An American Spectacle

In the last week or two Donald Trump has been found guilty of civil crimes that added up will cost him $438 million dollars.  And that does not include the ban on doing business in New York State that will cost him untold amounts of money in addition.  And both of these trials are on transparently trumped-up charges that have been railroaded by criminally partisan prosecutors and judges.

I can’t say that I’m surprised by any of this.  But I do think it is notable that federal and state officials are nakedly using fraudulent means to attack Donald Trump’s fortune in addition to his person.  Not only are they trying to imprison but they also want to bankrupt him.  What I’m curious to see is whether this is completely without consequences for those in charge of these bogus prosecutions.

From where I stand, I think they will get away with it.  It’s possible that higher courts may reverse some of these decisions based on the outrageous procedures that were used.  The case that involved the allegedly overvalued assets is a complete sham that has no precedent.  An honest court would have thrown it out on the face of it.  But I don’t foresee any blowback to the New York Attorney General or the judge that oversaw the trial.

And the fake rape civil trial is a complete farce over supposed events that happened over fifteen years ago and never had any credibility in the first place.  Once again, if the decision is reversed there won’t be any negative consequences for the Manhattan District Attorney or the judge.  None.

Probably the only tangible effect of these witch-hunts will be on wealthy New Yorkers who think they might have Democrat political enemies.  Being stripped of their fortunes now probably seems a lot more real and incredibly frightening.  I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them start to rethink living and doing business in the “Empire State.”  Maybe there will be a stampede of billionaires heading for the borders out of New York.  Suddenly that name Empire State takes on a new meaning.  Empires exist at the whim of the emperor.  Justice isn’t a blind goddess in an empire.  She takes her marching orders from the boss.

And that’s what we’re seeing.  Justice is now doled out in Washington, Colorado, California and New York according to whether you belong to the right party.  If you don’t genuflect to the pieties, if you won’t burn incense to Caesar then you can expect that knock on the door and maybe you lose your money or even your freedom.

More than ever it’s important to think about the United States as separate states.  Some of them still seem to possess equal justice under the law.  But definitely not all.  Being a business owner or even a parent is a lot different in Florida than it is in California or New York.  And something like Trump’s railroading will make that crystal clear.

I guess it seems odd, me pitying Donald Trump.  He’s very wealthy (so far), has been President of the United States and is famous and popular with over a hundred million Americans.  I’m nobody.  Even if Trump has to pay off these bogus fines, he’ll still be many thousands of times richer than I am.  But I think of the spectacle of the supposedly “last best hope for humanity” rounding on one of its most important citizens and using the same tactics that you’d expect Saddam Hussein would have used against his enemies.

I think of what I would do in his circumstances and I have to admit I’d be overwhelmed.  Look at what the FBI has done to those people who were in Washington on January 6th.  None of the courts in DC are fair.  The jury selection is rigged.  Once government uses a partisan mob against its citizens, we’ve reached bottom.  This is no different from Robespierre ginning up the mob to “judge” anyone and everyone who fell into the hands of the Committee of Public Safety.

It’s not justice.  It’s just being fed to the lions in the coliseum.  And the knowledge that any of the elite can be subjected to this same treatment will alter the reputation of the United States as a safe haven for the rich and their money.  And that alteration will weaken the United States a great deal.  Something to think about.

Selective Enforcement of the Law – Up in Lights on Broadway

“Alvin Bragg is the 37th District Attorney elected in Manhattan. Alvin – a lifelong Manhattanite who served as a state and federal prosecutor – has spent more than two decades fighting to make our communities safer and our criminal justice system fairer.”

This is the header on the official website of the Manhattan District Attorney.  Alvin Bragg is also another one of those black district attorneys that George Soros spent millions of dollars electing so that they could prevent black criminals from being indicted for the crimes they commit.

So, after destroying the criminal justice system in New York City and destroying the lives and businesses of countless New Yorkers he’s decided to add hypocrisy to his lawlessness.  Here’s what I mean.

If a black criminal held up a jewelry store by beating the owner into submission and made off with a million dollars in diamonds and even if the NYPD managed to catch him red-handed Alvin Bragg would let him go.  No bail needed and maybe no charges.

But if the Democrat Party wants to harass Donald Trump, Bragg will gladly indict and prosecute Donald Trump for an old charge in a victimless crime that all of Bragg’s predecessors found too absurd to pursue.

Selective enforcement of the law is the process that the Left uses to punish Republicans and conservatives and protect their criminal constituencies which currently means the black inner-city thugs and thieves.

Well, it’s not surprising.  This has been going on forever.  Think of the policeman that was hung out to dry for the Michael Brown shooting and the guy who stopped Trayvon Martin from bashing his brains in by shooting him.  They were prosecuted for self-defense.  The fact that they weren’t convicted was luck based on the honesty of the juries.  But what kind of chance will Donald Trump have with a Manhattan jury.  I doubt he got 5% of the vote in Manhattan in 2020.

And from what I understand the Justice Department is waiting to get their turn with the classified documents case.  So, the lawfare will probably go on for years.

I guess the only point of this post is to acknowledge that the Left has volunteered to add yet another page to the roster of evidence that the United States of America has officially descended to the level of banana republic.  Nothing more clearly defines the difference between a legitimate constitutional country and a junta like using kangaroo courts to go after your political opponents.  Whether it’s Castro in Cuba or the Sandinistas in Nicaragua weaponizing the justice system is a hallmark.  And now it’s in the highest visibility venue with the most famous man in the country.  It’s going to be a sideshow.  But they’re not scared.

I remember how before the Iraq War there were innumerable articles about how Saddam and his psychopathic son Uday were notorious for using the Iraqi justice department to imprison, torture and then murder political enemies.  The rape of the family members was a particular trademark of Uday but Saddam’s regime was brutal for anyone who wasn’t in the good graces of the dictator.

Well, I guess we still have a long way to go but Washington should be proud that they’ve made such great strides in just a few short decades.  Between the presidencies of Obama and Biden we have raised lawfare to a high art as the members of the Trump administration can truthfully attest.  Prosecutors and judges will bend the law and suspend constitutional rights to punish those they accuse on trumped up charges.  Just look at what they’ve done to the January 6th defendants.

I could hope that seeing this played out against the former President of the United States might wake up even the groggiest Americans out there and act as a call to action.  But I don’t think so.  We’ve hit bottom.  America is a place where those in charge do whatever they want to those they despise.  That’s the only lesson I draw.

More Motes and Oxen

I was on a zoom call with a couple of friends who live in central Massachusetts and they were telling me that the pot business is a howling success.  There are billboards on all the state highways.  The “dispensaries” as the pot shops are known are doing a land office business.  And we discussed how exactly the “growers” managed to protect their crop.  The theory was that although there were probably some crops outdoors, hidden from the view of the populace, mostly the stuff is being grown in locked greenhouses.  And we assumed this means that the “farmers” must have fairly robust security and probably a few guns thrown in for good measure.  One of the guys said that the biggest problem that’s become apparent is that the stuff being sold today is many times more potent than the stuff that used to be sold before legalization.  He mentioned THC levels that were near 90%.  And the upshot of this is psychological symptoms among the users are much worse and much more prevalent than in the past.  Anxiety and paranoia manifest at levels that render the users incapable of normal life.  They can’t keep a job or maintain relationships.

And it just struck me that here is a blue state policy to contrast with their alleged commitment to safety on the COVID front.  They’ll force you to be vaccinated and wear a mask against your will supposedly for your own good but they’ll allow a practice that they know is a mental and physical health threat and also a public safety hazard from the consideration of people driving under the influence and walking among us in a mentally unbalanced state.  In addition, since the FDA still considers marijuana illegal, they won’t get involved in regulating the safety of the pot that’s being sold and so any terrible mistake involving pesticides or other toxins finding its way into the drug cannot be prevented or adjudicated.

So here is the double standard.  They get to decide when freedom is important and when it’s not.  Freedom for me but not for thee.  But this definitely opens up the model for how the red states can change things in their favor.  Pick and choose the places where they will obey or defy federal law.  As an example, Texas needs to close their border with Mexico.  They should build their own wall a mile inside the federal wall.  They should arrest all illegal aliens and jail them until they agree to leave the country and if they come back make their next stay in jail very uncomfortable.  They should force all employers to obey immigration laws under the penalty of massive fines.  If the federal government squawks flip them the bird and continue on with real life.  And there are other things that make sense.  Welfare needs to be tightened up to the point where those who refuse to work should be so hard-up that they decide to leave and go to a blue state like California on their own.  Hell, that could be part of the policy to offer them bus or plane tickets to the blue state of their choice.

So that was what I was thinking about today.  Instead of freedom for thee but not for me let’s make it you live your life your way and I’ll live my life mine.