The ZMan is Fed Up

As is my custom on Fridays, I listened to the ZMan’s Friday podcast today.  It was a little bit of a departure in format and content for him.  He did a free form rant about whatever he wanted to talk about.  He hit on the Canadian Trucker Protest and had some good things to say about that.  He discussed the economy and the strange way the numbers on unemployment, industrial output and the stock market performance now seem completely disconnected from the past relationships these factors had on each other.  He discussed the Joe Rogan nonsense as it related to anti-white racism and he talked about the recent nonsense about there not being enough black head coaches in the NFL.

But one thing I noticed about his comments in general was that there is definitely a sense of exhaustion with talking about things that the powers that be completely ignore but which are obvious from simple logic.  He says he’s fed up with commenting on the fact that manufactured outrages like Joe Rogan saying politically incorrect things ten or twenty years ago are obviously manufactured.  He no longer wants to try to educate anyone who still doesn’t get these things.  And he mentioned that some of these things are finally, finally percolating up to the “legitimate” circles of the media and politics.  He even stated that some of these circles read his stuff regularly and even contact him from time to time.

And that I find very interesting.  I’m trying to imagine a podcast with the ZMan and, for instance, someone like Michael Anton or Curtis Yarvin discussing the real solutions to the mess we’re in.  Now how that would come about is not clear to me.  The ZMan has blasphemed against the blank slate countless times.  Speaking to him is a sin comparable to throwing puppies and kittens into a shark tank.  It’s a crime that will not be forgiven.  But it is a fascinating idea because that kind of a conversation is exactly what needs to occur.  The dissident right and the mainstream right need to equilibrate.  Those two groups need to talk.  Once the mainstream is allowed to talk about these issues, they can start to address the reality of where we are today.  Most of our problems have to do with making believe that nonsensical things are true.  We think that women can be soldiers and men wearing sundresses and wigs are women.  We’re willing to let children decide to have life altering surgeries based on things they’ve been told by crackpots.

Now I doubt that the ZMan will ever talk to Tucker Carlson but I do note that Tucker Carlson is starting to sound a lot like the ZMan.  And that is a very good and hopeful thing.  In the same way that the COVID wall is crumbling, the whole Leftist infrastructure is starting to alienate large swaths of the population.  And maybe, happening at the same time as the economy tanks and crime engulfs the Democrat cities there might be a chance that enough people will be fed up to allow real change to occur.  The real solutions are somewhere between the apocalypse desired by the dissidents and the nothing provided by the mainstream.  But a genuine dialog between the two is what is needed.

Anyway, that’s what the ZMan’s podcast got me thinking about today.

End of 2021 – Where Are We?

Well, here we are at the precipice of December and there have been some hopeful political signs and some hopeful cultural stirrings.  The consensus is that Brandon Sucks and that even some Democrats are unimpressed with the Biden administration and with the direction they’re bringing the country.  But where does this put us?  Have we made any real progress in the last year?  That’s what I want to discuss here.  And the simple answer, I think, is yes.  Not a lot of progress but enough to warrant not giving up quite yet.

The first item to look at is COVID.  Almost eleven months since Dementia Joe took over and I’d say way more than half of the country has had enough of the absurd claims and dictates of the Democrats.  The way that the White House favored the teachers’ unions and ignored parents’ concerns has demonstrated that even in blue states like Virginia and New Jersey people have grown extremely weary and angry.  In places like California and New York there are still a majority of nuts voting in the likes of Gavin Newsom but even there the enthusiasm for this endless control over people’s lives is gone.  And the courts have recently begun to push back against the vaccination mandates that the feds are trying to push on public and private employers.  Taking all these things together we are in a better place on COVID.  I suspect that the “Omicron” variant will turn out to be a nothing burger in terms of deaths and places like Florida will be the proof that lockdowns and mandates are a stupid strategy.

The next thing to talk about is the economy.  The inflation and shortages that have sprung up are the primary reason for Dementia Joe’s sagging poll numbers.  And despite any obfuscation most of the inflation is caused by his administration’s war on fossil fuels.  Doubling the price of gasoline is a phenomenally disastrous course for a president to take.  Not only does it hurt commuters but the increased cost of fuel adds to the price of virtually everything we buy because of the transportation component to their cost.  And with winter in full swing now the increases in fuel oil will outrage million of homeowners.  Even renters will see their payments go up to account for the heating increases.  Inflation alone will cost the Democrats their House majority and very likely, the Senate too.

The damage that last year’s riots did to the ability of city police departments to enforce the law is tremendous.  Almost every major city and even smaller population centers have seen the police step back from enforcement as a result of the cities’ administrations throwing the police to the wolves.  And the result has been an epidemic of lawlessness.  Murder, assault, armed robbery and looting of retail establishments is literally out of control.  Just last week armed gangs overwhelmed security in a number of California retail stores and walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars of merchandise.  Security guards have been shot and store employees are demoralized and frightened.  I’ve read leftist news sites claim that because the cities are already Democrat strongholds that crime will not be a major political issue in 2022.  I think they’re dead wrong.  There will be plenty of cities and maybe even blue states that will vote Republican out of fear of lawlessness.

Another item that can be added to the list of positive signs is the mainstreaming of some formerly forbidden ideas.  Even though it is relegated to only single sources, a politician (Ron DeSantis) and a network journalist (Tucker Carlson) have both begun to talk openly about subjects like anti-white discrimination and targeted violence against white Americans by groups that are almost opnly sanctioned by federal law enforcement agencies.  The biggest instance is the FBI protecting BLM and Antifa from prosecution during their riots which featured intimidation of white people along with assault, arson and looting.  The fact that any mention of these conditions is now allowed to reach audiences at all is, I think, a game changer.  Raising awareness in the general population is the only way to reach a critical mass of people unwilling to put up with the madness that has overtaken us.

And finally, I think we are finally reaching a point where leadership may be emerging that is willing to work toward toppling the oligarchy that has us by the throat.  Trump was the first taste of that.  He was suppressed pretty successfully by the combination of the media and the deep state.  Someone like DeSantis may be the next iteration in this process.  He is a politician and he has run a large state government.  He may have a plan to take charge of the federal government and reform it.  And by reform it I mean gut it.

So, these are the items I see and what has been going on.  In summary, the lousy job Dementia Joe has done on the economy, COVID and public safety seems poised to decimate the Democrats in Congress and state governments.  And some beginnings have emerged in some meaningful resistance to the outrageous assaults on American life that have gone on in the last year or two.

But none of these things represent a meaningful reversal of the already disastrous status quo.  It isn’t enough to capture the Congress or even the White House.  Policies must be rolled back not only on paper but in practice.  Bureaucrats have to be fired so that policies that they dictate cannot be enforced even against the wishes of a president.  And in the realm of business nothing has been done to break the stranglehold that leftist corporations in Silicon Valley exercise over e-commerce and social media speech.  Conservatives are banned from presenting their views on most of the internet and stand to lose their livelihoods if they attempt to do so.  Donald Trump has stated that he intends to launch a social media company to give a home to conservatives looking to speak freely.  That sounds like a good start.  But what is really needed is an e-commerce platform that combines the e-commerce services of companies like PayPal, GoFundMe and YouTube.  And that’s a tall order.  In fact, I’d add in banking and credit card functions to that list.  All of these things have been weaponized against conservatives in the last few years.  Only companies that provide these services to conservatives without fear of cancellation will finally re-level the playing field for us.

Last word, we’ve seen a start to progress.  But we’re so far behind that it’ll be a good long time before we start seeing anything like winning.  Let’s hope 2022 is the beginning of something more than just hope.

The Next Five Years

So, I’ve already assumed the President will be re-elected.  The freak show that the Democrats have assembled for candidates is unmistakably a sort of bad joke they are playing on their constituency.  Questions still need to be answered as to whether the Republicans can take back the House and what will be their majority in the Senate.  And of course, these will have an impact on how the President will govern.  With a majority in Congress he could enact legislation that would enshrine into law some of the things we want to see.  But even without the Senate it’s interesting to consider what the agenda will be.  Let me try.

  1. Most useful would be to redouble the efforts to seal off the southern border with Mexico with a physical wall. This is the reason the president was elected and maximum effort should be made to realize this goal.
  2. Much more effort needs to be made in deporting illegal aliens wherever they can be found.  This is especially true of all dangerous criminals.  To this end the Mexican drug gangs need to be disrupted and kicked out of the country as soon as possible.  And even non-violent immigrants cause financial harm to the country.  To this end the recent Supreme Court decision allowing the federal government to block green card access to any immigrants who are receiving government support benefits is a useful tool.  Those coming here to live off our government programs need to be stopped.
  3. The President needs to rein in the Silicon Valley thought police. Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Amazon and most of the other internet gatekeepers need to be brought to heel or broken up.  These monopolists use their positions to disadvantage and silence the Right wherever and whenever they can.  This is a high priority for the President’s constituency.
  4. The President has got to get William Barr to drain the swamp. If he is unwilling to take on Comey and Brennan and Clapper then he should step aside and let someone else get it done.
  5. The President needs to move the swamp out of Washington D.C. and cut back its size well below current levels.  That would have the added benefit of possibly flipping Virginia back into the red state column.
  6. If the President gets a Republican Congress then he should request legislation to:
    • Further reward corporations for employing Americans and punish ones that move their operations overseas.
    • Rescind the Patriot Act
    • Lower the legal immigration quota to a fraction of its present value

But the most important thing President Trump’s administration can do is advocate for the re-litigation of all the unconstitutional affirmative action laws and judicial decisions that we have been afflicted with for the last fifty years.  The Solicitor General has as his responsibility to push forward to the Supreme Court’s attention, cases that revolve around unconstitutional conditions.  In my view, nothing could be more unconstitutional than the inequality at the heart of the various racial and sexual preference legislations that have been imposed on the country in the name of equality.  The last time these programs were litigated in front of the Supreme Court it was admitted that these were unconstitutional laws but the Court stated that the remedy they were meant to provide had not yet been achieved.  Well, considering how much time has now passed it seems high time another review takes place.  Hopefully once President Trump replaces Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we’ll be safe from John Roberts meddling with constitutional issues on the basis of his delicate feelings.

So, that’s quite an ambitious agenda.  If even half of these things are accomplished it would be a revelation for our side to see.  The important thing to remember is that an agenda is a checklist and needs to be hammered away at until it’s finished.  If politicians are shown to shy away from providing effective support for a goal but instead provide excuses for why it can’t be done then you know it’s time to find a better representative for your agenda.  The Bushes were the classic case of politicians who gave lip service to being conservatives but failed to support a single conservative goal.  This needs to be remembered after President Trump’s second term ends.  We’ll have to ask ourselves whether Mike Pence is up to the job he’ll be called on to perform.  A fearless and effective leader has now been shown to be the key to getting stuff done.

I’ll send this list into the President.  I know he’s busy right now but hopefully he’ll have some time after the State of the Union Address to chat with an important and influential thought leader such as myself.  I’ll let you know what he has to say when he calls me back.