DeSantis Addresses the Waukesha Attack

In the middle of a news conference on law enforcement and the latest COVID nonsense (at about the 5 minute mark) Governor DeSantis takes the national news agencies to task for pretending that the Waukesha attack was some kind of accident.  He’s the first government official who clearly states that the driver was probably committing the attack out of anti-white hatred.  That’s actually a very bold position.  It’s also very honest and will resonate with people who sense that the networks are trying to control the facts about the case.  And as DeSantis states the networks tailor their facts to suit their bias when it comes to who is attacking whom.

DeSantis is a powerful force in our country right now.  I hope he has a chance to help the rest of the country in addition to Florida.

Note: The video quality in this clip is awful.

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1 month ago

This has been going on forever, years ago I was seeing headlines ‘Killed By a Hammer”, car, knife, gun, etc. It’s obviously an attempt to divert attention from the killer to the tool.

Interesting word choice. Change it a little to illustrate the difference, “The crime was committed with a hammer’ and “The crime was committed by a hammer”.

Killed with a car by X is correct. Anything else is obfuscation; the real question is why the obfuscation.

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Richard Belton
Richard Belton
1 month ago

Last night Tucker Carlson (Fox News / Cable) also called The murderous Darrell Brookes an Antifa and BLM supporter with a long history of white hate rants on social media.

Neil M. Dunn
Neil M. Dunn
1 month ago

Every other governor should follow his example. At this point he is just behind Trump for my vote in 2024. I would be perfectly happy if DeSantis won.

1 month ago
Reply to  Neil M. Dunn

Desantis for me. I’d be happy with Trump but he’s too polarizing; 5 years of a constant drumbeat of “Trump Bad” has so thoroughly demonized him that half the nation would eat a bucket of rusty nails before accepting him. No matter how deceitful, dishonest, immoral, awful and criminal the demonizing process was, the fact of it remains. We don’t need to light those wars again. I get the feel that Desantis has the instincts and the skills without the baggage. Of course, the Dims would just then start the process of demonizing Desantis. Hell, they tried to demonize freaking… Read more »

1 month ago
Reply to  photog

Very probably Trumps biggest failure, true. He picked an endless series of people who immediately began to work to bring him down.

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