions by Max Morton

Reading this I thought I was reading something I might write.  Colonel Morton seems to be thinking about the same things I am.  Maybe he’s a bit more optimistic than I am at this point but I found it to be a good read.  He goes through all the obstacles that we face in trying to extricate ourselves from the death grip that the Elites have got on our country.

Colonel Morton has gone to the trouble of thinking of the details of how you build a functional opposition.  I think this essay is well worth the trouble of reading.  I’m going to re-read it to see where I disagree with it and where his suggestions add something to what I’ve already thought about.  Then maybe I’ll write a more detailed review of it.





Will We Get a Gorbachev?

The Soviet Union was an abomination.  It tortured and killed its most loyal citizens on an industrial scale that had never before been seen.  And then it exported the formula abroad to places like China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba and Venezuela.  Up until recently the legal apparatus in the United States specifically forbade the techniques and tactics that the Soviets used.  But with the passing of the Patriot Act and the weaponization of the Judiciary we have the ingredients needed to institute the purges that Stalin perfected in the 1930s and unleashed on his people to such devastating effect during his long and nightmarish reign.

As an example, look at the techniques used by the FBI and the Justice Department in conjunction with federal judges like the vicious thug Emmet Sullivan who persecuted General Michael Flynn even after the Justice Department admitted that they had no case against him and dropped the prosecution.  Or look at the recent imprisonment of the harmless protestors who were involved in the January 6th “riot.”  Here is the federal justice system imprisoning without bail harmless Americans who are much less dangerous than all of the Antifa and BLM criminals who are still rioting and destroying federal property in Portland, Oregon with impunity.

The Soviet Union finally reached a point after seventy years of torturing its citizens that it could not continue.  Decades of terror and insanity had finally killed off all belief in the system among the populace and this was terminal for the vitality of the state.  After all, once even the stupidest of the people know it’s all a sham, they stop caring about anything but getting through the day.  It finally reaches the point where life is characterized by the saying, “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.”  When a dispirited population that is barely kept alive on the meager output of their own slave labor is the basis for a supposed world power it doesn’t take forever before the whole thing just falls apart of its own accord.  The upkeep of nuclear weapons and the fighting of foreign wars requires dedication and  morale.  Terrorized slaves lack those qualities.

The United States and the Soviet Union are very different places.  And even granting that the power of the federal government augmented by its alliance with the tech companies like Google and Facebook is a frighteningly powerful force to wield against private citizens and even state officials.  But I still believe there will be a reaction to this attempt to subjugate the free people of this country by the thugs who are attempting to use the Stalinist playbook against us.  Americans are not Russian serfs.  They have a history of being free.

I have no proof that there exists a base of people in one of the red states that will stand up against these thugs.  But I think it will happen.  And if it happens at all it will inspire a groundswell of the same resistance in a thousand places.  And that will put an end to these creatures.  Because if the American people ever get their freedom back again, they’ll take steps to put an end to the laws and individuals that have allowed this tyranny to exist.  They’ll cancel the Patriot Act.  They’ll shut down the FBI and start from scratch.  They’ll put every one of the FBI and CIA and media hacks who lied and persecuted innocent men during the whole Russiagate witch hunt on trial.  Comey and Brennan and the rest of the Obama cronies will be thrown into prison and left to rot.  And then we should empty the federal judicial bench all the way up to the Supreme Court and replace them with citizens who have worked for a living and even if they’ve never been inside a courtroom, they would be better judges of their fellow citizens than all these ivy league intellectuals who let us suffer under the current regime.

For me the only question is who will light the match?  Will we have to wait until our country is falling apart at the seams before we get our Gorbachev?  I hope not.