17MAY2023 – Stupid Progressive Overreach Headline for Today

New York City will now track how much meat its citizens buy at the grocery store.  They can’t even keep their citizens safe from assault on the subway from schizophrenic street people but they’ll track your meat intake.  Anarcho-tyranny at its very stupidest and most maddening.



08MAY2023 – Just Some Thoughts

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;”

My word, but that Billy Shakespeare could turn a phrase.  Now, I’m not preparing to storm the walls of a French town but I am steeling myself for about eleven days of grief.  This week is disrupted but next week promises to be a disaster.  Well, I asked for it, now I’ve got to see it through.  It’s like everything in this world, the reality never completely corresponds to the theory.  But I’ve always been the king of wingin’ it.  So, bring it on, bring it on, bring it on.

I watched a video with that Grima Wormtongue of Washington insiders George Stephanopoulos surrounded by his panel of losers.  He had Chris Christy, Donna Brazile and two other boobs I’d never heard of.  They were bemoaning an ABC poll that shows Biden with an approval rating of 36% and trailing Donald Trump 42% to 49% in a general election.  They said Biden’s age and mental health were factors and also the awful economic conditions that Americans are suffering under.

Well, duh!

What I liked about this video was how scared they all sounded about the budget negotiations and how maybe this time McCarthy has them over a barrel and the Democrats will have to cut the trillions in graft in order to get the debt ceiling approved.  As far as Trump or any Republican winning the White House, I think that’s just happy talk.  The voting fix is in for the swing states so winning the presidency is almost certainly not going to happen.  But it’s still nice to see that most of the country hates Creepy Uncle Joe.

I see that the protests have begun in New York City to try and force the DA to charge Daniel Penny with murder for the killing of Jordan Neely.  Well, it’s no surprise.  And just to add some irony to the event they disrupted subway travel to make their point.  The cretins were on the subway tracks in Manhattan.  Sadly, none of them were run over by a train or electrocuted by the third rail but they managed to infuriate the commuters trying to get to work and home.  I’m sure it won’t be long before the despicable Manhattan DA railroads this young man and sets him up for a kangaroo court conviction.  But we’ll soon see where this goes.  And either way it will be instructive of the true direction that New York City will be heading in the future.  My guess is cannibalism.

I feel like a lot of people are waking up to the new reality.  The shock at the banana republic tactics that we see all around us has worn off.  And that’s a very good thing.  When you lose your illusions about your surroundings then you can make much more effective decisions.  And in that way, we will stop falling into the same traps that they’ve been springing on us for decades.  We won’t latch onto the next “approved” choice that we hope will be on our side.  So, no more JEB!, no more W, no more RINOs, no more establishment ringers of any sort.

I hope to do my best to produce content over the next week or so but there may be some glitches.  So, stay tuned and we’ll muddle through somehow.

Another Update on the Hilarious NYC Migrant Bus Service

As Texas Governor Abbott continues to bus illegal aliens to NYC and DC the squealing from NYC government officials gets louder.

My favorite quotes:

“He’s weaponizing asylum seekers,” Manuel Castro, commissioner of the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs said. “It is shameful, and it is our moral obligation to condemn the use of human beings for political purposes.”

New York officials said this week that the city is using 14 hotels to provide housing to the new arrivals.

Castro was not the only official in Mayor Eric Adams’s administration to blast Abbott. City Comptroller Brad Lander said Abbott’s action are “inhumane” and “disgusting.”

As the saying goes, “You know you’re over the target when you start taking flack.  I only wish he’d start sending some to Portland, Oregon and San Francisco.

This is the gift that keeps on giving.  It’s not only useful and smart, it’s hilarious.  Hopefully a goodly percentage of the refugees are violent offenders and weirdos of various descriptions.  New York needs the most exciting new residents to keep things interesting.

Bravo, governor Abbott, bravo.

NYC, Deadly Environment for Women

Not that this is a shocker but New Yorkers are rediscovering that women are the perfect target for violent predators in the urban environment.

Nicole Gelinas over at City Journal has a story about the last four women randomly murdered by violent psychopaths that stalk women in New York City:

“Even with New York’s City’s overall murder rate up 53 percent in two years— from 319 in 2019 to 488 last year—these murders are especially dislocating. In each case, there was nothing the victim could have done to prevent her death. …    It’s impossible to recall so many fatal stranger-on-stranger attacks on women in such a short time, seemingly motivated by nothing other than misogynistic and, perhaps, racial hatred. We all like to think we have some measure of control over our own public safety, but what could any of these women have done to remain alive, besides not go outside?”

Then Gelinas discusses the history of women existing in New York City in three periods.  There was the Giuliani period of law and order and the before period and the after period (now):

“A great deal of what we call public space is, in fact, male turf. . . . Fear of rape and attack, of which low-level aggravation is a reminder, plays a part in keeping women from claiming public space.” …”

“That changed. Under Mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg, women increasingly felt safe, and for good reason. Stranger-on-stranger violent crime, let alone murder, wasn’t nonexistent, but it became extremely unusual over a generation of remarkable public safety in New York. In December 2019, when three teenagers held 18-year-old Columbia University student Tessa Majors down in Morningside Park and stabbed her to death, the crime was rare and shocking. Not today. With Lee’s death making four in six weeks, a woman isn’t even safe walking briskly from a taxi to her own apartment.”

The article also reinforces that the City administration refuses to acknowledge that the changes in policing, prosecution and incarceration are the direct cause for all of these murders and other criminality.  Instead of acknowledging that these mega-repeat offenders who finally end up murdering random people are loose only because of these changes Mayor Adams and the other officials talk about the endemic problems of mental health and racism.

This agrees with my opinion that these cities are doomed until the general population becomes completely sick of progressive lies and demands a return to law and order.  And that won’t happen until things get even worse.  My yardstick is it will happen when the first cannibal stories appear in the New York Post.

NYC Proves There’s No Cure for Stupid

The New York City Council is preparing to pass a law allowing 800,000 non-citizen residents to vote in municipal elections.  Even that drooling moron Bill  de Blasio suspects that this would be against the New York State constitution but don’t assume that will be a barrier.  The New York State legislature is just as brain dead as their downstate brethren in the City.  They’ll probably say hold my beer and pass the same law for the whole state.

You’d think with the city tottering on the precipice of anarchy that they’d attempt to rein in the crazy.  But no, their new motto must be, “When you’ve dug yourself into a hole so deep you can’t see the sky, dig faster.  How far could China be?”

I think this is great news.  Once the NYPD completely disappear I think we can expect the Lord Humongous to usurp the mayor’s authority sometime in the spring and then things will return to some semblance of sanity.  Once cannibalism is put on a sound economic footing confidence will be restored in New York City’s fiscal responsibility.  It’ll take months to finish eating everyone in Manhattan.  By then the Outer Boroughs will have emptied out voluntarily and the horde will set its sights on greener pastures, perhaps Philadelphia.

BLM Warns NYC “Don’t Try to Stop Crime”

BLM crime lord Hawk Newsome warned incoming NYC mayor Eric Adams that if he attempts to rein in crime BLM will riot and burn the city to the ground.

A Black Lives Matter leader vowed there’ll be “riots,” “fire” and “bloodshed” if Mayor-elect Eric Adams follows through with his promise to bring back plainclothes anti-crime cops to battle New York’s surge in violent crimes.”

It’s wonderful to have such clarity.  The vampires announce that if they aren’t allowed to suck the life out of the peasants they’ll burn down the city and massacre the peasants.  Such honesty must be applauded.

Remnants of Ida Submerge NYC Subways in Ocean of Filth

I was looking at the videos and photos of the flooding from Ida in New York City.  And I thought, there’s something fitting about this.  It looks like a biblical flood is being used to wipe out out the monstrous evil and stupidity of the woke New York that Bill de Blasio has presided over.  Back during the Giuliani administration or even Bloomberg’s politically correct but mostly competent reign the City’s emergency services would have manned the pumps and kept the subways and roads from becoming death traps.  But in de Blasio’s New York it’s a reasonable bet that CHUD (cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers) will soon be in complete control of the subway system.  And I have no doubt that New Yorkers will notice an increase in subway efficiency once these troglodytic beings take over from the much less intelligent NYC subway workers.

Seriously, I think it’s for the better that New York becomes a medieval remnant as soon as possible.  Once the plagues and the cannibalism recede it will become a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly place.  I just hope the CHUD catch and eat de Blasio before he has a chance to leave.  He really should get to enjoy the world he’s created.

New York City Mayoral Election Count Turns Into a Farce

While trying to finish the counting of an election that happened last Tuesday the city Board of Elections outraged the front-runner and anyone else who thought this would be a straight forward process. They announced that they had mistakenly included 135,000 test vote records in an initial tally and now need to go back and straighten everything out.

Uh huh.  Sure that’s what you’ll do.  Anyway, since it’s all Democrats who cares anyway?  But the law and order candidate Eric Adams who was in the lead by a lot is very unhappy with what’s going on and since he’s a black man I have to assume that the rules of critical race theory demand that the next mistake goes in his favor.

Hilarity is sure to ensue and who knows maybe this breathes new life into the campaign hopes of Paperboy Love Prince.

Stay tuned for the blow out finish.

The Fresh Prince of Gotham

The NYC Democratic Mayoral Primary is today and although there will also be a Republican candidate selected today that’s more or less a formality and whichever Democratic bozo is the primary winner will be installed as Grand High Exalted Leader of Gotham by the Sea.

Polls have shown that even the brainless progressives who inhabit this modern-day Rome have become spooked by the daily horrific assaults and the scope of the theft that now goes on routinely throughout their once safe metropolis and will lead to the “law and order” Democrat, former policeman Eric Adams, being selected based on his promise not to disband the NYPD.

And that may be true.  But I’m hoping for a different outcome.  I’m hoping a dark horse wins.  I’m talking about Paperboy Love Prince.  Born David Porter Jr., this non-binary candidate prefers the pronouns God/Goddess, Paperboy Prince, and they/them.

According to his Wikipedia page “they dress as “royalty” to draw attention to how politicians can hold power for longer than kings or queens.   In an interview with fashion magazine Prince explained how freedom in fashion encourages freedom in thinking and welcoming of diversity.  They often wear a Game Boy Advance SP or Game Boy Color around their neck.  Prince hosts a community center called the Love Gallery on Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  In addition to being a place for community meetings, the Love Gallery is also a vintage clothing store, a food distribution center, and their political campaign headquarters.”

Currently Paperboy is running a little behind.  With about 2% of the vote in he has 0.4% of the vote.  That’s 958 votes out of a current 240,000.  But I sense a stirring in the force.  I know that this is the non-binary goddess New York is waiting for.  I think under a Paperboy Love Prince administration New York will get the treatment it truly deserves.  True Bill de Blasio went a long way in fundamentally transforming New York from an old-fashioned stodgy city with high paying jobs and neighborhoods that included somewhat functional schools and subways into a vibrant paradise where every moment is an adrenaline rush and you live life to the fullest as if every moment could be your last.  And that’s because, of course, it very possibly could be your last.

But that was just the beginning.  With Paperboy we will see a level of dysfunction heretofore undreamed of.  You can only imagine how this Paperboy Love Prince (PLP) will appoint incredible humanoids to head up his departments.  Undoubtedly the Police Commissioner will not have a law and order bent (or pants probably).  And the Education Commissioner will not be focused on test scores or any of that jazz.  It will be about finding the maximum number of transgender candidates hiding out in the third grade.

I assume PLP won’t have time to maintain a sanitation department or try to keep the buses and subways running.  You can’t do everything you know.  But he will probably add new innovative departments like the Commissioner of Twitter and TikTok or something cool like that.

Of course, I don’t expect PLP’s administration to go the whole four years of “their” term.  I’d say eighteen months should be long enough for black plague and cannibalism to resolve things.  But it will be a time to remember.  And by the end it will produce a cityscape familiar to anyone who’s seen “Escape From New York.”

So come on Big Apple, give Paperboy his shot.  He’s ready and he’s sure to finish off any doubts about the future.

Update: Well, Paperboy Love Prince got 0.4% of the vote (~3,400 votes).  The MAN says Paperboy lost but hold on!  If all the voters who voted for someone else happened to put Paperboy as their second choice then this thing can turn around.  Don’t give up.  Paperboy can still win!

The Absurdity of Republican Governors in Blue States

The linked article describes how Andrew Cuomo’s refusal to resign following his twin scandals of killing off all of New York State’s old people with COVID and groping all the women who work for him has opened up an opportunity for a Republican to be elected as Governor next year.  Oh, joy.

I lived for decades in a state that typically goes through a cycle of one or two terms of a Democrat governor followed by four or five terms of Republican governors.  How it works is that a Democrat governor does so much fiscal and public safety harm during just a few years in office that even the ideologues in the blue state population realize that their livelihoods and lives are at risk.  So, they allow a Republican to come in and right the ship.

But the Republican governor is so grateful to be allowed to fix their mess that he bends over backward to be indistinguishable from a Democrat on social issues.  The state I refer to is Massachusetts and they brought in William Weld and his two subordinates and then Mitt Romney to clean up the Mike Dukakis mess.  Then after they let the Barack Obama Mini-Me (Deval Patrick) crash the Massachusetts Miracle for eight years they had to bring in Charlie Baker to stop the hemorrhaging and allow the state to revive.

Why exactly Blue State Republicans are willing to fulfill this role for their progressive constituencies is a mystery to me.  I suppose they are attached to their homes and always hope that a permanent equilibrium is possible.  But this is a fool’s hope.  Just looking at Massachusetts, or even more vivid, New York City’s mayoral history will demonstrate that the fiscal and public safety sanity that a Republican leader provides will eventually convince the progressive population that they have nothing to fear by installing a lunatic like Deval Patrick or Bill de Blasio.  And once the inevitable happens they still only grudgingly accept the prescription that a Republican reformer brings to them and chafe at its requirements to hold people accountable regardless of favored racial and sexual status.

So, you get this predictable oscillation, up and down, for crime and poverty and chaos.  The question remains why the Republicans bother.  It will never get better and they will never get credit for keeping their constituencies from destroying themselves.  Places like California, New York and New England should be allowed to destroy themselves without interference from the people they so obviously despise.  This is the accelerationist argument and over time I’ve come to adopt it wholeheartedly.  It will only be after one of these places crashes completely that the people who are left might learn enough to know that the things they believe in are irrational and unsustainable in the real world.

So, I wholeheartedly agree with ridiculing the people who run these states and highlighting for everyone to see how awful the outcomes of their policy choices are.  But I object to the Right, such as it still exists in these places, pulling their chestnuts out of the fire.  Things need to get so bad that even the elites that formulate these nonsensical polices are made to suffer the consequences.  Probably, from my point of view, the perfect outcome would be for the inhabitants to revert to cannibalism and eat Bill Gates and Nancy Pelosi off of a spit.  In that way they could see the racial justice they strive for brought to fruition and also do their part for sustainability.  After all, in California there is an almost inexhaustible supply of white progressives and I can think of no higher use to put them to than as entrees on a community barbecue menu.