H/T to Mike Simonelli Documenting Another Case of Justified Deadly Force

Justified Deadly Force

Mike’s beat is documenting the absurd charges hurled at police whenever they are compelled to use deadly force in the line of duty.  In this case a young man, under the influence of what will probably turn out to be some psychotropic drug, smashed through a window onto the street, half dressed in the New England winter, brandishing a machete.

He was followed by the police for five blocks who begged him to drop his weapon.  When he turned on the police they first attempted to stop him with a non-lethal “sponge round” but when he charged one of the officers he shot the armed man several times with his service weapon, killing him.

So that seems pretty straightforward.  But the assailant was Bangladeshi and the incident took place in Cambridge Massachusetts, the home of Harvard University and most of the craziest people in New England.  I’ll quote from Mike’s article:

“Activist and Cambridge City Councillor Quinton Y. Zondervan tweeted, “We must reject the racist system of policing that is failing our young people,” likening the shooting to “the kind of racist, senseless killing that we read about in places like Ferguson.”

Such allegations have contributed to protests, calls for change, and local student newspaper The Harvard Crimson to write, “the shooting of Faisal, a Bangladeshi American, has spiked concerns of racism, Islamophobia, and police brutality throughout Cambridge.””

After discussing the inaccuracy of these characterizations of the police action and the actual record of the Cambridge Police Department over the last quarter century, Mike concludes as follows:

“When elected officials irresponsibly portray police as racist murderers, there are serious consequences. Besides these violent attacks upon the police, the lies have led to drastic changes in the criminal-justice system resulting in increased victimization of our citizens.

If Americans want serious leaders who support the rule of law and don’t act stupidly, they need to start voting smartly.”

In that last sentence Mike is parodying what Barack Obama said back in 2009 when he criticized the Cambridge Police Department as “acting stupidly” for arresting a black Harvard professor who was a buddy of his when he broke the law.  And of course all of this break down of law and order began when Obama’s Justice Department started using lawfare to attack the police departments of America’s cities and towns.

So aother day, another slander against police officers protecting the public from madmen running wild.

Justified Deadly Force

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