This Idiot Just Out-Fauci-ed Fauci

The Director of the NIH recommends that parents who have been vaccinated but have children under 12 years old should wear masks in their homes.  That may be the single stupidest thing I’ve heard so far from one of these medical bozos.  So if a mother has a six month old child she is supposed to wear a mask around him despite the fact that she’s in skin contact with the baby for hours at a time?  How about breast feeding?  Is that going through a filter somehow.  These people must think we’re morons.  If you live in the same house with someone else he will be exposed to any virus as contagious as COVID is.

I wonder if after this is over some unbiassed scientific panel can go over the statements made by Fauci and company and have it used as evidence of medical malpractice.  These people are worse than charlatans.  I’d trust a witch doctor before I’d go to them for medical help.

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5 months ago

Basically, the Dims have decided that a public frenzy over Covid must be whipped up possibly to take attention from Biden admin’s historically awful first 6 months.

Tyler, the Portly Politico

These people realize that the tide is turning and are grasping at straws. I don’t think most sane folks are going to go back to wearing masks. I had to take some paperwork to the technical college where I adjunct teach the other day. The e-mail regarding the paperwork stated I needed to wear a mask into the office. When I got to the office door, there was a sign reading “Please wear a mask while in the office.” I knocked and was told to came in. I entered, maskless. The lady at the desk was also maskless. Neither of… Read more »

5 months ago

Follow the money: Pfizer’s R&D chief last week stated that they continue to believe it is likely that a third booster dose of their COVID-19 vaccine may be needed within six to 12 months after full initial vaccination. Pfizer is expecting to submit their booster shot for emergency use authorization as early as August 2021. The company is starting immunogenicity and safety studies in August to evaluate an updated version of their vaccine which is designed to target the virus’s delta variant. As noted above, Pfizer expects to submit an emergency use authorization for an oral (pill) antiviral by the… Read more »