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Over the course of the last year, the whole Mueller thing has been such a mystery to me that I confess (much to my shame as a pundit) that I have no clue how this whole thing ends.  I would appreciate anyone’s honest opinion on this crucial topic.  Pick as many as seem appropriate and if I’ve left out your favorite feel free to write it in.  The voice of the people is the voice of God.  Have your say.


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3 years ago

There is no Russian collusion. This statement is borne out by the fact that no evidence of Trump/Russia collusion has been found after more than 12 months of investigation. (There is evidence of Hillary/Russia collusion, but for some reason that is being ignored.
Rosenstein appointed Mueller as special prosecutor to find evidence of Russia/Trump collusion. If either man had any ethics, the special council should be disbanded as it has not fulfilled it’s function.
This will probably end when Sessions fires Rosenstein and his replacement ends Mueller’s investigation.

3 years ago

I’m pretty sure that there was no collusion and that the entire Muller investigation is the intended result of a democratic/clinton plan to hinder/bring Trump down on trumped up (pun absolutely intended) charges. But I suspect that the fact that there is no substance to the charges will be moot when the Dims win the house in November. The Dims have their base frothing at the mouth and if they don’t follow through, there will be hell to pay. Given that the probability of 2/3rds of the senate voting to convict is essentially non-existent. Personally, I’m almost at the point… Read more »