15OCT2021 – OCF Update – This ‘N’ That

It’s funny.  It seems like even the Left is starting to admit that Biden has made a shambles of the country and maybe some of them are starting to sound kind of scared.  Still too early to say if it will effect the outcome of the congressional votes on the gazillion dollar reconciliation bill.  I assumed that all the skullduggery planned was a done deal.  Maybe I’m wrong.  We’ll have to see.

But we will be going through some extended bad times as I mentioned in my last post.  I’m starting to look at my own finances to see what cutbacks I should make.

I was listening to the ZMan’s Friday podcast.  It was on organizing and near the end he was talking about negativity.  And that clicked for me.  What we do has to be building things and living.  Just fighting our enemies isn’t enough.  It’s too long a battle to just hold your breath till the end.  We need to make our thing about living and enjoying our lives.

I’ve been writing this story about a sniper who is taking revenge against the FBI.  I have to admit it’s a lot of fun writing about revenge.  But I want the story to be embedded in a larger frame about building something bigger than revenge.  I want to have it about building a community that’s hidden within the current United States.  So this fictional story corresponds to how I think about the world I’m living in.  And that is helpful when thinking about real life.  The things I write about are larger than life.  We can talk about underground bases and new technologies and secret organizations but even the little things we do on-line can be positive and enrich our lives.  We talk to people and we share ideas and maybe we help each other solve some problems.  And if nothing else we act as sounding boards for people who don’t have one.

So today I am doing some story plotting and re-writing.  It wasn’t strong enough or tight enough.  I punched it up and cut it down and I like it a lot better.  It’s another beautiful day and I intend to go out and take some photos of the fall.  A couple of days ago one of the dogs found a big old Northern Water Snake sunning itself near one of the gardens.  I got some good shots of it and I will probably put it up later as a post.

Fridays are usually pretty quiet on the site.  I’ll put up a post later.  Maybe I’ll review another season three trek episode.  I’m getting impatient with them but considering Shatner’s recent trek into almost-space I guess I should do my part.

Camera Girl is an inveterate crime drama reader.  She reads about fictional crime fighters like Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch and Jesse Stone.  Well, we recently started watching a tv series about Harry Bosch and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well it’s made.  Not everything is to my taste but it’s a quality series.  So at some point I’ll be reviewing it too but I must keep my nose to the Star Trek grindstone.  Duty is duty.

I’ve been listening to Larry Correia’s podcasts on fiction writing, “The Writer’s Dojo.”  and even though not all of the information is specific to what I do I find the experience of listening to these two writers talking about their mindset when they’re writing to be energizing.  For instance, they were talking about villains recently and it occurred to me I was wasting an opportunity by not beefing up the character of one of my villains.  After all good villains are sometimes even better than the hero.  Look at the Joker in Batman.

And this weekend we’ll have some grandkids coming around and that’s always fun.

So bear with me.  I’ll have some good stuff soon.

08SEP2021 – OCF Update – This’N’That

First up, the ZMan manages to have a lot of fun with the Theranos fraud trial of Elizabeth Holmes.  And how could you not have fun with it?  With Holmes’ fake baritone voice and the complete collapse of her fake medical device company it has something for everyone on the right to cheer about.

Secondly, although Biden’s poll numbers are still underwater, so far, the Taliban and ISIS-K have somehow neglected to behead any Americans yet.  I attribute this to enormous monetary bribes from Dementia Joe.  But however it’s being done it may prevent Joe from being tarred and feathered by the public.  And I don’t discount the F— Joe Biden phenomenon.  But who knows?  Maybe Biden will survive his term in office.

And finally I noticed that the Delta Variant Spike in Florida and Texas is almost back down to the baseline in early July before it started.  Kudos to DeSantis and Abbott for not panicking.  Hard to say how long the COVID Iron Curtain will remain up in Blue America but just knowing there are areas outside its control is inspirational for us on the inside.

05AUG2021 – OCF Update – This ‘N’ That

I continue to be impressed by the backbone that Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida is displaying.  The usual suspects in the press and the feds are attacking him tooth and nail and he’s standing his ground remarkably.  I think he’s shown himself to be a savvy politician and someone who will be worth watching going forward.

Great to see that Gavin Newsom is looking like a dead man walking.  Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.  Larry Elder might be an interesting governor for California.  Because of his color it will be inconvenient for the usual suspects to use their usual methods to attack him.  Might be a learning experience for black voters to see a conservative black leader for once.

I’m trying to teach myself some Word Press design techniques to streamline some of the repetitive stuff I do such as the photo and quote of the day posts.  It’s just a matter of making some templates that are easy to use so I can avoid some keystrokes and clicks.  But you know what old dogs and new tricks are like so it is eating into my day.

Rainy, cool weather here in New England but no snow yet so that’s good.  Camera Girl is working indoors today and that means we’ll eventually have to talk to each other which is always dangerous.  She’s very excited about a new shell I bought her for her hermit crab.  I named him Buster Crabbe after the late great star of the classic Flash Gordon serials of the 1930s.  She’s so excited about him moving into the new shell that she wants me to photograph him for posterity.  Don’t be surprised if he shows up here at some point.  I told her I thought he’d be better off as part of a crab sauce over spaghetti.  She was not amused.

Haven’t seen any of the praying mantises for a week or so and I’m wondering if there are many predators in the yard that they have to contend with.  I guess frogs and toads might be the likeliest enemies around the yard.  But maybe even field mice might be a threat.  Next week will be drier and warmer so I’m hoping that I’ll make some further sightings.  Princess Sack-of-Potatoes will be sorely disappointed if they don’t reappear.  Although lately she seems a lot more interested in chasing butterflies.  I guess women of all ages are a fickle bunch.

I saw that Dementia Joe’s poll numbers have finally gone below water.  Of course Politico will put out their own poll that says he’s at 52% so they can claim the average is above 50% but looking at the main pollsters he’s now under water.  And that’s during the August doldrums.  come September when kids will be sitting in sweltering classrooms with masks over their faces I can see those numbers in the low forties.  Oh, Joe’s gonna be awfully popular.  But we’ll see.

The Congress is getting ready to sell us out again.  Joe Manchin has cut his deal.  His wife has been put in charge of a billion dollar slush fund so you can expect that the fix is in.  The Dems will use the reconciliation process to put illegal alien citizenship, statehood for Puerto Rico and DC, permanent election fraud and heaven knows what else into law this fall.  So don’t let yourself get sucked into the miasma of despair they’re preparing.  It’s coming and we need to concentrate on the things we can control ourselves.  And we need to be able to decide where our own long term best interests will be served.  All that will be things to discuss and figure out.

so that’s enough for now.  Stay tuned.