An Open Letter to Anyone Who Would Like to Lead a Great Nation

A couple of days ago a commenter asked why I would write about why we need to get organized since everyone already knows that.  And I commented back that it was an open letter to someone powerful to step in and do something.  So here I’ll make it more explicit.  What we don’t need is a bunch of campaign letters from republicans asking us to send hundreds or thousands of dollars to get someone elected.  Nor do we need an outrage list telling us what Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer is plotting.  We already know what they’re doing and we know you want money.

What we’re looking for is a plan to do something positive that can’t be undone.  We want a win.  We want something that tells us that there’s hope.  Build up a social media platform that won’t be de-platformed by the Amazon Cloud.  Start an entertainment company that produces first rate movies, games, music and books.  Charter a bank and a payment processor and a crowd sourcing company that we can put our money in that won’t close our accounts because we don’t bend a knee the LGBTQ mafia.  In fact, do all of these things and make a fortune doing it.  If you promote it the right way you’ll be swimming in money.

And if you do all that you’ll have an enormous megaphone to talk to the half of this country that is sick unto death with being pariahs in their own country.

In short, GIVE US A HOME.

We used to be considered the owners of this country.  Now we’re the dispossessed.  Our richer neighbors are working hard to get rid of us and replace us with easily controlled peasants from the third world.  Eventually they hope to replace them too with robots or something even more horrible.  If one of the rich and powerful wants to short circuit this process, then step in on our side and give us a voice and organize us.  We want to be led by someone who believes in the things we believe in.  But even if you don’t believe in our values.  Do it anyway.  You can become an immensely powerful man if you leverage the numbers and the anger that we represent.

And you don’t have to do it all in one day.  Just make a start.  How about the bank and the payment processor?  That’s a money printing business if there ever was one.  Just call it the MAGA Bank or the America First Bank.  Call it whatever you want just let all of us know it’s meant for us.  Say explicitly that you won’t deny anyone service who isn’t breaking some real law like drug running or bank robbing.  But explicitly say you don’t care about hate speech or someone’s views on transgender rights.

So, all you people on the right with dreams of being the king.  Step up.  Build something for us and we will come.  We’ll line up around the block just to get on board.  Take our money and give us what we’re looking for.  Respect.  Fair treatment.  A home and an identity.

Who Are We Waiting For?

Who is Real America waiting for?  I’ve been saying for a while that we need someone who’s smart and brave.  I’ve been trying to imagine what that looks like.  I think what it will look like is someone who figures out how to beat the FBI and the White House.  It’s someone who will trigger the FBI to come after him and come up empty.  He’ll do something they don’t like and they’ll get a court to give them a warrant and they’ll come to get him and they won’t be able to.

And I’m trying to think how that happens.  He can’t be a governor or a sheriff or anything they can go after because they will.  They’ll go after family to get at the man.  That’s what they did to General Flynn.  He’s going to have no family that they know of.  Maybe he won’t have a name.  Or at least not a real name.  He’s going to have to be good at disappearing.  But he’s also going to have to take action from time to time.  And those actions are going to be ones that rally the people.  Maybe he’ll attack an Antifa or BLM riot.  Not necessarily a violent attack, in fact something that humiliates them would be even better than a violent attack.  Maybe some kind of foul-smelling glue that will take days to remove would be the best result.  The point would be to disrupt and demoralize them.  Doing that would give our side a win.  But the bigger win is if they can’t punish the perpetrator.  He needs to remain at large to do it again somewhere else in some other way.

What we need is some kind of Robin Hood who hits the bad guys where it hurts but doesn’t pay the consequences.  The ultimate would be if he could hack the intel services and publish the most embarrassing information to discredit people like Comey and Brennan and Clapper.  Or better yet, people like Biden and Obama.  That would do our enemies great harm and provide us with a morale boost.

So, let’s review.  I’m looking for a Robin Hood working for our side.  Do I really think anything like this will happen?  No, not really.  What we’ll have to settle for is someone like Ron DeSantis who will have to stand up to the White House and the Justice Department and risk being targeted by them.  They’re already unleashing all the media and bureaucratic minions they can to attack him for all the good he’s doing.  They’ll try to accuse him of endangering Floridians because he won’t mandate masks and vaccines.  They may even try to blockade his state using the airlines and other useful idiots who can make trouble for Florida.  Will he have to give in?  Let’s hope not.  Because if he can resist long enough for the COVID spike to subside Biden is going to look stupid again and DeSantis will look like a hero.

So, what I’d like to see is Robin Hood fighting the Sheriff of Nottingham and Price John and rallying the Saxons.  But I’ll settle for a politician who has the smarts and the guts to figure out a strategy that makes the Biden Administration look like the slimy crooks that they really are.  Setting a precedent by winning a staring contest with Washington is what we need.

Arthur Milikh Writes On A Way Forward for Conservatism – I Beg to Differ

Over at Real Clear Politics Arthur Milikh of the The Claremont Institute’s ‘Center for the American Way of Life’ has an essay called  “A New Conservatism Must Emerge.”

His thesis is that the Left has conquered all of the institutions of America not because of any inherent strength of its point of view but because the Right is so unaware of what it stands for that it never even knew when things were slipping away.

Actually I reject this thesis.  I think we were sold down the river by the supposed conservative leaders of the Republican party who were really only part of the Left in disguise.

Now his solution to fight back against the current situation is to attack the institutions of the Left and to re-affirm the tenets of the “American Way of Life.”

Well, I guess so.  But all of that is kind of vague.  Mr. Milikh does list the symptoms of the disease that is now killing us but a more straight forward approach to how to save us from the Left is to say we need a leader to gather up the splinters of our resistance and shape it into a weapon with which to club our enemies into submission.  Because no amount of defensive action is going to make them stop.  Their teeth need to be pulled.  Their ability to assault us needs to be neutralized.  Someone with brains and guts needs to call a conservative convention to plot out a survival strategy.  America has been turned into Orwell’s 1984 and people are acting like it’s just a slight inconvenience.  We all know what must be done.  But how can it be done and who can do it?  It will take a bold leader who finds some strong position and fires the first shot and proves that he can’t be taken down by all the forces of the Left.  If someone does that it will cause a chain reaction that will shatter the illusion of the Potemkin Village that the Left has built up like a strong wind blows down a house of cards.

So my short counter proposal is “We Need a Champion.”