Sundance at CTH Has a Good Analysis of What We are All Expecting After the Trial

Hat tip to Neil for sending me the link.  I saw the text from Politico and didn’t go any farther.  Sundance expressed it very well.

I think everyone is waiting to see which way President Trump decides to go after this farcical “trial” is over. I’d love for him to become the leader of a movement that encompassed more than just politics or media or commerce. It needs to be almost a nation within a nation. We need the cohesion to be able to use the strength of our numbers to provide support and protection for the individuals who are bearing the brunt of these attacks. 75 million people could afford to pay for legal and even tactical resources when needed. We need a powerful leader to build a powerful organization to protect us from the Left. I hope he will agree to be that leader. I don’t know who else could do it.

DeceptiCons Perplexed, President Trump Support Not Waning – Retribution to GOP Increasingly Likely


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1 year ago

I have to admit, I thought this post was going another way. Trump will be found innocent. This is a fact. It requires 2/3 of the senate to convict and 44 senators are on record that this show trial is unconstitutional. He will not be convicted – not even with the help of Romney, Collins and Murkowski. The verdict will be read and it will be “Not guilty” What then? What will the mob do? If there is rioting (almost certain) it won’t be Trump supporters smashing windows and burning cars. Although I’m sure the media will try to sell… Read more »