My 2022 Non-Predictions

I woke up to the ZMan’s “2022 Predictions.”  Nothing too shocking in there except he went out on a limb and said the powers that be will force Kamala Harris to resign and be replaced and then Dementia Joe will step aside for a new President.  Now, none of this is original, many have speculated on this scenario.  The replacement president has been either Hillary Clinton or Michelle Obama depending on whom you listen to.  But it’s a bold prediction because if it doesn’t happen there’s not much in the way of excuses as to why you were so wrong.  So, bravo to the ZMan for taking a bold stand.

My crystal ball is broken.  I can see nothing in the future except for some obvious trends.  We’re all going to be a lot poorer in the new year.  And that’s just obvious.  The reins of power are in the hands of villains and idiots.  Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the rest of the “Squad” are mouth-breathing morons and everything they plan to do spells disaster for this country.  Their energy policy will nationalize the problems that California currently suffers from.  We’ll see blackouts and rolling brownouts and the cost of gasoline, diesel, natural gas and heating oil will march steadily higher.  The cost of food will skyrocket.  Basically, they will eliminate the middle-class.

Will all that bad news lead to voters throwing the bums out?  Probably.  We’re bound to have the Republicans take back the House of Representatives in November.  But will that do any good?  The system is so broken it seems that nothing can stop this runaway train we’re all trapped on.  As usual everything is balanced on a knife’s edge.  The way I look at things there are two ways all this can go.

The first scenario is that the Red States begin to take matters into their own hands and restrain the federal government from destroying our way of life.  That is the preferable way things can go.  It would allow for a controlled braking action to the runaway train we currently are trapped on.

The second scenario is the strong man.  For this scenario let me switch metaphors.  Instead of the runaway train let’s go with the forest fire.  There is so much tinder lying around after the last few years of hurricanes that one lightning strike will burn the whole thing down.  When the strong man shows up, he will be the lightning strike.  And what comes afterwards is completely unknowable.  Out of the French Revolution came Napoleon and from him came the formation of a united Germany and that led to World War I which led to the Soviet Union and on and on and on.  What is certain is that our civilization has become unstable.  The basic beliefs have been undermined by the people who run our society.  This can be seen in the disillusionment of the present generation with marriage and raising families or even working for a living.  And it has reached the pinnacle of dysfunction with the present madness over the concept of transgenderism.  A society can’t thrive when there isn’t a foundation that provides a common basis of understanding.  If we can’t agree on what is good or evil then eventually, we will come to blows.

So, there are my not so Happy New Year’s non-predictions.  More incompetence, more dysfunction and more anger.  More tinder is building up and what is certain is that eventually the breaking point will come.  Plan accordingly.  Find a safe spot for you and yours.

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Milo Mindbender
Milo Mindbender
1 year ago

“When the strong man shows up, he will be the lightning strike. And what comes afterwards is completely unknowable” If such an even happens, and yes there is enough tinder last laying on the political forest floor, the conflagration would be explosive. I would love to see the reaction, but also dread the tantrum that would result. We got 4 years of investigation, and obstruction during Trump, and now are being told that Joe won hands down by a landslide and we should just shut up and color quietly until we are told to do something. The same folk who… Read more »