Another Discussion on Living in a Banana Republic

Recent events have provided clear evidence that we no longer live in a representative democracy but rather in a bureaucratic oligarchy.  Some people have dubbed this the “managerial state.”  They control the executive branch agencies and control the real power that runs this country.  And not even an elected president can control them.  A close affiliation of Department of Justice personnel and Democrat appointed judges have the power to destroy anyone they want to.  That even includes a former President of the United States of America who is also a highly popular candidate for the upcoming election to that same office.

Now as distressing as this is, we gain nothing by continuing to shriek at the skies about this being the case.  Practically everyone now knows this.  Sounding the alarm no longer serves a purpose, or at least only a minimal purpose.

But what is purposeful is identifying new ways to live in this changed environment.  So, what is the mission?  Well, basically to maximize your quality of life within this regime and provide solidarity for others like you.  One thing it doesn’t include is providing the regime with an excuse for locking you up in a gulag.  The example of the January 6th protestors is a template of what not to do.  And the first thing to pay attention is where it was done.  Washington DC is literally the in belly of the beast.  In that jurisdiction the chance of a conservative protestor getting equal treatment under the law is nonexistent.  In fact, chances are most of the leaders of the protest were FBI agents leading the lambs to slaughter.

In general, trying to fight against the federal government in a blue state is suicidal.  But that still leaves plenty of leeway for constructive action.  There are many places in this country where conservative legislatures and governors are attempting to hold the line against the madness that Biden inflicts on us every day.  These are the places to flock to.  But even in these enclaves of freedom it’s wise to look at what you can do to reinforce your quality of life.

All the usual warnings about protecting your family from the public schools and selecting a career that eschews the woke corporations and the professions like law and medicine that have been hopelessly captured by the Left apply of course.  These things almost go without saying.  But don’t neglect them.  They have an enormous impact on your life.

But just as important is attending to the social aspects of your life.  “Man does not live by bread alone.”  And work isn’t all there is.  Cultivate a network of like-minded friends in your community.  Spend time with them and their families.  Find out who is reliable and who is not.  Be helpful to them and in this way build up a support system and a community of people you can trust and who trust you.  Hopefully some of these people will be your friends and maybe their children will be your children’s friends.

In a way we have to form communities within communities.  All of the normal social avenues; fraternal orders, church societies, even hobbies have been colonized by the Left and made unwholesome.  We have no choice but to start anew with ourselves as the only standard by which to select membership.  But at the same time, we also get to provide the rules and the content of the associations.  Maybe you’re a gun nut and enjoy going down to the range once a month.  Well, then that tells you what activity you’ll center your social club around.  Or maybe you enjoy a weekly poker night out with the boys.  Well, what’s better than that for camaraderie?

You might be asking what this has to do with being part of the resistance.  The answer is simple.  We’re the party without power.  We’re not going to win back this country anytime soon.  If we’re not going to just give up, we have to have a way to preserve our culture and also maintain morale.  To do that we need to create a network of people like us to provide the social cohesion that will keep our culture alive.  That’s why forming a community is crucial.  Without it we will become isolated, alienated and simply disappear.