DeSantis Shows Some Brains and Guts

When the Broward County school system voted to mandate masks in the schools, Florida Governor DeSantis let them know that their funding would be cut in accordance with the recent law outlawing mask mandates in the schools.  And the schools backed down.  Finally someone with guts willing to stand up to Fauci and the other nitwits in the COVID conspiracy.  Let the parents who want their six-year-olds to wear masks do so.  Let normal people live normally.

Now that’s Republican leadership.  Let the rest of the Red State governors take notes.




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1 year ago

We’re fairly proud of him and very pleased to have him as governor.

And to think that DeSantis was elected by a 0.4% margin over a hyper progressive Dem opponent who was later discovered vomit covered, comatose and naked in bed in a drug infested motel room next to a dead male prostitute.

It doesn’t get much more depraved than that though Hunter is right there too.

I’d have to commit suicide in shame but not democrats. Just another day, Hey?

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1 year ago
Reply to  photog

Yeah, DeSantis is definitely my top pick. Under Trump, we got great governance but he’s been successfully and permanently demonized by the press. The reality is that another Trump term would become a permanent storm.

Before this is all over, the corporate press has to be taken to account for the possibly fatal harm it has purposefully inflicted on this country.