The Next Five Years

So, I’ve already assumed the President will be re-elected.  The freak show that the Democrats have assembled for candidates is unmistakably a sort of bad joke they are playing on their constituency.  Questions still need to be answered as to whether the Republicans can take back the House and what will be their majority in the Senate.  And of course, these will have an impact on how the President will govern.  With a majority in Congress he could enact legislation that would enshrine into law some of the things we want to see.  But even without the Senate it’s interesting to consider what the agenda will be.  Let me try.

  1. Most useful would be to redouble the efforts to seal off the southern border with Mexico with a physical wall. This is the reason the president was elected and maximum effort should be made to realize this goal.
  2. Much more effort needs to be made in deporting illegal aliens wherever they can be found.  This is especially true of all dangerous criminals.  To this end the Mexican drug gangs need to be disrupted and kicked out of the country as soon as possible.  And even non-violent immigrants cause financial harm to the country.  To this end the recent Supreme Court decision allowing the federal government to block green card access to any immigrants who are receiving government support benefits is a useful tool.  Those coming here to live off our government programs need to be stopped.
  3. The President needs to rein in the Silicon Valley thought police. Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Amazon and most of the other internet gatekeepers need to be brought to heel or broken up.  These monopolists use their positions to disadvantage and silence the Right wherever and whenever they can.  This is a high priority for the President’s constituency.
  4. The President has got to get William Barr to drain the swamp. If he is unwilling to take on Comey and Brennan and Clapper then he should step aside and let someone else get it done.
  5. The President needs to move the swamp out of Washington D.C. and cut back its size well below current levels.  That would have the added benefit of possibly flipping Virginia back into the red state column.
  6. If the President gets a Republican Congress then he should request legislation to:
    • Further reward corporations for employing Americans and punish ones that move their operations overseas.
    • Rescind the Patriot Act
    • Lower the legal immigration quota to a fraction of its present value

But the most important thing President Trump’s administration can do is advocate for the re-litigation of all the unconstitutional affirmative action laws and judicial decisions that we have been afflicted with for the last fifty years.  The Solicitor General has as his responsibility to push forward to the Supreme Court’s attention, cases that revolve around unconstitutional conditions.  In my view, nothing could be more unconstitutional than the inequality at the heart of the various racial and sexual preference legislations that have been imposed on the country in the name of equality.  The last time these programs were litigated in front of the Supreme Court it was admitted that these were unconstitutional laws but the Court stated that the remedy they were meant to provide had not yet been achieved.  Well, considering how much time has now passed it seems high time another review takes place.  Hopefully once President Trump replaces Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we’ll be safe from John Roberts meddling with constitutional issues on the basis of his delicate feelings.

So, that’s quite an ambitious agenda.  If even half of these things are accomplished it would be a revelation for our side to see.  The important thing to remember is that an agenda is a checklist and needs to be hammered away at until it’s finished.  If politicians are shown to shy away from providing effective support for a goal but instead provide excuses for why it can’t be done then you know it’s time to find a better representative for your agenda.  The Bushes were the classic case of politicians who gave lip service to being conservatives but failed to support a single conservative goal.  This needs to be remembered after President Trump’s second term ends.  We’ll have to ask ourselves whether Mike Pence is up to the job he’ll be called on to perform.  A fearless and effective leader has now been shown to be the key to getting stuff done.

I’ll send this list into the President.  I know he’s busy right now but hopefully he’ll have some time after the State of the Union Address to chat with an important and influential thought leader such as myself.  I’ll let you know what he has to say when he calls me back.