We Don’t Get Fooled Again

Here’s a link to a post over at Mogadishu Matt.  There’s a video clip that analyzes the type of hero worship that is exhibited in the movie Fight Club and that ties in with Matt’s post.  And there are some interesting comments below the post.

Matt talks about some very real problems that we have all experienced trying to find leaders to work for us against the Left.  I had that experience with George W. Bush.  He wasn’t who he claimed to be.  But why didn’t I see that.  Maybe because he was the only choice available.  We were spoon fed that choice.  We were desperate for a leader who was on our side.  When we get a chance to pick a leader in three years will we do better this time?  I think so, I hope so, but I don’t know so.  I hope we don’t get fooled again.