Mike Johnson is the New Speaker of the House

Well, the doofuses managed to get their act together and Johnson got a unanimous vote from the Stupid Party.  From what I’ve read he’s on the conservative side of things and he hasn’t insulted Donald Trump.  As far as things can be characterized as hopeful let’s call it that.  We’ll take a pause before recording how the Keystone Cops manage to shoot themselves in the foot later on in the week.  Two and half cheers for the doofuses. Hip, hip hoo.


FISA Reauthorization – The Real Test of the House

Want to know whether Republicans have any legitimacy as a conservative entity?  The FISA  program expires on December 31, 2023.  Just wait to see if they reauthorize it or not.  The FBI has been documented by the Inspector General for the Justice Department to have abused this program systematically.

“On April 27, Inspector General Michael Horowitz gave a statement before the committee that stressed the need for “transparency and oversight” to avoid or mitigate the repetition of “mistakes, errors, and abuses.” Horowitz explained that factual accuracy when showing probable cause was a pervasive problem among bureau agents before 2021.”

The abuses of the FISA court during the Russia-gate actions proved that partisan elements in the FBI and the Justice Department routinely abused the FISA process at will.

Why would the Republican House renew it?  The only reason possible would be cowardice.  They fear that if they allow it to lapse the Deep State will allow a foreign government to launch an attack on the US homeland and then blame the Congress for the attack.  But if that’s the case then nothing will ever get fixed in our system and the intelligence agencies will have free rein to spy on us and persecute anyone that speaks against them.  From my point of view, this reauthorization deadline is the acid test of whether there is any hope of ever reining these people in.

Put it on your calendar and on January 1st see whether our conservative warriors stood their ground or caved in.  I’m dying to know.  And if they fail it just confirms what all of the “conspiracy theorists” have been saying all along, that the FBI controls the Congress and not vice versa.

Mark the date.