Selective Enforcement of the Law – Up in Lights on Broadway

“Alvin Bragg is the 37th District Attorney elected in Manhattan. Alvin – a lifelong Manhattanite who served as a state and federal prosecutor – has spent more than two decades fighting to make our communities safer and our criminal justice system fairer.”

This is the header on the official website of the Manhattan District Attorney.  Alvin Bragg is also another one of those black district attorneys that George Soros spent millions of dollars electing so that they could prevent black criminals from being indicted for the crimes they commit.

So, after destroying the criminal justice system in New York City and destroying the lives and businesses of countless New Yorkers he’s decided to add hypocrisy to his lawlessness.  Here’s what I mean.

If a black criminal held up a jewelry store by beating the owner into submission and made off with a million dollars in diamonds and even if the NYPD managed to catch him red-handed Alvin Bragg would let him go.  No bail needed and maybe no charges.

But if the Democrat Party wants to harass Donald Trump, Bragg will gladly indict and prosecute Donald Trump for an old charge in a victimless crime that all of Bragg’s predecessors found too absurd to pursue.

Selective enforcement of the law is the process that the Left uses to punish Republicans and conservatives and protect their criminal constituencies which currently means the black inner-city thugs and thieves.

Well, it’s not surprising.  This has been going on forever.  Think of the policeman that was hung out to dry for the Michael Brown shooting and the guy who stopped Trayvon Martin from bashing his brains in by shooting him.  They were prosecuted for self-defense.  The fact that they weren’t convicted was luck based on the honesty of the juries.  But what kind of chance will Donald Trump have with a Manhattan jury.  I doubt he got 5% of the vote in Manhattan in 2020.

And from what I understand the Justice Department is waiting to get their turn with the classified documents case.  So, the lawfare will probably go on for years.

I guess the only point of this post is to acknowledge that the Left has volunteered to add yet another page to the roster of evidence that the United States of America has officially descended to the level of banana republic.  Nothing more clearly defines the difference between a legitimate constitutional country and a junta like using kangaroo courts to go after your political opponents.  Whether it’s Castro in Cuba or the Sandinistas in Nicaragua weaponizing the justice system is a hallmark.  And now it’s in the highest visibility venue with the most famous man in the country.  It’s going to be a sideshow.  But they’re not scared.

I remember how before the Iraq War there were innumerable articles about how Saddam and his psychopathic son Uday were notorious for using the Iraqi justice department to imprison, torture and then murder political enemies.  The rape of the family members was a particular trademark of Uday but Saddam’s regime was brutal for anyone who wasn’t in the good graces of the dictator.

Well, I guess we still have a long way to go but Washington should be proud that they’ve made such great strides in just a few short decades.  Between the presidencies of Obama and Biden we have raised lawfare to a high art as the members of the Trump administration can truthfully attest.  Prosecutors and judges will bend the law and suspend constitutional rights to punish those they accuse on trumped up charges.  Just look at what they’ve done to the January 6th defendants.

I could hope that seeing this played out against the former President of the United States might wake up even the groggiest Americans out there and act as a call to action.  But I don’t think so.  We’ve hit bottom.  America is a place where those in charge do whatever they want to those they despise.  That’s the only lesson I draw.

Defund the FBI

In the endless George Floyd rolling riot of 2020 and the subsequent permanent urban crime wave that now occupies all the blue cities, no one has been arrested except for people who tried to defend themselves from the mayhem.  Whether it was police officers trying to stop crime or homeowners brandishing weapons to stop rioters from invading their homes or a kid with a rifle trying to keep a mob from burning down a local business it was those trying to defend themselves from government sanctioned race rioting who were singled out for prosecution.  The local Democrats and the Justice Department conspired to encourage the destruction of these cities as a terror tactic to show white people that they were a hated class that could be attacked with impunity.  And the selective prosecution of anyone trying to stop the rampage was to prove that resistance was futile.

With the trial this week of Kyle Rittenhouse we’ll get to see just how depraved our criminal justice system has become.  All accounts of the trial describe a prosecution in disarray.  The video footage and even the testimony of one of the “victims” corroborates the defense contention that Rittenhouse was defending himself against attacks from the rioters he shot.  This week we were told by BLM activists that the jurors are being videotaped so that they can be targeted if they don’t find Rittenhouse guilty.

So where does this go?  I assume the verdict is a 50/50 proposition.  Even with a terrible case the jurors have enormous pressure on them to find him guilty.  But even if Rittenhouse is absolved on all charges, I assume that the Justice Department will immediately arrest him and charge him on trumped up weapons and civil rights charges.  And that is the point of this article.  Since the days of the Obama Justice Department, the FBI has been weaponized to allow the black underclass to commit crimes against white and even Hispanic citizens with impunity.  Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, George Floyd and the rest of the litany of black criminals who were shot because they were committing violent crimes are the examples of this policy.  This is a clearly delineated plan to demoralize and essentially terrorize the law-abiding population of the country into submission.  They want us to surrender and surrender up whatever is asked of us in the hope that our lives will be spared.  It is a fiendish plan and it is working.

So, it is apparent what needs to be done.  The FBI has to be defanged.  And the best start to something like that is a two-pronged approach.  First, appoint an Attorney General who is not part of the old boys’ club in Washington.  It will be his job to start demolishing the senior leadership of the FBI.  Fire every single one of the cabal leaders who ran the takedown job against Donald Trump’s administration.  Then fire everyone who reported to those guys.  Then fire everyone who reported to those guys.  You get the picture.  Second, cut the budget of the FBI by about two thirds.  Take away all their toys, the armored assault vehicles and the combat weapons.  They are not the Navy Seals.

As a separate effort I think it’s time to cancel the Patriot Act.  It may have been well intentioned by some of the congressional leaders who originally drafted it but it has proven to be a license to treat American citizens as if they lived in a banana republic without any rights.  We cannot allow the government to spy on Americans as if this were East Germany.

Of course, none of this happens until a real President is in office again.  But even then, there has to be the will to do it.  With the recent string of debacles by Biden and the terrible state of the economy it’s quite possible that the Republicans will have the edge in 2024.  But it is absolutely imperative that ending the FBI’s reign of terror is a first priority in any Republican administration going forward.  If not, we can look forward to burning cities and mob violence from now on.