Plans for November 3rd and the Days Following

Nota Bene: This is a frivolous post about how I intend to celebrate Election Day this year.  I will provide myself a fig leaf to justify this childishness by also discussing the serious topic of safety from mob violence during these dangerous times.  Fair warning has been served.

If President Trump is declared the winner on Election Day or shortly thereafter, I think it is reasonable for people to anticipate that there could be some serious safety issues in certain areas of the country.  And this is not idle or far-fetched reasoning.  The Left has already mobilized small guerilla bands to lead riots and arson attacks on all the major cities that they control politically.  It is only common sense that they might unleash a spasm of violence and destruction to protest the ultimate repudiation of their political stance.

If you live or work near one of these cities, I think it would be prudent to take certain precautions that week.  First of all be sure to listen to the local news and avoid any areas that have become habitual protest locales.  Figure out what work-arounds you can use to give them a wide berth.  Make sure you don’t have any Trump or Republican messages on your car or your person.  If you work in town but live outside leave early on election night and don’t stick around for any reason.  Postpone any activities in the city until the election madness wears off.

If I were planning ahead for this situation, I would consider calling in sick if you have any doubts at all about the chance of being caught up in a riot or other form of unrest.  Basically, it’s just not worth the risk.  With the whole COVID thing going on and remote work becoming so prevalent, it wouldn’t be difficult to get a day or two out of the office.

As for myself, I’m going to camp out and watch the whole nightmare from start to finish.  It’s become something of a tradition to watch the late state returns into the morning hours and listen to the clueless talking heads trying to justify whatever surprises emerge in the results.  I’m anticipating a Republican wave for the President, the House and the Senate so I’m hoping to end the evening by listening to lefty reporters and celebrities wailing and gnashing their teeth as YouTube fills up with blue haired women screaming and hyperventilating over their rage and despair in a replay of 2016.  In fact, in a couple of weeks I intend to start working on the menu to go with the Election Night party.  I’m thinking earlier on we can go with deli sandwiches, corned beef, pastrami and roast beef.  This will of course require potato salad and some kind of soup, maybe a sausage and bean.  Later on, we’ll go with smaller items, maybe pigs in a blanket with brown mustard.  And at the end of the night I’d say some kind of ice cream course.

And this plan will be in effect regardless of how the election returns or the write-in ballots or the judicial shenanigans play out.  The days when I hung on the edge of my seat worrying how Ohio or Florida or Pennsylvania votes is long gone.  This is all in-the-moment skirmishing that doesn’t settle anything.  We no longer have one nation making up its mind on what it wants its future to be.  We’re just watching two diametrically opposed nations wrestling with each other in a mostly bloodless conflict.  It’s like two men fighting for control of the steering wheel of a moving vehicle.  There’s no clear way for one or the other to take control and at all times the possibility of a fatal crash is highly likely.  We seem to be waiting for one side or the other to declare an end to the charade.

But that doesn’t mean we have to wallow in misery.  Life is to be enjoyed and even in the midst of hatred and insanity we must not miss out on all the things that make it good.  Election Day is in between Halloween and Thanksgiving and I intend to celebrate both those things and even have a little fun on Election Day too.  Live blogging the event is a given.  If we win and can celebrate the despair of our enemies all the better.  If not, then splendiferous foods will have to make up for it.

So, as you can see, I like to turn a negative into an opportunity to enjoy the catastrophe that is heading our way.  But whether you celebrate the election or head to bed early to avoid the stress and strain I am completely serious about taking precautions against some kind of insurrection by the Left.  These people are very angry and a little bit desperate.  They are trying to frighten us and apparently no longer worry about niceties like the law and human decency.  So, stay way out of their way and live to see the better day that we expect to dawn on November 4th when President Trump is re-elected and his new Republican House joins the enlarged Republican Majority in actually doing some legislating for a change.  Like maybe funding the rest of the Wall and ending trade with China.

2018 Mid-Term Election Night Live Blogging Open Post

I’ll be updating the election results throughout the night.


I’ll start off the action by posting my predictions.  Anybody who wants can out theirs in the comments.

Senate R54 / D46

House Republicans with a majority of 2 seats.

What’s your guess?

7 am update:

The ever hedging Nate Silver has increased the Dems odds:


But still says anything can happen.  Now there’s confidence in your numbers.

Welcome Back, My Friends, to the Show That Never Ends.”  Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Well here we go again.  I’ve been doing the Election Night Vigil religiously every two years since 2000.  And only the 2006 and 2008 were so painful that I wish I had skipped them.  But I have a good feeling about tonight.  Have a great day.


1pm Update

It’s still a long time until results come in so I have some fun links to while a way the time

6 pm Update

Well I voted the straight Republican slate!  But this is New England so not a single one of my picks will be elected.  But I’m home and I have all the resources of the internet and the MSM at my disposal, meaning there’s nothing to say yet.  Stay tuned.


7pm Update

Drudge Headline


But ……Robby Mook, the former campaign manager for Hillary Clinton‘s 2016 presidential bid, cautioned ahead of Tuesday’s midterms to treat exit polls “like online dating profiles.”
“Things may not be as they appear. And they may break your heart,” Mook wrote on Twitter.
First Election Board of the night

U.S. SENATE Democrats 25*  Republicans  42
U.S. HOUSE  Democrats  2(-1)  Republicans  6(+1)
GOVERNORS  Democrats 7  Republicans 7
8 pm Update

HOUSE  D85 / R 93


9pm Update

Looks like we have our first Senate pick-up for the GOP

Indiana  D – Donnelly 42.0   R – Braun 53.9 Brenton 4.1   (50%)  GOP Pickup


10:20 pm Update

Looks like we picked up North Dakota and held Texas (Cruz) in a close one in the Senate.  The Dems have 11 pick-ups in the House.  They need 10 more but the Networks (NBC and Fox) have called it for the Dems already.  I’ll hang in there to see how this goes.


07NOV2018 7am Final Update


Well, the Dems took the House but by just a little more than the minimum necessary.  Disappointing but not earth shattering.  We picked up our 3 seats in the Senate.  The world goes on.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  It was a fun evening even if there were no meltdowns.