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  • October 30, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    if the Dems take the house we will be one step closer to a second civil war. They have no scruples or values. Just win by any means. The lies and distortions are insufferable. Time to water the tree of liberty, again.

    • October 30, 2018 at 9:36 pm

      You are right, they have no scruples whatsoever. In the last few weeks they have unloaded just about everything imaginable. But I don’t see them gaining any traction for their narrative. Slowly but surely I think the American people are waking up. And I think it’s because the President isn’t a ringer like the rest of the Republican losers. So I am very hopeful.
      We may lose the House but if we do it won’t be by much and then again we may just hold onto it. I’m excited to watch. Maybe it’ll be an awful night but I’m willing to watch it. Just having like minded folks around makes it more interesting. Plus we just might have a very good night.

  • October 30, 2018 at 9:39 pm

    Of course I’m in!

    • October 30, 2018 at 10:08 pm

      We now officially have a pentaveret. And that’s even without the “Colonel.”

  • October 31, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    And miss the greatest political defeat in history?
    Count me in!
    Great idea.

    • October 31, 2018 at 8:53 pm

      Excellent. I’m hoping it will be enjoyable to compare notes with allies during the results. I plan to post my guesses at the final results at the beginning of the night and anyone else who wants to can too. Maybe we’ll have a contest to see who gets closest to the actual results.

      By the way, which defeat do you mention?

  • November 4, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    Well that is a great question. Which Defeat?
    The only way I can describe it is kind of long. Tuesday is this:
    Putting it this way to you, the leftists are trounced on Tuesday, outclassed by such a large margin it will not only take years of political cycles to rebuild lost political power, they cease to be a political party of the two party swamp. While the current old guard of red diaper baby radical’s wither on the vine, thus killing two birds in one fell swoop.
    See I’m thinking from watching the crowds at President Trump’s rallies, “the base”, who are really honestly energized, who are the Free Thought pure Tea Party people from 2006-2008 personified, larger, more mainstream, more awakened in regards to the previously heavily controlled truth the cathedral and 5th column pretty much controlled with an almost total monopoly, read pre-internet super info hi-way, have not only come of age, they have found their Captain in Mr. Trump. A leader of people, not excuse my french, a shit stirrer and messenger of doubt, discontent, and fear. Destroying any budding populist Leader of the Right has been a prime directive. JFK, Regan, Andrew Breitbart, they could not be permitted to create an American movement, by any means necessary to keep them from becoming those leaders. Looking at the lengths gone to to destroy President Trump is proof of that I think.
    This is a huge plurality I’m talking about. It is happy, positive thinking, it is looking around and arriving at its own zeitgeist, by doing so, it has begun to realize it is a Legion with powers of legitimacy unlike any political or cultural party, in anyones memory or experience, and it is intoxicating, empowering, to believe and be believed that believing is a great thing indeed. It has gone beyond the “Republican Party” and become The American Party.
    It’s power is withdrawal of Consent of the swamp ways, it’s NON tacit, very critical point that right there, non tacit direct Consent for the traditional nationalistic populist legacies of red white and blue American culture, ideas, precepts, and the ways of Western Christian Greco/Roman concepts of the legacy of rule of law, and republican form of government.
    I believe it isn’t a combined dynamic of ideas thought of exactly as described, but they understand, it is the culture, especially culture those things created and built, that then created, built and nurtured their America. Which is two very important things to them I suspect, as we are seeing, their culture is upstream of politics, plus part of the attraction of Mr. Trump himself is he himself is upstream of those swamp politics. Trump is a man, very successful, of culture, that culture, that all concerned share in common. Which even if nobody realizes this “demographic”, it is part and parcel of the mutual popularity between President Trump and “the dirt people”. It is called mutual respect in other words and other times. A very rare thing that the common Joe understands in no uncertain terms. People find it refreshing. It is pleasurable. It feels right. Such a contrast to the dark dank dirty underworld of leftist controlled society it can not but be recognized for what it is. What can change that sea change in thinking?
    It is an actual relationship.
    What is going to happen on Tuesday is the result of more and more people have said yes it really could get that bad, so why not join this honorable resistance of Free Thinkers, who want nothing to do with the stinking thinkers, an outright rejection of their “leadership”, that withdrawal of Consent, which in my mind is the most powerful weapon ever devised by man. Nothing or nobody can force or coerce Free Thinkers such as you and I, all of us, to comply with the ideology and agenda of the left. Imagine them putting a gun to your head with the hammer back, no imagine them telling you to vote for them or they will pull the trigger. Some choice right? Comply, give us your consent or we kill you, vote for us so we can kill America. Oh yeah, great choices! I’m gonna run right out and vote for the Democrats to gain power. Not.
    But those are the choices they are not giving us, they are cramming them up our butts thank you very little.
    Who with any common sense in this current moment in history is willing to vote for such things?
    The Free Thinking People are rising above the hate and divisiveness, not fall for the traps of victimhood, of the scam of diversity, not the perversions of 52 genders, of pedophelia as natural, of abortion as soft genocide, of destruction of the Christian Church, of brainwashing our youth, of derisive nazi like hate of the feminists, of the virtue signaling of malaise as a badge of some moral preening, no, they have shed the cloak of political correctness which was laid across the landscape of America.
    Happy Warriors. Who are waging color revolution instead of violent redress.
    Aside from all that driving the marxian elites plump stark raving mad, it is revolution of positives. Insurgency of free unfettered choice made possible by the Truth found because of the super hi way of information on the WWW, to make America better. Simple, choice. And knowing it.
    That, is what removes political power from the leftists. The voting itself, is the official record of taking that power away. The Free Thinkers have come to realize this and it is payback, richly deserved served up cold, as in the cold shoulder. It is the worst kind of go away and leave us we don’t need your crap no more. It sucks the power right out of the marrow of the left.
    Me, I believe the left see’s it taking place and they are very afraid. What can they do about it but play their list of dirty tricks doubled down. They offer nothing to the Free Thinkers, but more of what the Free Thinking People have come to understand is not them nor for them. It is the total loss of political power to socially nudge and engineer an incredible plurality of happy people.
    The illusion of legitimacy of the left is gone. We will find out on Tuesday the extent of that as it exists right now. It looks like to me what is going to go down is the inevitable roll on plurality that gave themselves Mr. Trump and they choose to have more. That President Trump is granted more trust, because we see he has made good on his promises and making good on ones he has not fulfilled to date. But not only that, he has sweetened the deal by going above and beyond his promises in the light of them. How can you not admire a man of his word who leaves more than promised?

    • November 4, 2018 at 8:34 pm

      That would be amazing. But it’s more than I expect this time. With the Pennsylvania gerrymandering the Dems arranged and the psychopaths in California I’ll settle for a two seat Republican majority. But I do like the direction you see us going. And I feel like we’ll continue to make headway and see more victories ahead.

      • November 5, 2018 at 2:15 pm

        I have a niebhor with a large farm, we share property lines, and over the years have become great friends. Real dry wit, and very perceptive fellow. He noticed many who he knows personally as soon as Mr. Trump was elected had a sense of hope that was absent previously.
        Last November we drove cross country to Arizona for an Elk hunt he drew a tag for. We stayed with his cousin who is a salesman for Sisco Foods. Everywhere we went you could see a lot of happiness. His cousin’s talked about what it was like with Mr. Trump as POTUS, how they and their’s wouldn’t have the outcome of the election of 16 any other way. Though at the time lot of small business’s where still struggling from the consequences of the obama “regime”, (“my tag”). As you say about the positive direction and headway.

        • November 5, 2018 at 2:25 pm

          Wow, elk hunt, that must have been something. When I went to the Grand Canyon last March there were several to be seen in the woods around there. Fantastic creatures.

          It is encouraging to hear from other folks that Trump has lifted spirits so much. I’ve been saying for the last few months that I am optimistic in the long run. I know there will be set backs and even Trump may get stopped but we at least have our eyes open now.

  • November 5, 2018 at 4:20 pm

    Thats your neck of the woods, beautiful, that high desert has a serenity like I have never known. In WV the wind in the tree’s, birds, animals and insects produce a constant background “song”. But the desert it strikes me as holding its breath, like a thick comforter soaking up sound. Actually its like working in a coal mine during hoot owl shift when your down there with only a couple guys doing maintenance, and your alone in a section, its so quiet it’s loud, only way I can describe it. Just so beautiful. We where up in the “Rim”, Pason AZ. Totally different world to me, here in WV. I only went along to help my friend. He bagged a young bull. Delicious meat, Elk burger is the epitome of the cheeseburger, great in Chili. Sweet almost.

    Funny about what we are talking about, somethings don’t add up, like the blue wave, there isn’t one, and the poles or pendants, they are out of their element, they know nothing about the people of the demographic that waged a successful non violent revolution in 11-16, we don’t exist, there is a big fat zero about what happened that night, like it never existed. Their modeling and sampling is fairy dust, the statistical calculations have no relative connection to MAGA, again just like MAGA doesn’t exist.
    The yellow journalists of the fake media, if they lower themselves to our knuckle dragging level, is an exercise in who can conjure up the best pejoratives and identity tactics to score virtue signaling points. What they miss completely is us dirt people do exists, in vast numbers, the long waged margin of vote fraud, 3-5 percent I’m thinking, of the left is no longer a factor it once was, where it still exists, gerrymandering is not flexible enough to counter the insurgency of MAGA. As we witnessed in no uncertainty in 16.
    These are factors that have either been kept under lock and key for narrative fabrication purposes, or they really are the clown’s Q states. Hive mind mentality, NPC collective thought lockstep-marching. You know what I’m saying here right? regardless they are factors of truth no matter the thought policing, factors, who are live people, who vote with a conscience towards uniquely American things. You can not omit this dynamic from the political equation without consequences no matter how it is ignored or dressed up to look like racism, etc.

    If the blue wave is real, why do they to begin with need an election to take back the raw naked political power they so ruthlessly abuse and use to repress their avowed enemies?
    It isn’t a ratio of only needing to win 2 seats in the House, and thats not a blue wave either. It is a ratio of 6 to 1. They have to retain 6 seats to win 2 to win a majority.
    It’s like a snowplow business a buddy and I ran in the 80’s. We had 250 + or – driveways, it required 18 plow trucks, for every 5.5 trucks we needed a spare for breakdowns to keep our drivers working with as little down time as possible. As we heard 20 trucks, we kept getting a flier in the heavier storms where we needed another truck asa a spare for the spare trucks. See what I’m driving at?

    Go back to the leftists, they are not accounting for the critical variable in their operations.
    Add in the politically, at least by the political class, unknown unknowns of political guerrilla non violent stage of 4th Generation war, insurgency, and your figures don’t mean shit. In fact they are for crap.

    The Republican’s, mind you I’m holding my nose voting for the Quislings and RINO betrayer’s, have seat and home field advantage. Add in the vast withdrawal of Consent of the country side, you get that geographic map of the lower 48 and its sea of red with these tiny isolated island chains of blue gerrymandering.
    Where Is The Wave?
    That is one dandy of a sea of red. And any red blooded America or patriotic self determined assimilated immigrant worth their salt loves a winner, in particular an underdog subject to bigotry, derision and being bullied by a despised fake media promoting palace coups, violence, and yes, pogrom/genocide of whitey as it’s remedy to legitimate elections it lost and can not win because nobody with a lick of common sense wants anything to do with its ideology and stated intent to destroy America if it win’s, or if it looses.
    You don’t back American’s in a corner and threaten to kill them if they don’t comply with your diktat of destroying everything they love and cherish.

    I been saying it from the get go. There is no blue wave. It is propaganda.
    In fact, I think they never intended to try to win, only a concerted appearance of wanting to take back congressional political power. They want to lose. And lose big. Because they can not go back, nobody would follow, not enough to give them the fig leaf of legitimacy.
    They intend to lose so they can say they are victim’s of a monstrous hate crime, it is the greatest virtue signal they can create. It will be the precursor to violent politics and fomenting class/race civil war.
    They have been trying for decades to make White Men of The West look like terrorists and racial supremecists, they have failed at every juncture, they need that to be perceived as real worse than anything.
    So losing is a winning strategy to the leftists. All around they are gearing up for propagating incremental stages of violence as a means. They will go from crisis as a means to violence as the means of political power. Its nothing less than the definition of totalitarianism. Make as many as possible afraid, then all who are brave and defy you are easy to single out to destroy. Bang, you have your Neo-Bolshevik Glorious October Revolution against The Kulaks.

    Have you been watching any video’s of Trump’s rallies?
    He looks cool as a cucumber. Not a shred of worry about losing. Confident, focused, in touch. And happy. Not in the least hesitant to state the unspeakable in terms without rhetoric, simple straight up simple statements of fact and truth. That is the sign of a Leader and Champion.

    Might as well add a couple links from Zero Hedge about tomorrow:





    Politico: Democratic Edge on Generic Congressional Ballot Narrows to Just +3 http://acecomments.mu.nu/?post=377947

    Interesting: Rasmusen is the only pollster to show the right ahead. All others show the blue wave is orders of magnitude greater than just a simple 2 seat win in the house. Shades of 11-8-16?

    • November 5, 2018 at 5:51 pm

      Thanks for the link. That Ace of Spades post was definitely encouraging. If Politico says the Dems are only up three then the reality is a lot worse for them. Excellent!

      • November 5, 2018 at 7:06 pm

        Welcome. There’s some really great stuff going on over there. JJ Sefton’s Morning Report is excellent. There is this wonderful relationship between ACE and the commentariat.
        The lefts narratives are biting them on the arse. They are losing the cognitive perception between their lies and reality. Collectively. 2016 is like a splinter in the hives mind, the blue wave is wishful thinking writ large.

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