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Neil M. Dunn

Red state legislatures should reinstate control over the election process B4 2022 for any chance of changing the House majority party and must reinstate control….B4 2024 if there is to be any chance to have Trump(or similar) become President. I am not optimistic.



Reply to  Neil M. Dunn

Neither am I. PA, WI, AZ & GA should have already been galvanized by the November outrage. Instead, crickets.



Like you, I was relatively okay with Trump’s speech. It sounded like a pre-election rally, a call to action of some sort, and a synopsis of why he’s great and Biden is not. Fine: Everyone listening gets it. He’s preaching to the choir. The question is twofold: How are we going to get back control, and secondly, Who is going to lead this process?

We now understand that no institution in the United States is going to stand firm for American values, laws, the Constitution, history, culture, language or borders. At least not at the leadership levels — people on the line, doing the work agree with conservatives, but the controlling executive and managerial levels don’t.

I think we can demonstrate with history, that in most situations people only learn things and move to action with pain. It would be nice if we learned through pleasure, but it doesn’t seem that way. If so, then it isn’t enough for Americans to wake up and see what’s going on around them. That’s been happening for decades, presumably under some sort of organized planning.

No; we’re too far down the road to socialism and American tyranny. Instead, we’re going to have to now live through the results of decades of apathy, inaction, and wanting someone else to do the work. As Trump said, conservatives are nice; Democrats are vicious. And we know how difficult it is to change human nature. There’s an old poem making the rounds about how the Saxons learned to hate. It will take a lot more, and a lot of real pain for conservatives to learn to be as strong as our opponents.



Reply to  NC_Craig

Craig, I agree completely with what you describe. Somebody with a lot of courage and some brains is going to have to step forward and actually take a stand. And if he has a plan that will work men will follow him.


War Pig

Reply to  photog

But he or she will be assassinated or “cancelled” or have false charges of sexual harassment, etc, brought against them. If the bastards are now going after Dr Seuss, there is no limit to their perfidy.

They got JFK and Bobby Kennedy, almost got Reagan and even went after poor Gerald Ford. Frankly, I’m surprised Trump survived. The left is the party of racism, violence and assassination. They whistle up their brown shirt Antifa and BLM like Maduro whistles up his “militia”, both to suppress opposition to the regime.

I can see red state pushback but not secession. One pushback I’d like to see is the state basically kicking federal personnel out. Force all offices of the IRS and FBI to close and leave. If the feds retaliate with loss of federal money, then tell state residents they no longer have to pay US income tax, and dare the feds to try and enforce it. Red states put more into the federal coffers than they get back as it is. Threaten to have Military bases power and water cut off from outside the base borders, where the state rules, if the feds keep it up. Use the National Guard as the new state military and refuse to federalize them when congress tries.

If turned loose, the Texas Rangers can enforce the law quite well in Texas. FBI not needed. Also create another border just inside the US border and put up a wall or fence. Texas can then refuse to accept illegals.

I said many times that this was going to be the most crooked election in our history. I was right. The Democrats went after the election and they pulled out all the stops, every dirty trick in the book was used. Now they are in charge of government they will only entrench themselves further. No illegal act, no falsehood, no theft, no felony will be too bad for them to use in their quest for power.

The problem is, conservatives are basically decent people. Democrats are vicious swine with no moral scruples at all. They will support anything if it helps them achieve their ends. Murder, riot, arson, theft, vote fraud, lies, false charges, suppression of the Bill of Rights – anything. Things conservatives cannot bring themselves to do. So conservatives are always fighting with one foot in a bucket of cement and one hand tied behind their backs.



Reply to  War Pig

You know War Pig, that’s all very true and I may be getting senile but I’m actually more optimistic since the election fraud than I was before. I think the farce that is the Biden Administration will do more to wake up America than anything Trump could have done in a second term. I’m hoping that one of the governors will step up and tell Biden and his goons to go pound sand. As I said I’m probably dead wrong but I’m feeling optimistic.


War Pig

Reply to  photog

Unless they face legal repercussions, they will continue to violate election laws at will. Until one of the mighty goes to prison, there is no stopping them. Why shouldn’t they steal elections? They get away with it, and nobody pays the price. When they steal the elections, they can stymie any investigation. Look at Ohio. The federal prosecutor in our area arrested the speaker of the Ohio house on corruption charges. He was building a case on the largest state-level corruption and money laundering scheme he’d ever heard of. But, he has now packed his bags and gone as Biden replaced him. The Democratic-leaning replacement doesn’t seem very interested in the case so far.

We would need a President able to drain the swamp and it would take four terms in office at least, with both houses of congress firmly in conservative hands for those four terms. That’s how long FDR took to fill the swamp.



Reply to  War Pig

At this point I think if anything is going to be done it will happen in a red state. The federal government is hopelessly lost to the Left.



Reply to  photog

The Federal Government is bankrupt, hence the unlimited printing of money. It will collapse, along with EBT cards and money, unemployment checks and so forth. Then there will be riots, mostly in the urban centers. Let’s see how well the Federal Government does in holding onto their control when the money runs out.



Reply to  NC_Craig

Exactly how long the federal government can print unlimited trillions of dollars is unknown by me. I’m not sure anyone knows when the currency will collapse.



Reply to  photog

Gov. Ron DeSantis – Florida



Reply to  NC_Craig

He does seem to be doing a lot of things right. What might make things even more interesting is if he started coordinating with as many of the other red states as are interested to coordinate efforts. They could form their own League or Bloc. I think that could be very useful.



Reply to  War Pig


by Rudyard Kipling


It was not part of their blood,

It came to them very late,

With long arrears to make good,

When the Saxon began to hate.


They were not easily moved,

They were icy — willing to wait

Till every count should be proved,

Ere the Saxon began to hate.


Their voices were even and low.

Their eyes were level and straight.

There was neither sign nor show

When the Saxon began to hate.


It was not preached to the crowd.

It was not taught by the state.

No man spoke it aloud

When the Saxon began to hate.


It was not suddenly bred.

It will not swiftly abate.

Through the chilled years ahead,

When Time shall count from the date

That the Saxon began to hate.



Reply to  photog

Jefferson Davis had an entire government in place for the Confederacy; including a currency and banking system. Lincoln had technology. In today’s world, conservatives have the technology, while the only thing the aristocrats have is a currency, and identity politics.



Reply to  NC_Craig

This will be difficult and no one really knows how this will go but there are an awful lot of people whose eyes have been opened. It may happen faster than we think. We just need the right match. And I think that match will be a hero.



Reply to  NC_Craig

(Sorry for the long comment, but I guess I’m passionate.)

I’m reading the comments, and it seems we’re all seeing the same thing: With control over law, justice, congress, and (of course) the bureaucracy, there doesn’t seem to be a way to change things. The single, biggest problem we all face is utter lack of accountability. Nobody has gone to jail for anything in my lifetime, and that spans at least 40 years as an adult paying attention. Yes, there have been one or two major cases, but we’ll likely agree that perps along the lines of the Clintons, Bidens, Pelosis, and so forth — the upper leadership of government — should be tried and convicted.

The biggest problem for the other side — the tyrants — is the size of the United States. Go back and re-watch the original “Red Dawn” movie, in light of today’s world. You’ll see numerous major flaws of logic, logistics, and cause-effect. People say we’ll become like Venezuela. And yes, that’s what the tyrants (or more properly, the aristocrats) want.

Okay: Venezuela is, what…the size of Texas? The US has all the resources needed for a completely self-sufficient nation. But the biggest (historic) distinction between the US and every other nation that’s fallen to tyranny, is the armed citizenry. People say that individuals can’t go up against a military. I would argue most of the military personnel are on the side of the free citizens.

When the Soviet Union was about to collapse, the general(s) and politicians who led the coup, failed. In retrospect, they said that the only way a coup, revolution, or insurgency can succeed is with the large majority of the citizens supporting that cause. With 80+ million conservatives that we know about as voters, I would say that’s a significant majority.

The logistics of actually taking control of this nation, as the aristocrats want, are nearly impossible. They would have almost no infrastructure support — conservatives overwhelmingly are the mechanics, engineers, and construction sector, along with farming, processing and delivering food, goods and services. Democrats control the large, urban centers. They don’t control entire “blue” states. Dominion voting machines make it appear so, but county-by-county vote tallies show the truth. Urban centers are extremely vulnerable.

We, as a nation, will have to be forced into a direct confrontation. In Germany and the USSR, when the secret police came in the dead of night, the citizens didn’t have guns. They could have used knives, bricks, table legs, or bludgeons, but they didn’t. Europe has a history of centuries of being led by kings, czars, and other monarchs or dictators. The people were almost genetically conditioned to follow orders.

Americans have only a history of liberty. Almost any child on a playground, when confronted, will say, “It’s a free world: I can do what I want.” Ignore the child’s argument, and focus on that automatic assumption of freedom. When the police (or foreign mercenaries) come for us, America isn’t at all like Europe. Many people will die, and those mercenaries will be far more cautious about going after the citizens (outside the urban centers) in a wholesale manner.

We should be optimistic, but not because we’ll somehow find a great leader. No; it’s because when things really and truly reach the breaking point, there will be armed resistance. And even if the military tried to side with the Administration, how many citizens would it take to overwhelm that equipment? And how many previous military have the skills to fly helicopters, fighter planes, and every other damn thing.

We’ve tried a peaceful resistance, with the voting. That failed, and I see no real attempt to fix it. We tried the courts, and now, with even Durham quitting, that failed. We’ll try passive resistance and non-compliance, and that likely won’t work either. Then “they’ll” come for us. And that’s when half the population will finally make a stand and say, “No!”



Reply to  NC_Craig

Craig, you have thought about these things quite a bit. And lately so have I. I agree Americans are not Russian serfs that will passively turn themselves in to the secret police. But I do hope that a governor and a state legislature will show some backbone and tell the feds to pound sand when they come for the guns. I no longer think it’s a sure thing that the so-called conservative majority on the Supreme Court will protect the Bill or Rights. I despise Roberts passionately but he may not be the only traitor.



Reply to  NC_Craig

I forgot the biggest adversary of all: the banks and financial oligarchy. Control the money, and you control the nation. That’s what’s behind all this in the first place: financial control of the world’s resources. Standing against that is the American foundation of free-market capitalism, entreprenneurs, black markets, and lack of “respect” for government in general.



Reply to  NC_Craig

The banks belong to them. We’re going to need our own banks.


War Pig

Reply to  NC_Craig

“People say that individuals can’t go up against a military. I would argue most of the military personnel are on the side of the free citizens.”

The left likes to forget that there are something like 24 million veterans in civil society. Even if the military takes the left’s side (which I also doubt), they are short on manpower to occupy this entire, large nation, as you so accurately pointed out. Plus many of the combat vets have seen action in Vietnam and in Afghanistan/Iraq, where we beat the enemy at their own guerilla war game. Our veterans know how to prosecute a guerilla war, and enough of them have experience with IEDs to make any occupying force whish it had stayed in barracks.

Yamamoto said he had no intention of trying to invade the US mainland and “face a gun behind every blade of grass”. The old Soviet marshals said pretty much the same thing. You are both correct, the armed citizenry is the key to freedom. That is why the left is trying so hard to disarm us.

One leftist pundit said that; “if you need 30 rounds to hunt, you suck at hunting”: to which the correct reply is; “if you need a disarmed populace to govern, you suck at governing”.

Exit Excitement – Is Your State a Candidate?

When I first heard about the concept of Texas seceding from the United States it seemed far-fetched.  But lately, considering the insanity the Left has inflicted on us, it doesn’t seem all that unreasonable.  And hearing that other states are actually in discussions with the Texit folks it occurred to me that maybe I was behind the curve on what’s out there in the real world.

But since I haven’t been consulted by the folks actually involved in these discussions I thought it might be fun to open up the speculation to the wider world.  Each of you know more about your state than I could.  Take an educated guess and let’s see if your fellow citizens agree with you.  Now obviously states like NY and MA and CA aren’t going anywhere.  In fact they’re the reason other folks are thinking of leaving.  But how about AL or FL or WY.  Granted, we’re talking about very conditional situations.  For instance OK and LA would feel pretty safe tagging along with their neighbor TX.  But just for the sake of argument, suppose each of the other states had a situation where they would be contiguous with a seceding entity.  Let’s say the vertical column from ND down to TX coordinated an exit.  Would there be any states that would just flat out say no, no matter what conditions could be met?  If every southern state from NC all the way around to LA also was given that situation would any pass on the offer?  How about the western states, AZ, UT, ID,MT and WY?  If we could hook them up with the northern tier would they bite?  And just to make it really easy, what if it wasn’t a complete secession from the USA but instead what if all the red states declared that as a coalition they were going to agree to nullify any federal laws that they all agreed were unconstitutional?  Now that almost seems normal and sensible.  Almost like all the hippie states deciding that pot is legal no matter what the federal law is.  It’s starting to sound kind of inevitable.

I admit this is nutty but it’s intoxicating trying to guess just how many states would really love to escape from the madness of the coasts.  Maybe it could happen.  Anyway, there it is.  Is your state one that under the right circumstance would revolt against the madness or would it stay put, no matter how bad it gets?  You give your opinion.  The results might be interesting.



Do You Think That Your State Would Consider Leaving the Union

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What Do We Call the Lying Sack of Crap?

I have a favor to ask of the readership.  We may be forced to reference Joe Biden often over the next few years and I’d like to have a nice punchy name for him that will stand the test of time.  I’ve been test driving the lengthy but amusing “lying sack of crap” and confess I do find it fun.  But being a man of the people, I plan to have a vote.  And I intend to do it without fraud.  I will provide a list of names that are either already out there or I come up with and readers can vote for any of these choices or provide a write in vote in the comments section of that post.  The winner will be acclaimed as the official OCF derogatory title for Joe Biden.

I can’t make up my mind whether the most important aspect of Joe is his stupidity, his dishonesty or his offensive personal habits.  He is a triple threat.  If you have multiple favorites you can select more than one.

Let’s get to it.

What Should OCF's Official Derogatory Term for Joe Biden Be?

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07JUN2020 – OCF Update – Which is the Best State for a Social Conservative to Live In

Yesterday was a very busy day on the site.  According to the Slimstat Counter there were 1,778 pageviews and 1,482 unique visitors on the site and the large majority of them were here to read the post “Which State Will Grovel the Least to the Looters?” and 216 of these readers voted on the poll and 33 of them left more or less detailed information about why they voted the way they did.

Here is some of the raw information.

Votes State Votes
Texas 42
Wyoming 38
Other 28
Idaho 24
Tennessee 16
Montana 13
Alabama 12
North Dakota 11
Oklahoma 11
Arkansas 7
Arizona 7
Utah 5
Mississippi 2
Total 216
Comments State Votes Comments
Idaho 5
Texas 3 Fredericksburg
South Dakota 2
Oklahoma 2
Wyoming 2 Stay away from Teton County
Alabama 1
Missouri 1 Southwest MO
Tennesee 1
Nevada 1 Northeast Nevada
West Virginia 1
Florida 1 Northeast Florida (Jacksonville)
South Carolina 1

You can view the comments back at the post.  But I’ll give a few general impressions I gleaned from reading the comments.  First off, there are an awful lot of good people left in this country and there are lots of places where people are breathing air that’s a lot freer than what I breath here in the gulag.  Just reading how the armed citizenry of Idaho repulsed the Antifa scum trying to invade from Spokane Washington was absolutely inspiring.  And I found out there are other places that weren’t on my “list” that are also free.  Places like South Dakota and West Virginia should have been, but even purple states like Missouri, Florida and Nevada have vast areas where life is still free.  And I learned that even if Texas has some enormous cities full of progressives there are millions of red-blooded conservatives there.  And finally I must say that Wyoming may have one of the smallest populations among the fifty states it had the second highest vote count in the poll.

I’ll have much more to say about the results but I wanted to put out a quick update and say thanks to all the great folks who responded so enthusiastically.  You certainly gave me a lot to think about.

Latest Site Poll

See poll at end of post

He-Man Woman Hater’s Club or Royal Order of Racoons?

As is my way I’m trying to come up with the name of something before the something even exists.  I’ve become intrigued with the idea of starting a fraternal order that would provide a place for people like me to feel at home.  Both of the names in the title are imaginary societies that appeared in popular tv shows when I was a kid.  The He-Man Woman Haters Club was where the Little Rascals congregated when they were having trouble with Darla or the other girls in the neighborhood and the Racoon Lodge is where Ralph and Ed retreated to when Alice and Trixie were nagging them about the dumpy apartments, they lived in.  Of course, these names may be under copyright protection but any name will do as long as the ground rules are right.

Rule 1 – All voting members will be married men.  They have to be men because women are a nuisance.  They have to be married because wisdom only comes through suffering and no one suffers as much as married men.  Unmarried men are welcome but cannot vote.

Rule 2 – All memberships will be approved by me based on interviews and recommendations of people I can vouch for.  Memberships can be revoked any time someone stops fitting the membership criteria.  I decide the criteria and can change them anytime I deem it necessary.  It’s a flexible system and should prove robust.

Rule 3 – The women’s auxiliary is made up exclusively of wives who can make sandwiches.  They have no standing in the organization other than to assist the members, cheer at sporting events, chaperone children’s activities and make sandwiches (and other designated foodstuffs).  If any wife becomes a nuisance she will be ejected and her husband will be liable for the offense up to and including expulsion.  Girlfriends of unmarried members can join the auxiliary but must get along with the wives.  Any member who has a wife and a girlfriend will have to sort that out himself.

Rule 4 – All children’s activities must be chaperoned by the parents or legal guardians of the children attending.  This is key.  People should care enough to spend time with their kids.  If you don’t want to why would we?

Rule 5 – No member can openly espouse Democrat, progressive, communist, socialist, globalist, anti-American or any other pinko sentiments.  You can be an atheist if you refrain from annoying religious people about it.  The organization is innately pro-God because God has always done right by me.  But we are not denominational.  God only talks to me when I’m alone and won’t allow me to tell anyone else what religion he belongs to.  Sorry.

Rule 6 – Men will wear pants at all times.  This is very important.  We are Americans and American men wear pants.  End of story.  You Scots are out of luck.

Rule 7 – Whenever in the course of a meeting or in organizational documents a pronoun is used for a person of indeterminate sex the masculine form will be used.  If this bothers you then you’re in the wrong club.

Other rules equally idiosyncratic will follow as I get around to making them up.  Suffice it to say that I will provide rules to prevent all the behaviors that annoy me in everyday politically correct arenas.  No make-believe pronouns, no gender equality, no weirdos of any kind (other than my kind of weirdos).

I am openly soliciting a name for this noble fraternal organization.  And if you can think of anything that needs to be added to the rules or if you have other comments, such as, “you must be insane!” then just leave them in the comment section below.

Yours in fraternal benevolence,

photog (AKA, the High, Exalted, Mystic Grand Master General)


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07JUN2018 – OCF Update

The summer is now an actual thing and get-togethers and parties are happening.   But things will continue unabated here on OCF, the pulse of the spite filled, unforgiving, vindictive vengeful right.  I’m starting to read David Reich’s book “Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past.”  It goes over a lot of the same ground as Gregory Cochran’s book “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” but from a very apologetic, politically correct, “diversity is our strength” point of view.  But from of the small parts I’ve read it’s still very interesting to see the pushback he experienced.  Should be instructive.  I’ve got the last Majipoor book to read and the next Galaxy’s edge installment and some other sf and I’ve got some photo projects lined up.  But the elephant in the room should be the DOJ IG’s report coming out this week.  I’m hoping that will trigger a lot of stuff.  Maybe even the end of the Mueller investigation or at least a counter-attack to take him out.  So good stuff coming up.

On a more local note I’ve been intrigued by the general dearth of comments.  Now this is my first blog so maybe it’s how it works but I’m curious, so I have a survey poll on it.  I’ll leave it on the next few posts and I look forward to the info I get.

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Help Me Out Here

Over the course of the last year, the whole Mueller thing has been such a mystery to me that I confess (much to my shame as a pundit) that I have no clue how this whole thing ends.  I would appreciate anyone’s honest opinion on this crucial topic.  Pick as many as seem appropriate and if I’ve left out your favorite feel free to write it in.  The voice of the people is the voice of God.  Have your say.


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