Rebellion; Phase 2

2016 seems like yesterday but it’s seven years ago.  And all of the excitement and hope that Donald Trump’s storming of the White House engendered was mostly been beaten out of us by 2020.  We’ve seen the managerial state marshal all its resources; governmental, cultural, financial and informational to crush the rebellion and its adherents.  They’ve been especially cruel to anyone who publicly defied them or attempted to make them look foolish.  Lawfare has been put to very powerful use sending their enemies to prison either by sentence of a kangaroo court or just by perpetual incarceration in advance of a perpetually delayed trial.

Without a doubt the Left won Phase 1 of the Rebellion hands down.  Except for a few outposts like Florida, the country is solidly under the control of the progressives and their agenda is on full display.  There are men in sundresses everywhere you look including heading up government agencies and even in the armed forces.  And the medical profession and the pharmaceutical companies have conspired with sexual deviants in grammar schools to proselytize small children into thinking they have been assigned the wrong sex at birth and need to be mutilated to simulate “curing” this mistake of nature.

The borders have been dissolved and tens of millions of illegal aliens have flooded the country.  The various organs of the progressive establishment have criminalized being “white” and punish this crime by denying employment and also by allowing street thugs to attack white people with impunity, while at the same time prosecuting any white people who attempt self-defense.

The economy is starting to collapse under the combined influence of the COVID lockdowns, the green energy sabotage program and the ridiculous deficit spending of the federal government.  And finally, now Biden is picking fights with Russia and China with the prospect of triggering a nuclear war seen as a feature and not a bug of the program.

So, yeah, the revolution is not going well.

But in a sense there has been progress.  Even the stupidest, most uninformed individuals knows deep down that we no longer live in the old United States where the people who believe in American identity are a silent majority who can throw out the bums when things get out of balance.  I think it’s clear that there won’t be a Reagan revolution anytime soon.  It’s basically the majority of white men with a smattering of women and minorities who believe in the old America of self-sufficiency and normal cultural beliefs versus most women and most minorities who want to be wards of the state and will go along with the woke agenda because they have some preferential standing in its hierarchy.

We have seen a couple of elections and the Left have fixed things pretty solidly.  It would take a cataclysm of biblical proportions to change the outcome.  So that defines Phase 2.  We acknowledge that we are living under the occupation and we’re outvoted on a national level.  It remains to us to begin exploring the boundaries within which we live.  So far, we’ve seen that some states have been able to pursue policies that push back against the federal policies and actions that work to impose leftist ideology and outcomes in non-leftist jurisdictions.  Florida is a prime example of this but even purple states like Virginia have show impulses to push back against things like leftist propaganda programs in their kids’ schools.

On a personal level people in red and blue areas of the country are exploring the choices and activities they can embrace to minimize the leftist impact on their own lives.  Home schooling their children and encouraging their sons to choose trades instead of corporate employment are a couple of ways this is going on.  Accentuating family and community is another way this happens.  Basically, by limiting how much impact the federal programs have on your children you can minimize the damage they do.

Another thing that many people are doing is moving out of blue states and cities.  And this is probably the most powerful action that can be taken at this time.  Moving from a blue city to a rural red state area is the biggest bang for the buck that any American can get.  In terms of personal safety, nothing else even comes close.

So, Phase 2 is coming to terms with reality.  We’re occupied and will be for the foreseeable future.  We’re basically trying to work around the occupation.  What is yet to be seen is exactly how bad it will get.  So far some of the states have tweaked the feds.  For instance, Texas has been transferring illegal aliens by bus to places like New York City and Washington D.C.  And so far, there has been no attempt to thwart this reaction.  But there’s no guarantee this will continue.  So, Phase 2 goes on until we see whether local control can compensate for the federal government’s interference in the lives of Red State Americans.

Once that answer is arrived at, we reach Phase 3.  But that’s several different choices depending on how Phase 2 ends.   I’ll leave that for another day.

27JUN2021 – Biden’s America

I was looking at the headlines today:

  • Amid Crime Spike, Dems’ Future Rests on Eric Adams
  • The Democrats Are Already Losing the Next Election
  • ‘Not My Intent.’ Biden Walks Back Veto Remarks in Bid to Salvage Deal
  • Biden’s Push for Equity in Govt Hits Legal & Political Roadblocks
  • Biden Cap Gains Tax Hike Would Put US Rate Among Highest in World
  • Poll: 80% See Border Disaster, Want Trump Closure Restored, Reject Teaching Critical Race Theory
  • Crime is becoming one of America’s biggest political issues
  • Portland Begs People to Come Back to the City After Months-Long Riots, Rising Crime
  • Los Angeles Crime Wave Hits Wealthy Neighborhood in Deadly Shootout
  • Sheriff in George Floyd Case Blows Up BLM and Leftists with the Truth About Minneapolis Crime
  • Chicago’s crime epidemic is exploding as Biden focuses on gun control

Ah, music to my ears.

The Democrats dynamited their own cities and now they can’t understand why they’re in ruins.  They told the white population that the only way to fix the racial divide is to indoctrinate their children with poisonous lies about how horrible their parents and ancestors are.  And now they can’t understand why these parents are up in arms to stop this.  They spent a year demonizing the police and celebrating the railroading of an officer for a murder he didn’t commit and they’re shocked, shocked that the cops are just going to stand back and watch the black underclass rob and beat their urban neighbors.  They single out their pet minorities, blacks and LGBTQ weirdos, and lavish attention and special privileges on them and wonder why the rest of the country feels no allegiance to this pathetic regime.  They locked up their populations for a year without any measurable savings in lives and now they don’t understand why people don’t trust the “science.”  They turned their cities into prison camps with roving mobs burning and looting at will with no recourse to police and they wonder why no one is returning from the suburbs and beyond.  And after all this they’re confused by the fact that their re-election prospects are dismal.

It’s impossible to say whether the stupid party will seize upon the perfect opportunity to tar the Democrats with all these disasters.  But without a doubt America is not being led by Creepy Joe.  The only way to describe the situation we are in is occupation.  And that’s good enough for now.  No one is talking about compromise, rapprochement, reconciliation or bipartisanship.  Everyone is looking for push back and resistance.  And I think the chief feeling I detect is anger.  We want Creepy Joe to fail.  Even if it means economic disaster and social upheaval we want the country to reject everything the Democrats do.  We want the blue states to suffer the consequences of what they’ve brought on.  I’d like to see New York and Chicago and Minneapolis and especially Portland reduced to a burned-out shell where all the normal people have fled and the street thugs are reduced to preying on each other for food.

All around I see anger and hatred at a country that has been betrayed.  And right now, that’s good enough.


13JAN2021 – OCF Update – We’re Still Here

Amid the Sturm und Drang of the last week or so everyone has been thrown into turmoil as the Left attempts to cast out President Trump and all of the fallen angels in his camp into the Outer Darkness where they hope there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But sad to say for them, we are still here.

In fact, I’m having a remarkably good day.  The sun is shining.  My granddaughter spent a remarkably vigorous half hour jumping around on a gym mat and occasionally on my stomach while I read over the body count from the pogroms.  My breakfast tasted just as good and Camera Girl was just as cantankerous as ever about my table manners.  Sure, the popular culture I am surrounded by is just as dysfunctional and toxic as ever.  Nancy Pelosi is winding up her impeachment machine in a foot race with the last week of the President’s term and Democrat and Republican hypocrites are baying for the blood of anyone they can tie to the January 6th farce at the Capitol.

And yet, we’re still here.

I intend to write my posts and write my stories and talk to my friends and raise my family the way that I see fit.  They’ll still have to go a long way to make this the Soviet Union.  And now that they hold all the offices and pull all the strings they’ll find that all the anger that will accrue when they torture us over COVID and allow the BLM thugs to attack people will be pointed directly at them.  They will find out that when you unleash chaos it doesn’t just break things you want it to.  Some of that chaos finds its way back to you.

I find it kind of liberating to see everything out in the open.  Everybody knows who is on their side and who is on ours.  The masks are gone.  Amazon and Facebook and Twitter and Apple and Google have shown their true face.  They can quit the routine where they pretend they’re just trying to earn a living.  They hate us and now we can hate them right back.  When someone finds a way to hurt them we don’t have to make sympathetic noises about how sad it is.  Driving them out of business is the most patriotic thing you can possibly do.  When someone hacks Amazon one day soon and causes them a trillion dollars in losses we can laugh out loud.  When Apple’s next phone is an Edsel I’ll cheer.  When Twitter crashes and burns I’ll declare a holiday.

And the endless call to build our own platforms is finally being answered.  Gab has been alone in the wilderness for four years and now that everyone else has been shutdown they’re overloaded with new customers.  I checked out my page there and things are so bogged down by the new traffic that it’ll take weeks for them to get the server space up and running to make it work right.  If President Trump opens a page there Andrew Torba will probably have to charge admission just to keep up with the demand.  And he should.  What will need to happen is Gab or Parler will have to put the whole thing on a profitable basis.  They’ll charge everyone a couple of bucks a month and suddenly social media will be something worth being on.  That will eliminate the bots and the losers and it will actually resemble an ocean of different communities.

And last of all, I’m looking forward to the first BLM riot that ends with twenty or thirty Antifa clowns blown up.  I figure eventually someone will set up a big old bomb and put it where the arsonists can accidentally set it off.  Now that will be what I call poetic justice.  I’m imagining Dementia Joe and Cryin’ Chuck making a call for unity and healing.  I’ll laugh myself asleep that night.

So here we are in Post-America, living under the occupation forces of Dementia Joe.  The horror is only beginning and it will be pretty awful.

But we’re still here and we’ll make it work.