People’s Republic – A Book Review

Kurt Schlichter’s novel, “People’s Republic – A Novel” is an action-adventure story set in a near future where the United States has fractured into two separate countries.  The People’s Republic of North America encompasses the west coast and the Great Lakes and east coast down to about half of Virginia.  The remaining states are still called the United States of America.  There was at least some combat between the two groups of states but at the time of the story it has settled into a bickering of guerillas at the borders.

(Spoiler Alert – Skip down to last paragraph to avoid spoilers and read recommendation)

Now the story is not about the civil war or the current relations between the two countries.  Rather it is an adventure story about an undercover operation by a family to rescue a woman who foolishly defected to the People’s Republic.  The main protagonist is a former special forces soldier who earns his living by smuggling people across the closed border from the People’s Republic to the United States.

Together with the woman’s brother who is also a veteran they go on an odyssey to reach Los Angeles and rescue the girl and also carry back a data base full of the names of spies currently working in the United States.  Along the way we see the results of the radical progressive agenda in the People’s Republic and the growing discontent with the extreme economic hardships that exist there.

The book is liberally seasoned with fights, gun fights and escapes.  This is solidly in the action/adventure genre and provides a fast paced and well-written story.  There is a fair bit of progressive bashing built into the plot but being a progressive-basher myself I enjoyed it pretty consistently.  I would happily recommend this book to anyone on the right side of the political divide who enjoys action-adventure.  Progressives will definitely not enjoy how the Left is characterized.  Oh well.

My Thoughts on the New Movie, “Civil War”

I have not gone to see the new movie “Civil War.”  And unless something comes out to convince me otherwise, I won’t be.  I watched a bunch of video reviews by people who went to the early IMAX screening.  And based on these reviews I understood that the director wanted the audiences to feel that the movie is drawing no comparison between the existing political sides in the United States and the fictional factions that are at war in the movie.

The director wants the audience to think that the movie is about the unstoppable desire of the four journalists to document the war and also about the horrors that would break out in the event of an American Civil War.  So that doesn’t sound like a partisan set-up waiting to mug unsuspecting conservatives after they plunk down their hard-earned movie money.  But the more I thought about the details of the movie the less convinced I was that this was an even-handed film.

I think the first “tell” I found was the fact that in the movie the dictatorial three term president had disbanded the FBI.  Now everyone knows that the FBI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Obama/Clinton/Biden crime cartel.  And that Donald Trump has called for the FBI to be purged and possibly closed down.  To me this is the clearest sign that the rogue authoritarian president is meant to be Trump.

The second sign that the civil war is being presented as a battle between the Left and the Right is the scene where a “white” militiaman is pointedly asking the non-white journalist what kind of an American he is.  The implication is that at least one of the seceding entities is made up of white nationalists murdering non-whites.

But for me the thing that makes it most likely that I won’t enjoy this movie is the choice of protagonists.  The heroes of this drama are intrepid journalists.  These pillars of democracy are there to present the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help them CNN.  After all, when might we have seen journalists reporting from a war zone with less than the complete truth?  Hmmm.  Oh, I remember, the fiery, but mostly peaceful George Floyd riots when half of America’s cities were looted and burned.  Yeah, that was it!  Why wouldn’t I buy into a movie where these paragons of objectivity were the heroes?

Based on the reviews and the statements made by the cast and director they are putting this forward as a completely neutral film.  Well, of course they are.  Alienating the half of the country that enjoys action movies is a recipe for box office failure for a movie like this.  But I’m extremely tired of paying for movies that portray me as what’s wrong with this country.  I’ll let someone else pay for that.

And it’s a shame I won’t be going.  From what I’ve read and seen, the war sequences are pretty exciting.  And they do blow up Washington DC pretty convincingly, which sounds like fun.  Maybe I’ll wait until it’s streaming for free or I can rent it from the public library.  Oh, and one last thing.  The guy who plays the evil president doesn’t look like him but he sounds exactly like Mike Pence.  I’m okay if the Western Alliance takes old Mike away for high crimes and misdemeanors.  That I’d be okay with.

Of Civil War and Moe the Crow

What a beautiful day.  It hit seventy with almost constant bright sun, almost no clouds and, for once, no wind.  Walking around the yard today was idyllic.  The daffodils were mostly open and everywhere the tree buds looked ready to burst.

Now the calendar says it’s the middle of April but in New England that translates to the beginning of Spring.  And based entirely on my subjective criteria I hereby declare today the first day of Spring 2024 in the photogian calendar!


A raven has taken to chasing off Camera Girl’s pet crows (Moe the Crow and his stooges) and eating all the scraps that she puts out for them every morning.  Now, I’ve been a fan of ravens ever since I read a book called Ravens in Winter many years ago.  And after camping in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, my admiration for them has increased.  Now that they have made their way to Compound, I am excited to have them around.  But I do feel bad for Camera Girl.  Moe has become a friend of hers.  When he sees her come to the water he comes down to the ground and she feeds him peanuts from the ground in front of her.  Ah, well.  Survival of the strongest.

Alright, enough of all that.  Had to get it out of my system.

I spent today catching up with some projects that had languished during my recent busy spurt.  I’ve got a contractor waiting on a contract and a check to repair the damage done by a 120-foot White Pine that flattened a part of the upper driveway fence.  A very sad story.  The highway crew cut the tree up on Friday and managed to cut the electric fence wire that keeps our canines from rampaging over the countryside.  The timing of the electric fence malfunction made it possible that it coincided with the earthquake.  But afterwards the physical evidence said, road crew.  I have so many enemies!

I saw some early reviews for the new picture “Civil War.”  The claim is that the movie isn’t just a hit piece against Trump.  I’d like to believe that but I don’t want to see it until it’s been reviewed by someone on the right side of the political divide.  I’ve been burned too often and refuse to pay to be insulted by Hollywood.  I’ve watched about ten reviews so I’m starting to believe it could just be a movie about how bad a civil war would be.  But the other factor that could keep me away is the heroes being journalists.  After all, how many good journalists have we seen in the last ten years or so?  One, two, maybe three?  Anyway, my research continues.  If anyone finds a right-wing movie review for it, please pass it along.

So, Sunday night I did surgery on my laptop.  The internal battery was dying so I had to figure out how to open the back on my computer and replace the battery without frying the system or cracking the motherboard.  As I mentioned a few days ago I bout my very own geek tool set and watched a few YouTube videos for similar (but not identical) laptop models and then bit the bullet and went in.

Everything went relatively easily until I attempted to pop the back off.  Most of it released but near one side of the hinge the damn thing was stuck.  Stuck good!  And this is just plastic so I was afraid if I put too much force on it the damn thing would crack apart.  So, I attempted to extend the pry bar deeper into the interior to give me better leverage but I was afraid that some internal component could be damaged and turn the whole computer into useless junk.  After what seemed like forever the stuck spot sprang open.  Afterwards I checked to see if I had broken anything.  I did find something that looked like part of a female coupling that broke loose.  I couldn’t find where it came from so I chalked it up to being one of those pesky “extra parts” that they put in complicate equipment and moved on.

Well, from there on everything went smoothly and the whole thing was back together in five minutes.  A few hours of charging and the thing was working flawlessly.  So now I am officially an IT worker.  I feel an irresistible urge to write a haiku in DOS.

There, I’ve gone about seven hundred and fifty words without mentioning the 2024 elections.  That feels pretty good.  I’m trying to figure out a good approach to write about the political situation strictly from a humorous perspective.  Since I have almost precisely zero practical effect on the outcome of the election, I feel that to entertain is the correct strategy.  But honestly, I’m still searching for the format and angle that pleases me creatively and would also provide enjoyment to the readers.  A work in progress.

So, I think I’ll go watch something fun.  Maybe Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes.  I like that movie.

Guest Contributor – War Pig – 07APR2024 – Dark Premonitions

war pig


I, too, fear the day of the cartridge box. We have proven that only Americans can kick Americans’ asses. When roused, Americans are insensate fighters. The only example being our civil war, the casualties on both sides in that war exceed all casualties from all other wars combined. If it actually comes to fighting it will not be pretty. I am also fairly sure that the military leadership will not use the full powers of war against The People. As before, I believe the military will itself split. Also, it will be the left who actually fires the first shot, as the Confederacy did at Ft Sumpter. My dearest hope is a bloodless revolution. After all, the elite left talks a good fight, but they have no guts to actually get bloody.

The next thing that will happen will be a lot of criminal executions. No more revolving door justice. No more blaming the defender. Try to kick in a door and now get shot through the door. Felons caught in possession of firearms will not be put back on the street. Prison riots will be settled with shotguns and flamethrowers. Riots will be quelled with dispatch. Antifa and BLM will be sharply curbed. Looters run the risk of being shot in the act. It will take a few years for things to reach equilibrium, but they will settle.

On With the Show

Well, it was Friday so of course, I listened to the ZMan’s podcast.  It was called “The Mutant Supremacy” and was about the search to find the part of the Democrat constituency that is responsible for demanding the worst of their agenda.  These would be things like reparations, transgender rights and all of the most egregious policy demands.  He did a pretty good job narrowing it down by analyzing the underlying motivations of the various components of the Democrat coalition.  All in all, a good discussion.  And one of his points was that without the small group of people that spearheads these crazy causes the rest of the Left and Right would probably get along reasonably well, as opposed to the Civil War that seems to be on the verge of breaking out any day.

And then later on I saw that trailer again for that upcoming “epic” movie. “Civil War” and it made me think that all of this is completely unnecessary.  None of the things going on is due to inevitable clashes between different classes and ethnic groups at all.  All of these things are being stirred up by the same people who gave us Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  All of this is a deliberate program of incitement.  Joe Biden released millions of illegal aliens into the United States deliberately to sow conflict and worsen the economic plight of the American working class.  All of the dislocation associated with the “green energy program” will make everyone except for the investors in the companies manufacturing the green energy products, poorer.  For all the rest of us, we will be paying more for gasoline, heating oil and gas, food and all the other products that are manufactured from or with fossil fuels.  And then think of the whole COVID fiasco.  They were willing to shut down the whole economy and keep kids out of school for a year just to sabotage voting in an election.  And with the recent confirmation that the COVID virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab it points to even more awful possibilities.  It has been reported that the United States, probably for the CIA, was paying for a virus program at Wuhan that included “gain of function” modifications to bat corona viruses.

When I first read that I felt like it was some kind of bad joke.  I mean, what other information would be needed for anyone with even room temperature IQ to make the imaginative leap to the idea that we paid for the COVID virus.  I just hope we didn’t actually release it too.

So, if we live in a society where a small number of people antagonize the rest of the population with increasingly harmful and even disastrous governmental dictates, how long can it be before this program leads to open revolt?  And after all, isn’t that exactly why all these things are being pushed?  None of these things satisfy the various aggrieved parties.  They only enrage the people they target, the unprotected constituencies that suffer the consequences.  So maybe all of this is to bring on the war that they claim we’re spoiling for.

So, I have to assume their ready for it.  Just as they were ready for the January 6th riot.  You could say they wanted the riot.  Some say they actually led it with undercover agents in the crowd entrapping the unsuspecting protestors.

Maybe they’re ready for what is going on in Texas.  Maybe they want the confrontation.  It’s hard to say.  But I think at a certain point all of this becomes a fait accompli.  A spark will set off the whole powder keg and we’ll get the explosion that the Left has been building for decades.  And at a certain point you stop caring about trying to avoid the inevitable.  The extra work becomes insupportable.

So, when Joe Biden wins the 2024 election, things will change.  I think those not on the Left will abandon the presidential election as a legitimate institution.  I think what we’re seeing in Texas right now may be the blue print for what will happen going forward.  The Constitution’s definitions of the federal government’s duties can be used to prove that they are in dereliction of their responsibilities and this provides a rationale for the states to step in.   This is what Governor Abbott has done for the border crisis and it can be used in the future for a number of similar cases where the feds have defaulted on their responsibilities.

From my point of view, the sooner this begins, the better.  With his abysmal approval ratings, Biden is in the weakest position imaginable for a president and additional attacks will weaken him further.  Will the outcome be a disaster for our side?  Maybe.  But as I said earlier, at a certain point you just stop caring and want to get it over with.  On with the show.

Can I Review a Movie Trailer?

It was bound to happen eventually.  Hollywood needs to give us cautionary tales.  I watched the trailer for an upcoming movie called “Civil War.”  The scenario is a “fascist” president in his third term (probably named Donald Tromp, Ronald Trump or something else equally subtle) is fighting a war to recapture nineteen states that have seceded including the Western Alliance (or something like that) consisting of California and Texas.  As an aside, the guy playing the president sounds exactly like Mike Pence.

The heroes of the movie are three intrepid “reporters” who travel across the country and witness the horror of Middle America in all its racist something or other.  In the trailer we see white men with guns interrogating some seemingly Hispanic people and when told that they are Americans the guys with guns say, “But what kind of Americans?”  And then it looks they’re going to shoot them.  And there is lots of footage of jets and tanks attacking New York City and monuments in DC blowing up and I think it looks like the invaders breach the White House.

The Democrats are attempting to take Trump off the ballot.  What a perfect time to have a movie showing what will happen if a fascist president is allowed to run for president.

My favorite part of the trailer is near the end where the intrepid female reporter says, “Every time I survived a war zone, I thought I was sending a message home saying, “Don’t do this.”  And yet, here we are.”  So even during a movie where the country is engulfed in war and the outcome should be the story we have “Karen” lecturing us about how we didn’t listen to the girl boss who knew best.

So really my only question about all this is how the hell did California and Texas form an alliance.  Are they commies or good guys?  Is it run by Gavin Newsome or Ron Paul?

Honestly, I’ll bet this movie will be incredibly annoying.  All the people we are supposed to applaud will be urban dwelling, latte sipping progressives and all the people we’re meant to boo will be white red state Americans.  I assume, at the end, once Donald Trump is dragged from the White House and burned at the stake, all of the seceding states will come to their senses and unanimously re-elect Barack Obama or some other BIPoC woman as president and we’ll finally reach nirvana.

Wouldn’t it be something if we could have a civil war movie where the bad guys were the people who were trying to destroy America for real?  The Summer of George rioting wasn’t exactly a civil war but it came really close.  It was akin to the Visigoths burning and pillaging the Roman Empire.

I’d pay some money to see a civil war movie where Joe Biden declares war on Texas and then gets his head handed to him.  I mean that makes some kind of sense.  I could see Texas just plain getting fed up with an immigrant invasion and putting a stop to it even in the face of federal intervention.  I’d love to see a movie where Washington calls out troops to force Texans to allow illegal aliens in and the troops revolt and join the Texans.  Now that I’d pay to see.

I guess I should wait until April and see what the actual plot turns out to be but I’d bet small change that I’ve just more or less spelled it out.  It’s a warning against Trump as dictator for life.  Please spare me this drama.

Wake Up to the Truth

This life that each of us pursues is a mystery.  It entails a complicated relationship with many facets of our reality.  Each of us interacts with the natural world and the human world.  And the human world divides up into our interaction with people in a continuum that stretches from the totality of all human life; past, present and future; to every smaller circle of nation, state, city, town, neighborhood, right down to our family and finally to our relationship to our own human self; our own body, which then loops around back to the natural world.

And as much as each one of us is an individual and therefore unique, we want different things.  Some of us seek fame and others wealth.  Some pursue knowledge and some desire pleasure.  But because being human can no longer be a solitary endeavor, whatever we want to do with our lives, we have to do it in the context of our interaction with human society.  “No man is an island.”  So, we achieve what we do through our actions as part of human society.  And therefore, the kind of society we live in dictates the range of success that each of us and all of us can possibly achieve.

And that was the glory of the United States in its earlier days.  The range of outcomes available to almost anyone living in this place was remarkable.  The practically limitless natural resources, the constantly expanding technological advances and the personal freedom afforded by the United States’ Constitution combined to create an incredibly dynamic and successful society that transformed the world in its wake.

But now the obscenely wealthy and powerful have decided the party’s over.  There’s not enough to go round, at least not for the middle.  The elite will still jet over to Davos and utilize whatever luxuries technology has to offer.  And whichever toadies they need to organize their lives and whichever pets they adopt from the third world will be included within their charmed circle.  But not the rest of us.  The elite has decided that it is in their best interests to get rid of us altogether.

The future has been cancelled.  No jobs, no homes, no families, no kids.  Not even the consolation prizes like a car ride in the country or a barbecue on the grill.  Instead, you have to settle for getting mugged somewhere in your fifteen-minute city while going out to buy your cricket taco.  You’ll own nothing and “like it.”  Forget about having a family, you won’t even be human.  As a child your teachers will groom you to be neutered and then experimented on to resemble something different.

And even the negative freedoms are being removed.  The freedom from fear is one of the big ones.  Turning the cities into anarchic kill zones is a big part of that.  The police have been handcuffed and prosecutors and judges have been appointed to protect career criminals from the punishments for their crimes.  And just to make sure that normal people don’t attempt to protect themselves from this death trap, those same prosecutors and judges go out of their way to prosecute anyone who tries.

Then what’s left?  Everything good in life has been removed until finally death by fentanyl will appear to be the best option available.

It’s a brilliant plan.  If you control all the levers of power and even the social and educational apparatus you can distort human behavior until it fulfills your dictates.  Human freedom, at least outside of their circle, does not fulfill these dictates.  So, it must be eliminated.  And it has to a great degree.

Pretty grim picture.  But only by comparison to what we had before.  Only because our expectations and our assumptions about the world around us, about this society, are misinformed.  There are still opportunities and resources all around us in vast quantities.  What is needed to unlock them is the correct mindset with respect to the obstacles and traps.  Know your enemies.  Avoid the pitfalls.  Identify allies and resources and form communities that strengthen those that you identify as friends.  And wherever possible work to undermine the wealth and well-being of your enemies.  And most importantly of all, protect your children from all aspects of this war against us.  Protect them from the lies and tell them the truth.

We can thrive in this new environment.  All we need to do is adjust.  The truth shall set you free.  Wake up to the truth.

Guest Contributor – ArthurinCali – 17FEB2023 – Civil War Battlefield Musings

We took a family vacation in the early 90s and drove from East Texas all the way to Nashville. At the time, it felt like we stopped at every Civil War battlefield (twice) along the way. Seeing the meadows and rolling hills with cannons and other historical relics was a powerful sight. Imagining the sounds and smells of gunfire, the bravery and fear of the battles is a humbling moment. I recall a story about a Union guard talking to a Confederate soldier from a Tennessee unit who had been captured and noticing the young man’s ill-fitted clothes and general state of shoddy equipment. He (paraphrasing) asked, “Why are you fighting? You don’t appear to have a major stake in this war.” The young man replied, “Because you’re here.” A few years ago I took an interest in researching my family ancestry and found cousins from Tennessee who served in the CSA. They were mountain folk who didn’t have slaves, a plantation, or much of anything else to their name, but I can imagine them giving the Union soldier the same reasoning for taking up arms.

While the current age we live in likes to take American history and ‘Disneyfy’ it into simplistic caricatures of a good/evil binary, the complexities and nuance remains, especially for the War of Northern Aggression. The current charge that history is not being fully taught is correct, but for different reasons than the detractors point out. All they want is history taught in a manner to ensure those who have been deemed the personification of evil stay that way. This isn’t relegated to only American history, but Western Civilization overall. This is how society has arrived to the asinine conclusions that only Europeans conquered and enslaved other peoples throughout world history. It doesn’t acknowledge the reality that human nature hasn’t aged – that all of humanity contains the ability for committing depravities against their fellow man, while also being able to show empathy and compassion at other times.

Binary America

America is two almost opposite nations occupying the same geographic space.  Red America is a nation that mostly believes in the civic nationalism that was the official narrative of the United States up until the end of World War II.

Blue America is Woke America.  It rejects, almost compulsively, everything that defines Red America.  This goes so far as to reject normal human biology and common-sense rules of societal survival such as that career criminals must be prevented from continuously harming other citizens.

And in addition to this polar opposite contrast between these two outlooks on life, the two nations are extremely closely balanced in numbers.  So much so that neither nation has been able to dominate over the checks and balances of the American constitutional system and impose its will permanently on the other.

This situation has led to extreme animosity against the opposing citizens by each group.  It is beginning to border on what some have called a cold civil war.  It’s not clear whether a resolution of this struggle for control of the country will happen in the foreseeable future.  If it does, it may involve an actual civil war so bloody and destructive as not to be contemplated.

The idea of the country splitting in two parts by one side declaring its independence seems like a recipe for the nightmare civil war scenario that so many people imagine.  I have been thinking of a different plan to mediate the problem.  Let’s call it a patchwork solution.

Each state has to decide which of the two nations it belongs to.  Once the states have formed these two groups each group will sit down and work out the laws that would pertain to the Blue Nation or the Red Nation.  The two groups would also sit down and work out what functions both nations agree that they could share under an umbrella of cooperation.  Maybe the post office, maybe the military (maybe not), maybe highways and airports, maybe the monetary system (maybe not).

Then the two nations would work to allow citizens to migrate between the two areas for an extended period of time in order to accommodate the separation.  And both nations would bend over backwards to minimize the financial impact to the immigrants.  I could see real estate transactions being facilitated by the states so that no one would be stranded or made destitute.  After the period of immigration, the two countries would be governed by the new laws that each nation had chosen.

And everyone would get what they say they want.  Blue America would be a social justice wonderland.  There would be no police.  There would be no gasoline, heating oil or nuclear power.  So mostly people would be like they were before the introduction of electricity and the automobile.  Everyone would have their own pronouns and white people would be hounded to their graves for being white.

Red America would be … America.  Which, if you think about it, would be basically Heaven.

I’ve been trying to figure out what could be said against this.  From the Blue America side, they would have to be tricked into this by convincing them that they would be far better off without all those terrible rednecks that they mock and hate so much.  This will be a monumental job.  Possibly if things continue to go sideways the way they have for the last two years, it may become an easier sell.

What makes it such a difficult sell is that deep down most of the Left knows that without normal people they could never afford the enormous dysfunction that their unrealistic model of human behavior creates.  And if actually forced to pick between the two Americas millions of Leftists would try to sneak into Red America.  This would require some sort of evaluation process to try and weed out the Leftists.

Maybe the rules of Red America would dissuade the Leftists from coming but somehow, I doubt it.  So, forcing everyone to conform to these basic rules would be a good way to discourage wolves in sheep’s clothing.

What would be important during the formation of Red America is to make the rules irrevocable so that if a particular state changes its mind about certain laws that state would have to leave the group and either go it alone or ask for reintegration with Blue America.  In fact, the law allowing secession is an important change from the current American Constitution.  Constraining states to follow laws they don’t believe in is what has gotten us into the situation we’re in now.

So, there’s my mad plan.  Sure, there are all kinds of objections to making this happen but it’s my vision of what might prevent a war.  What do you think?


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What Will the Revolution Look Like?

Civil War, Great Divorce, Loosened Federalism, The Big Crack Up, Bill of Rights Sanctuary States?  I hear so many people talk about the changes that are coming.  But nothing I read seems at all specific about what will happen and how it will end up.  And there’s nothing surprising about it.  It’s because nobody really knows what will happen.  So, what do we know?

I think one thing that is crystal clear is that the most progressive 30% of the country despises the most conservative 30% of the country.  And at this point, vice versa.  We also know that the 40% left over in the squishy middle are hopeless idiots that ricochet back and forth from election to election.  Because of this no hope exists that we’ll be able to resolve the differences between the Left and Right through the election process at the federal level.  But we do know that the elites control all the institutions that dictate how we live our lives; the schools, the colleges, big business, the media, etc.

The only way forward that I can see that will move things forward is for the states to put together an agenda of changes that they will drive within their boundaries and change the way life is lived by their citizens.  This is in line with what Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida.  He is working with his legislature to defend his citizens from being forced by the federal government to surrender their freedoms.  He has outlawed mask mandates and vaccine mandates and that has been a boon for his state.

But what needs to be done is for the Red States to organize and go after other obnoxious targets.  For instance, almost every college in America is a bastion of woke ideology where normal young people are brainwashed and bludgeoned by Leftist professors and administrators.  Why?  Florida has an enormous number of colleges, about one hundred and thirty of them, and there are millions of students.  Why shouldn’t there be a bill of rights for college students?  The state could regulate the misbehavior of administrators and professors by bringing fines and even jail time in cases where the civil rights of non-leftists are being attacked.  And since these schools are in fact large scale conspiracies of Leftist propaganda, I could see organized crime laws being used to threaten them with a permanent shut down.  That would be something to see.  And beyond that even their use of affirmative action could be attacked at the state level.

I’m aware that the feds would try to intervene.  And that’s where this would have to break new ground.  The states would have to resist any attempts by the feds to intervene.  Not caving to the Justice Department; this would be the revolution.  It’s never been done, except by the Left.  Look at sanctuary cities, marijuana laws.  These are examples of states saying no to the federal law.  This is what the revolution would have to be.

And it’s not just restricted to colleges.  The states can take control of the public schools, the welfare programs, corporate policies on affirmative action, tech companies discriminating against conservatives, obscenity laws, even things as controversial as gay marriage and adoption.  All these parts of life can be addressed by governors and legislatures.  And these things would be wildly popular.  They could even use referendums to gauge the relative popularity of different problems and use this information to decide which initiatives to address first.

Controlling the federal government is still something we can attempt to do.  But in the meantime, waiting for this to happen is a mistake.  The states will have to lead the way and free their people.  That is the revolution we are waiting for.