Even a Leftist Admits the Dangerous Hypocrisy

H/T to Tim for the link on my feed.  Greenwald is a progressive.  But he’s an honest man.  He believes in the concept of equality under the law.  And he sees that the Justice Department has been weaponized against its enemies.  And he knows once equal protection has been eliminated everyone is the potential target.  He knows that the Deep State has then become an unassailable tyrant.

That’s when the FBI starts killing old crippled men and tossing them in the street as a warning.


President Crackhead

The steamy heat has arrived with a vengeance.  We finally got two sunny days in a row and the mercury (gasp!) exceeded ninety degrees.  Luckily, I’ve finally gotten the pool’s pH, clarity and algae infiltration status (I just made that up) where they belong.  And now the younger grandson cohort has arrived and they threaten to infest the pool with complete abandon.  And afterwards, they’ll demand that Camera Girl produce grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk.  Eventually we’ll head down to the pool table and delve into the mysteries of Euclidean-Newtonian elastic collisions.  But before we get around to that I’ll provide my daily gazette.

Official Washington seems to be fascinated with the West Wing cocaine caper.  Apparently, the FBI and CIA that can use advanced DNA detection technology to solve decades old cold cases can’t identify the owner of the zip-lock bag of cocaine found in the West Wing.  Now that is so transparently absurd that anyone with a modicum of intelligence realizes that everyone knows exactly who was in possession of the bag.  Just as a guess I’d say it’s Hunter’s.  But I’m sure there is a long list of coke heads inhabiting the White House.  The real question is why was the discovery of the coke allowed to see the light of day?

Is this part of an op meant to discredit the Biden re-election or is it meant to give the Republicans some semblance of hope that they can beat Biden in 2024?  Honestly?  I can’t decide and even more importantly I don’t care.  The degeneracy of the Biden regime has never been in doubt.  Everywhere we look in the Biden administration we see corruption and dysfunction.  It’s a freak show.

At the same time that has had exactly zero effect on the political landscape.  Official Washington does exactly as it pleases and it no longer seems to matter how outrageously the regime misbehaves.  So once again, we see the completely separate realities that friends of the regime inhabit versus everyone else.  The IRS tracks every deposit and withdrawal from your bank account that’s more than $600 but Hunter Biden has tens of millions of dollars floating in and out of his accounts and the only consequence is he has to re-file his taxes.  Anarcho-tyranny at its very best.

The only worse example is the difference in how we’re treated with respect to speech.  Here’s a staffer for the present New York City Council who advocated for violence against the police during the George Floyd riots.  She suffered no consequences and currently has a job in government.  Whereas a right-wing Twitter personality was convicted of voter suppression for mocking the intelligence of Democrat voters by tweeting that they could vote by texting.

So why don’t they just give Hunter his coke back.  What possible difference could it make to anyone?  In fact, why don’t we just save time and let Hunter take over his father’s spot on the 2024 Democrat presidential ticket?  I think President Crackhead is exactly what we should have in the White House.  Let’s stop any pretense that we have a democratic process or that the regime even bothers to pretend to care what we think.  What we have to do is find the work-arounds that will allow us to survive in this thugocracy.  And I think moving this thing along makes sense.  Yep, President Crackhead.

Okay, so there’s my black pill for the day.  I’ll try to be more cheerful later.  Meantime I better go spend some time with the kids.  That’s the white pill.

17MAY2023 – Stupid Progressive Overreach Headline for Today

New York City will now track how much meat its citizens buy at the grocery store.  They can’t even keep their citizens safe from assault on the subway from schizophrenic street people but they’ll track your meat intake.  Anarcho-tyranny at its very stupidest and most maddening.



What I’m Looking for Out There Next

Having aligned myself with those who are looking for something beside the “red wave” to save me I’ve been considering what that something could be.

With ballot harvesting and other forms of electoral fraud rendering the Republicans incapable of capturing power in Washington I turn to the question of whether any of the Red States will attempt to organize amongst themselves to achieve some of their objectives.

What I would be looking for is whether states like Florida and Texas and several other of the safely conservative states start to plan together on policies that would amplify the results they can obtain individually.  For instance, let’s look at immigration.  At the least significant level we are already seeing Florida imitate Texas in bussing illegal immigrants to Blue States.  Currently this is more of a gesture than a policy but look at the publicity it has garnered and look at the morale boost it provides.

But imagine if much more effective actions were planned and coordinated.  Suppose these states began to combine their clout to coerce corporations into behaving as good citizens.  Imagine if they cracked down on companies employing illegals.  Imagine if they coordinated their policies with respect to buying school books only from book publishers who provided a clearly conservative option.  What if they formed a syndicate and empowered it to dictate terms with tech companies?  And how about if they pooled their law enforcement assets and went after some of the things that the feds have given up on; illegal aliens, drug cartels, inner city gangs, sex trafficking?  They might achieve substantial results.

Let’s face it.  The feds are employing selective enforcement of the law to punish the Red States.  The ZMan discusses this policy of anarcho-tyranny.  As an example the feds ignore things like a mob burning down a city and instead punish the guy trying to protect his life and property from the mob with a gun   It’s up to the areas of the country still under control of normal people to protect themselves and come up with effective countermeasures to neutralize the sabotage that Biden’s criminal enterprise perpetrates against the American people every single day.

As I say, I am looking for signs that the states will begin to act both single-handedly and in concert with each other to make a stand against the damage Washington is doing.  I am hopeful that there will be some action along these lines and others that I haven’t thought of.

But I am also aware that the federal government will fight against any actions like these tooth and nail.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Justice Department threaten states and individuals like governors and legislators personally with lawsuits and even criminal prosecutions.  Any effective actions by the states on these issues will powerfully undercut the damage caused by the selective enforcement of federal laws and policies.  Biden, Obama and their cronies are aware that if the states get the upper hand, it won’t be long before resistance against many of these evil policies will take hold across the length and breadth of this country.

Imagine if states began ignoring Washington’s insane dictates on the environment, energy, law enforcement, education and all the ways the feds have harmfully interfered in the way people live their lives.

Why before you know it, it might start feeling like a free country again.  Who knows, we might start being happy again.