Exit Excitement – Is Your State a Candidate?

When I first heard about the concept of Texas seceding from the United States it seemed far-fetched.  But lately, considering the insanity the Left has inflicted on us, it doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.  And hearing that other states are actually in discussions with the Texit folks it occurred to me that maybe I was behind the curve on what’s out there in the real world.

But since I haven’t been consulted by the folks actually involved in these discussions I thought it might be fun to open up the speculation to the wider world.  Each of you know more about your state than I could.  Take an educated guess and let’s see if your fellow citizens agree with you.  Now obviously states like NY and MA and CA aren’t going anywhere.  In fact they’re the reason other folks are thinking of leaving.  But how about AL or FL or WY.  Granted, we’re talking about very conditional situations.  For instance OK and LA would feel pretty safe tagging along with their neighbor TX.  But just for the sake of argument, suppose each of the other states had a situation where they would be contiguous with a seceding entity.  Let’s say the vertical column from ND down to TX coordinated an exit.  Would there be any states that would just flat out say no, no matter what conditions could be met?  If every southern state from NC all the way around to LA also was given that situation would any pass on the offer?  How about the western states, AZ, UT, ID,MT and WY?  If we could hook them up with the northern tier would they bite?  And just to make it really easy, what if it wasn’t a complete secession from the USA but instead what if all the red states declared that as a coalition they were going to agree to nullify any federal laws that they all agreed were unconstitutional?  Now that almost seems normal and sensible.  Almost like all the hippie states deciding that pot is legal no matter what the federal law is.  It’s starting to sound kind of inevitable.

I admit this is nutty but it’s intoxicating trying to guess just how many states would really love to escape from the madness of the coasts.  Maybe it could happen.  Anyway, there it is.  Is your state one that under the right circumstance would revolt against the madness or would it stay put, no matter how bad it gets?  You give your opinion.  The results might be interesting.



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10FEB2021 – A Little More Texit Envy

I listened to this interview between a talk show guy in Texas ( Chris Salcedo ) and Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement and author of the book “TEXIT: Why And How Texas Will Leave The Union.”  It was an interesting discussion in which they talked about some of the important details that separating from the Union would involve private citizens in.  Like social security and other financial programs.  As I said it was interesting but they didn’t mention a date when the Texit bill is supposed to be voted on in the Texas legislature.  Guess I’ll have to do some more digging.

Theater vs Reality

The ZMan often makes the distinction between what he calls the Dissident Right and everyone else by the analogy of a river crossing.  So, if you’ve come around to the opinions of the Dissident Right then you’ve crossed that river and from the vantage point of the other side everything looks different.

And in a lot of ways, I’ve made that crossing.  I no longer see any hope of wresting control of the United States from the Leftists.  They hold all the levers of power and short of military force they will not relinquish them even to legitimate voting majorities.  The only thing that separates me from the dissidents is their belief that some kind of racial apartheid is necessary to prevent the madness of progressivism from ruining life.  I don’t see how that follows.  I still think that a color-blind approach to people is the correct one.  Human beings are all different but one standard allows everyone the ability to achieve their own personal best.  I’ve always known that there are people who are smarter and more-hard working than I am.  And I do not envy them whatever additional success that provides them.  And by the same token there are plenty of people who will be less successful than I am.  I feel no guilt about what that means for them.  I do think that there is a natural desire to help the less fortunate.  What I reject is the idea that we owe the less gifted some kind of blackmail so that they won’t accuse us of conspiring against them.

So, from the point of view of the Dissident Right I’m still on the other side of the river but from my point of view I’ve run out of faith in the United States of America.  As far as I’m concerned it only exists in the minds of the non-leftists who remember what it stood for.  The reality is the post-America we live in, where Dementia Joe occupies the White House bunker and Nancy Pelosi is installed behind the razor wire of the Capitol.

Now that I’ve finished my preamble, I’ll talk about the ZMan’s post.  It’s called “The Decoupling.”  And by that he means that people who have crossed the river slowly lose interest in the political theater going on in Washington and the other power centers.  They no longer see it as anything other than as a distraction that is meant to keep the masses occupied with whatever the latest outrage they want to inflict on us is.  Will they allow gays in the military?  Will they legalize gay marriage?  Will they allow the looters to burn down our cities?  Will they allow men into women’s bathrooms?  Will they give citizenship to 60 million illegal aliens?

And to the extent that you’ve given up on the concept of the United States you do stop caring about any of this.  When Marco Rubio sends me an e-mail telling me I have to send him a hundred bucks so that he can cry on the floor of the Senate about something that he is upset about, I delete it and block his e-mail account.  If Kevin McCarthy e-mails me to say he’s organizing a brilliant strategy to retake the House that includes giving the leadership spots to RINOs I delete his e-mail and block his e-mail account.  But if Representative Biedermann tell me about Texit and that other states are thinking about the same thing now he’s got my attention.  I’ll e-mail him and ask if I can help.

I’ve disconnected from the theater.  If someone has a plan to do something real, I’m interested.  So, I haven’t completely shut down my reception.  I’ve just tuned out the noise.

Texit Envy

Yesterday I listed among my Friday finds an interview at the Gateway Pundit with Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann about the Texit Bill that he will introduce into the Texas legislature to begin the process of determining if the citizens of Texas want to leave the United States and reassert their sovereignty as the Republic of Texas.

During the interview Representative Biedermann mentioned that there are other states that are also interested in pursuing the idea of becoming independent of Washington.  So, I went to the Texit website to see what else I could find out.  There was quite bit of information on the Texit project but no other information on any other states looking into independence.  But just knowing that something was going on to finally push back against the Left was like getting a shot of pure oxygen after breathing stale air for a week.

As I’ve said many times before, I am tethered to the area by the grandchildren living here and Camera Girl would fight me like a tiger if I tried to move her away from them.  But a day will come when moving will be possible and if Texas does this great thing, I feel sure I would go there.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if others of my family joined me.  There has been talk already of fleeing the Northeast for freer areas but even red states are currently under the thumb of the federal government.

The idea of Texas gaining independence is thrilling enough but imagine if a number of contiguous states join them in some sort of loose confederation.  I feel drunk just thinking of it.  Imagine escaping from the Leftists once and for all.  Never again having to be called racists during another election.  Never having to live under laws that force you to lose the rights of a free man to property, religion, speech free association and self-defense.

I was trying to think what would be the greatest pleasure that I would get from states gaining their freedom and I think it would be never having to have idiots like Barack Obama or Joe Biden spoken of as the leader of my nation.  I would never have to listen to Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer make a speech unless doing it for laughs.  I wouldn’t be surrounded by fools who would let the federal government lock us in our homes and force us to wear masks for no reason.  I wouldn’t have a government that would allow lunatics to hijack the cities and burn down honest people’s shops to protest the death of some criminal.  I wouldn’t have to live in a place where the news stations tell me that I’m a racist and a science denier because I don’t believe in white privilege and I don’t think that a man wearing a dress is a woman.  Well, I guess that’s more than one thing but I think all those things are linked together.  Let’s just say that the greatest thing about living in a real Free America would be living in a place that wasn’t completely crazy by design.

As you can probably tell I’m pretty excited to hear about this movement in Texas and now I’m almost a little down knowing there’s not much I can do about it currently.  But what I will do is keep up with the information that becomes available and update the folks here on the site when something occurs.

I spent a few months down in Texas on an engineering assignment twenty-five years ago and those folks down there were so friendly that I was dumbfounded by it.  And the same thing happened every time I was in a red state.  It’s just wrong to allow good people to be badgered and tormented by sick demented weirdos just because they’ve rigged the system against us.  Here’s to hoping Texas makes it happen.