Obama Was Light in the Loafers

Well there it is.  Imagine he writes in a letter to a girlfriend that he fantasizes about gay sex.

Another barrier broken.  America’s first bisexual president.  And I guess it makes sense that Michelle is so forceful.    Well I should have known based on the mom jeans he wore and his limp-wristed throw when he tried to throw out the first baseball at an MLB game.  My four year old granddaughter could have done better.

Hopefully he’ll get around to transitioning soon.  Another first!

Oppressed Obamas Inconsolable on 400 Ft Yacht in Greek Isles

No one feels the pain of the black underclass being denied admittance to Harvard like Barack Obama and family.  They could barely choke down the caviar and champagne because of the indignation over social injustice.  So brave, so tragic.



H/T to Mike Simonelli Documenting Another Case of Justified Deadly Force

Justified Deadly Force

Mike’s beat is documenting the absurd charges hurled at police whenever they are compelled to use deadly force in the line of duty.  In this case a young man, under the influence of what will probably turn out to be some psychotropic drug, smashed through a window onto the street, half dressed in the New England winter, brandishing a machete.

He was followed by the police for five blocks who begged him to drop his weapon.  When he turned on the police they first attempted to stop him with a non-lethal “sponge round” but when he charged one of the officers he shot the armed man several times with his service weapon, killing him.

So that seems pretty straightforward.  But the assailant was Bangladeshi and the incident took place in Cambridge Massachusetts, the home of Harvard University and most of the craziest people in New England.  I’ll quote from Mike’s article:

“Activist and Cambridge City Councillor Quinton Y. Zondervan tweeted, “We must reject the racist system of policing that is failing our young people,” likening the shooting to “the kind of racist, senseless killing that we read about in places like Ferguson.”

Such allegations have contributed to protests, calls for change, and local student newspaper The Harvard Crimson to write, “the shooting of Faisal, a Bangladeshi American, has spiked concerns of racism, Islamophobia, and police brutality throughout Cambridge.””

After discussing the inaccuracy of these characterizations of the police action and the actual record of the Cambridge Police Department over the last quarter century, Mike concludes as follows:

“When elected officials irresponsibly portray police as racist murderers, there are serious consequences. Besides these violent attacks upon the police, the lies have led to drastic changes in the criminal-justice system resulting in increased victimization of our citizens.

If Americans want serious leaders who support the rule of law and don’t act stupidly, they need to start voting smartly.”

In that last sentence Mike is parodying what Barack Obama said back in 2009 when he criticized the Cambridge Police Department as “acting stupidly” for arresting a black Harvard professor who was a buddy of his when he broke the law.  And of course all of this break down of law and order began when Obama’s Justice Department started using lawfare to attack the police departments of America’s cities and towns.

So aother day, another slander against police officers protecting the public from madmen running wild.

Justified Deadly Force

Obama’s Propagandist Warns Progs That Anti-White Hate Isn’t Popular with Whites

Just because I haven’t had enough pain today from snow-shoveling I read an article by Ben Rhodes, one of Obama’s propagandists, I mean speech writer, and it was exactly as bad as I expected.  But I saw one noteworthy item tucked in amid the bilge:

“There is an added difficulty that makes this challenge more vexing. The progressive movement in American politics is inherently more inclined to see clearly America’s own flaws and contradictions. …  Yet wittingly or unwittingly, Trump has created a trap for the left. In so many ways, the resilience of his appeal seems to confirm some of our worst fears about the country we live in, the cold reality of the American story. It is therefore no coincidence that the rise of antidemocratic politics has been accompanied by an insistence on reckoning with the uglier aspects of American history and society.  …   The trap is that this would ensure we lose the contest over the American story. If you cede the terrain of national identity to its worst elements, you are playing straight into the hands of autocracy, which counts on a blend of cynicism and apathy among its opponents. Moreover, politics is ultimately about persuading enough people to vote for your candidate or agenda. If the starting point for your argument is that the very people you need to persuade must accept that core aspects of their identity should be a source of shame rather than pride, then no well-crafted agenda of utilitarian policies is likely to win them over. The same holds true for young people who are ambivalent about participating in democracy but essential for rescuing it: If you are led to believe that America is inherently corrupted, then why would you decide that American democracy is worth saving?  …  A negative story about the extremism of democracy’s opponents will not sustain the kind of mobilization that is necessary to save it.”

I know that’s an awful long quote but trust me this guy goes on and on.  So, amidst his rant about taking, it to the street and the victory of “Hope,” he felt it was very important to let the troops know why the Democrats are losing elections and Dementia Joe’s approval ratings are in the toilet.  Basically, anti-white-hate doesn’t sell to most whites.  Telling even deep blue Northern Virginia parents that you intend to brainwash their children into hating their own skin color is not a winning strategy.  The fact that he has to tell these people this is great news.  These people are so stupid they think everyone thinks like they do.  Rhodes is less stupid than they are so he sees this.

What it tells me is if we can make actionable changes that prevent the kind of wholesale election fraud that the Democrats committed in 2020, we can capitalize on the wildly unpopular tactics that the Democrats showcased in 2020 and 2021; the burning of cities and instituting critical race theory in schools.  Someone might say that by November and especially by 2024 the Democrats will have had time to course-correct and disguise their hatred of white people.  But I don’t think that’s the case.  I think they’ve embraced the truth of their inner convictions and pretending they don’t hate white people would be too much of a denial of “who they really are.”

This is an interesting time.  If the right can goad the progressives into embracing and amplifying their ugly and hateful principles then it should be possible to cobble together a majority of people on the Right and even in the squishy middle to deny power to the Left.  Now let me explicitly state I don’t see this as a permanent victory.  The Stupid Party is too aptly named to imagine they won’t squander their good fortune.  But even a temporary control of the government might allow the right leader to make some changes to the federal government that might allow the states to protect themselves from the Deep State.  Getting the Patriot Act rescinded seems like a valuable action.  Institute a law that allows border states to take steps to intercept illegal aliens themselves.  Many things could be done and someone with experience as a state governor would have a good idea what they might be.

Anyway, I won’t say I enjoyed the article but it gave me food for thought.

When the Narrative Starts to Break Down

New York City is an enormous place.  Something like eight million people live within the confines of the five boroughs and twelve million more live in the adjacent areas of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and even Pennsylvania that act as bedroom communities for the people who make a living off of that gigantic place.

And along with that enormity is an enormously difficult and dangerous job of keeping such a place safe.  Along with the NYPD there are the police departments of all the adjacent communities and the state troopers of New York and the adjacent states.  All told, there are tens of thousands of police officers in the New York City area but compare that to twenty million people and you realize the necessity for maintaining the respect and legitimacy of police officers in the New York City area.

Back when I was a young man living in New York in the nineteen seventies and eighties, crime was a frightening fact of life.  Even the “safe” neighborhoods had been invaded by violent criminals who “mugged” the unsuspecting and often weaker members of the community wherever the opportunity offered.  The democrat mayors of the city payed lip service to policing the problems but because of their dependence on votes from the African American and Latino communities they were careful never to embrace too openly the law and order aspect of the city’s responsibilities.  But when David Dinkins became the first African American mayor in 1990 his first responsibility was to his ethnic constituency and that ensured the effective handcuffing of the NYPD and gave a carte blanche to criminals.

But back then even New York liberals knew that unfettered criminality would destroy their home.  So, they did the unthinkable, they elected Rudy Giuliani mayor.  Giuliani was a republican and a former US Attorney who had prosecuted mafia bosses and high-profile criminals.  He put in place a highly effective neighborhood policing strategy that targeted both low level crime (broken windows offenses) and serious crime (robbery and violent crime) and in the space of a few years made New York City one of the safest big cities in the United States.  But being a republican, albeit a relatively liberal one, and having made his reputation by embracing law enforcement, the democratic City Council enacted term limits for the first time in city history to prevent him from governing for more than eight years.

His successor Michael Bloomberg ran as a republican (in name only) and saw the mayoral term limit law removed so that he could serve for twelve years.  Being a creature of the liberal establishment Bloomberg would often excoriate any police incident that showed up in the bleeding-heart liberal New York media.  But he was at least smart enough to mostly leave in place the police practices that Giuliani had pioneered.

But then two things happened.  Barack Obama became President of the Unites States and Bill de Blasio became Mayor of New York.  Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder used the Justice Department to criminalize and prosecute police officers whenever an opportunity arose in the media that could be construed as police brutality against African American criminals.  It spawned the Black Lives Matters organization which was responsible for the deaths of police officers in several American cities.  But de Blasio embraced it and has effectively handcuffed police effectiveness in New York City.  As part of his police policy, “stop and frisk” and broken windows policing have been eliminated.  Due to this, quality of life crimes have started to proliferate again.  And more recently, violent crime, which until recently had been close to non-existent is becoming a day to day reality for the first time since the early nineteen nineties.

And that’s where we are today.  The progressives have a firm hold on New York City politics but the demographics of left-wing politics have changed.  New York is a minority majority city and the old left-wing ethnicities are no longer in control.  It may no longer be possible for a Rudy Giuliani type reformer to be brought in to clean up de Blasio’s crime problem.

When anti-Semitism against the easily recognizable Orthodox Jewish community is being perpetrated by African Americans, both on a day to day low level harassment basis and in deadly attacks as have recently occurred, it becomes difficult for de Blasio and the other New York progressives to get people to believe that white supremacists are responsible for the problem.  I mean he’ll still try, but as seen in that link, it’s getting a little thick.

So, where does this leave the New York Jewish community?  Their voting record, with exceptions, puts them squarely in line with progressive candidates on the local, state and national level.  So, essentially, they have themselves helped to create this monster by electing Barack Obama, Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio to the positions that allowed them to hamstring the only entity that could have protected them, the New York Police Department.  And once the police saw that their bosses no longer had their backs, they stopped doing their jobs.  Why risk being sent to prison for trying to prevent crime?  Now they just clean up the pieces after the damage is done.

Some in the Jewish community are advocating for a return to sane police policy but the more pragmatic voices, knowing the reality of where they are, are calling for their communities to hire private armed security forces for their houses of worship.  And that is indeed highly ironic.  After eliminating the public security force that made it possible for all of New York City to thrive they now are forced to provide for themselves a private police force to protect them from the criminals they have empowered.

Those in the more upscale New York City communities were in the vanguard of movements such as Black Lives Matter and other initiatives begun during the Obama and de Blasio administrations.  Now they are living with the results of those movements.  Currently it is still at the periphery of their community, with the non-progressive elements such as the Orthodox community bearing the brunt of the problem.  But just as back in the 1980s these problems eventually find their way back to the “safe” neighborhoods.  The question for them will be what happens when the Narrative breaks down on their own doorstep?


Trump vs It’s a Good Life (Part 2)

Trump vs It’s a Good Life (Part 1)


Dramatis Personae: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – (AOC); Narrator who looks and sounds like Rod Serling – (NRS); Barack Obama – (BO); Michelle Obama – (MO); Bill Clinton – (BC); Hillary Clinton – (HC); President Trump – (PT);


Scene 1 – 8 pm, that same night in the Farmhouse; In the corner of the room, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke are sweating away, turning a giant crank on a generator.  In the opposite corner A-oh-see, Cory Booker, Hillary Clinton and the Obamas are dancing rather spastically around a disco ball while a wavering light and an unevenly playing sound system produces some unconvincing techno sound.  As the exhausted laborers slacken their effort, A-oh-see chastises them.

AOC – Hey white boys, pick up the pace.  This is the part where I go, whoot, whoot.  Don’t make me warn you again.

The generator crew redouble their efforts and the “whoot, whoot” is a big success.  The dancers clap enthusiastically and the crankers collapse to the floor panting.

AOC – The dance is over and that’s all the electricity there is.

MO – That was good electricity A-oh-see, real good.

BO – That was the best electricity I ever seen.  Much better than that power plant electricity.

NP – Oh, I don’t know, I remember back in the Obama administration we had lights all the time and copy machines and air conditioning.

HC – It’s real good that you said that Nancy but how could you mean it?  Why, A-oh-see’s electricity is much better than that old electricity.  That old electricity made global warming and killed baby polar bears.

BO – That’s right Nancy, A-oh-see’s electricity is real good.  Much better.

MO – And now it’s time for Bill Clinton’s birthday presents.  Everybody gather around.

Hillary hands Bill a bag full of fentanyl patches and a plain brown envelope.

HC – Happy birthday Bill.  Many happy returns.

BC – (looking in the envelope) The Pia Zadora Playboy issue!  This is a priceless object.  He you don’t suppose I could open it up here?

Everyone goes quiet and looks shocked.

BC – Not the pictures just the articles.

BO – I don’t think you should Bill.  We don’t know exactly where the articles end and the porn begins.

HC – That’s right Bill.  Wait until we get home, where it’s safe.  Here, try out the fentanyl patch.

BC – Mmmmmmmmm.

BO – Okay everybody, birthday presents over.  Now we’ll hear a speech by Caitlyn Jenner on the false social construct inherent in the ovary.

While everyone sits in rapt fear of not cheering at the right places Bill Clinton wanders around in a fentanyl stupor.  Suddenly he starts talking out loud to no one in particular.

BC – You know this is the last fentanyl stash left.  And once it’s gone and Al Gore’s oxycontin bottle is empty there won’t be any joy left in the world.  No more giggling, no more Ruffies.

Looking around and glaring at Bill AOC shouts.

AOC – Stop talking during the science lesson.

Bill smiles goofily and gives AOC a salute and she turns back to the lecture.  Bill opens up his Playboy magazine and with the centerfold flapped open approaches Caitlyn Jenner.

BC – You know Bruce, I mean Caitlyn, I don’t think yours can compare to Pia’s what do you think?

AOC jumps to her feet and shouts at Bill Clinton.

AOC – You’re a bad white man, a very bad white man and if you keep acting all patriarchal, I’m going to think bad things about you.

BC – That’s right A-oh-see you think bad things about me.  You concentrate on me and maybe some real man in this room will sneak up behind you and slap a half dozen fentanyl patches between your shoulder blades and end this thing.

Nancy Pelosi picks up her speaker’s gavel off the table where it lies but then puts it back.

AOC – You’re a bad white man, a very bad white man and you keep looking down my blouse.

AOC walks over to Bill Clinton and slaps four fentanyl patches on Bill’s face.  Bill starts pulling one off, then smiles goofily and puts it back on.  Then he falls face forward like a chopped tree.

BO – A-oh-see put him in the mulch pile please.  Please.

She nods her head slightly and a group of Bernie Bros picked up Clinton and hustled him out of the room.

AOC – He was a bad white mand and I used his non-socialized medicine to destroy him.  And you better not say anything bad about me Hillary or I’ll get you too.

HC – Oh, A-oh-see, I don’t feel bad about Bill.  He got what was coming to him.  No sweat.  We all love you A-oh-see, you’re everybody’s favorite, that’s what you are.


NRS – So that’s our story, no commentary just an introduction to one of the very special members of the Bizarro Zone.

Suddenly President Trump busts in from in front of the narrator and we realize that the whole scene is taking place in a sound stage.

PT – Alright that’s enough.  Officers, arrest these idiots and we’ll straighten everything out at the jail.

AOC – You’re not real.  I destroyed you along with the rest of the world a year ago.

PT – Look, you, fruitcake.  When you losers were swept out of power in 2020, I didn’t balk when MTV sponsored a reality show to let your deluded followers imagine what it would be like without the normal people but when Bill Clinton ends up as an OD victim at Bethesda that’s where I pull the plug on this thing.  We’ll transition most of you into a hospital for the criminally insane but for now we’ll set you up at Guantanamo Bay until you become less dangerous.  Okay boys drag them out.

Trump vs It’s a Good Life (Part 1)

Dramatis Personae: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – (AOC); Nancy Pelosi (NP); Al Gore – (AG); Narrator who looks and sounds like Rod Serling – (NRS); Barack Obama – (BO); Michelle Obama – (MO);


Scene 1- Unknown Office building; 8 pm Mid-July

A narrator, who looks and sounds a hell of a lot like Rod Serling circa 1961, is standing in front of a map of the United States

NRS – Tonight’s cautionary tale is most unusual and requires that we imagine the following.  Here behind me is a map of the United States.  But what if suddenly it disappeared (whole map goes dark except one point of light) and all that was left was a tiny dot called Washington D.C.?  Now imagine that within this tiny world there was no longer radio, television, the internet, telephones, gas engines or even electricity.  And assume that the only thing that farmers were allowed to grow was vegetables.  No beef, pork, chicken or fish.  And finally imagine that even wishing for any of these things was now a death sentence executed by a monster.  If you can imagine all that you’ve just entered the Bizarro Zone (well I couldn’t use the real name).

Scene 2 – A ramshackle farm building with peeling paint and a wooden porch with a porch swing with an old haggard woman fanning herself with a piece of paper.

NRS – And here is the lair of the monster, a farmhouse with all the misery of pre-industrial life on display.  Over there in the swing on the porch is Aunt Nancy Pelosi, she once had the most influence over the monster but one time she hinted that maybe eliminating all private jets wouldn’t be a “good thing” and she was reduced to the cracked-brain non-gavel wielding hag you see before you.

NP – Hey not so much of the hag thing.  I just got another facelift and I’m a damn good-looking babe, you male chauvinist pig.

NRS – As I was saying, the monster does not like to be contradicted.  Oh, and I’ve forgotten to introduce the monster.  She’s a bug-eyed petulant millennial Latina from the Bronx who can’t even spell climatology but don’t be fooled.  There’s a nasty mean streak behind that googly eyed expression and what passes for a brain is completely in charge of her surroundings.  Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or as she’s known to her fawning minions A-oh-see. (swift view change to show AOC trying to get something unstuck from between her horse teeth with her pinky nail, then noticing the camera and glaring in a cross-eyed scowl.

Scene 3 – Same farmhouse from the viewpoint facing the road.  An overweight man (Al Gore) on a delivery bicycle is straining along the driveway to the house.  On the ground in front of the house A-oh-see is playing in the dust.  He pulls up in front of her.

AG – Hi, there A-oh-see.  My it’s good to see you today.  Whatcha doing there?  Whatever it is it’s sure good, but I was just wondering what you were doing there.

AOC – I was figuring out how many white men it takes to pull a wagon for ten women of color in the next Cinco de Mayo parade.

AG – Oh, that’s a real good thing.  Why I never knew so much good figuring going on as you sure can do.

AOC – Yeah, go away now, you’re starting to make me mad.

(Gore quickly scurries away toward the house.  He carries some boxes into the kitchen and addresses Michelle Obama who is shucking corn in the sink)

AG – Hello Mrs. Obama, it’s certainly a good day today and we all just love A-oh-see so much, that’s right, she was out there figuring and figuring and it was just great.

MO – Hello Al.  Yeah, it’s certainly a great day all right and we’re real happy here, we are.

AG – I brought you some things for the party tonight.  I’ve got corn flour and whole wheat flour and baking soda.

MO – Have you got any white flour for the cake?

AG – Oh, we don’t have any more of that.  Not since A-oh-see explained to us just how evil white is.  No, we don’t want none of that, we don’t.  I mean we used to think it was useful but it’s real good that A-oh-see set us straight on that.  Well not straight, we don’t say straight no more we don’t, no sir, I mean no ma’am, Ma’am.

MO – Yeah, it’s funny how you forget how things used to be when you could just say something without being afraid.

AG – Oh, it’s good that you said that but I don’t think you mean it because it’s much better now that we don’t say anything that A-oh-see says is bad.  It’s real, good.

MO – That’s right, it’s real, good.  But last week when she was denouncing honey because it was stolen from bees, she got so excited from screaming that her eyes were extra bulged out and I thought maybe her blood pressure might be reaching maybe five hundred or something, mumble, mumble, mumble…

(Al Gore looking panicky and grabbing his box and heading for the door)

AG – I better be getting on, but can you let A-oh-see know that I got her corn flour that she likes so much?  Can you tell her it was me who got it specially for her?

MO – I sure will Al.  But don’t worry she hates you much less than most other white men.

Scene 4 – Same farmhouse, upstairs where Barack Obama is putting on his tie for the party.  He looks in the mirror and sees A-oh-see staring at him in her friendliest cross-eyed frown.

BO – Oh, hi there, A-oh-see.  It’s good that you were standing behind so quiet like.

AOC – None of the other congress persons came to play with me today.  I wanted congress persons to play with today.

BO – Yes, it’s good that you wanted them to come but last time you denounced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the Congressional Black Caucus as a Zionist collaborator and they shaved her head and painted it red.  Folks were awful upset about that.

AOC – But I want to play with other congress persons.

BO – Tell you what, we’ll invite some of the rinos.  They’ll be so grateful just for being asked that they’ll come even if you do denounce them.  they’re used to it anyway.  Anyway, A-oh-see everybody loves you.  You’re everybody’s favorite.

AOC – But I remember one time that somebody thought bad things about me.  I can’t remember who it was.  Who was that?

BO – Oh, that was Joe Crowley, after you beat him in the primary.  He said you weren’t qualified.  But don’t worry, Michelle had the FBI and the IRS defenestrate him so he won’t bother you anymore.

AOC – That’s right Joe Crowley, he was a bad white man, a very bad white man.  I hate anybody who doesn’t do what I want.

BO – But everybody loves you A-oh-see, you’re everybody’s favorite.  Now come on, let’s get ready for the party.


To be continued …

New York Strong?

Back a few years ago two brothers had the demented idea that setting off a couple of shrapnel bombs at the Boston Marathon finish line was a good idea.  Their family were Muslim refugees from the Caucasus region.  This was their idea of a fitting thanks for being taken in.  While the police hunted these two maniacs down in the Eastern Massachusetts environs, the Media and the Democrats in Massachusetts state and local government and then President Obama immediately started using the expression Boston Strong.  It was meant to imply that Boston not only was too strong to let death and maiming disturb them but also that only weaklings would blame Muslims for wanting to blow them up.  It was a bizarre proposition.  I was trying to understand if it was beneath their dignity to try to prevent a recurrence of the bombing.  Would that be a sign of weakness?

Now we have New York City doing their best impression of Boston Strong.  New York Strong.  Just go about your business.  Attend the Halloween parade.  If you think terror attacks are unacceptable then the terrorists win.  Just shake it off.  No plan from the Mayor or Governor for keeping New Yorkers safe from a recurrence.  No mention that the killer was a known threat.  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  Business as usual.  Just the price to pay for enjoying ethnic foods and all that great diversity.  No one’s to blame (except maybe Trump for riling up these good people).  The Muslim Mayor of London has taken it a step further and declared that terror attacks are just business as usual in a with-it cosmopolitan place like London.  Kind of like expensive parking.

And of course the candlelight vigils and the celebrity condolences.  And big stars too!  Taylor Swift, Jared Leto, Patricia Arquette, Josh Groban, David Harbour, Bette Midler, Josh Gad, Zoe Saldana, Sam Smith, Will Arnett.  Wow, star power.

And most impressive, a message from Boy George: “God bless you New York. You are a strong, vibrant, multicultural city and nothing will ever bring you down! My heart is with you!”  Well that’s a relief.  If Boy George’s heart is with us, there can’t be anything really too wrong with the current situation.  Maybe this is really a good thing in disguise.  We’re not only strong but vibrant and multicultural.  Of course, the multicultural thing does make me think about the Uzbeki contingent.  Maybe we should look at that part again.  No, no that’s badthink.

I remember about sixteen years ago New York wasn’t feeling too strong to want a little payback.  But that was back before Obama and Bloomberg re-educated the City on who was really responsible for that attack.  It was all those ignorant yahoos who were clinging to their guns and God.  They annoyed those peaceful adherents to the religion of peace.  Back then even dyed in the wool pacifists like Maureen Dowd were happy to see George Bush would protect America from attack and in fact would retaliate against Al Qaeda.

Full disclosure, I was born and spent the first thirty years of my life in New York City.  I still have family there.  When the 9/11 attacks ocurred I was outraged to a degree that is hard to explain.  And I was proud of the City and the Country for the way they responded to the crisis.  Giuliani and Bush responded extremely admirably and with great competency.

I don’t think there is anything left in New York City that could react to a real attack now.  Looking at the tepid response to this latest attack I’m guessing if the Freedom Tower was brought down by a terrorist attack that New York Strong would mean putting a tarp up over the rubble and a rezoning action to prevent any other tall building from being erected to tempt the purveyors of peace.  And of course, Boy George would send a strong, vibrant, multicultural tweet.