Exit Excitement – Is Your State a Candidate?

When I first heard about the concept of Texas seceding from the United States it seemed far-fetched.  But lately, considering the insanity the Left has inflicted on us, it doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.  And hearing that other states are actually in discussions with the Texit folks it occurred to me that maybe I was behind the curve on what’s out there in the real world.

But since I haven’t been consulted by the folks actually involved in these discussions I thought it might be fun to open up the speculation to the wider world.  Each of you know more about your state than I could.  Take an educated guess and let’s see if your fellow citizens agree with you.  Now obviously states like NY and MA and CA aren’t going anywhere.  In fact they’re the reason other folks are thinking of leaving.  But how about AL or FL or WY.  Granted, we’re talking about very conditional situations.  For instance OK and LA would feel pretty safe tagging along with their neighbor TX.  But just for the sake of argument, suppose each of the other states had a situation where they would be contiguous with a seceding entity.  Let’s say the vertical column from ND down to TX coordinated an exit.  Would there be any states that would just flat out say no, no matter what conditions could be met?  If every southern state from NC all the way around to LA also was given that situation would any pass on the offer?  How about the western states, AZ, UT, ID,MT and WY?  If we could hook them up with the northern tier would they bite?  And just to make it really easy, what if it wasn’t a complete secession from the USA but instead what if all the red states declared that as a coalition they were going to agree to nullify any federal laws that they all agreed were unconstitutional?  Now that almost seems normal and sensible.  Almost like all the hippie states deciding that pot is legal no matter what the federal law is.  It’s starting to sound kind of inevitable.

I admit this is nutty but it’s intoxicating trying to guess just how many states would really love to escape from the madness of the coasts.  Maybe it could happen.  Anyway, there it is.  Is your state one that under the right circumstance would revolt against the madness or would it stay put, no matter how bad it gets?  You give your opinion.  The results might be interesting.



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